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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 28, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with gray hall, nydia han and meteorologist chris soars. good afternoon it is sunday january 28th, i'm nydia han with gray hall. here are stories we are following for you right now on "action news".
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>> we are following developing news out of fey yet county. five people, killed during a shooting at a car wash. what we are learning about the victims. fly eagles fly, today team says good bye to philadelphia and hello to minnesota as they leave for super bowl lii. plus we will take you inside hanger the eagles plane will fly into as it land in minute so the. more in a moment but first outside we will get for exclusive accu weather forecast and meteorologist david movie any for chris sowers. still raining out there david. >> yes, still wet. we expect this would be early afternoon before it breaks it up in philadelphia could be gay portion of the afternoon before some say good bye to the rain. you can see bulk of it is to the south and we are starting to see a little bit of the shift out of the north and west. but, it is a still raining through i-95 corridor and allentown starting to get close took on the other side of this same thing in reading. and again it may take two or three hours before we cab get it through philadelphia in south jersey and delaware we have a shot at least seeing
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intermittent rain. still lingering all the way up to 6:00 o'clock tonight and maybe in the evening. temperatures are going to stay mild. 51 degrees by 2:00. we expect pretty much hoover at or about 51 degrees in the rest of the afternoon. that is where you are through most of the region with mid 40 's in lehigh valley and berks county. forty-eight by 6:00. forty-seven by 8:00. again that rain, winding down starting in the north and ending up down the shore gradually through the afternoon and then evening. we will still have that flood watch in effect up north along delaware river around the city of easton. then on up up toward bushkill, 4 miles of ice jamming on the river, still trying to melt and get down through that waterway. so, until at least 4:00 this afternoon we may still have flooding issues along the river we see if that expires at 4:00 or gets extended. when i step inside we will show you future tracker six as latest take on when this rain gets out of here and then there are two other opportunities for precipitation coming up in the seven day and gray, nydia,
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they both could include at least some snow we will talk about that coming up all right david, thank you. one more week, that is how close the eagles are to a possibly calling themselves super bowl champions. >> indeed, it is, this is it. team has no more practices at home before the big game. today the eagles will fly eagles fly away from philadelphia and on to minnesota where they will take on new england patriots in super bowl lii. >> "action news" has complete coverage of the team, prepared to take off. jamie apody live at minnesota hotel eagles will call home for the next week and sports director ducis rodgers, sharrie williams and brian taff are at airport in minnesota eagerly awaiting the bird to arrive but lets begin with "action news" reporter bob brooks live the atlantic aviation where the team is expected to depart in an hour. eagles will be minnesota bound very, very soon. >> reporter: yeah, nydia absolutely. the team out there in minneapolis is ready to go because the plane, it is almost ready to go. let me step out of the way and
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show you guys just a little while ago police came in here with some dogs, sniffing around making sure that bird was secure, to take the bird out to minneapolis. so, just a beautiful sight here a very exciting time. i want to bring up video. last night i was at eagles last practice at novacare center. just a couple quick points i wanted to hit on and tell everybody about what the team is like heading into this game their focus, their preparing as well as they can. they are preparing like they do for every game they cannot treat this like any other game , although, this is super bowl lii. they are going up against the greatest dynasty in nfl history against patriots but that is something they cannot dwell on. they cannot psyched themselves out because they are playing that team. here's some more from eagles players on how they are going about getting ready for next weeks game. >> it is focus on us. for us it is all about hard work, attention to detail and just getting ready to execute. >> i have given it all.
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that is the difference. attack each and everybody, whether it is, whatever the situation may be. >> i figure you do it about the same, you know, if you prepare, lake every game it is most important game as the season, this becomes a lot easier. >> reporter: back out here live at the airport, not surprised to see several fans coming down here starting to congregate outside, of the fence, as we await the teams arrival here at the airport. you can be sure we will be there when they start board ago this plane we will bring it to you live. reporting live at the airport bob brooks for channel six "action news", nydia and gray, back to you. excitement every where bob once eagles take off they will land in minnesota. that is where sports director ducis rodgers, brian taff, sharrie williams they are all live there and there is grogan advertise patient of the teams arrival, hi there, guys. >> hey, gray, greetings from minnesota. we are in minneapolis st. paul right now as you just
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mentioned. we will be only won and last won to say this week we beat the eagles. we got here last night. in anticipation of the big moment the team's arrival which will happen right here in this hanger in a matter of mere hours, ducis. >> if the eagles, it hasn't sunk in they are in the super bowl it will when they pull in and see that super bowl lii banner above my head they will realize super bowl week is upon us. >> this hanger is where planes come to be serviced but they have set it aside specifically for eagles nfc champions when they arrive today. other main attraction here in the sit what i they called the bold north because this city is ready to show off what it business for super bowl lii is mall of america. we got an inside look there of all of the activity that is happening inside, it will be the hub where fans will go and families will be, to live, and greet, super bowl lii. a lot of activity right there inn seed a lot of activity, fan zone, radio row and, of course, lot of images of the players including quarterback
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tom brady. we have to mention his name. >> we have to. >> nick foles, of course, the favorite guy in town here this week. minnesota nice, it is a phrase they like to use here, genuine kindness and affection they show toward anyone who visits but we would be remiss if we did not mention the fact that philadelphia in order to get here had to go through the minnesota vikings last week so they are testing that niceness on us this week. >> yes, again. >> live here outside ducis, what is ahead for the team this week. >> very busy week. tomorrow they will have a super bowl opening night, the media day, it is a time honored event, excel center where minnesota wild hockey team plays and a lot of media requirements, throughout the week. practices. it is a very busy week. doug pederson before the team left told players he wanted them to get their out of the way back home. so a lot of requests for super bowl tickets, hotel, friends family get that out. once they live here it is a business trip. >> hundreds of thousands office people expect to be
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here throughout the week but in the coming hours, this will be the hub of activity right here in this hanger where we are expecting the philadelphia eagles to land in a matter of hours. >> we will bring that to you live when it does happen on six complete coverage throughout the night, and, from frustrates, and rest of the team, right through the week. so, that is it for now, back to you guys live in the studio but i'll tell you for first time, first of many times, live in minnesota brian taff, sharrie williams, ducis rodgers, back to you. live inside the hanger, so cool. have a great week. our eagles coverage continues with jamie apody live at the hotel where team will be staying for the next week and jamie, players are sure to get quite the re exception. >> yes, they will for sure, this is really exciting because this is first time it feels, so real because i am standing here live at team headquarters. this will be where they will be hunkered down for next week plus here in minnesota and what i love bit is the entire place is deck out eagles. it says will come eagles.
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it says nfc champions and, the super bowl lii logo every where. i was inside we have murals and big giant blow up pictures of eagles players that you really feel this is it, the eagles are about to arrive here at the super bowl. they will get here landing in minnesota around 4:30. so we pulled in here around 5:00. of course, we will be here to bring you all of the coverage that we can. i will tell you there is quite a security presence, is there national guard, folks standing buy a lot of police but brian talk about that minnesota nice they could not be nicer. they pride themselves on. that they figure they will welcome people all over the world here this week so why not show them a hospitality. it is coal. it is not terrible. it has been, light snow flurries, all morning but boy, i think i'm just so excited i don't even feel it. so here we are, eagles team headquarters, they are going to land here, in just a few hours and we absolutely, cannot wait. so we will have much more,
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from this location. as soon as we get foreseeing also to arrive at super bowl lii. live outside their headquarters i'm jamie apody for channel six "action news" back to you in the nice warm, toasty studio. >> sorry, jamie. it ace beautiful sight, thank you. from kid, light displays, dogs, cat and jerseys many of been send nothing pictures and videos of your eagles pride. we also want to hear burr favorite eagles memories. post a picture or video showing your memory annulet # six abc action or post it directly on our facebook wall, you might just see it on tv. of course, beginning today we have complete live coverage from minneapolis as eagles prepare for the super bowl, ducis rodgers, jamie apody, brian taff, sharrie william and sarah bloomquist will bring you live reports from minnesota. keep up with the eagles and "action news" team on the air, on twitter, facebook and, of course, six check out our eagles coverage right on your phone or tablet from interviews with the players, to how fans are
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getting pumped for the super bowl. it is all on the six abc april am. the app is a free down load for your mobile device. we're following developing news from fey yet county where pennsylvania state police say five people were killed, through the shooting at a car wash. here's what we know about this so far. police received a call reporting gunshots, being fired at a car wash in mail cross around 2:50 this morning there they said they found four people, dead, and two others injured. one of the injuries later died at the hospital and according to our abc affiliate wtae, three victims are men, two are women, details on the surviving victim's conditions have not been released, so far , it is not clear if the shooter is among victims. motive for the shooting remains under investigation. >> we will update you on that as well. is there still much more to come on "action news" for this sunday afternoon scary moments at a center city bus terminal as an argument over
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drugs turns vei length. new jersey native and super bowl winner joe flacco sharing his super bowl advice for eagles. plus meteorologist david murphy will be back with the full accu weather forecast, when "action news", continues.
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and, david murphy is here with the forecast. wet today and lit knoll this week. >> possibly a couple chances of a little bit of snow. storm tracker six live double scan is showing us we are rather wet we get that idea as well looking at commodore barry bridge on sky six. a lot of cloud cover, kind of hard to sea water because there is fog that has formed along the water's surface. as we look at the weather center we have a lot have rain across the region but it is beginning to inch closer and closer to philadelphia that back edge and a lot of cloud cover out to the west. i expect you will have mainly cloudy skies in the lehigh valley even though you will be drying out before then.
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51 degrees in philadelphia. that is probably going to be very close to our high. i expect we will whoever around 51 the rest of the afternoon. fifty-one in wilmington. forty-eight in allentown. forty-seven in reading. fifty in trenton. fifty-two millville. still 47 in cape may. lets take a closer look at rain on storm tracker, you can see there are occasionally steady cells highlighted in yellow here or there allentown beginning to dry out. reading close as well. is what left over is there much lighter rain highlighted in the lighter shade of green. as we go down through south jersey it is lightening up to some degree as well but there is a chance of steady rain popping through at times the rest of the afternoon especially farther south you go down through the region but generally speaking we are seeing drying from the north extending through philadelphia over the next several hours. and in terms of the temperature well, again, 51 degrees, wind currently are calm in philadelphia and of course no wind chill to talk about today, because of the calm winds and those temperatures up a little bit. again, right now 50 in trenton
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and 51 in wilmington. future tracker six showing between now and 3:00 we are down to light lingering showers left over in philadelphia after that, everything is probably down in delaware and south jersey. this is 6:00 o'clock view. it may take until 11:00 tonight before this gets down in the southern cape may county, eventually you will see drying down there as well but it will be late in the game. high temperatures across the region all well above freezing and mild enough to prevent any icing. this is all rain today and tonight. fifty in allentown. that is your high. fifty-one in reading. fifty-two in philadelphia. fifty-two millville. 48 degrees high in cape may, new jersey this afternoon. here's how numbers will look today. probably staying honor about 51 between two and 4:00 o'clock. then we're in the mid 40's by eight and 10:00 o'clock. again that rain mainly starting to die away in philadelphia after 3:00 o'clock or so and then, continuing to shift to the south after. that cloudy and damp overall though. tomorrow we are watching a wave of low pressure coming up the coast. that will miss us. is there a weak feature coming
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from the west and this could produce initially perhaps some rain, late on monday night but as we go overnight into tuesday morning it changes over to snow. notice how this is light snow, minor accumulation but timing isn't good for morning commute , on tuesday morning. we could be a little bit slippery then. your exclusive seven day forecast today's high 51 degrees, cloudy, fairly dam one rain winding down from north to south as we go through the afternoon and evening. then increasing cloud on monday, 47, rain or snow developing at night and some light snow possible early on tuesday morning with afternoon drying and a high of 37. sunny and chilly on wednesday high of 36 there. then on thursday mostly cloudy , 50 and another round of rain arrives at night and then on friday we could see that rain as temperatures drop , change over to at lee wet snow in parts of the region and groundhog day. it will be messy out there. thirty-nine. the afternoon high. accu weather alerts for tuesday and friday, basically tuesday morning commute and friday evening commute. saturday sunny and cold, 31. i am looking at an increase to
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40 for a high on super bowl sunday. gray, how that. >> thanks, david, so much. one man is injured after a knife attack involving three homeless men in philadelphia's gray hound bus terminal. the action cam at that scene, at tenth and filbert streets in center city. police say men were arguing over a bag of cocaine, when one man pulled out a knife. he stabbed the man in the chest and then slashed the other across the face and then runs off. the man with a chest jurist in critical but stable condition. the other man is in stable. the suspect is still on the run.
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so glad you are with us n
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sports now eagles wrapped up their final practice of the season. >> and before the players leave for the super bowl they told "action news" what it is like facing the new england patriots and what they expect from philadelphia fans. jeff skversky explains. >> eagles fans take over minneapolis. that is the long and short of from it chris long eagles defensive end. he said eagles fans need to dominate at the super bowl like they have at linc and road all season. doug pederson and eagles with their final full practice in philadelphia yesterday before flying out in minnesota later this afternoon. standing in the way of their first super bowl title the patriots... again. modern day dynasty with future hall of famers tom brady and bill belichick but they are not saying away from this challenge. they want new england, badly. >> you respect all, fear none, you know, they have to do what we do and we will focus on us. >> i wouldn't want to play any other team because obviously they have been there multiple times. they won it multiple times. so, in order for you to earn
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it, you have to beat somebody you want to earn it from. >> i think this team is as motivated as possible regardless of, you know, people saying we will not win or regardless, i think this team is ready to win. >> running back corry clement from glassboro, new jersey is ultimate under dog story on this team making roster as a rookie free agent in training camp. now his goal, to make sure broad street is packed for a parade. >> you know, not only representing philadelphia eagles but the city of philadelphia. i have a lot to play for. i have family to play for. i have my friends. i have my hometown. i'm sure everybody else has a chip on their shield their they want to play for. we will just go out to minnesota, lock in and handle our business. >> if the eagles defense has one glaring hold it is stopping opposing tightened which could pose a problem with the patriots rob gronkowski who has most receiving yard by tightened in nfl history. he returned to practice yesterday, yet to be cleared
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though from that concussion. brady and patriots offense ranked number one in the nfl, second in passing, second in scoring but brady bunch are in for a tough one against the eagles d. >> they've got, you know, a great defense, as good as we have faced all year and the d line is, you know, i think better then any team we have faced all year. fletcher cox is an incredible player. but they are all really talented. they play well together. they have a great scheme. they have been playing well all year. that is why they are in this game. that is why we're in this game you know, it will be a great game. >> can't wait. well, eagles yet to know what it feels like to win the super bowl you don't to have look very far to know someone who does. audubon, new jersey native joe flacco, former delaware quarterback who won super bowl for ravens five years ago and was named mvp, it meant it vice cool to see philadelphia going nuts right now. so joe, what kind of advise do
12:27 pm
you have for eagles quarterback nick foles. >> it is just something you have to experience for yourself, you know, kind of learn as you go, you know, biggest thing, and i'm sure he knows is to play loose and have fun. >> we caught up with flacco at warriors gym in mount laurel, new jersey where he was signing autographs. that is sports. i'm jeff skversky. have a great day. so great. >> i know, can't wait. another half an hour of "action news" is just ahead. >> our continuing eagles coverage, exclusive accu weather forecast and whole lot more right after the break.
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happening right now we are awaiting the team to board their flight to minnesota for the super bowl. we are live, by the tarmac. once bird arrive in minneapolis there will be a lot to sianni do. we have a live report from the eagles hotel. eagles inspired shirt that went viral gets a make over just in time for the super bowl. those stories and more but first we will go outside to meteorologist david murphy. it has been a rainy sunday. >> it has, getting better in the far northern and western suburbs but umbrella here otter ace. satellite weighed air wide view shows how rain is tapering off to the north and west of fail but still pretty wet elsewhere. storm tracker six live double scan shows us that. still steady pockets of rain highlighted in yellow popping through dover, wilmington and
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making their way toward the shore. we are seeing drying though in allentown and reading. drizzle drop there. that is a sign of things to come as that drying line will work its way down over next couple hours in philadelphia and then over to the coast later on tonight. 52 degrees by 2:00 on this model and expecting temperatures to stay close to 51 the rest of the afternoon and then by 6:00 down to 48, an down in the lower 40's by 2:00 a.m. i think overnight low in philadelphia will be 38 toward dawn and by then rain will be long gone. when i step inside in a moment we will talk about how that will happen on future tracker six. we have a flood watch up along delaware river between easton and bushkill that is supposed to expire at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. we will see. it depends how much of that ice jam isis melted and how much water on either side of the river has receded by then. when i step inside we will show you rain on future track er six this afternoon and authentic. then we have to talk about a couple other chances of precipitation this week, and, nydia and gray, they are,
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potential snow makers not major but rain mixing with some snow both times. >> all right, david, thank you we are less than an hour away, for eagles scheduled departure from philadelphia to head to minnesota. >> this will be last last time team will be in fail before the super bowl lii. >> of course, at super bowl they will compete for this the lombardi trophy, arrived in minneapolis this weekend. >> you got to be excited about this. >> we have team coverage, jamie apody live in minnesota at hotel players will be staying at leading up to the big game but first "action news" reporter bob brooks live in southwest philadelphia where the team will take off and bob, already some fans out there. >> reporter: yah, gray and nydia there is a very exciting time, and it happens every year a trip to the super bowl. lets go off to the side and i will show you how many fans, excited people have come down here hanging outside airport, hang outside the fence, ready to send eagles off right up to
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minneapolis, minute so the a then i have the falcone family with me from delaware county. >> yes. >> reporter: let's talk real quick why did you come down here. >> we love eagles. this is our year, baby. >> will they win beat the patriots. >> absolutely 100 percent. everybody loves an under dog. thinks our year. we're doing it. >> reporter: we were talking a little while ago what do you think the game plan is? >> um, i don't know, but -- >> reporter: go there, play tough. >> yeah. >> reporter: you watched them. give me your biggest go eagles cheer before we send it off, here. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: all right, guys, thanks very much. behind me is there the plane, the birds where to board head out to minneapolis. last word i got they were coming from across the platt bridge, that was about five minutes ago, so they should be here, any moment, and when they do you can be sure we will bring it to you live. report living from southwest philadelphia bob brooks,
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channel six "action news". gray and nydia back to you. >> exited to see the team as they helped off. our team coverage continues with jamie apody live at the hotel the team will be staying at for next week. jamie, it was snowing earlier. not much right now. love the coat, by the way. >> and, thank you, it is very warm and yes, it is not, and and straight from the airport, i'll tell you there is a big security presence here at team headquarters. we have the national guard. they have got rifles. they are real. they are intimidating but they are out here for a reason to make sure everything is safe. let me tell you they could not be nicer. talk about minnesota nice. these people are so really kind, and very hospitality is something you can actually feel in minneapolis. this is the team headquarters. this is like their novacare complex for next week or so. they will have team meetings and team meals and walk throughs, and they have really done up the place. what i love is you can see
12:34 pm
players, pictures all over, you can see it says welcome eagles, and nfc champions. super bowl lii logos. you get in the spirit of things here. it kind of hit me eagles really are in the super bowl. i'm standing just a couple feet away from the mall of america. right on the other side of the wall here. that is where the team will have their availability on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we will be able to go inside to the mall of america and talk the two players about everything they are experiencing here at the super bowl, new for so many of them. new for me. this is the super bowl i have had a chance to cover. i was inside the mall checking it out. is there another world. amusement park, roller coaster , i might to have hit that up and cold weather gear as well. so here i am. we are anticipating very eagles arrival, they will land in minneapolis around 4:30. they will get here around 5:00 we will be here every step of the way, live at team headquarters, is the eagles, as they are set to live here
12:35 pm
at super bowl lii. i'm jamie apody channel six "action news". gray and nydia back to you. >> exciting times here and there, jamie, thanks very much for the update. eagles players were in delaware county meeting the fans before heading off to the super bowl. take a look at the scene outside karl's card and collectibles in haverford as crowd there is lined up to meet tray burton and donel el erbee, bird signed autographs and took pictures there bird say the plan toys win and then party down broad street. running back lagarrette blount stopped by nick's roast beef in northeast philadelphia you can see there. several fans asking him hey, sign our eagles football and pose for a selfie with me. they also wished him well on next sunday. one of the hottest t-shirts in town has been home dog shirts designed by eagles offensive tackle lane johnson. it was his way to embrace the team's under dog label in the post season. now is there a new shirt hot off presses and it features the same under dog theme, but
12:36 pm
this one says, unleashed and untamed, finish it for philly. johnson once again partnered with a local warehouse in broomall to print the shirt. all of the proceed from the t-shirt sales will go to johnson's holiday 65 foundation to benefit the school district of philadelphia. if you want to see super bowl lii in person while giving for a good cause you will want to hear this eagles tightened tray burton announcing that the nfl players association is auction ing off two tickets to the super bowl, on line and we have posted that linc in the article, on the sports page of six proceed will benefit the international, justice mission , which is dedicated to the fight against slavery and trafficking, the bidding will end tonight. ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. e e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles ♪ >> wow. >> good job. that beautiful rendition of the eagles fight song, thanks
12:37 pm
to former eagles player brian dawkins, he showed up at philadelphia auto show this weekend after leading on a cheer at pennsylvania convention center. he took pictures with the fans and many of whom proudly sporting their eagles, green and white. >> speaking of eagles pride from pictures to kid, license plates, dogs, even cats and jerseys many of been sending in pictures and videos of your eagles pride. we want to you share your favorite eagles memory, post a picture or video sharing your memory using #six abc action or post it directly on our facebook wall and you might just see it right here on six abc. of course, "action news" has complete live coverage from minneapolis as the eagles prepare for the super bowl. ducis rodgers, jamie apody, brian taff, sharrie williams and sarah bloomquist will be bringing you live reports from minnesota all week long and keep up with the eagles and "action news" team on the air, on twitter, on facebook and, of course, six check out our eagles coverage right on your phone
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and tablet from interviews with players, to how fans are getting pumped for the super bowl it is all on the six abc app. the app is a free down load for your mobile device. >> all right. are you pumped, ready? >> we're ready we're ready. still much more to come on "action news" sports sunday a opera hailed as the most successful in the century and is about to take the stage here in philadelphia. >> with just one week to go before super bowl lii hear how businesses are handling reservation force their game watching parties and celebrations. let's take you live outside right now sky 6hd giving thaw really rainy glimpse here meteorologist david murphy in for chris sowers with the full accu weather forecast talking about snow next week, we will be right back after this.
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it has been a exciting weekend for easings fans who traveled from all over to meet the players and wish them well ahead of the super bowl. "action news" reporter trish hartman was at oxford valley mall in langhorne bucks county where the excitement was electrifying. >> go bird.
12:41 pm
>> reporter: they waited in line by the hundreds outside dynasty sports in the oxford valley mall. >> philly. >> what have you been doing to pass time. >> eating food and getting fat >> reporter: some with chairs some with underdogmas accounts all with team spirit. >> wow. >> reporter: linebacker michael kendricks and cornerback ronald darby signed autographs and took pictures with fans the night before they are due to head to minnesota for super bowl lii. >> it is always good to meet with the fans, especially on game day but they took time out of our day to see us, so, it is a great feeling. >> reporter: that feeling was mutual. >> we just met michael kendricks what was that like. >> that was really exciting. he is one of my favorite players. >> reporter: sheila reid brought her autistic son who loves ronald darby but hates crowds. >> he had to register it but he made it and i'm so proud of him. >> people think is nothing it is such a big deal.
12:42 pm
>> reporter: several hours in the event quarterback patrick robinson still had in the shown up as scheduled. dynasty employees handed out pizza for loyal fans, who waited. around 9:00 p.m. it was announced due to a packed schedule he would not show. >> little disappointed but everybody was pretty friendly. you could tell attitude changed a little but everybody talk and it was a friendly atmosphere. >> reporter: despite long day of waiting fans say this was their way to send off their team. >> eagles. >> thinks something we have been waiting for a long, long time. if something happens they want to bring it home. >> reporter: dynasty sports offered fans refunds for their tickets to see robinson or offered them a chance to see him once they reschedule his appearance which they say will be sometime after the super bowl. reporting live from langhorne trish hartman channel six "action news". >> patrick robinson sent out this tweet to his fans after missing his plan event. he said quote a pol guys to all of the eagle fans. due to circumstances outside
12:43 pm
of my control i missed my signing at dynasty sports. i'm in the process of rescheduling another day post super bowl. a friendly wager may pay off big for eagles fans during an opened practice last summer , at lincoln financial field eagles right tackle lane johnson made a promise of sorts. >> promise to the city, i think we have a few big years man and make playoffs and win a super bowl i'm giving out beer to everybody. >> okay. luckily, eagles eyed person at budd light they saw an opportunity and they have doubled down on this promise and tweeted johnson said let's make a bit. win it all and the party is on us. deal? so, this week local fan tweet ed budd light one game away, is that still on. budd light responded saying we have not forgotten. >> yes. and then there is that. all right. well, it is a little wet if you have plans to let out. start to go dry out in the northern suburbs but still raining in philadelphia.
12:44 pm
we still see a couple umbrellas walking around down there in center city. lets go take a look at radar and you can see that radar is, indeed, in play, allentown, reading beginning to get on the other side of the rain which is kind of nice but as we take a look at the overhead view you can still see there is fairly steady rain coming through philadelphia, highlighted in yellow, darker shade of green extending to the top of the bucks county and montgomery county as well and down in through south jersey and delaware, that line is starting to move closer to philadelphia and over next hour and a half or so we will see rain slack off here as well. if you are all the way down in cape may county you might wait until later tonight before the rain is finally passed you. 51 degrees your current temperature. winds are calm. if you have umbrella or rain gear and manage to get out split is not too bad temperature wise. up in allentown it is drying out, 48 degrees, put on a coat and good shape. forty-eight in reading. fifty-one in philadelphia and wilmington. we are not expecting these temperatures to go very far.
12:45 pm
they will stay close to 51 for next several hearst before they start to fall off later on tonight. in terms of the rain itself, future tracker six between now and 3:00 o'clock shows you that it still looks like it is probably past philadelphia by two and then later on in the evening hours it drops down south of fail with perhaps more rain coming back in, later in the evening hours. but, the afternoon is where we will see most of the improvement. cloudy skies in the lehigh valley. rain in the process of ending right now. we have a drizzle, drop, spray on your windshield coming up off the wet road. high of 50. down the shore cloudy skies and pretty damp down the shore holding on to that rain until later around dinner time tonight. 50 degrees the high there as well. fifty-one is the high in philadelphia cloudy skies, damp conditions that rain tapering off early to mid afternoon and then further south you go from philadelphia , the longer you are dealing witt. thirty-eight is overnight low. clearing out to some degree overnight. bit cooler. winds picking up a little bit n terms of the minneapolis, well, it is going to be a cold commute, heading out there over next several days and
12:46 pm
especially toward end of the week. tuesday travel day to avoid if you can because there could somebody snow out in minneapolis on tuesday. and then by thursday, friday, bitter cold, temperatures with highs in the single digits and wind chills below that. it is now looking like there is a lit built of quote unquote improvement for super bowl sunday in minneapolis. tailgaters will get 21 degrees for afternoon high. cloudy skies, flurries possible and then move indoors and then you don't to have worry about any of that. big game coming up on sunday though, a big event for the city and hopefully it end happily for everybody, here, not up there. not in new england. fifty-one. cloudy skies. damp conditions today with that rain gradually heading south through the region and then, drying out, later this afternoon in philadelphia and eventually down the shore. increasing cloud on monday, 47 , at night there could be rain, quickly changing over to snow and light snow, it is possible on tuesday morning, and probably not a lot, maybe an inch in some spots but the timing is bad for the tuesday morning commute. lit slimry possibly tuesday morning.
12:47 pm
then we will dry out. thirty-seven the high in the afternoon. sunny and chilly 36 degrees on wednesday, and 50 mostly cloudy, and, rain arriving overnight and spills into friday morning and probably changes over to at lee a little bit of snow. we have the accu weather alert for tuesday on the morning commute. friday important possibly slippery conditions in the evening commute and a high of 39 on friday. saturday, sunny, cold, high of 31 degrees. and that would appear on the surface to bode ill for eagles parties, right, real cold, right? no. sunday afternoon we will improve and new we have a shot of maybe like 41, 42 for a high which wouldn't be bad getting ready to head over tour pregame celebrations. >> pretty good. >> thanks, david. opera philadelphia is kicking off second half of the season with the philadelphia premiere of an international sensation. karen rodgers has more in this weeks six abc love the arts. >> ♪ >> reporter: written on skinnies hailed assentry's most successful opera debuted
12:48 pm
in france in 2012 and played in every major opera house in europe. now opera philadelphia is staging a new production of the show, right here in philadelphia. written on skin follows a wealthy french landowner who becomes enraged with his 14 year-old wife's inn fat racial with the young artist. >> young girl and boy and is there a curiosity sparked. >> reporter: passionate but violent love story set in 13th century france. >> she goes on a journey of self discovery, rebellion and independent and in the end claimed her own life. >> ♪ >> reporter: for lauren, playing the young wife marks her opera philadelphia debut. >> i'm really excited. have one in the opera world talks bit. >> reporter: written on skinnies creation of the george benjamin, british composer, his first full length opera and critics called it a 21st century masterpiece. >> it really is unlike anything i have seen, or studied, for contemporary opera. it has been through every house in europe which is almost unheard of.
12:49 pm
>> reporter: for opera philadelphia award winning director will curly put a fresh take on the piece. >> he is pushing to us work beyond what opera stereo typically is. >> reporter: first new staging of the opera in the u.s. and one that produces a feast for the eyes. >> they are embracing colors, bright blue, bright red, green and gold leaf. the music, the story are just so rich. i think audiences will love it >> reporter: opera philadelphia perform written on skin february 9th through 18th at the academy of music. for tickets in she time visit arts in for six abc loves the arts, i'm karen rodgers.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
all right. folks happening right now time for eagles to fly west as they helped off to minneapolis, one week ahead of the big game. >> yeah, action cam is live in atlantic aviation there at philadelphia international airport. you can see team members and eagles officials boarding the plane right now. than gathered to wish the team well.
12:52 pm
"action news" bob brooks is live with all of the excitement and bob, this is last chance for folks to offer their support and encouragement in person. you can see them and hear them chanting right now. >> ♪ >> reporter: hi there, nydia and gray. people down here are greeting the eagles. they are here. and, they are headed to minneapolis for super bowl lii let me step out of the way here to show you, try to fight against a pretty good sized crowd that has formed here outside of the fence and you can see the players right there on the stairs getting up into their plane. i was just out in minneapolis, earlier this week, about a two her flight, one hour time difference out there, it is a little bit colder to say the very least out there but they are prepared. i was in the locker room, yesterday, the final media opportunity with the players in the locker room before they flew out today, and they were just talking about staying focused having a later-like
12:53 pm
focus and ignoring the noise. i spoke with chris long he had been to the super bowl before, he was telling me that his message to the younger players who have not been to this is to you might to have come across sort of like a jerk to some people because you just want to severalties with any distractions that they might have, out there for the super bowl. so again, they will try to treat it like any other game, but, hard to because it is for the biggest game that is there , highest steaks, but a lot of excitement down here, a lot of the fans, you can hear doing eagles chants, there is not a single person down here that i can tell you this much that doesn't think they are bringing home the lombardi trophy to broad street in one week from today, guys, back to you in the studio. >> ducis was saying earlier today he, brian, sharrie, they are in minneapolis. they are in that hanger where plane will fly into in minneapolis. jamie apody is at the hotel
12:54 pm
and ducis said this is very much like a business trip for eagles. they have a lot of work to do. jamie apody's live, tell us what you are expecting? >> okay. >> reporter: well, nydia we are expecting eagles to get here around 5:00 o'clock our time there, and when they do get here i think they will be hit with the reality check that they are actually in the super bowl. team headquarters here is all done it with eagles logos and it says welcome eagles nfc champions and you can see all sorts of the super bowl lii rowing owes and big security presence at team headquarters. one of the things that is perfect to point out here is the eagles, they made a lot of work this season and they have played very well on the road but one of the things they are not used to is waiting a long time once they get to their destination. they arrive in a city on saturday, game on sunday and then they play. now, the game is in the for another week. we wish it could be played today or tomorrow, so that
12:55 pm
will be the big key here is how do they maintain their focus. there will be a lot of distractions, all sorts of hoopla, hype surrounding the super bowl. all sorts of the mandated team events and availabilities and the media night tomorrow night and that is the key is what will they do for an entire week here. how do they stay on their schedule, stay on pace, stay focused on football and not get distracted. that is what chris long and lagarrette blount, guys been here, has been the biggest difficulty for these young players to do is to try to drawn out that ought and focus on football. that being said doug pederson said earlier in the week he left 15 percent or so of the game plan to be installed right here in minneapolis so they have no choice. he didn't install the whole game plan in philadelphia they have a lot to do here in minneapolis. they will do that behind me, at this team headquarters, they will be having their team meals here, their team meetings here, they will be hold being walk through here's and right adjacent is mall of america where they will team availabilities on tuesday,
12:56 pm
wednesday, thursday. i think that is the key here for the eagles because once they touchdown in minneapolis we have got an entire week before they play the game, what are they go to go do and how will they stay focused is guys. >> we should mention that the eagles face patriots back in 2004 for super bowl 39. they lost that, 24-21 when they faced them then. how much pressure is on this team right new to bring back that trophy. >> reporter: gray, everyone knows we don't have a super bowl championship in philadelphia it is one thing that that missing. folks have been dying for it. people have lived their entire lives, generations, wanting to see a lombardi trophy back to philadelphia the fact that they are playing the same team that broke our hearts 13 years ago, just add to the story, and odd to that the fact that patriots still have the same coach and quarterback still playing at this level, tom brady, bill belichick it is
12:57 pm
uncanny. so yes, is there so much that goes into this. in the only did eagles want to bring that super bowl trophy back to fail but they also want to beat those guys, and broke their hearts 13 years ago tom brady, bill belichick is there so much hatred for patriots. i talked to jeremiah trotter on that team earlier in the week and he told me he still has not watched the super bowl game. he has not allowed him to wear his nfc champion ship ring because it hurts so bad. he said if this current team is able to do it and win, maybe then he will be able to go watch the game, and he participated back in 2004/05. all of his teammates feel that way too. they so badly wanted to win for our city that hopefully this team can bring back redemption. >> redemption time, thanks. >> lets go back out to bob brooks the atlantic aviation. it looks like last are boarding the game right now. this is their last time that they will be able to wish the eagles their support and their encouragement in advance of
12:58 pm
this big game in minnesota next sunday, bob. >> reporter: hi, nydia yeah. i got you loud and clear. standing right next to the camera. i want everybody to take this moment in. you never necessity when it will come again. like you said majority of the team you can see just up in one of those doorways has gone on a few more people trickling on right now. just really an exciting time. i know couple minutes ago we were live, tons of eagles chants, fans are down here in full support of this team. i have got more fans standing right next to me here. i want to interview you live. why come down here and send them off. >> this is our team and we will win, bring it home for sure. >> in doubt. >> reporter: you have your eagles gear on. >> yes, this is what i chose for today. >> reporter: she told me a couple minutes ago if you felt like your heart was up in your throat. >> yes, waiting for kick off, stage, watching them get on the plane. >> the game is not for another week are you going to be all right. >> yes, i will have to find a
12:59 pm
book to read or something. >> reporter: how about you girls any message to the team as they fly out there. >> 90 percent of america wants the eagles to win and in one wants patriots to win. only people that want patriots to win is the nfl commish inner. >> reporter: hang on that is patriots have a little conspiracy theory give me your last big go eagles cheer so they can hear while doors are still opened. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> bring it home. >> wow. >> reporter: all right guys very exciting time. another look at the plane just a few hours away, i was just out there earlier this week. city of minneapolis is doing an incredible job to set up for the team when they come out there, and i know about a half hour ago, hour ago brian taff was talking about that minneapolis, minnesota nice ness. it really is. they were a little salty at first because we had to get
1:00 pm
through minnesota to get out to minneapolis but this is something they have comes to terms with that and didn't speak to one person out there who wanted to see patriots win , like that young woman just told me 90 percent of the country according to her everybody else is pulling for bird. >> make such a good point, we want to get back out to jamie at eagles hotel in minneapolis i was going to ask you what kind of reception they are expecting from minnesota, jamie. >> reporter: well, i think it is mixed because eagles beat them, the vikings so there is that. but what they have going for it, and, and, reception either folks are very, very nice here in minnesota and they pride themselves on that which is pretty special. we are standing here waiting for all of the hoopla to start eagles taking off. back in philadelphia a


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