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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 22, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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om new york state. it's all here. it's only here. on brady, the eagles approve everyone wrong yet again clinching a spot in the super bowl and making it look easy. >> celebrating in the street, fans play later in the night with their sights set and a win for the super bowl in minneapolis. >> stores are expected to open bright and early for the expected rush. >> i like the gray hat. >> try it on. >> good morning.
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>> reporter: it looks good on you. >> in green we've got karen and matt with weather and traffic. >> reporter: i realize i can say nothing good about new england for the next two weeks. no clam chowder. >> reporter: is there anything to say? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: we have a good amount of cloud cover coming through the region, you're seeing the sprinkles move through, as well, be careful as you head out right now. it's not are a big deal, but it's damp for sure. let's take a look at the numbers, it's damp and not slick because we've got mild temperatures to start you off. storm tracker 6 live double scan getting a better look at some of the drizzle there, you can see some of it is moving through the city now, breaking apart a little bit. in cape may, atlantic city, about to get a little wetter. i think the rest of the day is dry with lots of clouds. now, let's look at the numbers. we can show you it's mild it's
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44 degrees in the city, 41 in reading. 44 in trenton. 46 in millville. a mild 52 in dover, delaware. so we're mild already to start us off. let's look at the day ahead. lots of clouds, it's very mild. it's damp niblghts in the morning -- a little bit in the morning. the rain holds off until later. 7:00 a.m., 43, 10 noon, sunny breaks, 3:00 p.m., 55. 5:00 p.m., 54. 7:00 p.m., 50 degrees, very mild, temperatures will be ten, 15 degrees above average today. heavy rain is on the way, we'll talk about that in just a minute, matt. >> reporter: a little drizzle won't get us down, traffic problems won't get us down, luckily we don't have many of them on this monday morning.
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looking outside live, vine street expressway, looking good, south broad south of city hall which was closed for the overnight with the celebrations has reopened this morning. as has cottman and mayfair everything open there. we're looking at good speeds and no overnight construction. they had construction on friday on the ramp. the ramp from the southbound boulevard to the westbound boulevard. we were talking about all sorts of huge potholes on the ramp, toward the end of morning rush hour we saw an accident. they patched the potholes we found a ride a lot better on the ramp from the southbound boulevard to the westbound schuylkill expressway. volume is very light. construction i-95 southbound heading toward 332 newtown. we had a crash in lower salford clemens road at ruth road is
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gone. >> eagles are nfc champions and heading to their first super bowl in 13 years. >> it will be a rematch against a showdown against the patriots. hold on to your dog mask, they are are 5 1/2 points underdogs. jeanette reyes live along broad street in center city where the crowds started celebrating last night, did they ever go home, jennette? >> reporter: some people didn't, they were sill celebrating, although they were not completely there, if you know what i am, what a game, what a time to be alive, i've got something to say, so do eagles fans, tom brady we're coming for you. >> his older brother was here for philly. i grew up right there, we did it in 93, 97, this is our thing. >> reporter: before the eagles
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games against the viking was over fans started streaming out to do what they do best, young and old took to the streets to celebrate a blowout vick tearful moment thousands of people gathered at frankford and cottman. at broad and race, a similar sight, people went wild and jumps on cars, and stopped traffic. >> it's like mind concentration and determination. 6,000 people gathered mayfair alone. despite the crowds, police to had break up a couple of fights and no arrests were made. >> one thing that did not work, police did grease down the light pole, we still climbed the light poles, i guess you can't grease down the whole city for super
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bowl. i will tell you this is one of the few times people will be just as excited as you are on a monday morning. >> i've been trying to tell them for years jennette. let's not grease up the whole city, i don't know if that's a good idea. >> phillies pitching legends tug mcgraw famously said you got to believe. doug peterson was a believer in the teams' greatness. he drafted nick foles. >> coach peterson was the only coach who flew down to texas and work me out. coach reid and philadelphia eagles took a chance on me. >> he is not a rookie, he is a veteran player who played a lot of games in the league, he had a pro bowl game a couple of years ago, this is not a rookie we're talking about. >> we have enough pieces around
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here, nick can be nick, nick is a hell of a football player. >> foles sealed the awesome night by kissing his wife on the field. >> coach peterson will speak to the media at noon today. already looking ahead for a talons out clash with the patriots. eagles are the underdogs, jamie apody found out the eagles are not scared of the patriots. >> reporter: do the patriots know what's going to hit them. >> fletcher cox, mccloud, you know what i what i mean, robins, we're all going to hit him. >> we're going to the super bowl, man. >> i'm so proud of this team, the players, the coaches, the adversity we've had to deal
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with, to me is almost unprecedented with key players. >> carson wentz a league m.v.p. candidate among those sidelined by injuries on the field celebrating. >> now let's turn to vernon odem live outside of dick's sporting goods where fans will stock up on nfc gear. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamala, when the eagles won last night, the outlets delaware valley had their own victory celebrations, they knew to launch them, because big bucks are rolling in already for the next two weeks. the dick's sporting goods chain stores extended their hours placing the inventory on the racks and shelves sitting in the
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back room. new caps, scarves and t-shirts and pen pennants, all out after the win against the vikings. they open for business at 6:00 a.m. this morning. matt with the big box sporting goods stores opening up early this week because they expect more customers to stop in on their way to work or school. i'm live in king of prussia, vernon odem channel 6 "action news." matt? >> it will be all green at work and school today, thank you vern. tailgaters watching outside lincoln field erupted into cheers when the team blew it open in the second half. "action news" ran into vikings fans who plan to sell super bowl tickets to the eagles fans hoping the birds beat the
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patriots. the vikings would be the first actual home team in the super bowl. it didn't happen. story about that. >> we have a good forecast to go along with the great feeling we have today. let's start with storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see we've got a little bit drizzle moving through the area, it's not a big deal, it's making things a little damp. it's milder, it's not damp, it's not slippery. you get a better sense of the showers that moved through media, the city, currently heading toward woodbury, new jersey. we have a few off the coastline, as well. let's go outside and show you what it looks like as sky6 live hd looks live at philadelphia international no big weather problems today plaguing us, we'll keep the clouds today. the temperature, 44 degrees, it's mild, the dewpoint 35, the winds are calm, the pressure is holding steady. the windchill not a factor, 44 degrees, nice and mild
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temperatures already above the average high. that's not a bad way to start it. satellite and radar showing sure we have the clouds, we have sprinkles move through, as well. we're seeing holes in the clouds before the heavier rain hits us, as we look toward the west, look at the powerful cold front we have snow in nebraska, minnesota they have rain ahead of it. we have the front impacting us later tonight and more so tomorrow morning we'll be dealing with that. today, lots of clouds and peeks of sunshine here and there. 8:00 a.m., 42, so socked in the clouds. 10:00 a.m., 46. lunchtime, 51 degrees, clouds and sun, can't beat that. 3:00 p.m., 5. in some spots we'll hit 57 degrees. 6:00 p.m., 52 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. future tracker 6 kind of timing out the rain.
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this model suggesting it holds off in the tomorrow morning. 5:30 a.m. you'll see rain in spots. the heavier rain hit us toward the end of the morning commute. if you commute early tomorrow you're better off. look at the soaking we're getting at 8:30 you see the areas of red that indicates a good pounding with the rain. you could experience street flooding. this model showing 11:00 a.m. as it tries to push off the coastline. we get peeks of sun here and there, before another batch of rain moves in during the evening commute. it's the morning and evening you get a round of rain. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, cloudy today, 57 is the high. tomorrow is a wet one, it starts off in the morning. the heaviest looks to be at the end of the morning commute. lunchtime, sunny breaks before another hit of rain during the evening. high of 60 degrees, though. even though it's wet we have a
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spring fling. wednesday, back to reality, 42 degrees, we're dry. thursday, brisk and chilly, 38 degrees. friday, temperatures about average, 43 degrees, saturday, cloudy and mild again, 53. sunday, clouds and some rain with a rather mild high once again of 59 degrees, a couple of days we've got here, flirting with upper 50s and 60s. not bad for this time of year. breaking overnight, gunfire erupts in south philadelphia injuring two people. >> the government shut down is stretching into day three, the latest from washington. >> the major league player cheers on the eagles with a dogmatic at the linc. >> reporter: 476 close to villanova in delaware county. we have work zones that begin today in delco, we'll tell you where they are at when "action news" continues on this monday
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morning. there were a lot of time
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celebrities cheering the eagles on to victory, that's mike trout sporting the under dogmatic. the millville native new jersey is a live long eagles fan. >> i wish he was so bad a philly. >> it would be so wonderful. >> he shows the love. >> reporter: we're loving our situation this morning, feeling good about the birds plarchlt feeling great about the traffic conditions if you head to work or school this morning. south broad was closed for the celebrations that were going on, the avenue of the arts. everybody is out there off to
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the side on the sidewalks. at this point you're good to go broad street north an south. we had a crash at clemens road and ruth road near the kiddie academy of harleysville. good to go the crash is gone, there's no construction overnight on the northeast extension or the east/west turnpike. speaking of construction, two new zones begin today in delco. one in haverford township earl ton road. you can use darby road to get around that. yeadon, water main installation through may, church lane route 13, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. landsdown avenue, main street are the alternates. work zones, brace road remains blocked in cherry hill basically through the end of the week.
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it's a traffic shift there. kings highway is a better bet. laurel road construction is going on there, somerdale road will get you around that one. >> breaking overnight, a barrage of bullets in south philadelphia left two people wounded. police found dozens of shell casings near the intersection of broad and became bridge. two people were shot in the leg. the passenger side of a parked car was riddled with gunshots at that location. no arrests were made. smoke and flames damaged a house in cumberland county new jersey, the fire broke out on park avenue in bridgeton, before 2:00 a.m. crews arrived to find heavy flames coming from the second floor. police have not released any conditions of the people inside. >> the senate will vote at noon today on whether or not to end the government shut down. under the proposal taking shape democrats would agree to a spending measure in return for republican cooperation on the
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immigration policy and other pressing matters. all essential argues like tsa and postal service are open. statements will begin in the corruption trial of mayor pawlowski who is accuse accused of running a pay to play scheme. he says he is innocent. >> our coverage of the nfc championship continues. >> up next why a new york city skyscraper is lit up in green. >> empire state building is
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ready for the super bowl showdown lit up in eagles green along with blue and red for the patriots. but notice the green is on top. >> that's the way it will work out. >> reporter: in two weeks it will be green all the way around. >> i like the green set. >> reporter: i know isn't it pretty? >> reporter: looks nice. looks nice at 21st street, it's still blocked, but it
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should reopen in the next hour by 6:00 a.m. mass transit on time, karen. >> reporter: satellite and radar showing lots of clouds, a touch of drizzle this morning, heavy rain comes overnight tonight and into tomorrow. visibility is not an issue for most of the region. fog is reducing visibility to 1.7 miles at philadelphia international. 39 in allentown. 46 in millville. we're in the 50s in dover, delaware. the high today, 57, lots of clouds, tam. >> thank you karen. now that the overnight celebrations have died down it's time to clean up. the action cam is live at frankford and cottman mayfair. 6,000 people spilled into the streets overnight. they were respectful, police did not report any serious problems, it looks pretty good.
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>> the entire delaware valley burst into the eagles fight song the minute the birds clinched nfc championship. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> a packed crowd in malvern gave us their best cheer last night. >> ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ >> fans sang the victory song at the yard house in king of prussia. they believe the eagles will go
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all the way this year. >> the sweet taste of victory will go great with a philly pretzel today. location mayfair was all decked out in eagles pride yesterday complete with custom pretzels. >> it is 4:57 a.m., our eagles coverage continues, we'll show you how fans celebrated around the region. >> preempted application of cisco was not enough to keep fans from climbing poles. a chimney on top of a home comes crumbling down and creates a bigger mess.
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for $34.90 more per month. 5:00 a.m., on this monday, january 22. philadelphia is super bowl bound! >> say that again. >> super bowl bound! >> oh, the eagles proved you should never doubt the eagles or nick foles. >> the police department could not keep the eagles fans down, fans took to the streets and climbed slick poles. >> minutes after the game wrapped up, fans are buying their championship gear to show off the team spirit. >> we know you're tired and have to go to work and school, too, david murphy is off, karen rogers is in, and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: can't say i ever wanted to go to minneapolis, but i do


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