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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 21, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with gray hall, nydia han and meteorologist chris sowers. good afternoon, it is sunday january 21st, i'm nydia han with gray hall. here are the stories we
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are following right now on "action news". >> can you feel the excitement it is eagles game day. we have everything that you need to know leading up to today's nfc championship. fans are already getting in the game day spirit. many of started to tailgate, we will hear what they have to say about the big match up. plus heading down to the linc we will tell but parking restrictions and some options forget together game. more on those stories in a moment but first exclusive accu weather forecast with meteorologist chris soyers. great game day, chris. >> it is 51 at this midday hour in philadelphia. atlantic city i has a pair of five's. fifty wilmington, millville, dover. trenton 50 degrees. so we're expecting temperatures very mild. not quite as warm as what we saw yesterday. yesterday we actually managed a high of 57. but, with that said, it is very, very nice for this time of the year. satellite radar shows cloud cover increasing from the west , all this green, spritz, sprinkles, scattered drizzle to the west will stay well west of philadelphia, for
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today. call from accu weather for the afternoon we will post 52 but we are at 51. maybe we will go couple degrees warmer then this. fifty-two is accu weather call with increasing cloud with the slight breeze out of the west/ southwest at five to 10 miles an hour. that will put wind chills in the 40's. cooler then actual numbers themselves. looking ahead here sun to cloud, temperatures in the 50 's right through tuesday, and then a little bit of rain moves in monday night into tuesday morning. we will be back in a few minutes and run that down with the accu weather seven day forecast, guys. >> looking good, chris, thank you. less than seven hours to go, the clock is counting down to the game that will decide, whether the eagles are heading to the super bowl. >> you know the deal bird have just one more team to beat before punching that ticket to minnesota and they have to beat the minnesota vikings first. >> vikings arrived yesterday afternoon ahead of the game at the linc. vikings have never won, a playoff game in philadelphia, and the team has who seven of
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their last eight games here. of course, the eagles and their fans would like to keep that it way. >> jamie apody is live in south philadelphia where we are less than seven hours away from kick off from the game that decide whether the eagles will head to the super bowl or not. jamie, can you feel the fever. >> reporter: my gosh, i absolutely can. i will tell you this the parking lots out here opened up at 11:00 a.m. and 11:30 tailgaters had, lines to get n lines to get in the lot were crazy. game is in the until 6:40. fever is out here. when is last time we had this chance to see what it feels like to be one win from the super bowl? it has a long time ago decade long. here we go we are ready. we cannot wait. lets talk about this game and match up. doug pederson second year head coach who would have predicted this. he is getting ready to coach his way in the super bowl. all eyes will be on nick foles most unlikely of quarterback match ups, nick foles against case keenum, two journeyman
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backups playing in the nfc championship game with the right to play in the super bowl. both playing because, of course, number one quarterback for their teams went down due to injure. from coach, to quarterback, the eagles, feel confident, and ready, for kick off today. >> i'm really excited. just to have an opportunity to go out with these guys one more time, it is a blessing. it has been i great week of work. first minnesota, this is why you play, this is what you dream about as a kid, we're all fortunate ton living in. like i said to go out here with these men that i work where single day is really special. >> nothing really has to change. at the end of the day it is football. turf make sure my head is in the right spot. i'm blocking out the noise just like i'm telling the players to block it out, focusing on my job and helping this football team, you know try to win a football game. you know, i try not to get caught up in the magnitude, you know of what this game really means. >> reporter: really good job
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about that you will week long. team has looked loose. they are playing hoops in the locker room. they are making fun of each other. then that whole dogmas being angle. if you want a good read i posted on my facebook page zach ertz wrote a article for players tribune the story behind those dogmas beings, how lane johnson and chris long came up with the fact to buy them, of course, they are all sold out every where and the fans are probably going to fill the stadium with dogmas accounts because eagles are under dogs for this game at home, with a chance to go to the super bowl. i will tell you weather-wise because last week was freezing , it is gorgeous. i didn't even feel like i needed a coat right now. fans, be loud, be proud, and, because we don't get this chance very often, the eagles hoping to beat vikings today with the chance to go to super bowl 52. live from lincoln financial field, jamie apody, back to you. gray and nydia are you excited >> of course. >> six hours, 34 minutes to go >> there you go. >> thanks, jamie.
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if you are among tens of thousands of fans heading to the game today you may want to consider public transportation >> septa's offering four dollars passes to get you to and from the game, on the broad street subway line. there will be added cars on the trains, and they will come more frequently, patco is also expanding its high speed rail line services for the big game trans will operate every 20 minutes instead of the usual 30, that will happen, from 1:30 this afternoon until 5:30 this evening. >> many people have already made their way down to south philadelphia this noon time, tailgating has certainly started. bob brooks spoke to some of those eager fans and joins us live. some folks started at the crack of dawn. >> reporter: hey nydia and gray. we spoke with the guy down here at 6:00 a.m. reserving his spot to get in here and tailgate. just adding on to what jamie said, she said she didn't need a jacket. i don't anymore. i have my eagles green turtle neck sweater on pretty thick, warm but it is absolutely gorgeous out here. we are in for a treat for
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tailgate to go day. i will step out and show you. you can see drive right down on fdr parkway. you can see people playing some football, tossing it around, having a blast, this is the day we needed for nfc championship game. >> ready, go. >> ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. ♪ >> reporter: eagles tailgate story without fight song or food, or the game or the great company, tailgating is well underway at fdr park and fans, they are doing it up big. just ask joe, of new town. >> it will be about 25 of us down here. a dozen or so will stay actually out here during the game. 55-inch tv set up inside the tents here. >> reporter: it is done by tailgate chef brian freel. >> sausage, peppers, onions. we have got burgers. we've got black beans and rice chicken. meat balls. >> reporter: full italian, tex
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/mex american. >> we will be all here all day >> reporter: next we caught up with sullivan family. none wanted to miss a chance to see the bird make a super bowl birth. >> come down, support the team and just having fun down here. >> i think you never necessity when we will be back so might as well come down and experience it. >> reporter: let me and dad play corn hole begins mom and liam, we lost. would you look at those steaks paul hage even and company are doing barbecue. they have been coming here to this spot in the park for 28 years, and they say this year feels just a little bit different. >> it is amazing, last week was an amazing game, this week we will get all the way. >> we can hope and pray they go all the way. we will look down there some fans setting up and just getting things started. game time isn't for a little over six hours but i will tell what you they are ready, they are out here tailgating. one thing we want to add it is
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nfc championship game. everyone is excited. we want to be respectful to everyone in the show to show everybody that philadelphia does things right. reporting live from south philadelphia bob brooks, channel six "action news". gray and nydia. >> we are glad you had are having a good time. hopefully you got something to eat. we want to be respectful, yes. tens of thousands of fans expected to attend nfc championship game security is a big concern. "action news" reporter jeff chirico spoke to businesses in the area who have plans in place. >> well to day is game day not just forbidder but also for the police. they have been putting plans, into effect all week long and they are planning to boost security not just around the linc but across the city. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> reporter: to make their diner team spirit is soaring, eagles shirts are on almost every back. although 15 miles from the linc the diner sits within a hot spot where police have seen unrulely celebrations before. but the manager says that the diner will stay opened, and she's not worried.
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>> absolutely not. i have been there through the series, yes, 99 per center here to have fun. >> reporter: nonetheless police will boost presence here 12 hour parking ban goes into effect at 3:00 this afternoon. philadelphia septa police laid out their all hand on deck security game plan on friday and asked fans to be respectful. >> very simple you don't want to hurt other people, damage property, you don't want to get hurt yourself. >> reporter: sentiment echoed by folks at original soft pretzel factory, employees are making dog bones to support the under dog and hope that any celebrations aren't destructive. >> we are taking some precautions, we will take our time, everything that we have out at night, but we are hoping for a big win because we are giving away free pretzel so hopefully no damage here. >> reporter: here that is phone in honor of our under dog, lets hope for that big win tonight and safe night n mayfair, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". i love that.
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>> yes. well, whether you are going to today's game are watching from someplace else, we want to see your eagles pride. send us your pictures, your videos, of yourself wearing eagles gear or your pooch, baby or child and you might just see yourself here on six abc. use the #six abc action on twit error instagram and post your photos and videos to the facebook wall. everyone looking good there. our coverage of the playoff run continues on six right now you can get analysis from our "action news" sports team, and a look down the road with former eagles quarterback ron jaworski. we will also show you how some of the areas biggest eagles fans are getting ready for the game. "action news", of course, your source for eagles coverage, join us for all of the pregame action today at 5:00, and then we will be back with live post game reports as soon as the final whistle blows, plus, an extra hour of "action news" beginning at 10:00 tonight on channel six. it all wraps up with extended live eagles coverage on "action news", sports sunday, and we will be on, the air,
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extra early on monday morning, with all of the highlights of the game, as well as fan reaction, so tune in, at 4:00 a.m. we are optimistic. we will be a celebration monday morning. >> we hope so, yes. is there still much more to come on "action news" this sunday afternoon. we are now in day two of the governmental shut down. what it means for you and effort to get the government backup and running. plus a new study find researchers were wrong about c te head injuries. we have details on new factors experts are now considering. plus meteorologist chris sowers will be back with the full accu weather forecast when "action news" continues, but first the students from northwood academy charter school share their rendition of the eagles fight song. >> go, eagles. >> ♪
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there is developing news about the governmental shut down house and senate are set to reconvene this afternoon, they have a huge task of trying to work out a deal that will end this shut down. it is now, in its second full day, and democrats and republicans failed to reach an agreement yesterday, and federal agencies began implementing shut down procedures, each side, is blaming the other for this shut down. >> we do some crazy things in washington but this is utter madness. >> negotiating with president trump is like negotiating with jello. >> republican and democrats have been working behind the scenes to iron out, the deal that would allow daca immigrants to stay in the country while also funding some of the border wall that
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president trump wants. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has scheduled a vote for 1:00 a.m. monday onng resold what he calls, this craziness. the showdown will furlough about 850,000 federal workers whether or not considered essential, but, active duty military, cdc employees working to combat the flu and cyber security personnel will all remain on the job. also, post office will continue to deliver the mail, social security checks will still be issued and food stamps will continue to be funded. air traffic controllers, tsa agents, border control agents will all continue to work. plus amtrak trains will keep running. congress will continue to get paid. time now for accu weather with meteorologist chris sowers. bob brooks has his jacket off. jamie poddy said she doesn't need hers either. >> we are already at 51. we were forecasting 52. maybe we will get warmer then. that real treat especially, considering how frigid last
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sunday when we had wind chills in the teens and temperatures, falling through the 20's. the divisional round begins atlanta falcons. this will be completely different here. temperatures today for this game as we get to 6:00 o'clock should pull back a little bit. let's say 49 degrees first quarter temperature. as the game ends 44 or 45 with mostly cloudy sky and just slightest breeze out of the south/southwest at four to 6 miles an hour. much more warmer then what we dealt with last week. i wanted to show you this real quickly. we have been showing you this, view, images like this all morning long, earlier this morning i showed an image of the delaware bay in fortecoup. jenny sent this in. last week look at the ice the bay side of cape may there. new look at it. everything is completely melted. temperatures have been well above freezing. we have had a couple 50's thrown in there. we will see plenty more over next few days. so whatever ice you do have left you can see some here. that will be gone, if it isn't
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already gone right now. we are seeing temperatures well up in the 40's and 50's. cape may is one of the cooler location this is afternoon. only showing 42. it is mainly because your ocean temperatures off the water, coast there, excuse me is sitting at 35. so because of the colder ocean temperatures we have a cooler temperatures. everybody else showing 50's. fifty-five in atlantic city. fifty-one for both millville and philadelphia. with the few cloud approaching from the northwest. we will see them thinning out to the north here but we will go generally cloudy skies after let's say two or 2:30. then we will await the arrival of this right here, this is an area of low pressure that will come off the colorado rockies producing a heavier swat of snow here in the western portions of the great lakes states high plains picking up six to 12 inches of snow to this it cuts north in canada our surface winds will shift out of the south southwest and these all rain as we get into tuesday afternoon some will come down at a pretty good clip. we are forecasting a half inch
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to three-quarters of an inch of rain when all said and done with the bulk of this falling tuesday morning. here's up close shot on future tracker. we will skip right over today and tomorrow. by 9:30 this is cold front approaching the western suburbs. you can see heavier rains, orange, yellows that will come barreling through the city itself by one or 1:30 and clear the coast by 3:30. a couple left over showers but big story once the front crosses will be the winds, shifting out of the northwest starting to drive some cooler air in from canada sun and cloud today, mild. 52 degrees is the forecasted high. hour by hour here we will sit at 52 between two, three, or four and then we will slowly start pulling back as we get closer to the sunset. 6:00 o'clock 48. by 8:00, 45. by 10:00 o'clock 44 degrees. then overnight tonight look at these numbers 36 degrees in the outlining suburbs. forty for center city. these are normal highs for this time of the year. mainly cloudy. light breeze out of the south/ southwest at five to 10. the exclusive accu weather
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seven day forecast, yesterday we hit 57. today we're shooting for 52 or five , increasing cloud tomorrow 56. tuesday we are close to 60. then we will cool it down by mid week, but even this isn't too bad for this time of the year. we will certainly take temperatures in the 40's. nydia. >> yes, we will, chris, thank you. many eagles fans grew up watching and supporting the team but what happens when you move away from the philadelphia area. >> ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory. ♪ >> all right. >> you are looking at four year-old somer with her two-year old sister cindy. they are originally from cherry hill, new jersey but recently moved to maryland but as you can see they are still big eagles fans and they have got the cake, the song, to prove it, we will be right back.
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in today's health check there are ways to combat back pain that do not include pills according to spine experts
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releasing endorphins, during a work out is a great way to treat your back pain. endorphins can block pain signals from registering tour brain. if you cannot fit in a work out try sitting on a exercise ball at work, cold, hot packs are great for pain relief. new stud bye concussions and cte chronic traumatic encephalopathy causes alzheimer's like symptoms. it is typically associated with professional football players and many scientists believe that concussions led to the disease. researchers at boston university now says that cte is caused by repeated head trauma with or without concussions. there are several surprising factors that may keep your waste way line in check, recent study from the lancet public health found people that live a half mile from a gym are recreational area weigh less than those who did not. another staying fit factor is eating spicy food, researchers found that a major bio active compound present in food like
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chilly peppers may play a role in weight control. another study found a connection between lower obesity rates among people live at higher elevations.
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sunday sports now sixers plan to watch eagles/vikings game from memphis where they take on grizzlies later tonight. there were eagles chants at sixers game last night at home against milwaukee bucks. ben simmons showing eagles are not the only one who can fly, third quarter tied up 77. joel embiid changing that. he scores 29 points, the sixers will win this 1116-94. on the ice the flyers were on fire, last night they scored a win against the
12:27 pm
devils. >> ♪ fly eagles fly >> that is eagles safety greg graham at the game yesterday, flyers got a rare fast start, first period travis konecny put the team up by one. team would sko score again five minutes later they win three-one. flyers won six of their last seven games. great streak. another half an hour of "action news" is just ahead. >> here are some of the stories we will have for you. we will continue our nfc championship game coverage with another live report from south philadelphia. fan excitement and more. plus why eagles michael kendricks family has to think twice before cheering for him in today's game, we will explain. those stories, the exclusive accu weather forecast when "action news" continues but first an eight five-year old eagles fan shares his thoughts on what is ahead for today's game. >> i'm very confident, that we will win the game. i can stake my life on it. and also, if the eagles are behind, i'm pretty sure they will catch up at the even of
12:28 pm
the game.
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happening right now on "action news" our eagles game day coverage, continues, with another look, at how fans are getting ready for the nfc championship match up. >> was that root beer? plus where to expect more police presence before, during and after the game. we are hearing what the eagles to have say about the one team they need to beat to get to the super bowl. >> but first meteorologist
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chris sowers starts us off with the weekend forecast for the big game good news, right chris. >> good news. looks good. iced tea is what they were drinking. temperatures are really mild. we are showing 50's to the south. coatsville 51. long wood 50. center city 51. warminster 49. newtown 49. look at the numbers across south jersey and delaware 50's every where. fifty-three vineland. fifty-two glassboro. cinnaminson 50. fifty-three in hammington, tuckahoe. brigantine 54. smyrna 50. dover 51. just a lovely sunday afternoon around the delaware and lehigh valleys. we have had a lit built of high, thin cloud rolling from the west but we are starting to see some breaks now. so we will go mostly cloudy or clouds, limited sun the rest of the way but still whatever sun you do see that should be good enough to get us up in the lower 50's. some areas maybe getting warmer then. that your daytime planner for rest of the afternoon by 2:00 o'clock 52. we will be steady. fifty-two, maybe 53 by 3:00 o'clock and four and then we will cool it down a little
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bit. 6:00 o'clock temperature 48. by 8:00 o'clock 45. by 10:00 o'clock everybody heading home from the linc 44 degrees. mostly cloudy, high of 52. tomorrow looks nice with a high of 56. then wet weather rolls in here as we head into tuesday afternoon. we will be back and time it out with future tracker six, guys. >> looking good for the game, chris, thank you. the day we have all been waiting for, yeah, it is here, nfc championship. the game that will decide if the eagles are a super bowl team. >> oh, yeah. can't wait. the game 6:40 at the linc. match up between eagles and vikings and bird are hungry to prove, that they can take this >> oh, yeah, jeff skversky with how eating also are feeling. >> this is what you dream about eagles quarterback nick foles has been thinking about this moment since he was a little kid but foles says he is not nervous but excited and oh, by the way not afraid to make a mistake in the biggest game of his life. eagles looking to advance to only their third super bowl, in team history.
12:32 pm
the nfc championship game has not been kind to the bird over the years but the vikings are zero for their last five with a trip to the super bowl at stake. no one has been more worse in the last 40 years. eagles need extra motivation? i don't think so tonight to beat vikings. is there in the much more to say, then this. >> when you step on the field we're all playing for each other. that is our strength as a team we're playing for the guy next to us, playing for the guys who got injured, we are playing for the city, so, you know you north playing for just yourself. >> at the end of the day you should not need anymore motivation to win a playoff game against a really good team in minnesota who have been under appreciated themselves all year. i know they are hungry. they are a really good football team. it will take our west. >> it will be a grind. it will be a grind. we have to make sure that we stay tuned in, to all 60 minutes of it. >> we have to win this one, you know, just being here, we're not getting any award for coming to this game. we have to win. >> eagles have never lost a playoff game against minute so
12:33 pm
the a last time they went to the super bowl 13 years ago eagles beat vikings and the falcons along the way, perhaps , history will repeat itself tonight in the nfc championship game at the linc. we will see, in an effort to keep people safe fans are urged to consider taking public transportation, to the game today, both septa and patco are expanding their services to get people down to the game, and septa's also offering a deal, a four-dollar pass to get you to and from the game, on the broad street subway line, of course, with the game just about six hours away fans are flock to go south philadelphia to show off their eagles pride and that is where bob brooks joins us live , and bob, some people have been out there since 6:00 , that is pretty early. >> reporter: gray, it is early but i'll tell you what it is nfc championship game. biggest game. they didn't want to miss it. they wanted to get best spot that they could. i will step out and show you just an awesome scene right here at fdr park.
12:34 pm
we see tents set up, down the driveway there and more and more people steadily showing up. we could not have got a nicer day, for this game. >> ready go. >> ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. ♪ >> reporter: eagles tailgate story without the fight song, or food, or the games or the great company, tailgating is well underway at fdr park. the fans, they are doing it up big. just ask joe feliciaani of newtown. >> there will be about 25 of us down here, a dozen or so will stay out here during the game. there is a 55-inch tv set up inside here. >> reporter: venue done by tailgate shift brian freel. >> sausage, peppers, onions, we have got burgers, we've got black beans and rice, chicken, and meatballs. >> reporter: full eye tan yan tex-mex american. >> we will be here all day.
12:35 pm
>> reporter: and jim was at gates of the park at 6:00 a.m. and takes no wrist thank someone else will get his spot do you think it is crazy to be here at 6:00 a.m. >> no, this is what i have to do. i'm the spotter. i have to get the spot. >> reporter: next we caught up with the wonderful osullivan family all six, none of them wanted to miss a chance to see the bird make a super bowl birth. >> come down, great to support the team and having fun down here. >> i think you never know when we will be back so we might as well come have them experience it. >> reporter: they let me and dad play corn hole against mom and liam. >> oh, no. >> reporter: we lost. would you look at those steaks , paul hagan and company are doing barbecue. they have been coming here to this spot in the park for 28 years and say this year just feels different. >> it will be amazing. last week was an amazing game this week i think we will get all the way. >> reporter: we hope they go all the way. i'll tell what you nydia it
12:36 pm
smells amazing. people are out grilling, having a blast, as far as i know this is my last report, before the end of the nfc championship game. i too have had a blast. i got my eagles green turtle neck on just for this game. i just want to say let's go bird. reporting live from south philadelphia bob brooks information channel six "action news". nydia. >> looking good as always in your eagles green, bob, thank you. meanwhile, police are hoping to avoid a scene similar to this one after phillies won that world series in 2008. security measures have been put into place. a 12 hour parking ban on broad street initial to effect beginning at 2:00 this afternoon. businesses in the area say that they are also taking extra precautions that will help them stay opened but avoid unrulely fans. philadelphia and septa police laid out their all hands on deck security game plan on friday and asked fans to be respectful. >> you don't want to hurt other people, damage property, you don't want to get hurt yourself. >> there will be increased security at historic hot spots
12:37 pm
like the frankford and cottman intersection, and south broad street. well, people have been showing us all sorts of ways that they bleed green and one thing is for sure eagles fans, they are really creative. take a look recycled philadelphia parking meters, turned into an eagles mascot, love this, you can see the face there, torso is a brake rotor, his legs are shocks and his smile is a wrench. his name is bling and he is green. we have seen tons of pictures and videos of "action news" viewers showing off their eagles pride. we want to see yours too. just use the #six abc action on twitter and instagram or you can post them to the "action news" facebook wall. >> and you can get more eagles coverage right now on 6a about through can read about the strange career path of this weekend's starting quarterback and get the latest prediction from our own sister virginia. you can find mass transit,
12:38 pm
parking info if you are heading to the linc today. "action news" is your source for eagles coverage. join us for all of the pregame action today at 5:00, and then we will be back with live post game reports as soon as final whistle blows. we have an extra hour of "action news" starting at 10 tonight on channel six. it wraps up with extended live eagles coverage on "action news" sports sunday. just a reminder we will be on the air extra early on monday morning with all of the highlights of the game as well as fan reaction, wake up, with us, beginning at 4:00 a.m. in other news we are following this noon, a crash that caused a major backup in center city has been cleared. police say two vehicles crashed on i-95 southbound near broad street exit ramp. one person was eject. a man in his 30's was rushed to hahnemann university hospital and two other people were taken to jefferson university hospital. of those people, one is in critical condition, the other is stable. traffic in that area was being detoured for several hours but that is, a section of i-95
12:39 pm
that is now back opened. one person was killed in an early morning crash on the southbound lanes of i295 near exit 47 in burlington township , new jersey. police responded to the scene at around 5:20 this morning and found the victim eject from the vehicle. the unidentified victim was pronounced dead at the scene. an investigation is ongoing. happening right now, a man is in critical condition after he was shot, in the face, and during an argument in south philadelphia. police say that argument started inside the men's room inside on the american legion post at south 24th street at oregon avenue around 1:30 this morning no clear what caused this dispute. police took the victim to penn presbyterian in critical condition, so far, no arrests have been made. is there still much more to come on "action news" for this sunday. the franklin institute wants to take you back into time with a new exhibition surrounding china's very first emperor or and his army of ter cota warriors. plus brother verse brother match up at the linc. today the family that has to
12:40 pm
decide what willie route for. and taking a live look right now sky 6hd looking at ben franklin bridge, meteorologist chris sowers will have your full accu weather forecast and a great game day forecast when "action news" continues but first here's, school students, faculty and staff, showing us how they dot eagles fight song >> ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. fly eagles fly, score a touchdown 123.
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action cam is in live right there in south philadelphia where fans have been tailgating and getting ready for today's nfc championship game. they have been preparing for the game for several hours now it is only growing, less than six hours before kick off, and pregame pep rally was held today at montgomery county dick's sporting goods store. that store in king of prussia
12:43 pm
had music, face painters and even an eagles mural shoppers could actually sign. of course, they had eagles gear on sale there, dick's stores will offer nfc championship gear immediately following the game pending an eagles win. we hepp for a victory. >> there will be a lot of tired kid, grown ups tomorrow morning. >> yes, some of these folks got started at 6:00 o'clock in the morning. >> yes. >> i don't know how they will last until the game. >> they will. >> that is the thing, they will, definitely. we will go live on sky six overlooking commodore barry bridge, lots of cloud are starting to roll in now but we have had just enough sunshine to pump those temperatures up. you can see in the lower right-hand corner there 51 degrees. we have had several other locations in the mid 50's at this point now. fifty-one at the airport that is the official number, dew .35. winds are light out of the northwest at 3 miles an hour. we don't have much of the wind chill but several other location looks at these numbers here, 55 in atlantic
12:44 pm
city. fifty-two in beach haven. fifty-one is a popular number through heart of the viewing area here wilmington, millville, dover, and trenton all showing 50 degrees at this midday hour. wind speed generally light out of the west/northwest three to 5 miles an hour, that is the range in which they will stay for remainder of the day and satellite shows lots of low level cloud here which is actual very hard for satellite to detect at this point but we are seeing lots of cloud in place right now and a few sprinkles across virginia and appalachian states. that moisture will stay out there we are looking at a dry game, very comfortable, temperatures in the upper 40's around 6:40 and pulling back to 44, 45 by the fourth quarter. for today increasing cloud, arctic boundary stays up here to the north across upstate new york. that is where cold air sits today. for tomorrow it lifts, further to the north and this is all warm air out in through here. look at the temperatures, behind this front, look at out of the 60's showing up.
12:45 pm
seventy-three dallas. seventy-one new orleans. everybody down through here just south of tennessee, we're showing 60's already and it is mid take. sixty-five in memphis. atlanta 63. jacksonville 65. raleigh-durham 61. as that low cuts east in the great lakes it will pull that warm air north. manor tuesday there will be a shoot of 60. some may hit 60. but all that warm air north out ahead of the cold front. here's future tracker six. by tuesday morning 9:30 you can see heavy rain approaching from the west. everybody else looking at a couple of showers. that is the actual front right there that cold front that will be barreling through. lets say it gets through variety i buy one or 1:30 and then wind will shift out of the northwest and here comes cold air. it is mild to start on tuesday but by evening, just in time for dinner, it is probably down to i don't know maybe 40, 42 after a high near 60. big, big changes come tuesday, high today upper 40's, lower 50's, i-95 corridor, 51 wilmington.
12:46 pm
trenton 52. philadelphia 52. for eagles game, again 6:40 start time first quarter temperature 49, and by the fourth quarter 44. light wind on you of the south /southwest at four to 6 miles an hour. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast this is second day in the row in the 50's. fifty-two. for tomorrow day number 356. tuesday, 59 degrees. wednesday, thursday, friday, a little bit cooler as we will see, a trough, jet stream takes a little bit of the dip here cooler air from canada drops in but even those temperatures are still pretty close to where we should be for this time of the year. average high right now is 40. we are showing 42, 40, and 40, and saturday make gray hall happy we will bounce right backup again. >> fifty's, i want snow. >> no, sorry. >> franklin institute is exploring one of the most significant archeological discoveries in modern daytimes karen rodgers has more in this weeks six abc loves the arts.
12:47 pm
>> reporter: every year millions of tourist travel to the city of china to see anxious ter cota warriors now you can see them right here, in philadelphia franklin institute has 10 of the ter cota warriors as part of the army of 8,000 life sized figures china's first emperor or chen has built for his burial site. >> it is similar to the egyptians and their tombness which in the after life they would have all of the necessities that they needed to live and be protect. >> reporter: farmer digging a well discover remnants of the warriors in 1974, but they date back to the year 2,000bc- e. >> it is 2200 years old in the making. one of the amazing things about it is that, 700,000 people built this emperor or's tomb. the space of the entire tomb is the size of manhattan island. >> reporter: emperorrer chen ruled for 10 years but unified warring states creating geographic boarders of the
12:48 pm
modern day china now the most populous country in the world. >> he was an amazing emperor or in that arts, culture, currency, weights and measures came out during his leadership >> reporter: chinese government traditionally allow 10 warriors to come to north america each year so this trip the franklin institute is the only east coast stop. >> the institute went to the province to make its case of why this exhibition should come here because we're the best at bringing history, science, culture, all together under one roof. >> reporter: tercota warriors of the first emperor or is on display through march 4th and companion film in the institute's imax theater. we have posted a linc for tickets and museum hours on six the arts. for six abc loves the arts, i'm karen rodgers.
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
this is city of brotherly love but more like brotherly rival ry for eagles michael kendricks and his family. his younger brother eric is a
12:51 pm
linebacker for vikings. >> um-hmm. both brothers will bolt out in the biggest game of their lives today and it is sure to be a family affair. jeff skversky explains. >> reporter: for kendricks it has been a family affair but what do you do when you have two sons playing for two different nfl teams in the nfc championship game able and only one can go to the super bowl. >> it is amazing how it all comes together. i mean one of them is going to the super bowl. >> reporter: yep, that is dilemma for marvin kendricks, father of michael, linebacker of the eagles and eric, you guessed it, is a linebacker for vikings. >> you want this them both to go but turf make a choice. i told thaw michael has been in the league longer, i think he deserves an opportunity to go. philly has never won a super bowl. >> i feel like my brother gets a advantage with the family that roots for because he is
12:52 pm
the first one, you know, it is all well though. >> my dad tries to instigate a lot. he thinks it is so funny. but, you know, i don't see any favorite. >> reporter: so from brotherly love to battle for the super bowl, it has kendricks family playing favorites, even older brother terence is having a tough time, and he is getting on his brothers but not the bird. >> i know defense will do well , both my brothers are playing. lie at offense and sianni i think right now minnesota might have a little edge over philly because of the quarterback position. >> we all know who will win, right. >> yeah. >> we can tell you which brot they are family in new jersey wants to see win? they are out in mullica, harrison township, harrison town, township has been entirely as you can see there lit up in green they send us this beautiful picture with the simple caption: go eagles >> great. >> i love that. when "action news" continues, an update of the top stories. >> plus a final check of the
12:53 pm
accu weather forecast in just a moment.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
recapping our top stories, we are in the second full day of the governmental shut down. about 850,000 federal employees have been told not to show up for work tomorrow. democrats and republicans are working behind the scenes to try to reach a deal. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has scheduled a vote for tomorrow at 1:00 a.m. for a continuing resolution to end the shut down. tonight eagles play their biggest game in nine years, they will host the minnesota vikings in the nfc championship game, of course,
12:56 pm
if the eagles win, they go to the super bowl. first eagles tailgaters showed up at 6:00 this morning outside fdr park right down the street from the linc. about 70,000 fans will fill the linc for the big game. police have increased security to help ensure that fans have a fun, but safe time celebrating their team. how is that weather looking with 70,000 fans. >> looking g it is already in the 50's, game time temperatures upper 40's. so excited but still upset because it is coming to an end , what will we do on sunday when this season comes to and he. >> read a book. >> read a book. >> here's your accu weather seven day forecast, sun, cloud today, 52. we are at 51. we may go warmer then. that increasing included monday, 56. tuesday we are close to 60. cool shot really isn't all that cold, 42 on wednesday, thursday, friday, 40 degrees. >> looks great. >> thanks, very much. eagles fans of all shapes and sizes are sending in their eagles pride heading in the
12:57 pm
nfc championship. >> ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory. ♪ >> go ahead you can sing it you know the tunes. these france from cape may, wrapped up their winter concert with their version of the eagles fight song, the students from abrams elementary school, of course, sported their green. >> it is great. not all fans in the delaware valley. >> little jude knight here is all the way in unk land sporting his eagles gear. >> wow. >> just born on december 30th and already you can see he is a bird fans. although might be a little while before he can probably say get eagles. >> go eagles. last but not least you may not be awake for the game today but this little cute guy cheering on the eagles from back home, in nebraska. >> that is just fresh us a dosch ra yes. fyi philly is next on channel six. >> "action news" continues tonight at 5:00 o'clock. >> for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team i'm nydia han.
12:58 pm
have a super sunday. go eagles. >> ♪
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> i'm karen rogers. saturday on fyi philly. >> that is perfect for an instagram picture. >> the neighborhood that has become a foodie's paradise. >> i came to work for my sushi >> the sushi trend is on a roll, we sample the options. >> meet a philly institution in men's fashion. >> this is deep. >> and how the paint in your home can make you happier. >> hello, and welcome to fyi philly. we are at fond restaurant on east passyunk avenue. a dining destination 13 of the spots on philadelphia magazine's 50 best restaurants list are on this strip. >> from british pies at stargazy to northern european at nooord >> clams shaking around in the pan. >> from sate kampar's sizzling malaysian skewers to perla's elevated take on filipino food >> filipinos like it crunchy. >> east passyunk's restaurant row has flavors for every palae.


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