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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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all the roads and highways andy it's a big job ahead. because of today' snow storm and the approaching cold all philadelphia schools and ill be closed again tomorrow.itional closures are running at the bottom of your screen. rouow township. conditions are slick on the roadway best to stay home and let the road crews have the space to clear for tomorrow's commute. >> it fell hard and fast especially at the shore. a blizzard warning was issued to folks could prepare fordsy got. >> philadelphia got aair share of snow acrosssuburbs and a residents were out with their shovels to get toood and delaware got hit with the nor'easter and conditions were dicey at times because of the blowing snow. we have live team coverage. is moreland township with the weather is blamed for aeadlnt and i
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laware. lets headseph and cecily the tra they a with totals. the storm sys location. inland locations moderate snow and heavy snow and blizzard conditions at the shore. >> and all because of the strong winds at the shore it was strong inland but the shore it was nally strong do tomorrow a wi z more t weathther she coa of an northeast and bringing ewnglaanrs now, double scan live radar showing the one area of snow shower glassboro elmer and this is it. it shouldn't leave more accumulating snow andends where you ncs ond for 3 6 and wilmington 2.6. and vineland new jersey 6 inches of snow. and a heavy band that 10 miles across the jersey shore brought blockbuster numbers much the official n 17 isn margate 16 inc12.7. and b row. gustswere howling and a lotf timw was blo way
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and allentown4ton 46 and cape may 57. and blizzard conditions at the shore and they have a big impac on our weather for the nex days. >> we have the cold we have not seen if m r ornddold in fact lets look at themachine, it has a arounwi wind wrapp ulli coming in from canada and then a fresh snow pack now on the ground and to the 11 inill. philadelp at pittsburgh down to 10 below zero and that is heading in fact, windchill advisorieosted and they into effect tonigt throughout the day on saturday for the entireiewing area and a warning up in the poconos where there it like close to 30 degrees belowwhen we wake up tomorrow morning allentown to the poconos 15 to 20 below and philadelphia and trenton and all countieo the lehigh valley. 10 to 15 degrees bel zero and 5 to 10 below for new jersey as well as southern delaware and then that record cold setting in for sunday morning. the winds are gthe winds re airn
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more. philadelphia forecasting zero. inrs the14 and trent the rec sameor wilmington and atlantic city. atlantic city's record i and forecasting below. that .mpressive cold.> thank we have been that driving isn d the treated surfaces oe goel yphou lis good news there as far as driving in the city of philadelphia. >> and parking around the city that say relief a tal different types of roads. the highways and a completely different sto as we in south philadelphia. you can see what i'm talking aboutnt street at oregon avenue. this road still mostly color covered and need alow to come through and this pole is leaning. so it's blocked off here by the burger king and itt power. stay on 95 if you can because in the gre mos. all lanes are passable. do be careful on the ramps but lanes for the and even on theays a few
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slick passes and a truck jackknifed northbound side in hamilton. and a few lanes are blocked and swede bro it cleared and i and out of sea is. of the weather. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> we want to mention the city of philadelphia government offices are closed tomorrow. >> but not these guys they are open the "action news" morning team is on 30 minutes early with the latest from the clean up and the bitter coldt is coming up join matt tam, and karen with the closings and w morning beginning at 4:00. lets check in with ali gorman live i brigantine the jersey shor of this how is ite. >> well i tell you earlier today it was brutal. freezing cold and the wind is whipping and at one point i hicicles onashes, that is it was. half hour the win
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has started to die down and we cau here the the waves and along wall here this i that snow drift. the snow is drifting all over ne of the reasons why officials want people to stay off the roads. winds whipping through the streets b cars stuck. >> proban >> a the atlantic city expressway whiteoutondi and drifting traveling w t snow, and got bristucinan was even worse. and just to sayad the conditions ar see across the stree the wind is just whipping up the snowtypically you look downet in atlantic city you see the tops of the casinos and lights, here because the visibility is so bad you can hardly see anything. >> it's pretty nasty out as far as visibility and the wind it's pretty nasty out. and up cl deeper than expe ency officials one everyone to stay off the roads. >> don't venture out here. it's not
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not. >> and back out here live that remains the message that t want people to stay off the roads. you can road is still covered in snow and along the p up and areas arethan what you may saw a lot of cars getti driving along and didn't realize the what they had thought. that was the message stay in i can. where it's nice and warm. live in brigantine. ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. time for you to come in now. >> weather was a factor in the deadly crash, the weather on i-295, police say the truck apparently lost controln the southbound lanes and went into and then caught on the driver identifistown was trapped in the wreckage. dann cuellar is live in lower moreland tonight with the latest there. did strik slid into a septa train and we kno factor there? >> reporter: that is right. while this matter remains under
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investigation this case had all the makings of an accident waiting to happen. a steep downhill a railroad crossing intersecting and passing train and motorist unable to stop in time because of the snowy, stormy conditions. lower moreland police say it was 9:41 when the accident happened two women coworkers on their way to work riding in a gmc suv. apparently the driver was unable to stop the train crossing gate part of the west trenton line. >> the vehic through the gate and struck the passing train and the driver to jump out of the vehicle and the passenger remainede car and was found deceased along the >> we are not releasing names until the families are notified. and rushed to the being treated piet ofhe the septa r remain shut down as theestigation continued and
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crews teste gates and was finally reopen just before 3:00. the snowyons on the downhill access berated we are trying to determine how bad that was in edition to the weather >> gon roadway on red lion is wetnd could prove slippery as temper during the night so police motorists tremely just the channel 6 "action news." thank a tractor trailer a rou morning ianayunk avenue. darren books says this road is ly clear but not today. he was sitting for two that itldours take fiv t o get to him. he kee attitude. sara bloomquist is live now in manayunk and the roadsre tricky when it snows there. >> reporter: ter nowhe salt truck came thr it' slushy but boy was t problematic lets go to some video. as you saw the truck got stuck
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here and also two septa buses thatat wits spinning for hou the sal they did get going out of the septa stopped sending buses up the hill at all and rider his to get out at the base of the hill and walk all in these brutally ce notw going for them and most rifts that attempted to drive to get somewhere, anyy. as we come back live s was talking about aale of two roadways, that is tdyunk avenue across the street and it is snow covered but back this way it's justhy on ridge avenue. goiloweople arehe ie movinng well on the main but as dan said a minute ago it could be a different story in the hours ahead as the drop. live in manayunk, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and our coverage of the nor'easter continues for ytonight stay with us.
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you are tak l look a in cancellations and reported. check withu to f someonn eupea h along naaman's road inil >reporter: they a taking it all in stride i need tol youussex county delaware is under a state emergency, that went into effect 2:0 afternoon. newcastle county and road isy darn so a expected to go backor newcastle a kent and a jump st tbaood. not tootougartman is disaogress. >> pathetic right? g no pr a >> we make due with what we have. we d dought this house in together and we are stuck. >> it's about a famil operation mother andite the opportunity to spend timeogether, unl these ian ofthe whi stuff. >> i hate snow it. >> around in it well and don't like driving in it. >> speaking of driving this is how the roads looked in delaware
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this morning. >> since 2:00 this morning. busy.osing unrted out noon the main roads were cnd kiara to new jersey for work. >> i'm a nurse we don't get snowl teachers are crossing theiringers for a second school day. >> eve week off love snow day. >> a g peaceful time to come and chill out and reground yourself more.>> we could all use that after the holidays right? on a serious notode purple is declared for state of delaw see someone that needs shelter call 311. >> a quick break.
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welcome bacnews" tnk the share fashion twitter. f kat shee the up to the that shows the power of the winds and blowing ow. r 6 live double scan showing this is outf here there are two pf showers right now, one across e lehigh valley aasto isertown and moving toward milford. it's light and shouldn't drop accumulate at all. there is one little shower right now moving across south jersey and crossing route 55ndnton and is the last ofit.inds off thest of if you length and behind i viciou winds, currently wind gusts5 miles per hour. and atlantic city airport 31 onditions intlantic dchills ar philadelphiaillvildrop overnightor satellite 6ing here is the centerorm. off eneepen andstreway from t i funnel cold air. skies o low 9hia ton and 9 in wilmington andb winds sustained generally o 20 to and the wind gusts 30 to 40 miles per ho these windchills you look at n' wanhitos.o
5:20 pm
tonig 2n and 6 b head t inphiladelphia.eria kind of ento iakehurst and the windchills remain below zero. this is dangerous cold. 5:00. the dangero windchills the afternoon high 17 andsero and saturday the air temore. 15 degre forday coldest day i years,unday 19 amond m tuesday with a high of 32 we'll seven-day forecast. cecily. es in our next half hour of "action on 6 abc. we'll be right back. ay with us.
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"action news" cteorologist, adam joseph ja hello again we belogn this half hour with the latest on the blanksteted the region with snow and caused tricky conditions on the roadway, bulk of it isind us and up and blowing the snow around and ready for t bitter cold to return. wed word thatarocl be closed in philadelph tomorrow. you can find other schoo closures controlling on the oreen. and aimteorologist, ada checking what to expect in the morning hours. w areing a look liveky 6 >> lets take a live look at cape may where the brunt of the storm hit you see the snow covered beaches and a strong wind still whipping up the and take t a wintry here ate cape may tonight a far cry from what we seee imhiairport de-icing operati full swing, more than 440 flights are canceled today and of course airport officials recommend you check with your
5:23 pm
airline for the latest flight updates before you head e 6 is live condirom harbor you see snowy conditions on the road but is the worst behind us? meteorologist adam joseph m ining us now with the check of ccuweather foreca the. woods from the snow butut of thehen you talk about the dangerous windchills a dangerous part of the will be setting in tonight and that is the air that i e way it feels stormtrackerouble scan the cen eas srm i of nan and hip shor big overimprovemrm advisories go ifect at ent ve deshore. lehigh valley and the poconos a ning
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and this is how it psero windchills stay 5 a belowiday s atayda ordsunday morning and a big turn around in the seven day up i n a tk to the jersey shore that bore the brunt thes inim >> repor letting are strong, tllingone winds, thehesnow banks from a ll t doinjojob ahead. we are here along and traffic ising icel s buthere streolks venture out ts the roads wy to mane it's been aong day for ri hes o the road since drivers. >> j of vehicle, got dri or stay home. >> he roa v wit eedriv as long as p d we'll be out pul the not better we foundw of neighbors trying to free bill jackso truck. >> the roads are terrible and got to ocean city i'm dealing with foo it's bad here and all dristuck. >> i wanted to come see the snow and help them got caught init. or w unbearable and after a day of digging out at home we found a
5:25 pm
crew on a well deserved hot chocolate >> shoving ashovur do you think of the snow? >> excited bought there is no school. >> that is the best part? >> got a snow day today somers point schools and other sed tomorrow. o so the snow removal crews can thes, rish tion ." atlantic city commutoteug h roads throughout the daydethe wind and snoweopltcould, we spoke to one person trying to get new jersey and others were hoping to clear the snow for extra crash and simply to stay indoors. >> don't go out stay home. no reason to be out here trying to drive around conditions are teryribleworse. >> for those t around we saw buses today. . >> condition a much of the day if parts of delaware, the action cam in hockessin a skidded off the road and bringing down a pole this serves an ad please bl.r his t eas center city. slushy conditions were here as drivers navigated theircle
5:26 pm
around cit >> some fol having a ball with the snow day. the action cam in morrisville, bucks county we saw brave souls hitting the hills to board and you can try going down on a magical unicorn. >> time to check out the highways again. and lets see how the evening is shaping up. ook good? >> we ese roadways and someone slid here, i said a little bit ago the main lanes arenly just wet but watch it on the ramps a crash on the off ramp from the side of 202 to route 29 malvern. the serious accident with managing crews on the scene and traffic barely squeezes by on the ramp. live look at center city on vine street expressway and local vine, you see a little more fine, that is because the highway is but checkout the local vine not a shiny because the slush
5:27 pm
there secondary roadside streets are partially or mostly covered.nother one on front street at oregon avenue a truck this pole and now the pole is lefront and oregon blocked off stay on 95 that is mainly just wet. a couple of jackknifed t trailers one in the western busheshland road in cochranville. and one on the turnpike approaching the coast it will take time here. and massransit up to hour delay on t tomorrre on a saturday schedule. >> thank you matt. all day long you send us pictures of your snow day families and pets indoors and out.relli is checkin pictures and joi with more. to all of you to showg. take a this. sha trying to yct sure how that is working out. this woman is visiting from texas it, i mis this.
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>> y l service, neither nor rain or heat nor gloom of night but maybe a bomb cyclone can get in the way a little bit. these folks stepped in to give thisrier a nudge today t there and get the mail delivered. in ocean city you have to see this car. completely plowed in. i don't know g anywhere any time soon. you know who loves the snow the pups, that milo's first blizzard. let it snow. there he nd finallyooking at the pictures here and cute ones to be had. monica look who we found? your kidthere. >> check i cute. >> and some folks igloo. dad helping out there. something fun to do outdoors wear them out and they go to bed nice and eaause t >> where is my picture sitting on the couch by the fi
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"action news" will be on again early tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. with the latest on headed our way as well a the traffic and transit mg you need to start your day early tomorrow. more ahead on "action news" tonight. the birds and the eagles brave the snow today as fans scramble to get playoff tickets. we'll let youw if you ask score a seat for next saturday's game. >> and new boo fumbling first y for the president. and what top officials say about the president been unmentally fit to serve. meteorologist adam joseph will be back with your accuweather forecast when we continue.
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the white h reefrom the explosive allegations attrib white h steve bannon made scathkritisms of hisn office family in forthcoming book called and questioned his fitness for sara sanders responded to that briefing. >> that disgraceful and
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iffit he probably won sitting there and defeated qualified gates the republican party has ever seen. >> and mic w cea from president trump's legal team.edase date is pushed up and will beeased tomorrow. if you arg to go to the first game you are it went ongeom 80 the g w at t linc next saturday january 13th on't f eagles willl be the winner of the c wild card game this weekend and we should know by sun night. eagles fans are ready and so is ime apody.ight this is footballr, eagles continue their preparations with f snow. >> what's up. cing out there? was just a walr prac jay aja sitting out a res knee and is exc t of magnide of k there you game seatmosphere and was in pittsburgh for the playoff game l w knowing allt hom >> the eagle this weekend but the playoff funatch andy reid and thehiefs he on kickoff
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saturday at 4:20 p.m game on thes and islanders won't the at t and last night a win for the six embiid he nd 11 board brett brown's first t ever his greg popovich. >> e in and play and the way you p defensively four blocks in the firstperiod. we appyou.simm sai bell- now. how cool is playeim the moment he deserved. >> he is doing a good job. >> absolutely funo still ahead the exclusive an live look from thhd cama ae. the buildings look likerithe details when we come right back.
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to t weather. adam you nailed it osnow.>> shoreoverperforming t got over a foot. and theyxpected 3 to 6 and 4 in the city. the storm scraping by and now the winner winds are whipping in. >> hope you are wrong. >> colder tonight. take a look at the weather
5:36 pm
center, we have a few brave souls skiing and snowboarding at least 2 to 3 inches of pressure powder if montgomery county. there is a fire going at their fire pit but nobody is sitting there. i'm surprised. a lot of folks there on the slopesakther natureught as you look at winds 32 miles per hour at the atlantic city a. c urs, a combination of wind gusts and reduced visibility. as we press forward through the evening and overnight hours, single digits fro 10:00 and after that dropping below zero by 1:00, 2:00 in the morning and tnegative. h before the number -- or slash, dash it will stay there. aset f upcoming weekend. stormtracker 6 live double scan a few lingering flurries northern of the city and south of the city and no more accumulating snow. westchester picking up 4.6 inches of snowfall.
5:37 pm
a hit in central parts of grass grew and lyndon wall 4.8. mount lauer of inches most areas 2 to 4 inches and central part of cumberland and northern atlantic. and then head south in the atlantic nty. a band of 10 miles along shore that hit a jackpot. 11 right now is the windchill and 7 in reading and 8 in lville.orm continues to spin u and the pressure is so deep and winds with t wille time to atmospheric winds and that pulls down the arctic air as we head towards the weekend. for tonight turning clear and wiub and 6 to 9 degrees for the overnight low and there is the 0 per hour sustained below if philly and 20 below syracuse and lington, vermont. and staying nd 3 below if philadelphia and saturday morning when w wake b philadelphia and 30 we low in
5:38 pm
quebec and vermont 20 degrees below zero and 2 below in washington. and into saturday after a little improvement but still near zero and the suburbs below zero. as we head into the weekend what i just showed you was windchills oing rec from 1896 s to zero for atemperatat i the codest air in 24 ye the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast those dangerous windchills windchill with advisories the next two tures is,the teens and windchills wayow sunday bitterly cold and a jus lot of sun the next three days but i doesn't ds a or melt the snow. andcy 35 degrees that will usher in thewarmer air tuesday 42 and a bump down wednesday befe back into the 40s on thursday. so when it says is the wver? the snow pardangs dangerous part is setting in. >> qe news when we ret
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. it is thursdayig story on "action nve stoor the jersey prett almost everybody els some jersey coastal communities got up to a foot and a hf snow we get too far into e coverage. we need tol youthis philadelphia public and archdiocese schools will closed again tomorrow. all school closings and there a lot of them and delays are the your screen. so how did the shore get globbered by this storm? these pictures fro wil and st blizzard a band of sno miles wide hit the shore to the tune of 50 miles tper hour overwhelmed by blizzard conditions for six hours this afternoon. it wasacherous day for mostists and others. we saw break downs in wildwood and atlantic city and this was the scene on the blue route
5:43 pm
approaching the schuylkill in. a tractor trailer jackknifed causing serious trafficssues there. of course the snow was not the ly problem there today. strong winds mery difficult going sideways into your face. forcing pedestriansous use their umbrellas as a protection against the elements. >> and ali gorman is standing by in brigantine and sara bloomquist is in manayunk but first meteorolog
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