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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 9, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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with details. >> reporter: well, this is a re town and they t arrived reconstruct scenes. and soon they hope to have answers into what went wrong. >> this is manned at all hours since the tragic fire on saturday morning, teams are trying to their best to figure out what happened when philadelphia fire detective and another man inside were killed. they have not been able to go fully inside because it's unstable and more help has arrived. the atf sent in the national response team a group of experts toly map the home and give them a look at the structure and then process the scene to determine the cause. we have seen investigators utilize a lift to survey the
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home from above and began fencing on large portions of the scene and fire officiale during the rescue during the bitter cold there was a collapse inside of the home. both he and thehome's occupant were rushed to the h pronounced dead shortly after. >> okay now i was just over at the scene just around the corner from where we are. the investigation is fully underway and as soon as we get new details and updates on it we'll bring it to you guys. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. turning to the forecast after an icy morning with freezing we are finally warming up and seeing milder conditions outside. sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge and parts of i-95 at penn's landing and partly sunny skies and rising temperatures are helping to break the ice and we are finally seeing more seasonable temperatures and by the ent. week we may be able to put away
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the heavy coats and gloves. temporarily at least. and david murphy with a closer look at the changing accuweather forecast. >> it looks like we are changing the corner. it's milder than we have seen recently and standing in the shade out of the sun it's a good day to have a decent coat on. take a look at morning lows, it's nothing like this morning, down into the 20s for the region and freezing rain the night before we had a lot of ice on the sidewalks, now you have sunshine across the region in un is hitting the pavement it's working on the ice. and meantime temperatures that have moved well above freezing, 42 in philadelphia and 42 in allentown and we expect to hold the numbers steady for the next couple of hours, the numbers start to tumble a bit when have a fair am of sunshine in play ain good period of the day with above freezing numbers. and a breeze is moving through and we hope that happens
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quickly. look at where the temperatures go over the next 24 hours, we drop below the freezing mark at e more rural areas, so e then in whatever hasn't dried off will refreeze and you can see how it is getting bone chilling overnight by 7:00 a.m. down to 21 degrees and tomorrow it will behave similarly to the day and take until 10:00 to get up above freezing. and a decent amount of sunshine tomorrow. how much of the ice will reform be get out of the way and not refreeze, i expect we'll get rid of a good chunk of it. we'll talk bay cool down tomorrow and then theilder you are talking about swings in for the end of the week and the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you. as always from icy roads to sunny skies, check weather for the always changing conditions. and view the seven-day forecast and storm tracker 6 live and see winter tips including the best
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way to de-ice your windchill. philadelphia police are trying to identify the man that stabbed three teenagers at a pizza parlor in the lawndale section. a charge groupwded into cos rising sun. no more than two minutes when e fegan to fly. police arrived and broke up the ro. the 15, 17 and 18-year-old boys ran outside and flagged down passerby that brought them to nse j governor, chris christie, is set to deliver his final state of address and the republican governor his afternoon at the state house. he erall and secured a multibillion dollar transportation program and vests millions in the opioid and leaves office with a low
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approval rating after a failed presidential run and the so-called bridge gate scandal. for the firstim years, north and south kigh level talks that resulted in the north agrees to send a delegation across the br to participate in the olympics. >> reporter: good afternoon 12 hours and both countries are uccessful and positi. but whether this conversation can expand beyond the olympics that remains to be seen. break through talks from north and south korea with rare access >> negotiators fro dia -- rival nations coming together at korea agreeing militarized to send the athletes and cheerleaders and performance group to the winter games. and they call it a new years
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gift, for thet reassurance their games will not be disrupted and the south tried to bring up the issue of denuclearization. but the response was nothing. amid rising tenses from the u.s. with leader kim jong un's growing nuclear arsenal and there is no guarantee he will weeks vowino perfect n the the missi tha could reach the u.s. >> for now the reactionand soutf optimism. >> in a jointstatement. north and south korea agreed to hold military talks to reduce military tensions and resolve the national problems on their owns. >> and president trump says he talks and if something comes out of this it will be great forhumanity.
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back here flames ignited in a car at the shannon cap company in philadelphia. the flames spread not cars in the garage on north front street. th investition > deware got a big surprise as he his second battle with cancer. the community is coming together to send hers and cards and encouragement to danny, and law enforcement officers paraded past his hospital room at ai dupont. because of his treatment he can't have this many visitors in person. the office with their lights flashes and sirens blaring. we posted more information on our website and the mailing address. providing students in the philadelphia area with breakfast
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is rising attendanembers. dr. william hite was at francis scott key elementary school in south philadelia. they were there to talk about and sixth grader jenny lou was awarded the school attennce heaoh, she has perfect atten 2010 school year. her father was there and given a trophy for being an outstanding student. >> more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. a national fraternity is now nn in the state of pennsylvania. the fallout from the hazing death of a 19-year-old student. and they sue a dental chain over their young daughter's death. the claim make in their new lawsuit.
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a popular childrens dental chain is facing a lawsuit. two young patients died after
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visiting the cool smiles office in yuma, arizona. one family is suing for wrongful death. their daughter went in for a routine tooth removal and the next day she had a fever and days later she died. >> a reasonable dentist we contend recognized that this infection this spread and was something that needed urgent attention. >> a and yng boy died after getting a filling at the same location.he stopped breathing b after the procedure and the company degree nied wrong doing. and we passionated provide dental care to 19 million
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patients. and a teacher being removed in handcuffs. >> can you explain -- >> alicia har grave was beg the marshall to let her go, after being asked to leave the school board meeting. the issue the superintendant's new contract. >> the superintendant in person if a position of leadership in any type of raise i feel the like a slap in the face to teachers and cafeteria workers and any support staff we have. >> hargrave received a warning after she asked a second question and then escorted her out of the room and moments later they handcuffed her and forced her out of the building. no charges were filed against her. she has not commented on her removal. four young men were given jail sentences for the death of a pledge in 2013.
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the college student died after an alleged hazing ritual in the poconos. >> the fraternity is now banned in the state of pennsylvania and four members face up to two years in prison after pleading guilty to involuntarily plan salute in the death of michael dang. >> after speaking to them i don't doubt there is remorse on behalf of each and everyone of them. >> they are prohibiting from operating in the state for 10 years, meaning their chapters at penn state and carnegie mellon will be shut down. he was repeatedly tackled during a ritual in the poconos mountains. and the brothers waited more than an hour to get help. >> there shouldn't be a delay and yet there was and afterwards there was a coverup. it's having ramifications for other victims.
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pennsylvania's attorney general agreed to take over the penn state hazing case that left timothy piazza's death he fell down the stairs after a night of heavy drinking. his parents put out a statement. for meaningful change court systems throughout the country have to take a tougher stance on these types of crime. firefighters in north carolina rescued a cow trapped in 10 inches of ice and frigid water. they hacked into the ice with a chainsaw and shatt etered it wia hammer and put a stretcher under the 1100 pound animal named julie. >> any time life is involved whether it be animal or person we do the best. >> the cow appears to be okay. and the vet checked her out to be sure. still ahead another check of the accuweather forecast for you. stepping li outside. sky 6 hd showing you spring
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mountain. meteorologist, david murphy, h the update from"action news" co.
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it was a night football fans will not soon forget. students went wild at the crimson tide scored a win in the championship. and was dominated by georgia until alama's backup quarterback shocked everyone. candace gibso has more. >> tonight starting with the president taking the field to a mix of cheers and boos, from rotc students from both schools. and despite a leaky roof kickoff. alabama with an early wild iut after that. with their bull dog looking on georgia dominated the first half with plays by sony mitchell
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setting up the first field goal in the first quarter. and rodriguez nicknamed hot rod nailed it from 41 yards out and again minutes later. the president watching it all with the owner of the atlanta falcons, and samuel l. jackson working on the selfie game. and second halftime for alabama backup qb replacing jaylin hurst. and within minute the the tide on the board and georgia responds with an 80 yard touch down reception and they tied game with 20-20 with less than four minutes to go and the final drive and alabama with all the momentum a field goal to win the game but it's wide overtime. georgia with the first chance to score hot rod nailing it but seconds later with alabama with
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the ball a 41 yard pass from true freshman to true freshman. final score 26-23. >> what a game. >> really. david murphy is back now with a closer look at the milder forecast for us. >> in the coming days it does n and not but we payt snow. stormtracker 6 lible scan shows you no precipitation after the expected freezing rain came in last night and on us overnight and into this morning. as you look at sky 6 hd it looks like things are beginning to try out down the shore. where we had all the heavy there is cape may and currently startio the melting zone across the region. right now in philadelphia. 42 degrees and the winds helping to work on some of that ice and snow. and west northwest at 14 miles per hour. your windchill is 35 and you
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need a coat outside. but overall the temperatures are more comfortable than the last couple of weeks. 43 in wilmington and 43 in trenton and we may add a degree to that but could hold steady. 42 in allentown and the shore. wind speeds 14 miles per hour in philadelphia and similar numbers around the region and we'll be trading out the numbers through the rest of the afternoon, a little sun out there. and temperatures above freezing. nice combination for you. satellite showing you that cloud cover manages to hold off from the north to south and we expect the rest of the afternoon to be fairly bright. high temperatures are bright 42 in philadelphia and 49 in allentown and wilmington. and we add a degree or two to the numbers in a couple of spots and sunny skies the rest of the way and milder than recently. we are still above freezing by
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dinner time and philadelphia as soon as 8:00 or 8:30 we could be down to the freezing mark again and drying and melt the ice and the above freezing temperatures a bit of a breeze helps if we can't dry out however, sidewalks where that doesn't happen it will refreeze again tonight. if you are in that situation where the sun is going down and looks wet out there. put down a little more salt. over the last two weeks we were stuck with a deep trough waffling up north giving us a slight redo y understand but it's been co and folks down in florida are complaining about how cold it has been. but over the next several days a ridge builds into the east where the cold air issupplanted to the west and reducing cold air by sunday but thursday, friday and saturday look to be on the
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mild side and the n cold shot may not last long. and looking at temperatures across the region you see the milder air massing down to the south as the front comes in hatd see some nicer numbers here in the seven day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 42 today already a bit of an improvement and lots of sun and milder and hoping for not a lot of reice forming in the overnight hours but by tomorrow morning could you see that once again. not as bad as this morning but take care. partly sunny and sagging a bit. the influence of a warm front coming past us and eventually rain but not until thursday night. and ahead of that 48 degrees and friday 58 and we want to run outside and enjoy it right? not so fast in day on friday with rain heavy at times and continuing through the day and lots of clouds on saturday
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and high of 50 and windy and chilly and a chance of a spotty shower and not a lot of rain likely. on sunday the cold comes back 31 there and for those of you planning on volunteering on game day, 28 is the high. >> toppling the people scene the royal family is celebrating the duchess of cambridge's birthday. kate middleton turned 36 today and was last seen attending church with her husband and her sister, pippa. and william and kate sentheir daughter charlotte to her first day of preschool. grammy award winner pink will belt out the national anthem at the super bowl next month. justin timberlake will perform at the halftime show. it takes place february 4th in minneapol minneapolis.
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get a final check of the accuweather forecast. ay as getting into the 40s b everybody. high temperatures this afternoon upper 30s from easton to allentown and kutztown. 40 degrees in pottstown and 42 in philadelphia where we sit now. may add a degree tothat. down the shore 41 in a.c. and bringing up the rear in cape may but a few degrees warmer at 49 degrees. look for the possible of a refreeze. some places may not totally dry out. golf and basketball don't usually go together but for one student the combination helped him win $1,000. at the clemson basketball game christopher carnes was able to sink that golf pun from 94 feet. carnes had to get the ball into a card ball cutout and he plans
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to use theoney to celebrate a little and put the rest toward his college tuition. i'm trying to watch and read the story at the same time. i have to see that again. i'll have to watch it later. >> better than my golf game actually. the alleged thief caught on camera stealing from a northeast philadelphia church. the newly released video coming up. and frozen an easy dinner for parents on the go. with so many options it could be difficult to pick one that tastes good. consumer reports tested dozens of pizza pies and we reveal which one came out on top. don't forget to join us later today for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon. be careful out there. we'll see you tonight. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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