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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 24, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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has been a problem for me. mouth i'm also on a lot of medications that dry my mouth. i just drank tons of water all the time. it was never enough. i wasn't sure i was going to be able to continue singing. i saw my dentist. he suggested biotene. it feels refreshing. my mouth felt more lubricated. i use biotene rinse twice a day and then i use the spray throughout the day. it actually saved my career in a way. biotene really did make a difference. [heartbeat] "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. breaking news right now.
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a local school is on lockdown. police are searching parkway northwest high school in the german town section of philadelphia. after two students reportedly brought guns into the building and "action news" learn that both students are now in custody. and just a few minutes ago two students were brought out of the school in handcuffs and put into the back of a police van. the rest of the students are said to be safe. once again, police are searching northwest high school for possible weapons, it's unclear if they found anything so far. we are following the story, stay with "action news" and for the latest information on this breaking news story. it is wane afternoon, good afternoon i'm rick williams and alicia vitarelli is in for sara bloomquist. >> we are following the search for the gunman responsible for a drive-by shooting that left two 13-year-olds in the hospital. the young teens were among those shot in north philadelphia last
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night. jeanette reyes is live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: that gunman fired off at least 16 shots injuring two teenagers and a third victim is now in critical condition fighting for his life this afternoon. >> my cousin called me and said i need to you look out the window, i said for what, he said four people got shot down the street from us. >> and officers responded to gun fire along north street and ridge avenue in philadelphia. they arrived to find a 52-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound to his back and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. joe walked by the scene minutes before the gunshots rang out. >> i said it's crazy and came in the house from leaving the store from getting juice and snacks. >> numerous shots were fired and we found 16 spent shell casings. >> it hit carses.
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and struck a 22-year-old man once in the buck, leg and shoulder. he is in stable condition at temple university hospital. but the the night held more surprises for authorities, while they interviewed a witness there a gray sedan pulled up to the hospital with two more victims these two just 13 years old. one in the right leg and the other with a graze wound to the lower right leg. surveillance cameras are in the area caught part of the shooting according to police. >> at this time it appears to be a drive by shooting. >> for them to be out and caught up incen something senseless li this here. >> they believe that the teens may have been caught in the crossfire. >> the eagles won and people came together for that and why can't we come together on the
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streets. pick up some books. >> police are looking over the camera footage hoping for some clues and they interviewed witnesses overnight and as far as a motive police are not able to identify one. reporting live in spring garden, jeanette reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> more gun fire is erupted in north philadelphia this time in broad daylight. chopper 6 hd was over the scene today on north 17th street in west huntington. a man was shot multiple times while sitting in the car. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. it's feeling like winter today thanks to a brisk wind taking you live outside sky 6 hd showing you the view of center city. from the temple university cam, certainly more clear than yesterday. but definitely more crisp. karen rogers is in nor david murphy tracking the conditions.
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we look outside on sky 6 hd and seeing the camera shakes and wind gusts and mostly cloudy skies and better than yesterday and talking rain and thunderstorms in the region. it's all relative. we call today back to reality. temperatures are in the mid-40s but these are the the windshields. these are the gusty chilly wind. 30 in read and and 35 in the city. and barely above freezing in millville and at the freezing mark at cape may, new jersey. compare that to yesterday's high of 62 a huge change in 24 hours. how will it change? temperatures stay in the low 40s and windchills stay in the mid up toer 30s in the afternoon hours and then we watch the evening at 7:00 and feels like the freezing mark and 9:0030 and the windchill we dip down to the 20s in the overnight hours. if you thought today was chilly we are getting back to reality tomorrow.
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lets look at the satellite image a problem with the clouds that have moved in and breaks of sun here and there. and that continues. but the day features a lot of clouds. wind gusts at philadelphia international airport at 21 miles per hour. and 24 miles per hour gust in dover. and that is what makes the windchills feel like the 30s. and 26 for the overnight low and you need the heavy coat for tomorrow morning's bus stop and a change in time for the weekend. >> thank you. time now to talk football and the eagles march to minneapolis. in minneapolis crews are plowing be shoveling to clear snow from outside of the stadium. and inside of the dome there is a lot of work to be done. and the end zones are painted and the focus is on is the massive halftime show and rehearsals start this friday. >> they are in the process of
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finalizing those pieces of just exactly building them. but yes, they are all on site at some of the facilities outside of the building. >> the halftime show rehearsals continue next week and the nfl is confident that everything will be ready for kickoff. back here in philadelphia. lucky eagles fans are getting tickets to the big game and a select number of ticket holders were chosen to purchase tickets at face value. "action news" reporter walter perez will have more from south philadelphia coming up in the next half hour. in washington this afternoon there are major new developments in the russia investigation. action news learn that special counsel robert mueller is seeking answers directly from the president himself. in relation to the ongoing probe into russian interference into the election. megan hughs is joining us live from the nation's capital with
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the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. that is exactly right, the special counsel's team made it clear they want to speak to the president directly about two key topics, the firings of james comey and michael flynn. on the heals of the interview with the highest ranking official to date. president trump says he is not worried. >> are you concerned about what the attorney told special counsel. >> not not at all. >> they tell abc news was questioning about the decision to fire fbi director james comey and also asked about the conversations with the russian ambassador and those taking place when he was a senior adviser on trump's campaign. despite saying this. >> i did not have communications with the russians. >> and news breaking that another key player, rick gates has hired a new attorney that
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has a track record of negotiating plea deals and mueller has indicated to trump's lawyers his office will seek answers directly from the president and a growing roster of interviews that mueller's office conducted last year including mike pompeo and dan coats and mike rogers. james comey was interviewed last december. >> the president wants to see this ends and see them finally come to the same conclusion that most everyone in america has that there is nothing to this. >> ever time we have told it's a nothing burger another tentacle comes out and i actually do think the average american, even the trump voter wants to know exactly what happened. >> no word from the white house if the president will agree to an inperson interview at this point.
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channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. back here at home a philadelphia man is identified as the victim of a deadly skiing accident in the poconos. it happened at blue mountain ski resort on sunday. officials say that 55-year-old gregory was lying on the snow on a black diamond trail and another skier came down the hill and accidentally ran into him. the coroner says he died of blunt force trauma and they are trying to figure out why the victim was lying on the ground in the first place when he was hit. the common area of an apartment building is a murder scene and it appears that a man was ambushed and shot several times at close range in east mt. ai airy. the victim's girlfriend and children were just feet away when the gun fire erupted on the 800 block of east vernon road. police are searching for the suspect and motive. six people are recovering this afternoon from a carbon monoxide leak in the city's
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german town section. officials say that sewage ran up a home's appliances contaminating the air. eligible for medicare?
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a former team u.s. doctor is expected to learn his sentence for sexual abuse before the end of the day. this is a live look at the courtroom in michigan, where larry nasser is waiting for the judge to announce his punishment. the court heard from several more of nasser's accusers. more than 60 girls and women testified against him. he faces 25 to 40 years on top
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of a 60 year sentence for separate child pornography crimes. today the judge told nasser he will quote be in darkness the rest of his life. meantime, back here classes are canceled in kentucky at marshall county high school, the day after the school shooting there yesterday. two students were killed and more than a dozen were wounded when a 15-year-old classmate opened fire, some of the terrified teenagers locked themselves in a library office during the rampage and it's suspect is charged with murder and attempted murder. they have not yet share aid possible motive. amid all the hype surrounding super bowl sunday, a new alarming study about the dangers of playing football. researchers found new information about the brain disease known as cte they now believe it's not triggered by concussions but repeated hits to the head even those that don't
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lead to a scientists say this i definitive proof to date to make the connection. a football field made famous on the big screen is scarred by a vandal. the site made famous by the movie field of dreams and found deep gashes and damage to the sprinkler system and the repairs are costly and could take several months to complete. it was a deem come true for students in the may fair section. the philly fanatphanatic helped kids, more than 55 thousand students take part in the program but only the top achievers get a visit from the big green guy himself. >> always nice to see him. still to come on "action news" at noon. a major toy retailers closing doeses of stores and find out which local locations are
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included. and what hospitals are using smart phones from keeping the sickness from spreading.
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toys "r" us is ing
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to close 80 s taxing hospitals nationwide with double the number of patients hospitalized compared to this time last year. to help stop the illness spreading more doctors are offering virtual care. two major florida hospitals,
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tampa general and day care are using smart phone apps to diagnose anyone anywhere in the country and provide them with a tamiflu prescription. the goal is to allow you to stay home and avoid spreading your germs. >> that is right. the "action news" team is working on news stories for today beginning at 4:00. including the great lengths an israeli man went to to reunite a girl to her cell phone. and a woman can inherit money after his death. she was convicted of killing him and explain how this is possible in big talkers. meantime, accuweather is coming up next and karen rogers has a closer look at the seven-day forecast. >> and she will tell us if we see sun today or tomorrow. when "action news" comes right back.
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we love it!
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meteorologist, karen rogers back now with a closer look at the accuweather forecast. peeks of sunshine here and there. >> you are missing the sun aren't you? >> i am. >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow? >> looking good hang in there. come on now. lets take a look now at stormtracker 6 live doub sn ter when we had the heavy rain we were traveling in and lets go outside and see what is looks like and sky 6 hd is looking live in center city and look at the flags blowing in the wind out there. the gusty wind is what is making it feel coal out there this afternoon. and back to reality and the 60s are out of here. the dew point 22 and a dry atmosphere. they started out of the southwest and you feel the difference now that they are out of the northwest a chilly breeze at 16 miles per hour. and the windchill what it feels like 35 in the city. look at the temperature range, 26 in mt. pocono and 43 in
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philadelphia and 43 in atlantic city. and when you factor in the chilly wind. it's a 13 degree difference in philadelphia yesterday afternoon and 19 degree difference in lancaster. the other change the clouds have moved right finance you can see holes here and there in the clouds. a mostly cloudy afternoon. we are not getting the sunshine today. more of it tomorrow after the morning hours. cloudy and cooler and temperatures top off in the low 40s in the lehigh valley. and 44 in philadelphia. 45 in the boardwalk in a.c. ian show you this future tracker 6, giving you an idea of what it feels like. feeling like 15 in mt. pocono and 36 in the city. and 36 in millville. how about later tonight. running out tonight. windchills dip down to the the
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20s tomorrow morning's windchills in the teens and 20s. it's a little while you have the cold air you get in january. that ioming your way. reality. high pressure double barrelled high giving us a good amount of sunshine and clouds to start you off in the morning and get the sunshine late in the morning and feeling good sunshine wise and in the 20s most of the day. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast a gusty wind today. 44 and feeling cooler and windchills if the 20s. despite a good amount of sunshine and 38 for your high and mostly sunny skies and 44 so feeling better with less wind on friday. by saturday, we are mild again for the weekend. 57 degrees is for your high on saturday. and looks like sunday is a wet day. we have a cold front coming through and 59 for your temperature and you'll see the rain as times and one model showing a low pressure along the
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front and a real aker, mostly cloudy skies and 46, a quick rain or snow shower at night with an upper level disturbance e a deal. on tuesday it's chilly and sunshine and high of only 38 degrees. so we are craving the sunshine it and you'll like tomorrow better. >> i'll putting in for a sun roof. i like it. >> in the city that bleeds green, the best pictures and videos of any and all kinds of eagles fans and everybody claims to be number one. including milo, puggy mama says her little guy is a big fan with the tufb and pig skin. hey milo what is in the flask? >> not puppy chow.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again we start at 12:30 with the latest on the breaking situation in german town one student at parkway northwest high school is in custody after reported two students brought guns into the building and the school is still on lockdown as the officers search the campus. all the students in the school are safe and continue to look for updates on the breaking news story on air and online at
12:30 pm once again sara bloomquist is off and alicia vitarelli is joining us as we continue our countdown to super bowl lii. our philadelphia eagles just 11 days and five houra way from the big game. >> yes, we are counting and the fields are almost complete in minneapolis. it has 55 thousand seats and expanded to 73,000 for the super bowl. this is a great shot of the field here. the eagles logo and name both painted on one end of the end zone there. and the stadium sure to have tons of eagles fans and they get this place rocking sunday february 4th. >> back here the excitement continues at lincoln financial field for eagles fans. walter perez joins us live. and season ticket holders lucky enough to buy super bowl tickets are coming to pick them up. and they are excited, need it's


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