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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 29, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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5:00 a.m., friday, january 29. here's what we're following. >> it's eagles week, super bowl week is officially here. the eagles are in minnesota getting ready for the big game fans are showing off their eagles excitement. >> new information after a deadly hit-and-run, a tow driver is killed on the schuylkill expressway, now a person is being questioned in the case. >> we're tracking cooler weather and several chances for snow this week. >> let's find more about the s-word david murphy is talking about that. >> reporter: kind of funny we're talking about that with temperatures in the 50s. by the way two chance this --
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chances this week, we're cruising the small k -- small z z -- small s not the capital s. you'll be stuck with showers in delaware and cape may county for the morning. we're dry across the rest of the region. kind of cloudy out there. 40 in trenton. 43 in wilmington be and 43 -- 4 in wilmington and cape may. this model has 45 for the high. i'm going for 47. we stay in the 40s, fairly cloudy conditions not that you can get a sunny break, but well be on the -- we will be on the cloudy side today and overnighter tonight dropping down to 42 degrees. we have an issue with light snow
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arriving, the snow will begin toward dawn, off and on during the day. could be a slippery commute if the snow gets here in time for that. we'll look at the areas affected in the morning coming up in just a couple of minutes. karen what you got over there. >> reporter: this is the blue route, schuylkill expressway moving nicely southbound. temperatures above freezing, the rain is off the coastline and hugging the cape may coast, not the rest of the area. we had an early morning accident in upper frederick township just cleared. crews no longer on the scene at big road. things are better there. not so much on the northeast extension we have construction crews out there blocking the right lane northbound between quakertown and lehigh valley. outside live on the area bridges, a little bit damp in
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spots. westbound traffic heading toward the city and moving nicely on the ben there. we have construction crews blocking the right lane on i-95 southbound in mercer county traveling toward bear tavern road. >> we're 6 days away from the super bowl. excitement is buildings here and in the lehigh valley. >> the birds arrived in minneapolis ready to hit the field for the big game. jamie apody and ducis rogers were outside the hotel where the team is staying. >> we're outside the eagles team hotel they arrived yesterday afternoon they are geared up for super bowl 52. super bowl week is upon us. >> reporter: of course they have a long week before they actually play the game, but it's time to get down to business, tonight's opening night that's what they call it. that's when the entire world and
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media from all over the planet comes to ask the zaniest questions possible. there will be football questions as well. >> reporter: they will have practicing before they gear up for the sunday game against the patriots. it will be a fun week down here in minnesota. we'll have live report throughout the week and throughout the day. she is jamie apody i'm ducis rogers minneapolis. >> jeanette reyes is live for us in center city. good morning, jennette. >> reporter: good morning, tam, it seems the eagles fans want to see the green glow all the way from minneapolis. this morning some of them trying to get their hands on a special jersey, but no advise they are out in -- no surprise they are out in many places. many want to show their support
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for the team. that explains the shortage of the number 9 nick foles. flores flocked to modells to get eagles gear. >> reporter: just days away from the super bowl, the undieing loyalty for our eagles only grows stronger any sign of that other team they are playing is being wiped away or better yet covered up. >> what do you think of the name change. >> we're in philly, i guess it's fine. >> reporter: this boston market on the boulevard temporarily changed its name. a good call if you ask any birds fan. >> i think it's wonderful they are covering up the boston, boo boston and new england. >> reporter: and that's not the
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only boston market that decided to change its name, there are 8 in philadelphia, and two in new jersey who made the call. you can see there, eagles fan very, very supportive of that mood. i don't think they would mind if that changed permanently, too. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." tam. >> thank you jennette. the "action news" team is at the heart of all things involving super bowl 52 including live reports from minneapolis all week long. keep up with the "action news" team on the air and social media and >> we have new information about a deadly crash that led to the shut down of the schuylkill expressway expressway near the belmont avenue exit for hours. a tow truck driver who was involved died from his injuries. crashed happened in the eastbound lanes after 9:00 p.m. the driver that struck the victim left the scene, but caught nearby by pennsylvania state police he is being questioned. four people were found shot and killed at a car wash near
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pittsburgh. relatives say it started because of a domestic dispute. the victims in two different vehicles were shot with a semi automatic rifle and handgun. the shooter was 28-year-old timothy smith who used to date one of the victims. smith is hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the head possibly self inflicked and not expected to survive. police are investigating after gunfire was reported along city avenue area in wynnfield heights. people in two cars were apparently shooting one another. some of the bullets hit the door of the hilton. nobody was injured. kind of a topscy topsy turvy week. >> reporter: we'll have snow, but temperatures are above freezing and that will help us
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out. storm tracker 6 live shows us the system is rain. this is the system that made us wet for a while yesterday. down the shore it's hard to kick it off the coast, it will be damp down there for a while perhaps into the afternoon. as we look outside, we have sky6 live hd, looking at the commodore barry bridge, looking better than yesterday when we were showing it to you, we had a lot fog on the river and vowbs the rain coming -- obviously the rain coming down, that's gone along delaware. 35 degrees in allentown. 36 in reading. 43 in wilmington. 43 in trenton. 44 in millville and cape may. a little cool out there, but not too bad, down the shore mild enough to make it rain today. the system is extends to the west. it's slow to move. we have a coastal low coming up the coast that might keep it damp in cape may and southern delaware and tomorrow morning a little bit more that of that cog
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in. down the shore it will be cloudy and breezy and damp, especially the farther south you go along the coast as we go into the afternoon. 44 the high there. lots of clouds in philadelphia, too, 47 degrees, breezy, several degrees above average. the average high is around 40 degrees. winds northeast 8 to 16 miles per hour. overnight tonight, clouds stay thick, we get down to 30, late in the overnight hours there could be light snow especially down the shore and another system coming in from the west into the western suburbs. there's the coastal low. that's minor impact not that this feature coming in from the west is a major impact that's the one that will get us most of the precipitation. it will be on and off light snow, minor accumulations, slick spots possible if the stuff comes in early. let's check out future tracker 6 with that story. during the morning rush hour by 7:30. western suburbs have a shot of getting this. through the rest of the day it's
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a off and on snow shower coming through. most of it light and getting out east of us by 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. snowfall amounts doesn't look like much only a trace. a coating to an inch in eastern pennsylvania anne to the west, one to two. the rpm has nothing, i doubt that's going to happen. small snowfall amounts falling in above freezing temperatures. light snowd off through most of the day, a coating to two inches. temperatures above freezing. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, cloudy and 47. light snow showers tomorrow, 35 degrees. if anything comes in early enough it could be slick for the morning commute. wednesday, bright brisk and cold, 46. thursday, rain at night. friday, early rain and perhaps a mix of snow, too, looks like temperatures are probably above freezing, hope will hopefully ts
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minor impact. groundhog day goes on with a little bit precipitation out there. back up 43 on super bowl sunday. there's been a deadly attack in afghanistan at a military base, the latest attack in a matter of days. see a snow mobiler being rescued after being swallowed by a pile of snow. >> reporter: this is eastbound traffic past montgomery drive on the schuylkill expressway, no problems heading toward center city. we'll take you to exton and see what's going on there coming up. 5:13 a.m., taking a live
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look at the benjamin franklin parkway, it is monday, super bowl week and your fold eagles are playing in the biggest football game in the croon verse. [laughter]. >> this is very
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came under attack. the army away as tacked by a suicide bomber and then there was a gun battle that lasted hours. isis claimed responsibility for
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the attack. it came days after an attack in kabul and after another attack in kabul that left 20 people and multiple american citizens dead. take a look at this video that shows a snowboarder rescue his friend. he jumps off a small cliff and disappearance into the snow below. his friend uncovers his head and clears enough snow to pull him out. nobody was hurt. sixers joel embiid was cleared to play back-to-back games, he did everything he could to get rerenting under russell westbrook. the sixers couldn't get the win in the end, oklahoma city wins
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122-112. none of the eagles took part in the pro bowl because they were excused because they are playing in the super bowl. some action on the sidelines upstaged the game. saints quarterback drew brees' three sons, became a bit too rowdy pushing and shoving each other, all three ended up getting a talking to from dad. >> [laughter]. >> just another day i'm sure in their house. >> we have an update on a hood surfing cat in oregon. some of them reported seeing a cat in oregon. the fearless feline enjoy riding in the car since they were kittens, they were on a leash and wear a safety vest. he never let's them ride at high
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speeds or go out on busy roads.
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>> reporter: good monday morning, everybody, it's eagles week! let's look outside in west philadelphia. westbound on your left towards the airport. moving nicely over the platt bridge sitting at the mid span, sitting pretty. we have a bridge opening schedule burlington bristol bridge, use the turnpike connector bridge instead of that. mass transit looking good. >> reporter: a little bit cool across the region. 40 degrees on the bus stop and the el station platform. i'm going for a high of 47. it will be fairly cloudy during the day and staying dry. for the evening commute getting back into the low 40s. a little bit breezier on the platform. we have a rain shower that has opened up in orlando, the
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temperature is 68 degrees, it will be a warm afternoon in case you're heading to florida, tam. in "healthcheck," health experts are telling people to get the flu shot especially if you're going to the super bowl. it's an important precaution because right now flu activity is high in minnesota. with up to a million people expected in activities for america's biggest sporting event there's a lot of opportunity for germs to spread. in the nfl booth volunteers are making sure they disinfect the virtual reality equipment in between each use. grammy awards were packed with impressive performance ens, see the big winners and the moments people are talking about. >> scott responds to
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sexual assault charges. >> reporter: this morning, 24-year-old jennifer salter tweeting videos of a different kind. >> american airline calling the shots they don't want you flying on their plane today. she allegedly got into an altercation with a flight attendant when she left her seat to open the overhead compartment. every sincedavid dao was dragged off a flight last year. selter said they want to see changes made. >> with your "g.m.a." first look, kendis gibson, abc news new york.
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robitussin dm max. look across the center city skyline, a lot of green out there. the eagles week, 5:25 a.m., 43 degrees, monday morning. >> time for the morning buzz, the grammy wards music's biggest night, the biggest winners were bruno mars took home 6 awards including album of the year. best pop album, ed sherin.
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pop star kesha gave a powerful performance of her own experience of abuse ♪ >> most performers arrived for the show wearing a white rose to symbolize the move for me too that tackles sexual harassment and inquality. the pivotal moment was attributed to the music loving victims of manchester and eric clapton performed tears in heaven. dave chappell won the award for best comedy album.
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little blue ivy stole the show her 6-year-old was caught shushing her parents for clapping too loud. mom, dad. tam. >> you know, i could see this happening. >> she's a real star. >> our super bowl cover annual continues as the eagles and fans get ready for game day. >> new information about a fire that injured 6 people in north philadelphia. an arrest has been made. we've got developing news out of berks county. three people were killed inside a home in reading. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. now on "action news," the
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eagles have landed. super bowl excitement shifts into high gear with less than a week to go to the big game. gunfire leads to a deadly discovery in berks county. multiple victims are found in one home. fire injuries people in north philadelphia, police expect foul play. one person was forced to jump from the home. >> let's go over to david murphy with a little bit more snow, david murphy has more on
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that. and karen rogers is helping you go to work and school this morning. >> reporter: we had a spring fling but that's over. >> reporter: we have mainly dry conditions, there's clouds out there and lingering rain down the shore. sky6 live hd shows you that, there's highlight also of that in green. there's a chance that it hangs on down the shore in cape may county and southern delaware for a good portion of the morning and in the afternoon. 43 degrees under the clouds. dry in the city, 40 in trenton. 43 in wilmington, 35 in allentown. 36 in reading, a little cooler in the northern and western suburbs currently. as we go through the day, we'll see temperatures a little above average again. this model has 45. i'm going 47 for the high, while there is the possibility of a sunny break here or there. looks like it's mostly cloudy,


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