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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a bitter cold of cause and more water main breaks across the region the latest on action news. ♪ action news delaware valleys leading news program w metrologist melissa jeff skversky,bloomquist, and walter perez. warmer weather is on the way this week but for now the cold is not over just yet and the fall out just numerous water main breaks being reported across the city and the snow is frozen over in many forcing heavy equipment to take s have failed sunday night i'm walter perez the big story on another day of dangerous cold while temperinally make it out of the teens tomorrow a winter weather advisory has been issued for tomorrow and could arrive just
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in time forhe evening two days after the storm fong the jersey shore are still cleaning up massive piles of snow there the action cam on the scene in atlantic city where you can see those bulldozers busy at work over in benton a whole bunch of sides streets are still not cleared out but some vehicles still s and for that reason several school districts are closed again tomorrow and others delayed atlantic cityls are closed and mar and bender city schools opening two hours late complete list ofclosings on our website we have team coveraollowedble wintry mix tomorrow and actio t several water main breaks and begin with melissa magee and our first check of the accuweather forecast melissa. >> walter we have chanhes tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening. temperatures right are in the teens. by tomorrow afternoon we will be freezing mark or slightly above. the problem is that for about two weeks now temperatures have been well below freezing so any moisture that comes on twill stick fairly quickly to the surfaces so winter weather advisory issued and goes to 1:00 tomorrow afternoon right through
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9:00 p.m. for the heart of delaware and lehigh valleys and here is double scan radar and tracking winter precipitation and snow in the lower great lakes and mixed precipitation in chicago andain further to the south aoves from a west east direction as we get into tomorrow evening and future tracker six showing you that moisture starting to arrive by 5:30 tomorrow evening light snow to the north and west and mixed precipitation along the i-95 corridor and south jersey and delaware dealing with rain and talk what we can expect and why we issued the accuweather alert lehigh valley and northwest suburbs and lehigh and i-95 freezing wane in south jersey and delaware mostly rain the precipitation will be light in nature the problem however it arrives just in time for that ride home from work and more details coming up for an exclusive accuweather forecast walter. >> with that said we move to breaking news the brutal cold has a rash of water main breaks
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across the city and action reporter christie ileto is at one such break in cobs creek and is live with details christie. >> walter in the first week of 2018 the water department responded to over 100 calls for water main breaks in this case you can see not only is this portion of the road frozen over but over here two of these cars wheels are actually frozen to the ground because it has been so cold. it's ice all across there so i can't possibly myself try to move the car. >> reporter: surrounded by a 3" deep sheet of ice doris robinson's car is locked down to the frozen asphalt. >> the wheels are frozen that car can't be moved. >> reporter: residents marvel of a sheet of ice on the 1500 hazel street the culprit a water main. >> it's icy and dangerous not good at all. >> reporter: over at the up town theatre action cam caught water gushing out the front door and racing down the gutter at the
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train station below. workers race to turn off the water and fix the break before it freezes over. on 47th street a portion of the sidewalk formed a sheet of ice thanks to broken pipes and in logan a water main left homeowners with flooded basements. >> wait until they fix it and bring the wet vac down to suck it up. >> reporter: the city water department this year responded to average of 20-25 water main breaks a day. >> the thaw we might see later this week could reveal some breaks that have not shown themselves yet. >> reporter: meaning there could be more breaks down the pike residents worry even with warm weather on its way the headaches are just the beginning of a long winter. now back out here live hopefully with this week's warmer temperatures this ice and encasing the wheels will thaw and the driver be able to move her car but the water department
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says this is the time of the year for lots of water mains and asking theirmers to simply beatient live in cobs create christie letter channel six walter. >> what a mess thank you christie and traffic is moving once agree again on vine street expressway at this hour after a very different story overnight a water main break there at a parking garage in center on 17th poured water on 676 below. that combined with sub 0 temperatures created a dangerously icy situation that shut down that hi water possibly 12" we are working to ine that. >> reporter: much more from residents on this break impacted their sunday morning routine coming up in the next half hour. and be sure to tune into action news 4:30 a.m. tomorrow for the latest on the forecast as well as traffic and transit information you need to start your day the right way. meanwhile over in conshohoken they responded to a house fire before 5:00 at intersection of 5th avenue and hollowel no word
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on injuries or how the started a home in salem county badly damaged by a fire this evening and firefighters battled smoke and flames at 200 perkinstown road and anybody was injured and the cause of the remains under investigation a search in california continues tonight for a university of pennsylvania student who went missing during a visit to see his parents over the holidays 19-year-old blaze bernstein was last seen on tuesday night, action news reporter annie mccormick is live with details. >> reporter: walter that 19-year-old sophomore was supposed to fly back to philadelphia today and it was over the winter break that his friends at the university of pennsylvania say that they found out about his social media. sistering since tuesday the search continues for 19-year-old blaze bernstein the university of pennsylvaniaore's disappearance sparked multiple searches in orange county california where he was last seen home on winter break the teen's parents speaking from
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lakecast he was lit seen frien at the park his family says their son didn't tell him he was leaving t night the friend who police are calling a witness say he is cooperating and told authorities bernstein ran from the park around 11:00 that evening. >> thought he was playing a joke or something and he was taking >> he left our house that night with no wallet, no money, no identification no credit cards, no keys, no eyeglasses. this is someone that needs to wear eyeglasses >> reporter: bernstein's famy says he was excited to return tohool the premed student newly electedo pen appetite a student run working on a the magazine so i know it's something he was passionate about and to tak >> reporter: rachel says she was texting with bernstein out the break up until hisdisappearance. >> someone letoomething this was happening and we are doing all that we can to kind of support each other people are saying when -- feel free to reach out if you want to
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talk to anyone and we are a close knit community in penn appetite and coming together to do anything possible and hope everything is okay. >> his parents say their son had just moved into a new ament offbreak. they also say he left behind medication he daily. and we did reach out to the university of pennsylvania asking them if authorities from california have been in contact with them and what if any information they will be sending out to students. a spokesperson said heer at this time. we did talk to sthtudents who s received any e-mails about the student's disas are telling us many people now returning today through semesterwednesday the 10th live from the satellite center annie mccormick action news and back to you. >> hope f best and teenager was grazed by a bullet in the city of chester police00t 5:30 and fou a 14-year-oldound to hisd victim om driving by and he he was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released and it was situation
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delawar a county whereriver lost crawl of his on penneville and he slammed a hich snapped trapping the driver with live wires surrounding the vehicle and in a were told to stay insi a they resthe driver was rescued no word tonight why he lost conte investigators are back af 's fire lieu den about matt civilian the 11 yearfter binned him in thho2200 n north philadelphia the cause of the fire investigation and today we spok the fire started trying to get hisghbors to safety. >> i couldn'to in the house. i wish i could have but bustin so bad i explosions and my is lisho lookedhe window and it was a fire busting out the windows. >> reporter: have not released the name of the second victim all across and in letourneau hometown of ngfi cou house put up black burnting in letourneau's honor hollywood top stars joined forces to make a and why sea of black and terminal in one of the nation's
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busiest airports shut down after a massive water main break and this is ahead and number one seed playing at home still they are the under dogs jeff skversky explains in sports when action news comes right back.
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walls and into the baggage claim area airport officials were forced to suspend all incoming arrivals and divert international passengers to another terminal for processing. >> we will thoroughly investigate why this pipe burst. we will thoroughly investigate why it was not adequately protected and we will examine carefully the contingency plans that were in place in order to recover for this event. >> reporter: and today's pipe burst could not have come at a worst time the airport was still sorting through a major backlog because of cancellations due to the recent president trump is defending himself on twitter as the fall out continues over the book called fire and fury. the book written by michael wolff pays a scathing picture of the trump white house and evencalls in president's mental hit as the book is entir fiction and the president spent a weekend meeting with gop le and david tomorrow then marietta georg toe ncaa championship football
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a partly cloudy to mostl sky centerooking at center city down the ben franklin parkway from city hall and you can see the flags gently blowing in the wind and the winds are not as strong as they were same time yesterday so wind chills aren't below 0 at least we are single digits right now and still frigid for the rest tonight with weather headlines an tracking light wintry precipitation monday afternoon and a jan thaw is on the way with a bit of a price and milder by the end of the week but rain is also well right now in philadelphia just 16 19 allentown, 15 trenton, out to the west in lancaster we are coming at 15 degrees and most slls areeiingle digits or the teens and it's 5 in philadelphia, 8 degrees right now for allentown and reading feeling like 3 degrees there in atlantic city satellite six with action radar cloudy to mostly cloudy sky andtay dry for the ht and for the first half of the day tomorrow and widening out the picture here because we are tracking wintry precipitation light snow
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and mixed precipitation there in chicago and we have temperaturesrelatively m st. louis andis some rain so this moves from a west east direction as we go throughout monday afternoon. for t it's partly cloudy and it's n the suburbs and 15 overnight . now the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory and here is why we will time out the precipitation for you and future tracker six slowing you by 2:00 tomorrow light snow breaking out in the poconos and allentown and reading and south and east and by about 4:00 we are tracking that light bag of precipitation along the metro areaide home by the and transitions from sleet and freezing rain to rain for south jersey and deecipitation will be light in nature. problem however will be the timing with this event that is why we have issued that accuweather alert so it begins at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon from a west east direction ending by about 8:00 9:00 there in south jersey a coating to inch ofw i-78 and mixed ec and i-95 metro are
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also is that temp for the past two weeksve been well below degrees so any moisture that moves on through will stick on the surfaces fairly quickly leading to a light glaze or maybe some icy spots in some location the accuweather forecast showing accuweather alert tomorrow and despite temperatures above freezing we are tracking the wintry mix and mild pacific area tuesday high of 41 ran wednesday sunshine and a few afternoon clouds at 39 cloudy on thursday high of 48 evening drizzle is possible and mild iron on friday and 58 and eagles home at the link with atlanta on the playoff and cooler next sunday high of 37 and tracking the precipitation. >> never happy to see a 33 high my goodness and this year's golden globes celebrated the best movies and tv shows of the year with a decidedly personal
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twist and wore black for a statement against sexual harassment and abc has the story from la. >> reporter: it was a sea of black as celebrities wore the color in a show of solidarity to fight sexual harassment and inequality and pins with the slogan time's up. >> with hours for abuse and discrimination. >> reporter: hope and meijer's beginning the political tone said on the red carpet. >> good evening and remaining gentleman. >> the first award of the night nicole kidman for lead actors and tv moving and show winning in the best supporting actor and remitted series. handmadeng big for a series ands in tv>> we are w th storyn writing the s >> this i sterling k brown est actor in a tv series. >> what i appreciate about this
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thing is i'm seen for who i am and being appreciated for whoam. >> reporter: james for playing tommy who he brought on alsop winfrey won an award.>> i wan gt all to know horizon. >> free billboardoutside. >> reps is set toest previews of what and who will win at the oscars that airs on abc on march fourth abc news los angeles.
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jeff skversky has a check on sports the eagles insulted by the odds makers it's insulting. >> how about that. >> unbelievable eagles are not favorites at home next saturday what is up with that without carson wentz many don't believe in the birds, in fact, the eagles are the first team in nfl history to be under dogs at home at the number oneheir first playoff game and eagles 2.5 under dogs and matt ryan and the falcons next saturday and matty ice has been ice coldour starts including last season but the falcons yes they are still favored to beat the birds. >> it doesn't really you know matter what the outside world thinks because at the end of the day when you are on a team it's a bubble and we believe what we have in the team. >> more on the eagles falcons division playoff tonight on action sports sunday coming up in five minutes and ron is in for ducis rodgers in studio and nfc wild card andcal newton try
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to shock the saints and panthers down 11 and fourth and 23 where is freddy mitchell when you need him cam crash saints win 31-26 and marching on to face the vikings next and shawn and the bills how about mccoy leading the team in rushing and receiving today it's still not good enough to lead them to a win in jacksonville tied up end of the third on the down and a touchdown and jaguars winn 10-3 the lowest scoring wild card game in nfl history and they get the steelers next and mccoy has never won a playoff game for everyone who wanted to give up on the flyers jay says look at us now in the playoff and he says he heard h pete wanted to plow up the roster l is happy they did not, how happy are the fans nothing better than choking down at a flyers game and down with a saber and shane there gostisbehere the ghost makes the deficit disappear tied at one and a few minutes later flyers
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on the power play and shawn his fifth in the last three games and flyers have 16 over this and flyers win 4-1 and the third straight win and tied for the final playoff spot. >> we are close to the finals right now i was reading something and some people that the team should get blown up during the losing streak you know wedidn'tepaw so that isod for >> reporter:sixers off today they did practice and getting set to head to london to face the on thursday andelle was there for it and against central flori scoring 39 free throw and can't stop as he tiedsecond half loose fall and fall and temple falls 60-39 the worst run in five years and are dead last in the conference and hopefully they can turn it around heading to match.
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>> action news will be back stick around.
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action news sports sunday is next here on channel six action news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 with matt o'donnell tamala edwards karen rogers and dave murphy and from sarah bloomquist and melissa magee and
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jeff skversky i'm walter perez have a great night and great week ahead. ♪ tonight on sports sunday. >> he is going to get hit. >> defensively a really solid game. >> falcdown the highest scoring offense on the way to awild card win. atlanta advances a looks to vindicate the superbowl meltdown for a year ago. >> a lot to prove and looking forward to our next >> next up coach lincoln financial field again the top seeded birds.>> touchdown! our stadium it'tressfuland i know of thevantk versus matt e will preview the h great jeff y. open touchdown and well as a look back at yesterday's collapse in kansas city. i think we have all seen this before. >> we have to do a better job.
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