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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  January 6, 2018 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> inds are kicking up to make our brutally low temperatures feel even worse. >> people bundling up ainst the deep freezes and yes drinking hot chocolate, hot coffee, hot t, anything hot in an effort to kp warm. >> this sunday we're bracing for record-low temperatures across the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> i'm gray hall alongside alicia vitarelli. the big story this saturday morning, the bone-chilling temperatures. >> good to have you back gray. >> good to be back. >> with accuweather alert, braving cold temperatures, great to have your great positive energy with us. read a book or stay understood be stay with us. >> meteorologist chris sowers is braving the temperatures
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outside. stop smiling. >> reporter: i figured out why it doesn bad, is because the wind is at my back. the longer you're out here, you really feel the cold. i want to show you this, as cold as it's been here it could be worse. 6:00 a.m. windchill in mount washington, new hampshire was 91 degrees below zero. this is not a misprint. grand rapids, michigan and u-p today will be the 7th day in the last two weeks with theh tees not getting above zero. it was snowing tallahassee earlier this week. they are below freezingm jacksonville to mobile alabama and new orleans, the big easy. it's most of the country fling the icy grips from old man winter. windchill advisory effect until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow mornin in the poconos it's a willful
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warning, they have a windchill of 27 below in mount poconos. it's going to range from 20 to 30 below all day. everyone else looking for zero to ten below. the conditions are cold, same song and dance, bundle up in layers, start with the base layer and add more layers after that. make sure you're wearing hat and gloves, scarf would be nice, as well. frostbite can occur in 25 minutes or less. with the winds we have a problem with the wind blowing the snow back on the roads. here's a look at the temperatures, 3 degrees in kutztown, five in pots, 8 in center city. -- pottstown, 8 in center city. in hammonton. windchill 24 below in the poconos, 20 in allentown. 11 below in philadelphia. a frigid 16 degrees with windchills below zero. it gets colder tomorrow morning.
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we're talking about the coldest air in a quarter century in philadelphia. but we have a nice january thaw on tap for next weekend. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> 7:03 a.m., we begin with breaking news come in from west philadelphia. residents from 19 row homes are back inside after a gas leak, but three families do not have any heat on this bitterly cold morning because of a gas leak on the 100 block of north hobart street. pgw crews had the situation controlled by 3:00 a.m. heat will be fixed in all the homes shortly. septa buses and medics had to be called into the scene as warming shelters. whether the temperatures plummet, many people are not in the mood to go out to eat. for those delivering fooled in the deep freeze is helping them
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earn cold-hard cash. >> it's usually 3, 4 deep especially on friday. >> reporter: but on this night, happy hour in center city is an intimate affair, the direct result management said of the brutal cold that lingered for more than a week. village whiskey business is 40, to 50%. >> the first frost of the winter, you get a dip in business, but people get over it. this time around it's lasting longer. >> reporter: that's because some like dan don't want to be outside more than they have to. >> we would go out to lunch we've been brown bagging it because we don't want to get out in the elements. >> reporter: it's not just restaurants with empty seats and undisturbed racks. >> reporter: sophisticated seconds consignment shop on sansom street saw ten customers today. owner is looking on the bright
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side. >> a nice little break you get to do things you don't have time to do when you have customers. >> reporter: but the dip in temperature is boosting delivery business for pizza on south street and its 6 delivery guys. you have not stopped since 10:30 a.m. >> i got a break at 3:30 p.m. >> reporter: bike delivery guy said he likes the cold it means more tips from customers. what do they say to you. >> they say stay warm, but it's the wind and the ice that make it more dangerous. >> reporter: this is what jp is talking about the snow piles they can be dangerous for delivery men and women on bikes, if you drive and see them around you, give them a little extra room. if you're planning on ordering in twhreekd, -- this weekend, word to the wise, be patient it
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could take a while. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> no take-in, jeff. high winds and frigid temperatures are keeping the cape may lewes docked. high winds and icy conditions in the bay particularly in the mouth of the cape may canal has forced officials to cancel operations. the ferry carries commuters from cape may to lewes delaware. no word on when they will resumed business. youcan get our free app to helpu plan your weekend. district attorney in philadelphia is cleaning house, the da fired 31 staffers. he said quote -- krasner has been a critic of
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mass incarceration and ran on a platform of justice. there were mixed reaction to the move. >> it's shocking number one and it is scary for what it as he is it's going to happen for the court system. >> he wants the staff to be more engaged and pay attention to the cases that come and just not be ready to throw somebody in jail. >> it remains unclear how soon he will replace the fired prosecutors or how this will impact each unit's case load. >> if you're just waking up, 7:07 a.m. there's a new twist in the probe of the alleged russian meddling. new york times is reporting that the president trump instructed the white house counsel to appeal to jeff sessions not to recuse himself from the russian investigation, but sessions did so anyway after getting advice from the justice department. special council will try to determine if this constitutes
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obstruction of justice on the part of president trump. twitter issued a new response to users who called for the social network to block president trump's account. the statement never mentions the president by name, but said that blocking world leaders would not silence them, but hamper necessary discussion about their words and actions. this week president trump unleashed a twitter tirade on various people including steve bannon and mainstream media. critics believe the posts violate the terms of service that prohibit violence death and physical harm. >> you'll have to dig deeper in your pocket to drive on the pennsylvania turnpike. drivers will be pinched by a 6% increase in cash or easy cash. there will be no change for e-z pass customers delaware memorial
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bridge westbound in bucks county. it is needed to meet their financial obligations. >> there's a new mega millionaire, alicia, the single ticket sold in florida matched all six numbers in the 450 million-dollar mega million jackpot. a whole lot of money. 28, 30, 39, 59, 70. the mega ball number ten. tuesday's drawing is worth an intimidate estimated $40 million. there's another $570 million on the line in tonight's powerball drawing that is the 5th largest jackpot in the jail's history. of course we'll show you the winning numbers, so stay tuned for "action news" at 11:00 p.m. >> a lot of people say if they win they are not going to show up to work. i want you to win, but we're glad you're here, we're happy to have you back.
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"action news" saturday morning, a big start to the near year for the sixers in front of the home crowd. >> when you make a bet you must pay up when you lose. details on how a man paided deuce at a waffle house. >> reporter: i can't wait to hear -- dues at a waffle house. >> reporter: i can't wait to hear this one. temperatures will struggle to get into the teens. the coldest air in a quarter century is on its way overnight tonight. it gets better during the week. details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast
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trust your smile to colgate optic white. >> welcome back everybody, 7:12 a.m., quickly i want to say i'm grateful to be back, thank you to all our wonderful viewers for reaching out to me during my recovery from brain surgery. we've been so supportive and so
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caring. i'm overwhelmed by the messages on instagram. i'm very, very happy to be here. >> this is the first day since october 22 when you were rushed into surgery. how are you you feeling? >> it's been a wild journey, i have headaches from time to time. but in overall good health. >> we're having a pleasant good morning to you. some people said they set is their alarm 4:55 a.m. this morning so they could be there for your fairs day back on the air. >> i'm happy to be back in, chris not happy but. >> reporter: i actually missed you picking on me. i'll tell you what it's been cold, hadn't it. we have a windchill advisory is in effect for the entire area through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, it's a warning for the poconos, we're looking at
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windchill values ranging from zero to ten below. this area here, you get into the poconos, that purple shade 20 to 30 degrees below zero that's what it feels like with the wind. in these conditions frostbite can occur in 25 minutes. you need to bundle up not only in layers, don't forget the hat and scarf cover the extremities. 8 degrees in philadelphia, dewpoint minus 8. my hands i'm loading up on moisturizer, my lips are chapped. we need to bump this number up. well do so monday. look at the windchill, minus 11 right now in the city of brotherly love. 3 below in the poconos, 6 in the northwest reading and allentown un. millville, 8. 1 in cape may. windchills are ugly. 11 below in philadelphia and millville. 14 below in reading.
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24 degrees below zero in the poconos, i've seen this number as low as minus 28. minus 8 in trenton. minus mine -- 9 in beach haven. there's the continental divide right there, east of there, the whole county is feeling the icy grips from old man winter. they are freezing in the big easy. 23. minus one in chicago. 30 in jacksonville. orlando, 31 degrees, 8 in philadelphia. dallas, 37. the good news all that cold air by next weekend slides back up north into canada where it belongs and things warm up. future tracker 6 by midday, windchill values below zero. if we're lucky we get to zero by 6:00 p.m., but once the sun sets it falls back down. 19 below in the poconos, 3 below in philadelphia. 12 below in trenton.
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tomorrow afternoon the winds relax a little bit and windchill values climb up into the single digits above zero. 16 today that's it in philadelphia. 14 in reading, 13 in allentown. 18 in cape may with a frigid wind. winds gust 250 to 30 miles per o 30 miles per hour. every temperature reading you see in yellow that's a new record low tonight. minus four in allentown, minus three in millville. millville has been as low as minus 8 on this date. no record for you guys there. zero in wilmington and minus 3 in lancaster. you have to go back to january 19 of 94 to get a temperature reading colder than that that was minus are 5. atlantic city, january 14, 2014,
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you were colder than this. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast relief is in sight. 60 today, accuweather alert because of the dangerous cold. sunday, sun and clouds, 19. monday, there could be a wintery mix by afternoon. that could create problems on the road. 50 thursday, 52 friday. guys. >> okay, chris you have the 50s there. atrial fib brillation is a heart problem. >> here's ali gorman with the art of aging report. >> reporter: for alexander it came out of the blue. for years it controlled the irregular rhythm. then the episodes mounted. it got to the point itches in
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continual afib. >> it can cause blood clots go to the brain and cause strokes. dr. peter is on a quest to find afib sufferers whose episodes are silent or minor. he took part in a study of people who were not diagnosed, but had risk factors, like their age and high pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea or on the -- it was remarkable. doctors should be aware of the possibility of afib in more patients. people who feel any palpitations should report them to their doctors. there are more options for
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wand those who finds, their hearts desires. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... ...splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. everyone, 7:24 a.m., forecast for today, jersey shore, 18 degrees, windchills close to zero. philadelphia, 16, windchills zero to continue below. poconos, 6 degrees, windchills 25 below. snowfall totals from thursday's nor'easter, brick township was the prize winner, 18.4.
7:25 am
philadelphia, 4, pike creek one. watch this real quick. this could have been a whole lot worse. the low developed off the coast of the bahamas, and ripped you up the coastline at 40 miles per hour. usually what happens with the nor'easters we get a greenland block sitting right here. when the low develops that high it slows the storm down and forces it on the coast so imagine for a second if you're in brick township you pick up 18 inches or cape may where you saw 14 with this kind of pattern we could have seen 30 inches of snow, so believe it or not, we did catch a break. >> the sixers etch a w to kick off the new year. >> here's jeff skeverski with all your saturday morning
7:26 am
sports. >> reporter: the sixers new year's resolution cut out the turnover. ben simmons scores 19 for the rookie. how about joel embiid, jo jo fighting through traffic and won, embiid 23. but it is simmons stealing the show and the ball, what a play, end of the second quarter, simmons slams it, sixers up as as many as 40, they go on to win by 36 largest win over detroit in 37 years. it's their best run in two months. >> it's a great to come out and not play the floor it was great to see everybody in the game with joel. we played well as a team and very consistent. >> reporter: after ringing the bell, sixers legend dr. jay was not feeling well.
7:27 am
he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. expected to make a full recovery. carson wentz is named to the second team as is fletcher cox and wayne jane -- johnson voted first team all pro. eagles host the atlanta falcons next saturday, whoever they face, the eagles know it is do or die next saturday. >> we have to go out there, we have to keep working hard. >> it's a one-game season you hear it over and over again, you never may get this opportunity again. the mindset is is to get every little bit of ounce of everything out of everybody on the team. >> reporter: nfl playoffs kick off on 6abc, andy reid and the kansas chiefs host the tennessee titans at 4:30.
7:28 am
college hoops postponed because of weather. drexel ends a three game losing streak faces charleston. directional winning by 5. it is their first conference win. villanova will play marquette later today. now with the flyers taking on the blues this afternoon. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day. >> losing your fantasy football league can be punishment enough, a group took it one step further, justin had to spend the day at the waffle house. for every waffle he ate, 20 minutes shaved off his time. he ate 7 waffles, so he didn't have to endure a full 24 hours, that shaved 2 hours and 22 minutes off his sentence.
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it looks and feels in the area as we endure extreme cold digging out from this week's winter storm. we're not only dealing with
7:31 am
record lows, but high winds that make the frigid temperatures feel colder. the flags whipping on the parkway there, an indication how windy it is out there. >> we're under an accuweather alert due to the deep freeze. let's get to the details from meteorologist chris sowers, chris what can we expect today, sir. >> reporter: more cold, that's what you can expect. look at the roads behind me, you know it's cold when the blacktop is not black any more it's white because of the salt. we're ten to 25 degrees below zero. depending on your location. it's been a brutal week. as you read the numbers, the normal is 40. we hit 20 monday, 24, tuesday, wednesday, 33, we jumped above the freezing mark for 32 for 20 minutes on wednesday. thursday, 25. yesterday an icy cold, 17. as we look at the temperatures around the region, it's minus one in pittsburgh. minus four in binghamton and
7:32 am
minus 3 in buffalo. those numbers are the low temperatur tw morning. 8 degrees in philadelphia. what's funny about this, cecily and adam showed this graphic yesterday, it's cold here than iceland of all places. look at iceland it's balmy in the mid 30s, we're seeing this unusually cold stretch of weather. it all started christmas day when the first of several arctic fronts came barreling through. christmas day, high of 35 and windchills in the teens. it's been worse ever since. windchill advisory is in effect. 11 below in philadelphia. 14 below in reading, 24 below in the poconos. the lowest windchills throughout the morning hours will range from 10 to 15 below in the heart of the delaware valley. 15 to 30 below for the lehigh valley and the poconos. dangerous stuff you have to bundle up in layers, you don't
7:33 am
have to go outside stay inside in the comforts of your warm home and let the next couple of days pass on by. when i come back in just a few minutes we'll talk about a nice january thaw in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. guys? >> snuggle up at home stay with us this morning. across the region, the matt dash to dig out before it all freezes over. >> no one except chris sowers wants the subzero windchills if he they don't have to. take a look at this, the restaurants in city say the deep freeze has cut into their businesses by 40 to 50%. delivery servers said all the extra tips made up for having to brave theol clej -- college stn fairmont were helping out the men's shelter united christ ministries. penndot is working to take down
7:34 am
dangerous ice from under passes in hunting park. >> all the biggest problems are on the philadelphia sighted streets. "action news" found a car owner who needed two shovels to get the job done, one broke under the weight of the heavy snow. in new jersey be where they are dealing with the highest snow totals from the storm, the cleanup will take a couple of days to clean up. >> it's not too bad. >> some people are not just surviving winter, their enjoying it. check out this family of somerdale, new jersey, they built an outdoor ice hockey rink complete with lights for a night game. they try to do this every year and this year mother nature with an oh, their side for it stay you mean to date with the storm tracker 6 live app a free
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download your your mobile device. 7:24 a.m., a fatal collision between a car and aaa tow truck at township line road and landsdown avenue in upper darby at 1:30. the two vehicles hit with such force, both spun out and actually hit each other for a second time. here's what we know about this one, one person in the car was killed. about to other people involved in the -- two other people involved in the wreck were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. sixers legends dr. jay had to be checked out by the doctors at the hospital last night. he got sick after renging -- ringing the bell 'wells fargo center. he was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. he was expected to be discharged from the hospital overnights. sixers say the situation is not serious, but they did not clarify what the diagnosis was.
7:36 am
julius irving is 67 years old. there's been a shakeup at philadelphia districts attorney office, two dozen prosecutors were fired. >> some of them high ranking veteran prosecutors. dann cuellar has more. , the purge was on full display as the file boxes rolled out. 31 staffers murder squad prosecutors and high ranking deputies and division chiefs terminated. a veteran prosecutor who sent many to death row. he was reluctant to speak about their firings. sources say larry krasner never met face-to-face with those fired. there was this statement from his office yesterday. change was neverresey, d.a. larry krasner was given a mandate from voters.
7:37 am
>> john mcnesby says this about the shakeup. >> it's shocking number one it's scary what will happen with the court system over the next six months or so. >> former prosecutor richard sax was devastated. he said there was only one thing those who were fired had going against them. they won their cases and prevailed and received justice for their victims, that's what they did, they did their job. he said as bad as they feel for the 31 fired -- >> i feel worse for the city of philadelphia, because i think her citizens are really and truly going to suffer. >> reporter: former city council woman begs to differ saying he has every right to put in people he believes that will carry out his agenda. he wants people to be more engaged and pay attention to the
7:38 am
cases that come and not be ready to throw somebody in jail. >> this morning the remains unclear how soon larry krasner will replace the fired prosecutors and staffers or for that matter how much it will impact each unit's case log. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> happening today a final salute will be given to a pioneer in the philadelphia fire department. waldo gentry senior work for the fire department when it was an all black firehouse. he joined the department in the 1950s and one of the first black in the fire farm. he pass away from -- in the fire department. he passed away from a long illness he was 93. >> the garden state is getting
7:39 am
closer to offering inseventives for amazon to build in the garden state. amazon could get ten thousand dollars in tax credits per worker over a decade. chris christie calling the bill one of his top priorities before he leaves office in 11 days. >> 7:39 a.m., still on "action news," saturday morning, a brazen heist in broad daylight thieves steal priceless gems in venice italy. sky6 live hd you get a beautiful films there over cape may, new jersey, where the sun is out, you take a dip in the water. >> no, not even water any more. >> meteorologist chris sowers back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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you don't go door to rob a family in utah. police say the crime unfolded when a 12-year-old boy was asleep and alone in the house. the thief tried to get the safe before leaving with computers and jewelry. their son woke up later to find the house completely trashed. police are searching for the bandit. a couple of crafty thieves pulled up a priceless jewel heist in venice italy. the jewels were on display at the palace, police say the theft
7:43 am
occurred in broad daylight on the last day of the show. the crook grabbed the earrings and broaches out of the display case. they made a clean getaway by tinkering with the alarm system. along the atlantic coast, someplaces saw snow and rain, the worst damage came from hurricane force winds, coastal flooding in nova scotia washed out roads and knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. >> people in the area are trying to make the best of the extreme cold. take a look at this, for the first time in years, medford lakes said it was cold enough to safely go ice skating, this drone video was sent to us, it shows neighbor kids and adults playing a game of ice hockey on the lake. there's another video
7:44 am
circulating from medford lakes of a woman doing a beautiful ice skating routine. looks like the olympics in meld ford lakes. >> everybody loves the cold. beyond what this gray, complain about the cold. >> i'll talk to you in the break, chris. >> i'll talk to you, too. >> reporter: i'll show you what's going on here, live on sky6 live hd, looking at the ben franklin bridge that's the delaware river, chunks of ice floating underneath the bridge. i was down in fortescue and agenda beach area there was ice all over the place. it did damage to some of the peers, -- piers. the good news we have warmer weather getting us out of this pattern here. here's where we stand so far, snowfall wise, allentown 10.6. reading, 11.7. philadelphia, west chester, a
7:45 am
foot. claymont 9.6 inches so far. usually it's the jersey shore that sees less, this is the jackpot zone, a good foot of this fell with the nor'easter on thursday. the shorepoints are hold be their own this season. brick township, 27.8. manahawkin 25.8. atlantic city 23 feet. ocean city, 24.6. cape may, 167.2 inches of snow so far. this is a crazy pattern not only have we seen temperatures we never see hear in the philadelphia area we're seeing a decent amount of snow. windchill advisory in effect 10:00 a.m. sundays morning. windchills from seer -- zero to 10 below. the winds is blowing the snow back on the roads. it's creating slick spots, especially the back roads, when i was driving through work, the roads were snow covered. that's going to be a problem on
7:46 am
the back roads. take i slow out there. 16 is the high, the normal is 40. 9 degrees where we started out this morning. 8 degrees in philadelphia. 6 in allentown. 3 below in the poconos, 8 for millville, 7 in trenton. windchill values ten to 15 degrees below is zero. 24 below in the poconos. cape may, five degrees below. in the afternoon it will get better, we may reach zero by 4: calm down a little morni, the gus are in this range here. we tail off minus one by 6:00 p.m. that huge nor'easter that battered the area and novaotia .
7:47 am
there it is right there that's polar vortex cold. you can see the temperatures, minus one in chicago, zero in cincinnati. 8 here. freezing in new orleans. 37 in dallas. jacksonville, 30, there's no warm location on the entire map. you have to go to the desert southwest to get into warm air. even there it's 60s and 70s, nothing crazy. this has been the pattern oyster last two weeks, north back int canada, winds out of the southwest here comes the january thaw. this could of weeks, february the cold might come charging back, but for two a nice thaw. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, frigid 16. minus one in philadelphia overnight tonight. you can where we stand that would shatter the record low of 4 this was set back in 2014. allentown, minus four, your
7:48 am
record is minus four. there will be several new record lows tomorrow morning. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we've issued an accuweather alert, it's a frigid day. windchills below zero all day. monday there could be a light wintry mix that could cause problems on the roads with ice, we pull out of it next weekend. thursday, 50. friday, 52. the bad news one of the things that the eagles have going for them, home field advantage is the cold air looks like it might be balmy next saturday and sunday with the highs in the 50s and 60s. no home field advantage temperature-wise. >> personal advantage for 60 degrees. >> reporter: it's going to be a push to get there, 50s are more like like it. >> i'll take 50s. hudson river resembled an ice rink. a coast guard cutter went out to break up the ice so other boats
7:49 am
carrying heating oil could get through there. the consulter can break up ice 20 inches thick. it feels 20 degrees colder on the water than it is on lands. we'll be right back.
7:50 am
7:51 am
>> so glad you stayed with us, "healthcheck" now, we're dealing with dangerously cold temperatures outside. it's important that you take steps to prevent hypothermia and frostbite if you head outdoors. the common misconception frostbite is just cold fingers. it doesn't take long for it to happen in single digit temperatures. the most common areas for frostbite, the fingers, toes and nose and ears. symptoms include pain and discoloration. killed and anyone with chronic medical conditions are at a greater risk. get inside as as soon as
7:52 am
possible and damage may be further along than you think. you may have to go to the emergency room if it's severe. >> often time the damage is more severe than appears to be initially, it's very important once you identify a possible frostbite victim to get the extremities warmed up and keep them warm. >> the best way to prevent frostbite limit your time outside. cover up your face and hands and keep your clothes dry. the new year is a popular time for makeover. how about one for your refrigerator and freezer. cruisn dairy and cheese, rembe shelf live items become contaminated by bacteria, if they are used by everyone in
7:53 am
the house, creating more space cooler and safer and while you're cleaninge freezer there's stuff you can to say in there, too. >> probably, so. coming up next, c will takt the exclusive accuweather n-day forecast, stay with us, we'll be back in just a few new unlike ordinary toothpaste, colgate total fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. giving you the confidence of a healthier mouth.
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7:56 am
coldest night in 24 years. 19 is the high tomorrow. we pull out of it. in the process of going to brutally cold to somewhat milder we'll squeeze out moisture. there's the possibility of a wintry mix on monday, that will glaze up the roads. we'll look into that more tomorrow as we get closures. >> we are just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: good morning, alicia and gray, and by the gray it's great to have you back. we have deep freeze rob ellis has the forecast. fire and fury, the bombshell book is flying off the shelvings. the. the winning jackpot, who hold the ticket massive power
7:57 am
ball jackpot is up for grabs. >> paula, thank you. >> she is so wonderful. we all feel the same way, happy to have you back. >> good to be back. a pleasant good morning. >> "action news" continues at 9:00 a.m. trouble on the train, commuters in north jersey get a face full of cole thanks to a broken door. >> this week's "shelter me rescue of the week" sip on hot chocolate while we look at the philadelphia first first cat cafe. for alicia vitarelli, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. >> welcome back!
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good morning, america. had it this morning, deep freeze. killer cold. sweepithe windchills insane. record snowfall in charleston >> we expect this kind of weather maybe once every ten years. cars frozen over i the and a tidal surge flooding homes. our weather team here with what you need to know. caught on camera, planes collide. passengers terrified when their plane is struck by another on the ground. >> there's people running around and their aircraft is on fire. >> passengers forced to evacuate down emergency chutes. >> wait, wait, wait. >> we'll tell you how it happened. "fire and fury" fallout. president trump and his team expressing outrage over the new, hot book. >> it's comp gossip.


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