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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 27, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> a pleasant good morning to you, 5:00 a.m., saturday, january 27. christie ileto joins us this morning. >> here some of the stories we're following for you today on "action news." we're in for a warmer, but windy saturday, sky6 live hd looking at center city. rain will arrive by the end of the weekend.
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>> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> people are lining up to meet the eagles players super bowl 8 days away. >> philadelphia auto show opens this morning at the pennsylvania convention center, some of the awesome rides have the connections to eagles players. >> those stories and more,s -- but first let's get you caught up with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: it's cold right now we're in the 30s. 24 in allentown 29 in philadelphia. 26 in wilmington. 25 in trenton. 36 degrees in millville. the good news we don't have much of a breeze, so we're not deal with harsh windchills, but temperatures are chilly enough out there this morning. you can see the we twinned spees across the few -- wind speeds
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across the i-95 are calm. clouds approaching from the west, this is a frontal system that will sneak through tomorrow that will produce wet weather during the morning hours. that front will stall tomorrow afternoon. a wave of low pressure develops along it, we could be talking light snow as the wave rides up the front monday and tuesday. windy and mild, high of 57 degrees, i'll be back along in just a few minutes i'll have the rest of the weekend forecast, we'll talk about the potential for light snow monday night into tuesday. >> a little not so bad. >> easily and patriots 8 days away from super bowl. today they practice one last time before heading to minnesota for the game. eagles fans are fired up, and some wish the game could be played today. >> but the team is keeping
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their calm underdog demeanor in check as they hold their final workout today their moment of destiny a week away. >> we found all the fans lined up. eagles fans flying high. hundreds waiting some for hours giving love to number 31 jay mills. fans lined out the door, their spirits through the roof. >> my nerves are jumpy, saint nick is back. >> i can't wait. very confident. 31-21 final score eagles all day goblin
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autograph their loyal wished them luck. mills reassured them. >> i'm more focused than ever. >> reporter: bird pride soaring in clifton heights. lane johnson there to soak it in. perhaps few as passionate as patty in the crowd to see nelson agular in port richmond. >> i worked for the eagles for five years, i quit four years ago because i thought i gave them bad luck, to see this, it's unbelieve. the dream of the city is just nine days away. and there is good coming out of the eagles mania, players are selling underdog t-shirts to raise money for philadelphia schools, so far we are told
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$100,000 has been raised. at the belmont plateau, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> even though the super bowl is played on the road, philadelphia are laying out their game plan regardless of whether the eagles win or lose. dann cuellar goes inside the intelligence center looking for trouble. right now you're seeing behind the scenes crew our photo journalist packing up and shipping out. ducis rogers, jamie apody, brian taff, sharrie williams and sarah bloomquist are the people you'll see in front of the camera. keep up with the "action news" team on on the air and twitter d facebook and on the 6abc app you can see carson wentz interview from yesterday. we'll play some of it for you in 20 minutes. plus, check out our free
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downloadable underdogmatic to help you show your support ahead of the big game. >> your time 5:06 a.m., new information to tell you about this morning, two people in critical condition after a violent collision between tractor-trailer and two other vehicles. the northbound labels ever route 1 at the -- lanes of route 1 at the pine street controversy pass. the truck hit the other vehicles at 1:20 a.m. crews transported the victims to st. mary medical center. new this morning, a teenager is injured after an apartment fire in the frankford section of philadelphia. the action cam at that scene a little after 12:30 a.m. 1300 block of ruin street. the only person home was a 17-year-old boy. he escaped with minor burns to see arms. the fire badly damaged the
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apartment. dozens of shots were fired along the north philadelphia street this is north 27th and sergeant with two men were shot outside a bar early this morning. one shot in the back the other in the shoulder. both survived. they are in the hospital. and police have not made any arrests. this morning a philadelphia gas station attendant is in serious condition after he was shot during an attempted robbery. the action cam at this scene. the 8900 block of ridge avenue. two men approached the 53-year-old attendant at 10:00 p.m. one opened fire with an police are searching for the criminals. president trump is back at the white house and pleased with how the meetings went at the economic forum.
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he said he met many people whole invest in america. he called on other countries to work together in the fight against isis and to north korea's nuclear program to get that addressed. trump said our common security requires everyone to contribute. the u.s. economy keeps growing, the commerce said the economy grew by 2.6% in the final three months in 2017 spurred on by the fastest consumer spending in 2016 and fell by the previous 3%. this video right here is of last night's black tie gala benefiting children's hospital of philadelphia. it is a karlovers dream, 2018
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philadelphia auto show is revving up excitement throughout the area. if you want a new car or check out the new technology and models it is your front row seat to auto paradise. >> we have over 50 cars that are considered exotic or super car. lamborghini, boo bugatti. there are 40 brands and 700 cars under one roof. you can sit in your favorite dream car and check out the vehicles featured in hit tv shows and movies. the auto show has been running for 117 years and it gets bigger and better. >> it's 7 football fields long filled with cars and trucks. almost half of the people that come to the show end up buying a
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car within 12 months. check out the eagles players cars that have been customized to their liking. fletcher cox and vinnie curry's souped up trucks are on display. the eagles are not there to talk to us, but they are gearing up for the super bowl. the designer say they can transform any car into a masterpiece. >> we modify them, interiors, tints alarms, anything you want we can do it. >> you want to kill time before the super bowl we're here for nine days up until the game. >> get a close up look at new technology, the exotic rides and match maker who sets up our "action news" colleagues with tr perfect vehicle -- their perfect
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vehicle, you can catch that show tonight at 7:00 p.m. more to come on "action news" saturday morning. there's new fallout from sex abuse of u.s. gymnasts, several more people may be out of a job. >> amazon go grocery store is open for business, we'll tell you how it changes the way we shop and who it is targeting and where it is. >> reporter: temperatures in the 20s and 30s, you can see how the numbers will climb later this afternoon, some of us will get close to 60 when all is said and done. details at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast right after this ♪
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>> all right middle school musicians in bucks county played proud and strong in honor of the eagles that is the strayer middle school of quake you are
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town. they added the song to their list of the honors band festival. 8 days away. sounds good. 5:14 a.m., if you're just waking up. what about the weekend forecast, chris sowers. >> reporter: let's get you over to the weather center, and start you out with a beautiful shot of the philadelphia international airport. runways are dry, we have clear conditions. it's chilly out there this morning, several locations in the 20s. here's the call from accuweather, today the better of the two weekend days, 57 degrees, breezy and mild, winds could gust up to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow, cloudy and damp. it's going to be rainy, especially early on him we're showing a mild high of 54. during the morning hours some of the rain could be heavy at times. make sure you're bringing along the rain gear tomorrow. 29 degrees is the present temperature reading in philadelphia.
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with a dewpoint of 26. the winds at the airport are calm. pressure 34.53 inches. we don't have much of a windchill because the wind are calm. north and west, 24 in kutztown and slatington. quake quakertown 25. fortescue, 36. cinnaminson, 25, tuckahoe, 37 degrees. looking at the satellite and radar as we widen out here, ohio and tennessee valleys. there's an area of low pressure drifting east. the moisture will develop along to the front and pull off to the northeast, provide us with a round of wet weather tomorrow morning and the first part of tomorrow afternoon. we get into the secondary batch of moisture monday night into tuesday, this time around temperatures are cold enough that could fall in the form of snow. 7:30 monday morning, everything is through. we're looking for the wet
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weather to arrive after midnight tonight and tomorrow morning. monday morning, everything is off the coast, here comes tuesday, this guy piece of energy will dive in on the backside, temperatures are below freezing, this is all snow. not a big event monday into tuesday, but enough to slick things up for the tuesday morning commute. increasing clouds, rain develops after midnight tonight at 1:00 a.m. it picks up in intensity, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, same thing, moderate rain falling across the region. we move into the first part of the afternoon, the rain is shut off north and west. it's still raining across south jersey. rainfall totals, nothing impressive, half inch or so, more in south jersey, wildwood an inch. philadelphia a half inch. in the lehigh valley a quarter inch of rain.
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we flip it over to light snow monday night into tuesday. for today, very, very mild. 57 degrees in philadelphia. 55 in reading, millville, 57. look at dover, 58 degrees. trenton, 56. wilmington, 56. overnight tonight, cloudy and damp rain developing after midnight. through the morning tomorrow, 43 in reading, 49 in philadelphia. millville, 48. trenton, 45 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows cooler air moving in here next week. 57 breezy and mild today. cloudy with rain especially early on sunday, 54. monday a day of transition it's a chilly day, 46 degrees and falling. increasing clouds late, that gives way to snow showers and late monday night into tuesday, 36. wednesday 36. and thursday, back up to 50. >> i'll stick with 50s. you can catch the week long art exhibit on the main line.
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the academy of north dam -- hosting the art exhibit. it ends on super bowl sunday. ♪ the african children's choir delighted the audience at bethel church in wilmington. they come from many parts africa that are affected by war decease and poverty. they will be performing in the delaware valley this weekend.
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>> so glad you're waking up with us, 5:20 a.m., police in western pennsylvania say a tip likely stopped a mass shooting. a 14-year-old boy was plotting
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to kill his classmates in uniontown near pittsburgh. the boy threatened to shoot four students. >> that student overheard it and took appropriate action right on the bus. is and warrant uncovered multiple weapons in the boy's bedroom, including rifles, shotguns and machetes and knives. second annual als gala of hope was held at the water works honoring individuals and families who are living with als. amazon is popping up in a lot of places, the latest the grocery store. it's not the experience your mom or grandmother knew. beche worely took a trip to amazon go.
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>> reporter: today the amazon go convenience store in downtown seats is open to the public. >> what would shopping look like if you could walk into a store and grab what you want and just go. >> reporter: you need the amazon app to enter the store. >> amazon is a trend trendsetter, they are shaping the way in the way millennials expect. >> reporter: amazon said they have the same type technology used in self driving car, computer vision and sensor fusion. >> when you leave our just walk outline technology adds up your virtual card and charges your amazon account. >> style of shopping is for the millennials. they are about saving time, and speed and they health conscious,
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they want to see is this gluten free. >> reporter: walmart outside of houston, grab a hand hell devices, and scan as you go to check out. no cashiers needed. walmart and amazon say cashiers jobs won't be in jeopardy if the store spreads. they will change the roles of their employees. >> amazon go, no lines no check out. no, seriously. >> very cool. >> lines no check out. >> it's good if you don't carry cash or forget your wallet. >> that was abc's beche worely with that report. we'll be right back after this.
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>> welcome back it is 5:25 a.m., air national guard showed a spirit of service in a different way in spring garden. members of the 108th wing helped serve the homeless minute tri organizers say 1/5 of philadelphia's population served in the arm forces. benefit simmons, all smiles, he scored 21 points. the sixers jumping out to a big lead and crushing 97-78 win. the win delivered their first season sweep of the spurs since 2004. brett brown is a former spurs assistant coach. carson wentz is talking about the injury that has him sidelined for the super bowl. he is out with a knee injury,
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but happy that his team is winning without him. >> my goal is to be ready for week one, i'm going to push and do everything i can to be ready. i am confident that every time the offense runs out on the field, it's tough, it hits me a little bit, but then i love it. i'm as much a part of this team as anybody else else. i get involved in the game without a doubt. it's tough to be out there, but i love watching these guys, i couldn't be happier. >> the eagles are 4-0 under foles this season and 5-0 with the win of the super bowl. >> we've been getting pictures of all kinds of eagles fans, everybody claiming to be number one, including mism -- milo.
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he has the turf ready to play and the big skin ready to toss. share your stores on instagram and twitter using the #, 6abc action or post them on our 6abc "action news" facebook page. we'll be right back.
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>> 529, breaking news from north philadelphia.
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firefighters battling a house fire there. crews were called to the scene 5:45 a.m., 1800 block of north 24th street. you saw flames coming from the home there. they say when they got to the scene, flames were shooting from all floors of the row home. firefighters went to work battling the fire. they have called in pgw officials to check for any gas leaks. so far good news with this one, no injuries reported. crews battling the fire in north philadelphia. it all happened 5:45 a.m., 1800 block of north 24th street. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates on air and all right, time check, 5:30 a.m., thanks for staying with us, watching out for trouble. philadelphia police are preparing their plan for super bowl sunday. the eagles and pats now 8 days away. getting closer, those stories and more but first, meteorologist chris sowers tracking the accuweather forecast. how we


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