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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 24, 2018 3:05am-4:00am EST

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went viral, he and his former girlfriend broke up. he then dated a beauty queen for a while. they now broke up. >> and so now i guess what he's got left is a sheep. >> he rebounded from a beauty queen to a stuffed sheep. >> you on a losing streak, dog. >> but his moves ain't. >> and his instagram is on fire. >> he breaks into this iconic move. >> he's into the moves without the hot chick danc ing next to him. >> i don't need nobody because me and my boo will get it. >> he grabs the sheep by the leash and they walk off the frame. >> i don't know that, sheep looks like it does not go. >> that's the tv lifestyle when pregnancy cravings hit there's only one thing to do. >> you've never gone out for me
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at 3:00 in the morning and gotten me a sausage roll. >> have you ever grown a perfect human being, your babe why i? >> his problems at 3:00 a.m. d italy, find some olive trees an (alex trebek) $8,000.
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them now when it comes to pregnancy i think it's fair that you can argue that the mother does some of the work as far as growing the human, but it's no
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cake walk for us fellas. >> please, turn your light on. >> 2:00 in the morning, having to turn the light on. what is going on? >> can't sleep. >> why? >> because -- don't hate me. i can't stop thinking about >> oh. she olives you're going to get olives. if the mom to be be sleeping, guess who else isn't sleeping? >> have you ever grown a perfect baby? do it for your baby. >> >> find a placer 24 hours. >> he's on the hunt fo the 24-hour supermarket she assures him is nearby. >> there's people in there. >> supermarket is out. what is next? >> the gas station. >> exactly. he pulls up, gets out of the car, inside, comes back to car!
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>> the only other place i could try is a service station, like a 20-minute drive away. all right car, 20-minute drive and everything, surprise, surprise, 3:00 in the morning, is shut. [ sighs ] >> i'm going to try a kabob shop. >> it's not paying off. none of the random fast food local restaurants are giving him what he needs. >> i can't go home without something. >> but then, an epiphany. >> hold on, i know. i know, i know, i know, i know. this is going to make me like husband the week. >> where is husband of the week >> 24/7, yes. >> pizza place. >> exactly! they've got olives. the door is shut. straight around the corner -- wait. >> there's only pizza. open it.
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>> oh! >> i'm still relieved she liked it. i was worried. >> for one second we all were, gayle. >> you found olives. >> which goes to show that rule happy wife, happy life, always applies. but there's always room for pizza. >> you want some of this? >> i hate olives. no one likes olives but you. >> yep, "right this minute" is done for the day, but we'll do it all again next time for watc.
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woops. this was the scene after a tesla mod slammed into a fire ingen. the driver said he had the car on auto pilot and he wasn't paying that much attention. there were no injuries at the time. >> blame the auto pilot. new numbers out this morning about the flu outbreak. in texas alone more than 1,000
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people died from the flu or complications from it, like pneumonia. that's about as many such deaths as a three prior months combined in texas. >> and in north carolina the parents of a 6-year-old who died have a message to all parents about getting their kids vaccinated. >> reporter: the parents of 6-year-old emily grace who died from the flu are hoping their story will help other family. >> how could that happen? one day she's fine and then she's gone. >> reporter: they say emily grace got sick toouds. by thursday taken to an urgent care where she tested positive for the flu and was prescribed tammy flu but on friday she was having trouble breathing. an emt telling them her breathing was typical for the flu and her temperature had gone down. mom and dad decided to monitor
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her from home. >> there's a am edical personnel. i trust what they know and they said she's fine. >> reporter: but then several hours later. >> she was breathing heavier than she was and all the sudden she raised up and went back down and i noticed -- emily, emily and i noticed she wasn't breathing. >> reporter: 30 children have died from the flu so far this season. advising parents to take their child to the er at any sign off breathe difficulties. what's happening to them? >> what we're finding is there is such a thing as immune over load. where their immune system goes into over drive and unfortunately the cells actually start attacking the healthy cells. >> our thanks to lindsey. a homeless man in san francisco is being praised for
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coming to a rescue. >> one day last week when he glanced inside the store he saw a man who had pinned the clerk to store. green and two other men pried the man off of her but he does not consider himself a hero. >> naturally you got to help each other when you see stuff like that, right? >> the suspect was later found and arrested. >> he lives in a tent near the gas station. you imagine a lot of people would be trying to support him as a result of all of this. tammy duckworth doing something no other sitting senator has ever done. but first we're taking a closer look at "get out." nominated for four oscars. here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck.., that's when you know, it's half-washed,
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so "get out" was the big surprise, earning some four academy award nominations including best picture. >> and it was a sleeper at the box office but it earned a
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critical acclaim and now it writer and director, jordan peele finds himself ready to make oscar history. >> "get out" is the little horror movie that could, sweeping up four academy award nominations. best original screen play, director, actor and best pickker. low budget horror flicks just aren't suppose dood that. but it's more than it might seem. it's a timely profound picture about race and the oscars aren't quite so white anymore. writer/director, jordan peele writing right nowium rr just thinking about everyone who bought a ticket and told everyone they should. >> something lurking on the surface and we weren't talk bouth. >> reporter: here's the basic premise. >> do they know i'm black? >> rose, a rich white girl
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taking black boyfriend, chris home for the first time. >> there wasn't a time in the past where i met a white girlfriend's parents and i was nervous. where there's fear, there's a horror movie. that's the state you want a protagnist of a horror movie to be in. >> so is it true? is it better? >> wow. >> is your deepest fear the ax-murderer or the casual rey racist? >> a little bit of both. >> you ever play golf? >> a few years ago. i wasn't very good. >> i do know tiger. >> oh, that's great. >> i know tiger woods. >> has that kind of stuff happen to you? >> that's every day being black in this country and i think they're trying to say something good. but inherent in that is a disregard for the humanity of the person. you are automatically seeing color first. it doesn't enrage me but what it
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represents does. >> reporter: i did think have i ever done anything like that? >> as you should and you have and i have. my view on race is not that white people are bad. everyone is genetically predisposed to categorize. it way we're meant to deal with that is to be woke, to be able to acknowledge that in ourselves, no matter who you are or where you're from, when you step in that theater you're seeing that world through chris's eyes. >> are you jordan peele horror movie director? >> yes, say it again. i love it. yes, i'm complicated. >> simply jordan peele oscar winning director. >> are you finally going to go see it? >> i cannot believe i still have not seen "get out" yet.
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so yes, it's on my list.
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♪ i love you you love me we're a happy family with a great big hug and a cis from me to you ♪ ♪ this is about to get a whole lot creepier because we're learning more about the man in the purple dinosaur. i'm about to drop some knowledge on you about barny. the man in that suit is actually an expert in tantric exercises. >> what's that mean? >> let me break it down for you. tantra is the science of consciousness. this man, david joiner, has 30 clients, all females and calls them gods and he unblocks the
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energy of these women, at least two to four every week. under contract, when he was barny, he could not practice tantric exercises. but now he has free reign for all the tantra that he wants. do you think the costume of barny is ever involved? >> that would be creepy. i swear i'm just doing it for the art. >> extra cushion. [ laughter] >> we have to move on. >> where is your mind? >> i heard it can get really hot inside the costume, up to 1en
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had degrees. that's my final barney facts. >> you've ruined barney for me. so move on. elon musk will not be signing up this robot in scotland. this is a little robot named fabio. >> where is the good body -- >> exactly. it was supposed to tell people how to buy different things beutthey realized he wasn't helpful at all. he was actually telling people the wrong stuff, the wrong places and so it ended up he got fired. >> bu-bye, robot, you're fired. a new study is going to make you say shut the front door because cursing is good for you. it makes people healthier, happier and more honest. have higher level nofz teg rety and can with stand pain better.
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this morning on "abc news now" major developments in the russia probe. is the president next to be questioned? plus new reporting on the face off between the president and the fbi director. the president asking who he voted for. and the terrifying moments insad kentucky high school. at least two students are dead after police say a student opened fire. and new this half hour, first in the senate. >> senator tammy duckworth is the first asian american senator elected to illinois and the first disabled woman elecced to congress and now making news again. you don't know me at are had. and crissy mccostco curry producer. >> tiffany haddish gives an
3:31 am
oscar worthy performance at the nominations by butchering some of the names but where she lacked in pronunciation she made up for in style. the kensy -- i mean it skinny is ahead on this wednesday, january 24th. ♪ >> announcer: from abc news this is show so. "abc news now." >> there were a lot of names for her to get through. >> i appreciate she committed. >> when i first got in this business, even if you don't know how to say a word, say it with conviction. then it will be their fault for hearing it wrong. >> the rest of the half hour, enjoy. we do begin this half hour with it latest on the russia investigation. >> attorney general jeff sessions was questioned last week by special counsel robert ma
3:32 am
mueller's team. president trump insistsee has nothing to worry about. gloria riviera is in d.c. attorney general jeff sessions is the highest ranking official to be questioned in the trump probe. confirming special counsel robert mueller's team interviewed him for hours last week. saying he's not worried. >> i have recused myself. >> reporter: sessions notably recused himself last week. digging into anyone colluded with russia. session as key witness given his involvement inp president trumps campaign and firing of comey. republicans, including the president continued to a hmer the fbi for alleged political bias. sources telling abc news, source
3:33 am
are pushing comey's replacement to remove his own deputy. trump refuteing it idea he's threatening to resign if mccabe is removed. >> he did not even a little bit. nope. >> reporter: and robert mueller's team also interviewed former fbi director, james co y comey, last year. reportedly focusing on the memos detailing his interaction with trump and re quest that he drop the investigation into former national security advisor, michael flynn. >> and we get the sense the investigation is ongoing and moving ahead. >> abc news has learned the special counsel's office wants details on two high profile departures. the president has wavered on whether he will agree to sit down with mueller. but he insists he's done nothing wrong.
3:34 am
two of the issues mueller wants to focus on are the firing of james comey and the firing of michael flynn. i think this could become a big fight. i have spoken to people very close to the president who say he should do everything he -- everything possible to stop this interview from happening. that it could be disaster even though he told me in june he would be 100% willing to do it. >> and the washington post is reporting the president had summoned then acting fbi director after firing comey and they say he asked mccabe who he voted for. mccabe reportedly said he did not vote. and now to kentucky where a small community is in shock after a shooting. >> it happened in the common area. prayers were offered for the teens who were killed and wounded. this is overnight at local church. you see the scenes there.
3:35 am
>> reporter: two children have been killd and more than a dozen have been wounded in a shooting that took place in this high school north of paduka, kentucky. police tell us a 15-year-old, who they've arrested, walked into a common area and started shooting. students, some of them eating breakfast, then started running for their lives. running to businesses across the street and next door, trying to duck the bullets and the gun fire. police arrived quickly on the scene. arrested the 15 year old without sft. we're told by students he was in the band. lots of students are able to identify this young man but he's a juvenile. police have talked to his parents, they've been to his home. but this investigation
3:36 am
continues. >> and counselors will be on hand a little bit later on tuesday. prosecutors in florida will stheek death penalty against a tampa serial killer. he's charged with four murders. grainy surveillance video and they've said ballistic tests on a gun found in the suspect's van show they were used in the shootings. the 13 kids will go to two foster homes. they're barring david and louise from contacting their 13 kids. the couple has pleaded not guilty to all charges. those charges ranging from torcher to abuse to false imprisonment. turning overseas to a deadly attack in libya. killing at least 27 people and
3:37 am
wounding dozens of others. officials say they were timed to inflict mass casualties among first responders. second blast went off just as the medics arrived. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack that left 22 people dead. they also say a vehicle was defused near the hotel after the 13-hour siege ended. and in paris they had closed streets, canceled river crews and train stations as evhaddy rainfall pushes the river across its banks. okay the illinois senator, tammy duckworth. she's made history before but now he's she's really about to make history. . >> she is already among seven
3:38 am
law makers in the history of the house to have a baby in office. en2004 the senator lost both legs while deployed in iraq. sheel arer bow 50 when her baby is born this year. and this is the 24th annual national compliment day. so we say congratulations to tammy duckworth. >> oh, tammy duckworth, you're an amazing human being. >> it's a day to say something nice to your friends, family, co workers. >> co workers, ever. >> you're the best person to occupy this chair all day long. >> i'll take it. i'm not desperate. the compliment you kendis for your selfie game. here he is. kendis, you're amazing at being nautical. you're such a captain, your faction sense. you're so if clusive and you really know how to rock a
3:39 am
holiday one see. look at your equestrian sense and ability to mountains. >> so i'm narcissistic and auditioning for broke back mountain 2. a road to the oscars is set with a bunch of newcomers on the scene and a question has anybody seen any of these movies yet? will insink join justin timberlake for super bowl.
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mm-hm, with change to spare. (laughing) (colonial penn jingle) a live look there. in a few weeks that stretch of hollywood boulevard you're seeing will be transformed into oscar red carpet. >> we're already getting excited. the nominees for the 90th academy awards. and we're seeing a lot of fresh faces and women bringing more diversities at the big show.
3:43 am
here's -- >> you will nominate boo. >> reporter: "it shape of water" is leading with 13 nomnations, including a best picture nod along side "lady byrd". and "get out." "get out" director's jordan peele. the film star nominated for lead actor with another fresh face, timothy in "call me by your name." incredible performances by women this year shaping up for another top lead category. sally hawkins and meryl streep. for supporting actress. mary j. blige. >> reporter: the nine-time grammy winner joined by laurie
3:44 am
met calf and allison janny. supporting actor could be a sure shot for sam rockwell.won the s gold een globe. he's up against christopher plummer, willem dafoe. kendis and maggie. our thanks. i think that "boo media halloween sequel was robbed. when we come back who's going to have to eat brussel sprouts because he was nominated for an oscar? >> the skinny is next. he was nominated for an oscar?
3:45 am
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it's hard to call it a snub. nothing against the movies on the list but to me this was the best picture of 2017.
3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny well, kimmal will be back to make us laugh again. but before we get to more of the reaction from the oscar nominees. we have the star of the nominations, tiffany haddish. >> she posed along side andy circus and slad on the earliest morning of the year. she butchered a whole lot of names. there are people that got nominated that didn't even know they made movies. here's a look. >> you want to do the big one for the best picture? >> we should both do it. what could possibly go wrong. >> you don't know me that well, you don't know me at all. "traffic stop." all these titles make a woman from an urban area very uncomfortable. i'm just saying. >> i'm totally up with you.
3:48 am
>> three billboards outside ebbing, missouri. i said it. steven spielberg and christy mccostco curry producers. >> abicus, small enough for jail. >> daniel cool-yea. calluia. you know it. he know his name in "get out." it disaster artist. standards and wilbur. weber. >> yeah. >> daniel cal huh lieuia. >> and michael weber or wilbur.
3:49 am
he goes tiffany haddish can mispronounce my name anyway she wants. there were other interesting reactions. chrissy teigen put john said i can't talk blank about any nominated movies so i will simply say get out and i tonia should win everything. ule so one of the highly nominated movies sucks. are we talking about "the nature of water"? because i agree. it's a love story with a sea monster. >> there has to be something to it. she doesn't fall in love with a sea monster. "the shape of water." >> here's something you probably didn't know.
3:50 am
oscar nominee for best animated short and is the tallest momany in a tough category. a lot of firsts in the oscars. >> someone who might not be happy about his oscar nom, the director edger wright said he would get a nod and if he was right, he'd have to eat brussel sprouts. he said even though he hates brussel sprouts, hawaii would be enjoying them for the very first time. of course the oscars will be right here march 4th. we're going to get are had gussied up. take a shower. >>. justin timberlake is starring in the half time show. will there be an insync reunion?
3:51 am
>> will he invite them for one of the wiggest audiences they'll ever see? >> is there any chance -- >> i'm here right now. if i was doing think is i'd be in rehearsals right now. so there's your proof. nothing. >> no, no, no. i believe that it's going to happen. my inner 13-year-old is so excited for this reunion. don't take it away from me. >> so he says he doubts jackson will perform along side timberlake. reunion and redemption. >> we finally found a popularity list beyonce is not on. top baby names. >> zane malic with 200 -- babies
3:52 am
named after her. and in first, mariah carey. . get in, fred! even if it means being the back half of a unicorn. fear not fred, the front half washed his shirt with gain flings! and that smell puts the giddy in giddy up. that's because one gain flings pac has more freshness than a whole bottle of the other guy. gain. seriously good scent. i'm never gonna be able i'll take a sick day tomorrow. on our daughter's birthday? moms don't take sick days... moms take nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching,
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♪ time is on my side yes it is time is on my side ♪ time is on big mama's side. you know it's not off an person gets to reach a century mark and do it in style. that's what big mama did. >> she's 101 years young and sharing the secrets to staying that way. >> reporter: you must be big
3:56 am
mama? it is a pleasure to meet you. bertha is one tough woman with a birthday withs for all. >> i'd like to tell them to get along and love each other. >> reporter: great advice from a woman who has seen it all. >> i thank god for it. that's all i can do, just thank god for being here. >> reporter: big mama has lived through two world wars a host of conflicts and more than a century of fountain youth fans. what's her secret? >> don't take all that old pedson. i don't take sick medicine. i've never taken a bottle of medicine in my life. >> reporter: she doesn't drink or smoke but filled herself with plenty of water. >> do you eat anything special? >> no, i eat anything i want. >> reporter: she reads daily,
3:57 am
the bible, and prays to god. >> that's the only person who's helped me be who i had today and that's the lord. >> reporter: and after a quick drive i had to point out the obvious. you have a pretty heavy foot there i noticed. you were going pretty fast. >> that's what my children tell me. >> reporter: big mama has one child, eight grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren and great, great, great grandchildren. at 101 it's certainly worth a picture. >> this is called a selfie, big mama. >> taking a selfie. >> yeah, she drives. very fast. by the way when she was born woodrow wilson was president and thomas marshal was our vice president. >> it ,$8drw
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, another high school in america turned into a scene of carnage. >> it was like bang, bang, bang and nobody knew what to do. >> two 15-year-olds shot dead days before the school's homecoming dance. new details on the victims, the chaos and the staggering number of school shootings so far this new year. major development in the russia investigation. special counsel robert mueller looking to question president trump. what he wants to ask and the new questions about what the president asked the acting director of the fbi while they were in the oval office. volcanoes erupting and a major earthquake and tsunami warning along the so-called ring of fire in the pacific this week. should we be worried? scientists weigh in. plus, the major city


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