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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 24, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday january 24th. tam is off. alicia vitarelli joins us. >> and we are following breaking news for you. a heartbreak here. a father gunned down just feet from his family in the city's east mount airy section. >> local congressman pat meehan is denying a sexual harassment claim by a former employee. he sits down with us to explain the relationship. >> bleeding green. the super bowl matchup is set and now we know whether fans should wear white or green to support the eagles. >> david is also off. karen rogers joins us along with matt pelman. good morning. >> a lot of people going out to buy eagles gear today. >> yes. >> not going to be quite as warm but not bad, right. >> hey, it's not raining so if you're running errands hanging outside today it's good as far as that's concerned. let's take a look right now, the city is lit up in green, we're excited about that as sky6 looks live. a fair amount of clouds to start us off this morning and
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temperatures are cooler than yesterday where we were in the 60's, so that's a change. in fact, today we've got a wind chill factor so look at these wind chills. feels like it's barely above freezing right now in allentown. 38 degrees is the wind chill in the city, 34 degrees in dover, 39 in atlantic city. so, even though we have temperatures in the low 40's, wind chills at this point are just in the upper 30's and this is how they're going the feel through the day. at 7:00 a.m. it will feel like the mid 30's. 11 o'clock, we'll have partly sunny skies. it will feel like it's around freezing. even in the height of the afternoon, feeling like the mid to upper 30's, so we'll have a high of 44 but it's going to feel a lot cooler than that and yeah, that's a big change from yesterday and the day befo w 60's. b is a few degrees abo tonight's overnight low i want , 26. that means tomorrow morning's bus stop rlly need to bundle up. huge change coming. rollercoaster ride and temperatures keep coming at us. i'll seven-day in just a minute, matt. >> need a little honey for your tea this morning? >> yeah. >> come out here to tinicum
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township put your mug under th truck. it's got honey leaking out of it. the truck flipped over last night around 5:30 so now more than 12 hours later they're still trying to clean up this sticky mess in tinicum township. the action cam was on the scene this morning and there you see the truck. we've got a lot of crews out here with their power washers trying to hose the thing down. it is a sticky situation to say the least right here on the tinicum township-southwest philadelphia border. there you see them spraying things down. this is 291 eastbound side at scott way right by wally park where the cleanup continues. so, coming back out here and coming off of 95, people really aren't able to go east on 291 toward the airport. crews are still out here. again, i would avoid it if i were you and just stay on 95 to get to philadelphia international airport instead this morning. but aside from that, we're looking pretty good on the big picture. overnight construction on the schuylkill by 30th street has cleared. this is the vine by the schuylkill. little bit of building volume but no big delays to speak of yet on any of the major
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highways. overnight work on the burlington bristol bridge is clear and otherwise the bridges are in the green this morning. maybe for those eagles, maybe just bonings look good. if you're headed to the roth bridge along route one in delaware overnight work in is also gone so you're looking good early on this wednesd morning. matt. nk you, matt. chopper6 is live over the scene of a man stuck in a
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. >> reporter: upon arrival police found a 52-year-old male with gunshot wounds to his back. he is in stable condition now but while authorities were investigating the scene, they received information that three other gunshot victims had shown up to hahnemann hospital. that included a 22-year-old who was shot multiple times in the back and the legs. he is in critical condition this morning and was unresponsive as of last night. those two 13-year-olds boys were also transported in a private car to the hospital. they were shot in the legs. they are expected to survive their injuries. back at the scene, investigators were still trying to piece together what may have happened and who the gunman is. again, 16 spent shell casings were found at the scene from a large caliber gun. take a listen. >> it appears that a dark colored vehicle, four-door, fired shots while traveling south on 24th from ridge so at this time it appears to be a drive-by shooting. >> reporter: and police don't know who the intend target wathey donnelly it's -- t
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believe it's the 13-year-old boys. they're looking through surveillance footage and they've interviewed witnesses as well. at this point there is no known motive. reporting in spring garden, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." alicia. >> all right, jeanette, thank you. a mother and her boyfriend are facing charges in the death of her four-year-old son. abington township police say the two beat the boy to death because he spilled his cereal monday night in their willow grove home. the boy's mother lisa smith and her boyfriend, kief king, are both charged with aggravated assault, attempted murder and other related charges. those charges could be upgraded to murder charges when officials get those official autopsy results. >> delaware county congressman pat meehan now acknowledges he developed a deep affection for a former aide but claims he never harassed her and never pursued a romantic relationship. the republican spoke to members of the media yesterday. a recent new york times report stated meehan used taxpayer money to settle the woman's
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harassment complaint. the 62-year-old meehan who is married admitted he reacted badly when he discovereded aide was involved with another man but he says he never crossed the line. >> but i did struggle with the idea that this was somebody who i had a kin ship with in a deep way. >> we were unable to get a comment from the accuser's attorney. meehan has been removed from the house ethics committee as congress conducts its investigation. >> ♪ >> a well known toy retailer is planning more drastic measures to try and stay alive. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, matt. toys r us plans to close about 180 stores. the retailer said some locations could remain open if it's able to negotiate better real estate leases. as for the stores that will close, they'll be shut down by mid april. going out of business sales will start next month. toys r us filed for bankruptcy last september burdened by a
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big debt load an shift to online shopping by consumers. mixed session for stocks. nasdaq rallying. s & p 500 and the dow little chinchd. looks like a higher open. reports on manufacturing due out today. that's the latest in business. back to you alicia. >> marple thank you. midnight green in minnesota. that's the color the philadelphia eagles will wear for super bowl lii. the team post add video showing patches being sewn sewn onto the uniform. patriots will be wearing road white jerseys. very lucky eagles fans will get to watch the game in person. >> i can't believe it. i can't believe it. look, look . >> [laughter] >> you're going to the super bowl. >> going to the super bowl, oh, my goodness. >> right. how exciting. judy thomas one of the lucky season ticket holders who got a chance to buy tickets to the game at face value through the eagles lottery. the eagles organization also set up photo opportunities for fans, look at them, posing
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with the nfc championship trophy that the birds won on sunday night. >> $1,250 face value, some people spending 5,000 per ticket. a lot of money. >> i have to say i'm loving that the whole city is united, everybody's kind of in the same place feeling excited and proud. wish that good feeling would continue. >> i love it too. >> let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. we're dry through the area unlike yesterday. it was a heck of a morning commute with heavy rain. no the today. you're dry, just kind of cool outside. let's go outside and see what this day looks like. sky6 is looking life and what did i say, everywhere you look you're seeing green and that's what we're seeing right now on the center city skyline but not on the radar. so, that's good. 45 degrees the current temperature. the dewpoint is 29. a pretty dry air mass ushering in. earlier today we had winds out of the southwest. you can see they're in the process of switching to the northwest currently out of the west-northwest. it's going to be kind of a chilly breeze later today and a gusty breeze at times as
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well. currently 16 miles per hour. the wind chill, what it makes it feel like, just the upper 30's. pretty big change from yesterday. let's look at these temperatures around the region. a low 40's in the lehigh valley. mid 40's in the city. upper 30's in cape may. so, a range of temperatures depending on where you are. satellite and radar showing over the past 12 hours some of the clouds have started to stream in but we'll see at least partly sunny skies. as we look at this radar not seeing any rain. they have a few lake effect snow showers that will not be impacting us but not seeing rain out there. the in -- next few days a dry, partly sunny skies. partly sunny skies. the high is 44. you could see more cloud cover as you go north and west of the city. i expect that to keep temperatures down a little bit in the lehigh valley. 39 in lancaster where they still have that flood watch there because of the ice jam. 44 for your high in millville. 45 on the boardwalk in a.c. and in dover, delaware. here's how we're going to get there. your hour by hour forecast, heading out at 8:00
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a.m., mostly cloudy skies, 37 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., still a good amount of cloud cover and 40 but more sunshine filling in in the afternoon. at lunchtime if you're heading out running some errands, 41 degrees. not feeling too bad. by 3 o'clock, 44 degrees, a little bit above average but the wind chill makes it feel like it's just in the 30's today. at 6 o'clock, 39 degrees. tomorrow we have high pressure double barreled high giving us a lot of sunshine but it's still breezy. wind chills will just be in the 20's most of the day despite a high of 38. so, that's another big change we're kind of stepping down with these temperatures especially because the last couple days we were in the low 60's. it's a big change, right? today 44 with a gusty breeze making it feeling cooler than that 44. tomorrow much of the day wind chills just in the 20's. 38 for your high despite beautiful sunshine. friday we're keeping the sunshine going, up to 44. a little bit better. hey, it gets mild again just in time for the weekend. pretty good timing with this. 57 degrees for your high on saturday. on sunday, ahead of a cold front we're in the warm sector
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so temperatures are going to spike up to 59 degrees. we're going to see a good amount of cloud cover. as that front comes through we're going to get some rain at times but there is one model suggesting an area of low pressure forms along it. if that happens, it could be a real soaker on sunday. it's too early to say but i want to warn you to kind of make your outdoor plans for saturday with the mild temperatures and not sunday. monday mostly cloudy skies and 46. an upper level disturbance gives us a chance for a brief rain shower or if it happens late at night it will be a snow shower. tuesday chilly sunshine, only 38 degrees for your high. so, temperatures continue to go up and down and weekend timing pretty nice, second weekending in a row temperatures will be mild. >> there is that. thank you, karen. >> we'll take it. >> 6:12 now. the flu season shows no sign of letting up. in one part of the country cases have that doubled in just two weeks' time. >> and amazon's alexa isn't holding back when it comes to the super bowl. find out who she's rooting for next. matt. >> like that alexa these days. now is when things get really
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interesting alicia. up to five vehicles involved in a crash here along the schuylkill expressway eastbound as you head toward gladwyne. left lane out of commission but no emergency crews on the scene yet. we'll keep watching this and talk about that overturned truck in delco when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪ we just moved in about four months ago,
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>> 6:15. matt pelman, what's going on on the schuylkill? >> you know, it takes such a minute amount of time for things to really go south on the schuylkill expressway. it's eastbound this morning where we've got the four to five vehicle crash here approaching gladwyne. taking out the left lane.
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no emergency crews on the scene yet. and with traffic only squeezing by in that right lane, this is not going so well already. in fact, we're going at 11 miles per hour only as you come east of the blue route into that accident scene by gladwyne. let's just start right now and start using those alternates like ridge pike, route 23, route 30 lancaster avenue. schuylkill eastbound is a mess and it looks like it's going to get worse before it gets better. chopper6 hd just arrived over the scene. schuylkill expressway eastbound approaching gladwyne, there you see it, just one vehicle into the next here in the left lane and again, no emergency crews on the scene. looks like one of those vehicles kind of up against the barrier wall there so it's a mess and it's going to really slow you down if you're trying to come eastbound in toward gladwyne, belmont and eventually the city this morning. of course we'll keep watching it and we'll keep you posted. out here on the big picture we've been watching a crash on the ben franklin bridge westbound. luckily they cleared that pretty quickly and we've been watching that overturned truck which they have not been
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clearing quickly whatsoever here in tinicum township. the truck flipped over at 5:30 last night but let's check that action cam video. here's why it's taking so long. the truck was carrying honey that spilled out of it all over the roadway. it has been a sticky mess to clean up. they've been out here with their pressure washers trying to clean things up but what a mess along 291 eastbound at scott way there by wally park so we don't want you to get stuck in traffic. i would head for 95 instead of 291 this morning. meanwhile this is 95 in bucks county. have construction again this morning here in the southbound direction off the scudder falls bridge. they're blocking one of the two lanes as you head down towards newtown. might what happened to come in via route one instead of 95 through bucks but there's an issue on one. we'll talk about that matt in just a few minutes. >> see you in a bit. thank you, matt. former u.s.a. gymnastics doctor larry nassar will be sentenced after more than 100 women and girls confronted him with claims of serial abuse.
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nassar has admitted to abusing young girls under the guise of treating their injuries. he'll get 25 to 30 years on top of 60 years for separate child pornography crimes. the ncaa has formally opened an investigation against michigan state university where nassar worked in the athletic department in how it handled any accusations it had received about the doctor. >> well, here's another reason to take the flu threat very seriously this winter. in texas, the number of flu related deaths has doubled over the past two weeks. the state's department of health says more than 2300 texans have died from flu related causes. the vast majority of such deaths occurred among the elderly. public officials say it's not too late to get the flu shot. >> apple's smart speaker available soon. >> you can preorder the home pod starting friday. the release date will be february 9th. >> apple ceo tim cook says it sounds quality will be what
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sets it apart from its competitors. >> kfc giving its fried chicken new wings. new chicken wings can be turned into a drone. >> they're calling it the kentucky flying object or kfo but they'll only be available tomorrow and friday in india. >> no. >> it's starting to sound like amazon's alexa is a fan of the eagles. >> here's her response to who you think will win the super bowl. >> i'm flying with the eagles on this one because of their relentless offense. >> users are getting that response all over the country even in massachusetts. >> it's not too late to return that alexa you got for christmas. those are your tech bytes. >> ♪ that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini s a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how.
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>> the league came under
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pressure to donate. all proceeds from the nfl version of that shirt as well will also go to philadelphia schools. >> ♪
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if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. >> sixers host the chicago bulls while reserves were announced for next month's all-star game. ben simmons did not make the squad. the flyers control the puck and prevented the detroit red wings from shooting all that much last night.
6:28 am
jake voracek scored a game tying goal and travis konecny scored 27 in overtime. flyers win three to two. >> coming up, a different kind of eagles green is making kids smile in delaware county. >> and later a florida man has moves that rival the crocodile hunter. we'll tell you what made him risk his life to wrangle this reptile. >> ♪
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>> breaking now on "action news," a problem with the sewage system finds its way into a pair of homes sicken, the people inside. >> two teens are among four people struck by gunfire when a vehicle speeds down a philadelphia street spraying bullets. >> the weather rollercoaster dips down again. wind chills will make it feel near freezing. >> and breaking news this morning.
6:31 am
a crash with several vehicles causing big problems if you're headed into the city on 76. >> good morning everyone. 6:30 on this wednesday january 24th. tam is off. alicia vitarelli joins us. >> meteorologist karen rogers in for david. let's start with matt. good morning. >> that does not look like fun. >> no. >> let's head back upstairs to chopper6 hd. eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway approaching gladwyne you've got this five-vehicle accident, one right into the next. now we have a lot of emergency crews on the scene. you can see police out here, penndot and ambulances as well. and all this activity is taking out the left lane so, you know how this goes. we're normally jammed on the schuylkill expressway when we have both lanes available. with just one lane getting by there's a major major backlog coming east of gulph mills into this accident scene approaching gladwyne. let's hit the maps check the speeds. let me tell you they're not pretty at all this morning on the eastbound side of the schuylkill. in fact just 5 miles per hour right now as you come towards center city. so, i wouldn't head for 76 eastbound. use ridge pike, route 23,
6:32 am
conshohocken state road or route 30 instead. schuylkill eastbound is a mess. had a wreck on the ben franklin bridge heading into the city. that's gone now. but from 5:30 last night we're still dealing with an overturned truck in tinicum township delco. the action cam was on the scene and the reason it's taking so long to clean this up along 291 eastbound is honey leaked out of the earlier overturned truck. it's a sticky mess out here along 291 eastbound at scott way near wally park. if you're headed to the airport this morning, do so via 95, not 291. it's taking a long time for them to spray this mess down. i feel bad for the crews out there cleaning up this morning. also watching a new crash in west chester. it's the northbound side of 202 past paoli pike. the right lane blocked. emergency crews on the scene. you're jammed coming up from chadds ford through west chester because of that. on 422 eastbound only the shoulder gets by a new crash approaching stow. just 10 miles per hour there coming out of berks county. maybe stick with 724 or ben
6:33 am
franklin highway instead, there. it is turning into a very, very busy traffic morning, karen. >> yes, and many sticky situations. >> yeah. >> i feel bad for the drivers but i got to stay i love the honey story. satellite and radar showing how the clouds have really rolled in. we're starting our day with mostly cloudy skies. look at the temperatures. 45 degrees. now, that's a lot cooler than yesterday. about eight to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday but it is already above our average high. not bad. 41 in dover. 41 even in allentown. but when you factor in a light wind, it feels like it's just in the upper 30's. so the dog is happy. you can go outside this morning unlike yesterday it's not soggy. we're nice. maybe a little bright this afternoon. at 7:00 a.m., 42 with mostly cloudy skies. by lunchtime we'll see a bit more sunshine and 41 degrees. a lot cooler than yesterday's high of 62. at 3 o'clock, 43. at 5 o'clock, partly sunny skies coming down at 41. and at 7 o'clock at night, we dip to 38 degrees. so, today's high is 44 degrees, which is above our average high for this date.
6:34 am
normally we would just be at 40 so not too bad but don't forget that wind is going to make it feel a little cooler than that and pay attention to that overnight low. 26 degrees so it's going to be a cold start to the day tomorrow. we're also tracking rain for the weekend. i'll have the latest with that in the accuweather forecast in just a minute matt. >> thank you, karen. breaking overnight, a carbon monoxide leak sickened four adults and two children in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. officials say a sewage leak ran up through the homeowner's appliances contaminating the air. two adjoining homes had to be evacuated on the 800 block of east stafford street at 1:30 this morning. the fire department has ventilated the houses and co levels are once again at a safe level. no one was seriously hurt. we have an update to our breaking news in the city's port richmond section. a man has been rescued from a trash truck. rescue crews first received the call at 5:30 this morning to head to the 3600 block of aramingo avenue. the man had been inside a dumpster behind a pharmacy near that location and it was
6:35 am
emptied into the truck. he started yelling alerting others that he was inside it. the man is now out and was taken to jefferson frankford hospital. two 13-year-old boys recovering from a drive-by shooting in north philadelphia. a total of four people were wounded by the gunfire. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live with details from central detectives. jeanette. >> reporter: well, matt, this was a hail of gunfire. at least 16 shots were fired at the victims, two just 13-year-old and one fighting for his life this morning. this is video from the scene last night. this happened at 9:30 p.m. along north 24th and clifford streets. upon arrival police found a 52-year-old male with gunshot wounds to his back. he is in stable condition now. but while authorities were investigating that scene, they received information that three other gunshot victims had showed outpatient -- up to hahnemann hospital. two 13-year-old boys were
6:36 am
transported in a private car to the hospital. they were shot in the legs and are expected to survive. back at the scene, investigators are still trying to piece together what may have happened and who the gunman is. >> based on ballistic evidence we know that numerous shots were fired. we found 16 spent shell casings along 24th street and ridge avenue. they're large caliber. >> reporter: and police are trying to figure out still who the intended target was. they don't believe it was the 13-year-old boys considering their ages. we know that they have interviewed witnesses and they're also looking through surveillance camera footage hoping that will provide them with some clues. at this point, there is no known motive. reporting live at spring garden, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." alicia. >> jeanette thank you. new this morning, a philadelphia man has been identified as the victim of a freak accident on the ski slopes. this happened at blue mountain ski resort in carbon county on sunday. 53-year-old gregory soladove
6:37 am
was found lying in the snow on a double black diamond trail. another skier said he came down and could not avoid hitting him. the coroner said he died from blunt force trauma. >> the city of philadelphia is getting pushback from state officials for its plan to deal with the heroin crisis by opening supervised injection sites. the city has approved the development of the clinics so addicts can safely get high. the facilities would distribute new clean syringes while also offering access to rehabilitation. officials say the proposed clinics would be funded and operated by nonprofits or medical organizations, not the government. however, pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro has a serious problem with the plan saying sanctioning a safe injection site presents significant public safety concerns and goes on to say changes in state and federal law would need to occur for these sites to operate legally >> well, the super bowl stadium just got a fresh coat of paint. the eagles name and logo are
6:38 am
now proudly displayed at one end of u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. the first phase of the total field transformation. we already know that the eagles are winning big on the field but they're also scoring big off the field. the eagles donated $10,000 yesterday to help provide new equipment and resources to chester high school football team. >> to keep up with our competition who may have, you know, more than what we have, it was just a blessing from the eagles to see the need and meet the need. truly a difference for the players as they come in let it be motivation to them. >> the superintendent has also pledged to match the eagles' donation to the chester football team which means they will now have a $20,000 upgrade to their weight room. >> we are going to remember this team for a long time. >> we are. >> for what they did on the field and off. >> yeah. and remember the feeling that we have of kind of being united and cheering them on which i love. let's take a look right now at storm tracker6. hey, no green on the radar today, unlike yesterday. we're dry. let's go on outside and see
6:39 am
what it looks like. sky6 is looking live at the center city skyline lit up in green but also clouds through the region right now. so you'll start off your day with a good amount of sunshine. we'll see more sunshine as the afternoon progresses. 45 degrees the current temperature, the dewpoint 29. we're ushering in a drier air mass, certainly drier than yesterday's super soaker. winds out of the west-northwest at 16 miles per hour and gusty at times. we could see gusts up to 30 miles an hour or so. that will make it feel like a chilly breeze. right now the wind chill is 38 degrees in the city and as we look at wind chills around the area the wind chill just 20 right now in mount pocono. you're barely above freezing, that's what the wind chill is in the lehigh valley. 39 in wilmington. 34 in cape may. and now remember yesterday it felt like spring so it feels like a big change in the overnight hours. satellite and radar showing how the clouds have really moved in. they're getting some lake effect snow showers out to our north and west. that won't make it down here but we are kind of stuck in the clouds this morning. we'll see at least partly
6:40 am
sunny skies through the afternoon, though. here's how it's going to look hour by hour. by 8:00 a.m., still lots of clouds and 37. by 10:00 a.m., 40 degrees. feeling a little better at lunchtime, 41 degrees with mostly sunny skies. at 3 o'clock, 44. and at 6 o'clock, 39. but remember, the wind chill is going to make it feel like it's just in the 30's even though we're looking at temperatures that will be in the 40's today. i want to show you this. let's kind of fast forward future tracker to tomorrow morning at 5:30 in the morning. these are the wind chills. it's going to feel like it's in the teens in the lehigh valley, about 20 in the city. and millville. that's another big change. i don't know if your kids are like mine but they never want to wear the coat. if yesterday was mild so i try to warn them tomorrow we've got a big change coming, a cold start. even in the afternoon, a double barreled high pressure giving us lots of sunshine but a high of just 38 and the wind chills even in the height of the afternoon mostly in the 20's, so a big change coming again tomorrow. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day. no 60's for us. it was nice while it lasted.
6:41 am
today 44 for your high with a gusty breeze. tomorrow wind chills in the 20's most of the day, a high of 38 despite the sunshine. friday mostly sunny skies, little bit better and 44. gets mild again just in time for the weekend. 57 on saturday. clouds will increase through the day. on sunday, a cold front moves through. ahead of that we're in the warm sector so temperatures jump up to 59 degrees. we have at least some rain at times. if an area of low pressure forms along that front one model suggests it does, it could be a real soaker on sunday so make your outdoor plans for saturday. monday mostly cloudy, 46. a quick rain or snow shower at night depending on the timing because of an upper level disturbance. and then on tuesday, chilly sunshine again, 38 degrees for your high. so, if you're tracking the temperatures, it once again looks like this. we're on the down swing. >> a loop de loop. >> thanks karen. vandals strike a tourist attraction made famous in a classic sports movie. >> a florida man is a friend
6:42 am
to all animals even alligators. see what he does when he finds this one in distress. matt. >> this situation bites, that's for sure alicia. schuylkill expressway eastbound side an hour and 24 minutes. that's about 66 -- six times what it should be because of an eastbound accident. chopper6 is still overhead. we'll show you the pictures when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning.
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>> ♪ >> 6:44. sometimes it takes you 30 minutes to travel on the schuylkill expressway, sometimes many hours, matt pelman. >> sometimes it takes you 84 minutes. that's what it's taking right now.
6:45 am
yeah, pretty dog gone unpleasant matt and alicia, on the eastbound side, that 84 minute travel time is from the blue route through this point into the vine and it should be 14 minutes, not 84 but it's all because of this five-vehicle accident in the eastbound left lane approaching gladwyne. chopper6 hd high in the sky and it looks like at the moment they've got both eastbound lanes blocked temporarily as they try and clear some of these vehicles out of the way. but the backlog as you can see from chopper6 is enormous. starts around gulph mills, continues through this accident scene again approaching gladwyne. this is as you come eastbound toward the city of philadelphia this morning. so, i would not do that on the schuylkill. just 3 miles per hour right now as you head toward the accident scene. again, alternates 276 include... to 76 include ridge pike, stay out on the main line route 30 lancaster avenue another alternate but the schuylkill is an absolute mess. we've also been watching a situation involving an
6:46 am
overturned truck from 5:30 last evening. here's why it's taking so long. the truck was carrying honey and a lot of my friends on twitter are opining about this this morning. tom says honey boo-boo. matt says you can't be mad about that wreck on 291 because it's the sweetest accident ever. and lynn says among other things, it'sautiful. hive to find another way home for sure. i love them. in tinicum township the cleanup does continue this morning. this is the eastbound side at scott way by wally park. i would head for 95 to get at the airport, no the 291. we've been watching a situation in west chester crash on 202 northbound past paoli pike just cleared. a new one in new garden along church road at polo road. 2422 eastbound approaching stow the shoulder is opened because of a crash. head for 724 to get around that mess. alicia. >> matt thank you. new at 6:30 vandals have
6:47 am
damaged a baseball diamond made famous in the movie field of dreams. someone drove through the facility in iowa monday night. the deep grooves in the ground froze so crews will have at a wait until temperatures warm up to make repairs. in the meantime a go fund me account has been launched to help buy a security system. >> a school shooting killed two people and injured more than a dozen others. the 15-year-old who opened fire yesterday morning is now in a juvenile jail. prosecutors will request a judge to move the case to adult court. we have learned that two 15-year-olds a boy and a girl, were killed but the motive remains unclear. five of the wounded remain in critical condition but are expected to survive. abc news reports that this was the 11th school shooting in america so far this year. >> 6:47. a florida man is sharing his story of just how he had to wrangle an alligator who was struggling to survive.
6:48 am
the alligator, not the man. michael spotted the reptile back on thanksgiving day. a piece of plastic was wrapped around its body. >> i'll never have the chance again. i'm not going to let the thing die. i have three little dogs. that's what i was thinking about first. >> he covered the gator with a blanket he then pinned it down to the ground taped its mouth. he then called florida fish and wildlife conservation to pick up the gator and safely relocate it. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> 6:50. time now for a preview of "good morning america." >> doing the handoff in about nine minutes from now robin roberts joins us live from nyc with a preview. good morning, robin. >> reporter: matt and alicia, good morning to you as well. we have that kentucky high school that's been shut down after a 15-year-old opened fire killing two students, injuring more than a dozen. what we're now learning about there shooter who is in custody and we're also going to speak to one of the students, one of the survivors this morning. also ahead hospitals overwhelmed as you know as the flu spreads with doctors urging patients to stay home unless there is an emergency. we're going to tell you about the apps families are now using to virtually visit the doctor plus singer song writer demi lovato here with an important announcement for you this wednesday morning. that's coming up here on "gma" >> we're doing it, too, robin. >> hey, michael.
6:52 am
>> oh. >> robin is wearing eagles green, too. >> sure is. >> and just by bouncing we're moving faster than the cars on the schuylkill. >> is that right. >> absolutely chilled because of this accident on the eastbound side approaching gladwyne trying to clean things up here but at this point they have both eastbound lanes blocked as they try and get the accident pushed off to the side you can see emergency crews remain on the scene and if you go to our next camera shot, let's check that travel time. now 96 minutes. we're approaching triple digits on the eastbound side. again head for ridge pike, 23 or 30. 76 eastbound a mess. mass transit delays on the 15 trolley headed eastbound because of earlier police activity. karen. >> past two days it was something of a spring fling with temperatures in the low 60's, 22 degrees above normal which was typical for early april. then you fast forward to this morning and we're talking wind chills. the wind chill barely above freezing right now in the lehigh valley. 38 in the city. 34 is the wind chill in cape may. anne tweeted me a picture of her dog of course an eagles
6:53 am
fan but all bundled up because it's chilly out there right now. here's what you can expect through the day. we're starting it off with lots of clouds. we'll see partly sunny skies this afternoon though and temperatures are currently in the 40's and they'll be holding in the 40's. your high today 44 but even in the height of the afternoon when you factor in a chilly breeze it will feel like it's just the 30's. "action news" will be right back with your top stories. >> ♪
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>> top stories at 6:56. a gunman opened fire from a car in north philadelphia wounding four people including two 13-year-olds. the teens and a 52-year-old man are in stable condition. a 22-year-old man is in critical. a man was shot execution style at an apartment building in the city's east mount airy section. police say it appears the 28-year-old victim was shot multiple times with two different guns. >> the schuylkill expressway this morning what a mess. eastbound side they're finally getting the accident pushed off to the side here approaching gladwyne. still a ton of emergency crews on the scene.still with just one getting by, it is an absolute parking lot coming in from gulph mills. use ridge pike, 23 or 30. 422 accident is clearing. >> when roads are dry like this you don't necessarily expect huge traffic accidents like that. we're looking at satellite and radar and you see how the clouds have rolled in. starting the day with mostly cloudy skies. by the afternoon it will be partly sunny, though. a high of 44. we're already in the low 40's
6:57 am
now. but temperatures just aren't going very far today and with the chilly gusty breeze it will feel like it's just in the 30's. >> thanks as always for joining us every morning. for matt pelman karen rogers dave murphy alicia vitarelli tamala edwards i'm matt o'donnell. "good morning america" is next. >> ♪
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good morning, america. victims of that deadly high school shooting battling to survive this morning. >> active shooter. four people down. one unresponsive. >> a 15-year-old student opening fire killing at least two, injuring more than a dozen right before class. >> this guy is sitting here pulling the trigger into like all of us. >> students airlifted to the hospital. the student taken into custody. what was his motive? one of the survivors here. breaking news, isis claiming responsibility for a deadly attack on save the children. gunmen storm the children overseas. and major new developments in the russia investigation. the special counsel closing in now seeking to question president trump after interviewing attorney general jeff sessions and several cabinet members and the new report, did the


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