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tv   Action News  ABC  January 7, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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♪ . action news news. delaware valley's leading news program. with gray hall, chris sowers. i'm greg hall alongside
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jeaneatte reyes >> ice shouts down the vine street subway for for hours. the eagles get the match for the playoffs, the falcons and their locally born quarterback, but it is another accu weather alert day, the cold will eventually ease up >> eventually. however, we've got other winter tree concerns, let's go to chris sowers. chris we got to get to the bad before the good >> i think i'm actually getting kind of used to think i feel pretty good out here, and temperatures are still in the teens. look at the morning lows this morning, i took the worst numbers put them on this graphic, minus ten in lakehurst, minus six in millville this morning, the poconos down minus six, atlantic city minus three, and doylestown minus three and self of my followers on twitter and facebook sense me in tweets and little notes on facebook,
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telling me how cold it was in their neighborhood, several locations minus four, five, six, it was brutally cold morning, especially considering where we're situated in the midatlantic. this is kind of typical for places like minneapolis or green bay but not here in the philadelphia area. 13 right now in pottstown. quakertown, ten, 13 in malvern, center city 14, 12 in slatington and eight in lake harmon knee, 17 in vineland, 15 in cinnamon, 14 degrees. windchills are little bit better, we're above zero for a change, feels like 14 in philadelphia, two above in allentown, three below in the poconos and five above in reading, forecast this afternoon, mostly sunny conditions and still bitter cold, with a high of only 19. the good news is and this is part of the reason why i think it feels better. the winds diminished we'll not have the brutally cold windchills of minus ten to 15,
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when i come backing we'll focus more on that wintery prescription that's heading here this way. freezing rain that could create a mess for the evening commute. i'll have details with the accu weather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. guys? . >> thank you. look forward to the update. to the latest on our developing story all morning, crews battled ice on the vine street us. >> way. >> it turned the highway into a sheet of ice and forced the closure of the busy highway, bob brooks joins us live from the center city area with the latest developments, i see they've made quite some improvements. right? >> reporter: absolutely. they have. they've been working all morning to make that happen, specificly where the water main break broke, 17th and callowhill what a mess. i'll sort of give you a look at everything, they've dumped salt in this area, you can see dwp cruise out here trying to get
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into the ground fixing this water main, but i'll tell you what, this morning, it was really cold when the water came out of here, it froze and went all the way down 17th to the expressway. >> it's a sight you rarely see, no traffic on the vine street expressway. because ice, the water was running down into one of the city's major arteries and freeze, so it was close this morning till about 9:00 because a water main break somewhere around or inside this parking garage at 17th and callowhill. temperatures at or a near record slows, the water froze almost immediately >> we believe it's a water main break. possibly 12 inch main we're working to determine that. >> that's the philadelphia water department. he said that stream everyone was seeing could mean bigger problem >> we're looking to see if they could find something further down towards 676, there could be a possible second like somewhere.
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we'll keep going until we find out what's going on. >> reporter: the neighbors around here morning walks or errands had to be taken carefully >> i'm a little worried about driving on it. but i mean, looks like they dump add ton of salt. >> reporter: some opting to pick their dogs up instead of risking an injured paw >> it's no fun, especially with two dogs >> it's not good on their paws. >> reporter: ok, a live look out here, you see crews are here start digging into the ground try and fix this water main. i just spoke with one of the crew members they say there was just one water main break all that steam was created from the the runoff from the one main break here at callowhill and 17th. reporting live, bob brooks, channel 6 action news. >> thank you for the update no surprise here, but it does not seem to be the usual number of people outside walking around on the streets this weekend. and the likely reason for this, the temperatures in the single digits, too cold, last night,
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the action cam right there at an act key marking lot in northeast philadelphia. where there were only a few cars in the parking lot. the people we talked to who heard from the store through their vehicles said they had to make the trip to get necessary supplies. the dangerous colds as homeless advocates on alert. volunteers chosen 300 minute trees spring garden serve their regular saturday night meal while working with city employees to make sure no one spent the night out in the cold >> there are also folks that don't have a place to go, we've contacted city outreach team. >> reporter: the team removed and took several men and women to a shelter, they say these temperature can say kill people who are exposed to them. the rough weather forced a south jersey nuclear plant to cut power. operators of the oyster creek plant in salem county declared an unusual event because of high winds, and low tides that lowered water levels in its intake canal. an unusual event but the lowest
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of four emergency levels water levels returned to normal a bit later. however, plant officials say they're keeping the declaration in place, that is until they're sure the levels don't drop again. we'd like to remind you you can get updates on this bitterly cold forecast and check storm tracker 6 live throughout the weekend. you can do that on your tablet, the 6 abc ka ap. the warehouse camera is under control. firefighters battled from 7:00 this morning until about a half hour ago. the structure was in flame and there were no reports of injury or word yet this afternoon on a cause the search is on for the cause of yesterday house fire that claimed the life of a philadelphia firefighter. lieutenants matt latourneau died while abatementing a blaze that
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claimed the life of a resident. latourneau began his career as a firefighter in his native springfield delaware county before moving to the philadelphia fire department. he was also a devoted volunteer with the red paw emergency relief team which helps pets affected by fires and disasters. >> if he was at a fire where there were pets he would call us right away. he did everything. he was a volunteer. he was a foster. he was a donor >> latourneau an 11 year veteran is survived by his mother and other relatives >> there's a whole lot of unanswered questions they say investigation continues be sure to stick with action news for our continuing coverage on the air as soon as you learn how the fire started and more information about the resident who died. we'll bring that information right to you. happening right now, there's an active search for a university of pennsylvania student. he disappeared while visiting his home in southern california. this is 19-year-old bernstein,
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he was visiting his family over the holidays when he vanished on tuesday. police say he met up with a friend and drove to a park in orange county. he was last seen around 11:30 tuesday. his father said he believes that his son was planning to come home that night. because he did not take his wallet with him. right now, drivers are paying higher tolls to travel along the pennsylvania turnpike. both cash and ez pass users are paying 6% more. new rates do not apply at the westbound bridge cashlesstology in bucks county and they won't take effect until april. the turnpike commission saying that it needs yearly toll increases until at least 2044 to meet the funding obligations. turning to sports. mystery no more. the eagles playoff opponent is set. the birds will face the falcons kickoff is 4:35 on saturday. exton pennsylvania native, ryan
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and the falcons knocked off the rams last night to move on to facing our birds. >> doesn't matter where we're going, we're going, that's the most exciting part. i'm happy for the team. we put in a lot of hard work through the off season, on season and keeping it going is the goal, we're excited to head up to philly next week. >> we love to see your eagles pictures and videos, but don't forget to keep sending them our way, post them to twitter or instagram using 6 abc action or put them in the comment section of the facebook page and you might just see your family, children or pets featured right here on action news. it has been a billion dollar lottery weekend. there was one winning ticket and one winning ticket for last night's powerball. the ticket for the $570 million jackpot were 12, 29, 30, 3361, powerball number 26.
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jackpot was the nation's seventh largest >> my goodness. your time now, 12:10, still much more to come. consumer groups raise concerns about a popular let us after canadian health authorities a tie it to dangeusacteria >> sub zero windchills not stopping a charity run. meteorologist chris sowers will be back way full accu weather forecast. it's a warmup is on the way. we'll see you after the break.
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last year's ice kel run were crazy, but that's nothing compared to the 11 degree temperature at the start of this morning 11 degrees and they're out there for a good cause, the
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frightened annual ice kel and snow flake run were held today. the longer was shortened to raise money for the ymca and other community projects. they're bundled up at least. >> i would have said can you all postpone it to maybe friday? >> friday >> i'm still doing it but i think the temperature will be a little higher. >> a little? >> i believe our high is like 57 on monday. of so better than me. absolutely. let's get you over to the big here as we take a look at the satellite and radar, we haven't had much luck with warm temperatures but a ton of son, huge arctic high pressure system, it's hard to get much in the way of clouds, so we've had a lot of sunshine in the last couple days but done little to warm things up, as we look at the headlines today is the very
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last of the frigid air. light wintery mix is possible as we head to tomorrow morning, january thaw at the end of the week with a period of rain but temperatures will shoot up into the 50's and that will feel very, very nice, 14 degrees in philadelphia with a due point of minus seven but i want to point out here the wind kind of relaxed here, so our windchill was actually matching the air temperature right now, there's not much of a feels like temperature in the city. other locations is a different story but that's a lot better than where we've been over last, let's say, 12, 24 hour, 14 in philadelphia, not bad. two degrees above in allentown, three below in the poconos, the poconos while rains anywhere from 15 to 28 below, all yesterday which is awful up there. five in millville, five in wilmington, three degrees in cape may. as we look at the wheelchair tracker throughout the afternoon we're hovering right around ten degrees, by 3:00, 10, by 5:00, 9 and by 7:00, eight, it's still
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very cold out there this afternoon, but it's quite a bit better than where we were yesterday. yesterday was absolutely brutal. we will skip over mostly sunny skies today, monday morning we'll start out with sunshine mixed with clouds, temperatures close to 20 already by 9:00 in the morning, those clouds lower and thick rapidly. the first part of the afternoon probably quiet. snow i to the west. and that getting into the city about 4:30 or 5:00. the problem is 32 even if we get to 33 or 34 which is one or two above freezing, the ground has been frozen two weeks straight. everything will stick. if it falls in freezing rain, everything will glaze over, this can cause a major problem for the evening commute. this will can it the coast by the time we get to 7:00 and 8:00. the ground is completely frozen, even if we get to 34 down here,
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everything will freeze on contact almost instantly. ground is that cold. we fast forward into tuesday, everything clears out and temperatures all of a sudden are in the 40's. and that will feel pretty nice. what you need to know for monday, from 2:00 to 7:00 when the little round of precipitation rolls on in. it will be in the form of all snow for the lehigh valley and the poconos, actually areas north of the pennsylvania turnpike. sleet mixed with freezing rain, and snowflakes at times for the i95 corridor. a coating maybe a little bit more in the immediate philadelphia area, perhaps an inch of snow not lehigh valley and the poke, watch out for slippery roadways. the morning commute is fine be it's the evening where things could get dicey. high temperaturings close to 20 be 19 in philadelphia, reading in allentown be 18 in millville, 20 in wilmington and cape may, 19 in dover and over night starting to pull out a little bit, at least we're in the double digits, 15 in philadelphia, ten in millville, ten in lancaster and 12 in wilmington. the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast, there's light at the end of the tunnel,
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33 degrees for tomorrow with the wintery mix, for tuesday, turning milder, 41, the last time we were in the 40's, it was like two days before christmas i think it was christmas eve or the day before, so this will feel nice, wednesday be sunny and cooler, 39, 48 thursday and 57 degrees by friday. jeaneatte >> you know it's cold when you can barely take it, chris. >> i'm to that point now where i've had enough >> thank you so much. health check, consumer groups are urging americans to stay away from romaine lettuce, even though federal health leaders have yet tagged it as the source of the fatal e-coli outburst. canada said it linked the lettuce to the bacteria which killed at least two people and sicken sickened dozen ends and others, let us north and south of the border, some of the cases are right here in pennsylvania. relief for those who struggle from migraines, ground breaking
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gives approval, it isn't are a painkiller but the antibody that gets to the root. of it's targets of protein which plays a role in the pain. of the doctor said the drug blocks the protein. of >> it works almost immediately to stop the migraine attack and they affect persistent for months, in the study that i reporter we show that giving he antibiotic every three months was effective in increasing migraine attack frequency. doctor said the only side effect was occasional pain. like many migraine medication it works in about half of the patients but when it works it can give 75 to 100% improvement. that's huge for anyone who suffers from that. ahead on action news at noon, france marks a horrific day, when terrorism became a concern for everyone in europe. the flyers winning streak
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continues. and they have a chance for one more today. details when action news continues. we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank. we did a lot of research online. we just need to have a designer put it all together. mmm hmm. this is great! so, it's really nice when clients come in and have... done some of their own research.
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and then, i make it happen. what do you think about these chairs and that table? working with a bassett designer was really easy. us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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just kind of ties in very well. this is a picture over the ben franklin bridge. 15 degrees. it will be like in the 50's later on in week >> i thought you were say do not although water. >> all right. it's so cold in florida, that even the manatees are huddling together. the animals have moved in inland to a canal to ride out the colder temperatures, warm water habitats play a crucial role in the survival in the winter, they're urging voters to be really careful and avoid areas where large numbers of those manatees gather. today marks the third
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anniversary of charlie hebdo's massacre in paris, france, man well mocron paid their respects at the site. 17 people were killed when islamic extremists attacked. they were the first of several to strike france. while we're experiencing record cold, australia is soaring in the opposite direction. yesterday, parts of the sidney area hit temperatures above 116 degrees. they're helping to fuel wildfires, killed hundreds of cheap and cattle. investigators say the most recent fire in the melbourne area was set on purpose by a 15-year-old girl. an lot of nervous watching and waiting in washington state. about 50 residents have been ordered out because of a growing crack on a mountain and a slow motion land slide.
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aerial views show the crack on a rattle snake bridge spreading about a foot and a half a week and is up to 250 feet deep. authorities believe it's being caused by mining. the company which owns the ridge is working on a plan to get people out. but many simply will not go. we'll be right back.
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. the eagles first playoff game will be about the birds. the falcons comes to the linc saturday. larry david here watched atlanta beat the rams last night in la. matt ryan in the falcons bounce back from last year's super bowl melt-down, last time they played in the playoff was 2004 when the eagles went to the super bowl.
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>> the flyers face off against buffalo, it drops at 1:00, the flyers climbed out of last place, their offense continue to survival in a six-three win against st. louis, claude giroux scores the win. >> and clevelanders are not happy. thousands of disgruntled cleveland browns fans held a protest parade. the protest team's winless season, more than 80 vehicles including a garbage truck, made lap around first energy stadium then were angry at the team's owners and coach hugh jackson, the 2008 detroit lions are the only other nfl team to lose 16 games in a season. that hurts. >> 16? >> yeah, that's right. >> you got to take that in. >> another half hour of action
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news ahead. here's some story, we thought the nor'easter was rough here, imagine sailing into it on a cruise ship >> and a major motel chain ends a controversial practice with some of its foreign born guests. those stories and much more when we see you after the break.
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reopens after being closed due to ice. for hours, >> thursday's nor'easter is still leaving hundreds of travelers stranded and angry at airports. and the president sets his agenda for the campaign season ahead. accu weather alert continues this noon, still got cold to contend with but the temperature won't be quite as bitter >> we're going to get another twist, chris sowers outside right now with a look at the forecast, hi, chris. >> good afternoon to you guys. i'd th tomorrow's -- this afternoon's twist than what we'll see around here with the freezing rain, the sleet and snow. with that, we had shattered across the viewing area, i put a couple of them on here, philadelphia you tied the record low of 44 set back a few years ago, 2014. allentown, you missed the record but still cold, zero, trenton set up a new record, minus two, atlantic city breaking the record, set up a new record, minus three, wilmington set up a new record low this morning
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dropping down to two degrees. started counting the number of record lows across the 18 half of the united states, stopped at 50. take a look at some of them. you go a little bit farther to the north in watertown new york, 30 below this morning is the actual air temperature, burlington vermont 14 below and atlantic city three below, and myrtle beach of all places, 16 degrees. you want to get away, head down south go on vacation, 16 in myrtle beach, definitely not the place to be, orlando down into the mid 30's. this cold, miss reloves company, we're all in it together. of 14 in philadelphia, 13 in allentown. 15 in millville. lancaster, reading and trenton all checking in at 13 degrees and dover showing 14. with the wind feels like five in wilmington and millville, two above in allentown, three in trenton and seven in atlantic city. headlines look like this, we got one more bitter night coming up. temperatures ranging from ten to
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15 degrees, starting tomorrow, we begin pulling out of it. temperatures actually get above freezing for a brief period of time, but we do have to watch out for that wintery mix of snow sleet and freezing rain. and as i've been mentioning, this ground has been frozen two weeks straight. so even if you see rain falling out your window tomorrow afternoon, it is going to freeze instantly on contact. i'll be back along in a few minutes, i'll talk much more about that with the accu weather seven-day forecast. >> thank you so much. countdown to friday. arctic cold continues to cause problems around the delaware and lehigh valleys, this morning, a new twist, a water main break that shut down the vine street expressway >> the highway now open but the clean-up continues, bob brooks live in center city with the latest on this one. bob, at least the highway is back open. >> jeaneatte and gray, opened about 9:00 this morning, what a mess it made. where i'm at clinical 17th was the origin of this water main break, if the water went down
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17th and trickled down on the expressway. we know it was record cold today, and shutting it down, and this is that mess, you can see right there that big puddle of water, about an hours ago, that wasn't water. that was ice frozen solid. you can see crews down here, they will begin fixing that water main and come down and dump a lot of salt and try to remedy the situation. >> it's a sight you rarely see, no traffic on the vine street expressway. because ice, the water was running down into one of the city's major arteries and freezing. it was closed this morning till about 9:00. the cause, a water main break somewhere around or inside this parking garage at 17th and callowhill. with temperatures at or near record lows this morning, the water froze almost immediately. we believe it's a water main break on an eight or 12 inch main we're working to determine that. >> reporter: that's john due julio with the philadelphia
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water department. he said everyone was seeing raising up from the storm drains could mean bigger problem >> we're looking to see if we can find something further down toward 676 if there could be a second like. >> reporter: morning walks or errands had to be taken carefully >> i'm a little worried about driving on it, but i mean, it looks like they dumped a pound of salt. >> reporter: some picking dogs up instead of risking an injured paw >> it's no fun, especially with two dogs walking around >> it's not good on their paws. >> live look here at callowhill and 17th. again, the vine street expressway is reopened just in case people are wondering's. and good news, there's no second water main that broken up here, just the one, all the steam you saw was from runoff from the original pipe breaking. reporting live, bob brooks, channel 6 action news. thanks so much for the good news airport jfk airport still
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filled with long lines and angry people. many sitting around since thursday waiting for a flight out. the airport is struggling to get back on schedule since the so-called bomb cyclone snowstorm. the storm and brutal cold grounded hundreds of flights and left jfk gates filled with stranded planes. forced passengers on several planes to sit on the tarmac for more than four hours. >> on the plane four hours, which is longer than the flight itself. and then we had to wait another three or four hours for our actual bags to come in. >> my goodness. tarmac delays have a hard time limit of three hours, except in a few cases involving safety, security or air traffic control related reasons. airlines could get fined for not complying. thursday's nor'easter was not just felt on land, it created an nightmare for crew ship passengers heading home from a bahamas vacation.
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abc spoke with some of those passengers who were not sure they'd get home alive >> as a powerful bomb cyclone slammed the east coast. a cruise ship went right in it's path >> i don't think we would make it back >> the nor what was jen cruise left tuesday, by wednesday this is what the passengers were facing hurricane force winds and huge waves rocking the ship. all that water, flooding in. pouring down the staircase. >> you never want to be on a cruise ship and the water coming out of the boat >> even the water from the pool churning. spilling out. town halls at the doors, a downpour outside. black tape put across pictures hanging on the wall holding them in place. anything not held down tossed
12:37 pm
around. some guests not feeling safe in their room, moving to the ship's atrium. >> terrified. they were all -- people had life vests on >> i knew if we had to get those life jackets on and evacuate the shipment there was probably no way we were going to make it. >> reporter: friday, hours late for arrival, the ship made it to new york. but this morning, many of the passengers want answers. >> i will never understand the fact that they made a choice to take over 4,000 people through a storm. norwegian apologizing saying the ship encountered stronger than factored weather conditions. the safety of our guests and crew is always our top priority and the ship's captain adjusted the ship's speed and itinerary accordingly to maintain the safety possible route delaying the ship's arrival. >> that was abc reporting. the entire crew of 32 on an i iranian tanker is missing following a collision with a
12:38 pm
freighter off the coast of china. video from the scene shows an explosion, a burst of flames and an enormous cloud of smoke. you can see it there. the collision also caused an oil spill. chinese police vessels are combing the area for the missing crew. the south korean coast guard sent a ship out and airplanes be three cleaning ships started slipping off the oil. the first formal talk between north and south korea are set to begin tuesday in a border town. the rivals now trying to find ways to cooperate on the winter olympics set for next month in pyongyang and to react down the rising tensions over north korea's nuclear program. experts say there are indications north korea may be planning a new missile launch. president trump wrapping up his meeting at camp david with gop leaders today. they've been discussing strategy and setting priorties for the congressional session ahead. meeting with reporters yesterday. president trump said he's going
12:39 pm
to actively campaign for republican incumbents and anybody else who has my thinking. the president was also still blazing mad about the new book, fire and fury, blaming former strategist steve bannon for giving the author access to the west wing. >> the milwaukee red cross rescinded a controversial policy that had city leader in arms. after christmas the group announced volunteers wouldn't go to fire scenes in 10 million walk zip codes and in some there was no red cross presence at all. after a meeting with the mayor, the red cross dropped policy, saying it wasn't sensitive to the communities it served. >> i want the people in this city to have the same services that people who live outside the city have. >> the red cross now admits the reason for the policy was a lack of volunteers within milwaukee but city officials say they will help recruit more attorney general filed suit
12:40 pm
against the motel six chain for allegedly helping immigration authorities target hotel guests. according to the lawsuit, more than 9,000 guests were targeted. motel six was exposed in arizona last year for handing over personal information without warrants to help agents round up undocumented immigrants who book add room. >> room numbers, their names, guest identification numbers, dates of birth, license plate numbers. and their driver's license numbers. >> motel six said it stopped that practice but attorney general bob ferguson said it happened nearly once a day for around two years. became so routine motel six staff actually created a sign out form for the information. chain now said it stopped that controversial practice in september. much more on action news for this sunday. a west coast builder offer as fireproof solution to one of the annual dangers of wide
12:41 pm
receivers. . and the art of collection of a famous philadelphia lawyer is getting a closer look at a philadelphia museum. it's coming up in 6 abc loves the arts. let's take you outside to philadelphia international airport. chris sowers has your exclusive accu weather forecast when action news continues you'll be pleasantly surprised a warmup is on the way.
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this massive deep freeze created a and unusual site on the south shore of massachusetts. dozens of boats frozen in the water. fishermen moved their bigger boats to safe harbors before the nor'easter hit. but there was not enough room for all the smaller boats. so the owners who said we'll just leave them out here. temperatures have barely been in double digits for more than a week. >> you know, there is cause for celebration this afternoon. because windchill went to what? six degrees? something like that? so that's something the guys were just
12:44 pm
celebrating the small things in life at this point. >> yes. the air temperature, the lows this morning you could add about 50 degrees do them by friday. we're going up. it can't get much worse, there's the view as we go live on sky tracker 6. ice on the delaware river, actually we have a ton of ice on the delaware river, the bay ton of ice, the creeks, streams, lakes, everything is frozen solid, brutal cold snap. this is actually lasted much longer than a few years ago when we got bombarded by the polar vortex, this has been long lasting here, started since christmas day and continued right through. 19 degrees is today's forecasted high, the normal is 40. so maybe we get lucky and hit 20 or so but that's still more than 20 degrees below the seasonal average of 44 where we started out this morning, the record low was 4, we tied the mark. normal is 26. temperatures bitter for the last
12:45 pm
several days, 25 with thursday's afternoon high with the nor'easter the strong gusty winds. friday 17, yesterday be 16, today, again be maybe 19 or 20. we're starting to show teens now, north and west. some locations didn't even get out of the single digits yesterday. we're approving a little bit. kutztown be 13, quakertown, 12, eight in lake harmon knee, 15 in pottstown, 14 in media and center city, glassboro 15, vineland 17, fortescue down to two this morning, you're now up to 15's ton of ice on the bay, tuckahoe, 16 and hammonton checking in at 15 degrees. huge tracker six with the winds single digits above zero throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours, even though the temperature will be dropping, the winds subside so we're not looking at harsh windchills this evening, fast forward to tomorrow, not too terribly bad. it's a little bit better than what we saw over last 24 to 36 hours. 11 degrees in allentown. by 8:00 a.m. reading, 10:00, philadelphia,
12:46 pm
seven, trenton five, still bitter but you have to look for the him things to get you past the brutal cold snap. eight degrees in the poconos, here's good news here. all of this cold, these purples, bright white, all of this was the right here yesterday, and now it's been replaced with 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's down to the south. this is a shore sign that all the cold is retreating north back into canada and we'll start to see milder pacific air race across the lower 48. jet stream will look like this, retreats all the way back up north and we see that westerly component to the wind, that specific air take over the lower 48 over the next several days and temperatures will responding we'll get back up into the 40's and 50's this week. future track for monday, monday morning, starting out with some sun mixed with clouds, temperatures in the upper teens close to 20. during the afternoon, that light snow, sleet and freezing rain starts breaking out from west to east. temperatures are still below freezing for large part of the area, so everything will stick. the evening commute we're looking at that mixture, snow, sleet and freezing rain across
12:47 pm
the i95 corridor, making its way through new jersey and into the shore points by about, let's say, 7:00, 8:00 in the evening, don't be fooled even though you see some temperatures above 32, it's not going to make a difference. because the ground is completely frozen all of it will stick. and freeze almost instantly. tomorrow evening could be very, very dicey on some of the area roadways, morning commute is fine, it's the evening commute that mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain, cold ground equals at least a coating maybe a little bit more in the immediate philadelphia area, perhaps an inch or so of snow for the lehigh valley and the poconos. for today, sun and clouds, mixed 19 degrees is the forecasted high. won't feel nearly as harsh with the winds easing up a bit and the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast, once we get past this right here, this afternoon wintery mix for tomorrow and 33, then it turn as lot better. 41 degrees for tuesday. wednesday, sunny and a little bit cooler with a high of 39, wednesday the winds pick up again, that's a blustery 39 windchills probably in the 20's
12:48 pm
again. but then thursday, 48. friday, 57. and saturday, 52. with wet weather by week's end >> i might throw a party on saturday >> invite us. >> thanks so much, chris. at the philadelphia museum of art, there are taking a fresh look at classic paintings acquired a century ago and it's all the legacy of the philadelphia lawyer. karen rodjers has the details in this week's 6 abc loves the arts >> it's called old masters and it's a major exhibition focusing on one of the european art ever formed in the united states. johnson was 20 and send rye philadelphia lawyer once described by the "new york times" as the greatest in the englis saking world. he was the most famous lawyer of his day, he represented companies like american tobacco, jp morgan and company. >> a he was known for his esteemed art collection, nearly
12:49 pm
1500 pieces of european artwork and sculptures dating to the 12th century >> he spans the gamut >> he turned his south broad street home into a museum filling it with artwork from his collections. >> literally the basic with art, paintings hung, frame to frame. he had paintings stacked up in his bedroom and bathrooms and closets, so every available surface. >> reporter: when he died a century ago, he gifted the collection to the city, and nearly 100 of those works were on view in old master's now. >> we have works by artist such as roger van der biden. edward manic, mo'ne >> an additional 300 works from the johnson collection in the permanent gallery >> everything from the 201300 up to 1900. when visiting the exhibition viewers are learn first hand how conserve tors study and care for the artwork as it age >> it's really an exhibition that is hoping to give visitors
12:50 pm
a flavor for both johnson's collection and the work that we as staff do with the collections. >> reporter: it's on display at the philadelphia museum of art through february 19th. for tickets and museum hours visit the arts in for 6 abc loves the arts, i'm karen r odgers. ♪ ♪
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
. four people on the ice brave souls, 14 degrees. folks, it is looking up for the end of the week, we're going to hit 50 from odd degrees, it gets better from here. all right. well, cold temperatures in florida, yes, florida. are covering a strange thing to happen iguanas are falling, temperatures below 40 are just to i mobilize, they move their balance and just fall.
12:53 pm
they easily land belly up, they're usually alive, told not them. see turtles are also stiffening up in florida's shark hold. >> you see what this cold does >> builder has a potential solution to the loss of homes. the massive wildfires, sacramento is using abandoned shipping containers, roberts said he can customize the inside from basics to luxury, the containers can be joined to make a bigger home, and they will, he said withstand almost anything. >> these things are designed to be in hurricane level forces and winds and environments for 50 years, as a standard manufactured box. >> there is another big benefit, the price starts at $55,000 making them affordable to almost everyone. we'll be right back.
12:54 pm
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it's vine street expressway open after ice shut it down most of the morning at 12th and clinical. at one point the expressway was close traffic from eighth to 23rd. and a very lucky person holding a powerball lottery ticket worth $570 million. the winning numbers are: 12, 29, 30, 33, 61, powerball number 26. that ticket was purchased in new hampshire. the jackpot is the seventh largest in u.s. history. >> millions of dollars and warm temperatures, about the safety?
12:57 pm
>> that still works. maybe we should -- i believe you. >> i still work. 42 what am i going to do for the rest of my life? hey, my little nephew ready for the eagles game this saturday. he's in his eagles gear, holding his football. i cut my head off there, he was watching. today. he's ready. he's fired up and you know what? mother nature will cooperate. temperatures should be in the 50's, rain we're expecting friday into saturday morning, should pull out by then, here's the seven-day, cold, 19, wintery mix tomorrow, snow and freezing rain in the roadways, be careful during the evening commute and we start pulling out by mid week >> thank you so much. >> cubs are the fastest land animals on earth and among the cutest, st. louis news just related videos of the eight cubs
12:58 pm
which arrives in november. the new mom is taking great care of her litter. but it will be several months before they go on public display. cheat at a breeding programs are vital to the species. >> fyi philly is next here on channel 6. action news continues at 5:00 tonight. . for jeaneatte reyes, nydia, han, i'm chris sowers. make it great
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>>i'm karen rogers. >>and i'm jeannette reyes. >>tonight fyi philly. >>we're ringing in the new year at some new spots. >>that's really, really good. >>sampling new flavors. >>come on down chef!! >>new brew pubs. >>we're pretty psyched >>and new entertainment spots. >>sorry. >>plus, help with those new year's resolutions. >>i'm a total health nut. >>from healthy eating to decluttering. >>wow, look at this! >>hello and welcome to fyi philly. we are at white dog café in university city. >>this place is an institution here on sansom street for 35 years. >>celebrating the big birthday this month and if this room here looks unfamiliar, that's because it's brand new. >>that's right, white dog is 1 year older and a whole lot bigger with a major expansion project finished just in time for the new year. >>and just in time for that landmark anniversary.


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