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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 29, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning erk america. a powerful and political night at the grammys. as music's top artists say time's up. women dominate the stage. ♪ i'm proud of who i am >> but not the awards. the backlash to hillary clinton's "fire and fury" moment. also this morning, president trump preparing for his first state of the union address. admitting he wants his presidency to be disruptive. why he say he's not a feminist. and what he's revealing about where and when he tweets. new flu fears at the super bowl. more than 1 million people heading to minnesota for the big game. staffers woging overtime trying to make the popular attractions safe. the alarming video. a 7-year-old handcuffed at
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school. taken into custody. accused of attacking his teacher. his parents now outraged. ♪ plus, pure gold on the grammys stage. bruno mars. winning that 24 karat magic. and the top stars teaming up for powerhouse performances. what music's biggest stars are telling our cameras right here on "gma." >> good morning, america. and good morning, america. hope you had a good weekend. think bruno mars did. six grammys last night. >> incredible. jay z was nominated for eight awards. didn't take home any of those. he's going to remember this. as we all are going to witness. there's blue ivy, 6 years old. shushing mom and dad. calling the shots. she wanted to hear what is going on. >> sthat's exactly what my daughter harper does.
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>> did she just shush them? >> he's only 6. they got a lifetime of that. a big night for women in the music business as well. making a powerful statement on the red carpet and on the stage. chris connelly was there for it all. hey, chris. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. state of the musical union. at its return to new york city, the grammyss' every moment seemed to be fraught with significance. supercharged statements that inter twined the personal and the political. ♪ there's not enough to share this ♪ >> reporter: impassions performances from women dominating the 60th grammy awards. ♪ cause you brought the flames and you put me through hell ♪ >> reporter: kesha joined by a host of female vocalists for her song, praying. ♪ praying ♪ i'm so tired >> reporter: telling her painful
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story in powerful words and music. sharing deeply felt embraces afterwards. moving the crowd. many wearing wyatt roses in me too solidarity. >> and to those who would dare try and silence us, we offer you two words. time's up. >> reporter: on a night when the conversation was on time's up and me too, reaction coming in swiftly about the mostly male winners. sza, lorde. kesha all losing out. alessia cara, the only woman to take home a major award. causing grammys so male to trend. also camila cabello, of the song and city havana. >> i'm a proud cuban mexican immigrant. born if eastern half van na. standing in front of you on the grammys stage in new york city. [ cheers and applause ] and all i know is just like dreams, these kids can't be
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forgotten and are worth fighting for. >> reporter: host james corden finding laughs, recruiting famous faces. including snoop. cher. and even hillary clinton for a spoken word performance of the trump bio "fire and fury". >> the food was safely premade. >> that's it. got it. that's the one. >> you think so? the grammy is in the bag? >> yes. >> reporter: top awards of the night go to bruno mars. >> look at me, pop. i'm at the grammys right now. >> reporter: his performance of finesse threw it back to the glory days of "in living color." ♪ baby >> reporter: with cardi b crushing it before her hometown crowd. ♪ >> reporter: with the show back in the big apple for the first time in 15 years, u2 took full
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advantage, at magic hour along the hudson river. ♪ get out on your own way ♪ sugar coat it for you >> reporter: and kendrick lamar who began the night with a six-minute-plus dazzlingly creative performance. ♪ >> reporter: ending it with five grammys. no end of the night honors for kendrick lamar. that is a post grammy story line. i saw some pushback to the book reading from team trump. from nikki haley. >> too much politics. >> not even went for that, i guess, at the grammys. a lot on stage all the way. a lot of that going on. >> i will say the hillary clinton thing did surprise me. she's a free citizen. she can do whatever she wants to do. >> i'm surprised we haven't seen a tweet from president trump on that so far. >> wait for it. we'll get the latest from president trump right now.
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he's preparing to giver his first state of the union address. chief white house correspondent jon karl has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. white house officials say the president's state of the union address will be optimistic and inchoosive. in the new interview, he is saying his first year was disruptive by design. >> depending on who you talk to, you're either delivering on your promises, beginning to make america great, or you're a raging tweeting wrecking ball. who is destroying the country and terrifying the entire planet. >> yeah. >> how do you plead? >> well, i plead not guilty. >> to all of it? >> well -- >> i think i shake things up. >> reporter: it was the ultimate friendly interview. down with the former "sleblt apprentice" winner. >> are you a feminist?
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>> i wouldn't say i'm a fen nis. i'm for women, i'm for men. i'm for everyone. >> reporter: he revealed a bit about his tweeting habits. >> are you lying in bed with your phone working out how to wind even up? >> perhaps sometimes in bed. sometimes perhaps at lunch or breakfast. >> reporter: the address tomorrow night will show a president who cares about all americans. rapper jay z got on trump over the weekend. >> it's hurtful. you're looking down on a whole population of people. and you're so misinformed. these places have beautiful people and beautiful everything. >> yeah. >> and it's just -- this is the leader of the free world speaking like this. >> reporter: that prompted a response from president trump via twitter. somebody please inform jay z because because of my policies, black unemployment is reported to be at the lowest rate ever
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recorded. that's a theme you can expect the president to hit in his state of the junior address. as for the vulgar slur, the administration is confirming that the president sent a letter out to members of the african union, all the countries of the african union saying the united states deeply respects the the people of africa and my commitment to a strong and respectful relationships to nations as sovereign states is firm. >> let's talk about the state of the union. it will be optimistic and includive, according to white house aides. does the president have bipartisan policies that go with that inclusive message? >> reporter: he's going into a claimer as deeply divided as we have ever seen congress. have a bottom line reality in the president will not be able to get anything done this year if he cannot do it in a bipartisan way. that majority if the senate is now a single vote majority. he needs democrats if he's going to get anything done at all.
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>> we'll be watching tomorrow night. i'll be anchoring the live coverage joined by our entire political team. new accusations of sexual mes conduct rocking both political parties. casino mogul steve wynn stepping down as gop finance chairman. and hillary clinton facing questions about a tom former adviser she did not fire after allegations surfaced against him. our chief national correspondent tom llamas is here with more. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. some republicans are distancing themselves from billionaire steve wynn. as hillary clinton is being accused of shielding a long-time aide. this morning, as casino mogul steve wynn faces accusation of sexual assault, some republican lawmaker away the money wynn and his company gave to them. house speaker paul ryan pledging
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to give money to a charity. >> steve wynn, would you stand up? he's raising so much money for our great republican party. >> reporter: over the week end, wynn, whom president trump calls a good friend, resigned as the finance chair for the republican national committee. >> if his -- the allegations have merit, then we should return the money like we asked of the democrats. >> reporter: during the harvey weinstein scandal, the rnc putting out this tweet. ronna romney mcdaniel tweeting, if the dnc truly stands up for women like they say they do, then returning weinstein's money should be a no-brainer. so far, the rnc is not saying what they're planning to do with the hundreds of thousands wynn donated to to party. all of this following a bomb shell story if the wall street journal. that the 76-year-old allegedly pressured employees to per forsex acts over several
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decades. >> i'm steve wynn. and this is my new hotel. >> reporter: the billionaire calling the preposterous. this, as democrats are facing issues. >> it's been nearly a decade now where, i -- hillary and i share reflections and devotions each day. >> reporter: that's former hillary clinton aide burns strider. seen here in photos he posted on social media with her within the last year. "the new york times" reporting that during the 2008 presidential campaign, strider, a faith adviser to clinton was accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a younger staffer. clinton refused to fire him. she posted to twitter that she reached out to the younger staffer. i called her today to tell her how proud i am of her and to make sure she knows what all women should. that we deserve to be heard. >> i made a mistake. i evaluated it wrongly.
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that woman sould have been protected. that would have been the right answer. >> reporter: that former clint. aide is accused of harassing over women. he apologized in an interview broadly and noted he's struggled with depression and is in therapy. >> thank you, tom. >> all right, tommings thank you. new concerns about the deadly flu epidemic. this is the worst flu season since 2009, when the swine flu spread. at least 37 children have died and nearly 12,000 people have been admitted to the hospital. this is a look at the latest flu activity map from the showing just how widespread this is. adrienne bankert is here. adrienne, there is new concern about how this could impact the super bowl this weekend. >> it's not fair, it's not right, right, michael? the red indicates the states with the highest flu activity. up 39 now. more than the 32 from the previous week. minnesota now one of the new states that just turned red.
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we're less than a week away from the super bowl, as this morning, minnesota sees a spike in doctor's visits and the highest number of people testing positive for flu so far this season. as fans pack the streets, staff and vdense. disinfecting anything hands on, like exhibits and the virtual reality equipment multiple times a day to try to keep sickness from spreading. >> they've been wiping everything down. sanitizing it before the kids use it. >> reporter: this, as organizers say more than 1 million people will attend the game, with the chance that some might carry the deadly lly h 3 n 2 virus. people are being ushlged to get a flu vaccine before heading to town. officials innen minnesota are the only once concerned. 37 children have died from the
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flu this season. expertss estimate the actual number of pediatric deaths is higher. it's prompted school closings across the country. kids september home. while staff disinfect classrooms. besides saying prayers, churches are responding to the health department here in new york. the catholic diocese has issued a stop to shaking hands and sharing wine in buffalo churches. >> when you look at the map, montana, maine, delaware, they're green. they have low flu activity. how did they get so lucky? >> we don't know. we were talking to dr. william schaffner at vanderbilt. he says the flu doesn't do the same thing in every state at the same time. some states start early. others abate. others like his home state of tennessee start very, very early and still goes strong. the flu does whatever it wants. no one can figure out why.
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>> okay. give me the pound. >> i go with the elbow. thank you, guys. we move to a controversial case out of florida. a 7-year-old boy was taken from school in handcuffs after attacking a teacher. the police insist the boy was violent. his parents say they went too far. victor oquendo brings us the story from the school in miami. >> reporter: classes are getting under way at the school behind me. this boy's father says he's not sure he wants to send his son back here. this alarming video of a 7-year-old boy hand cuffed outside of his miami school raising serious questions this morning. did police go too far? >> i'm thinking not to take my kids back to this school. i'm afraid for my kids' safety. >> reporter: he saw his son cuffed and led away. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the boy's mother recording everything on her phone. reassuring him everything would be okay. thursday, police say the 7-year-old attacked one of his
7:16 am
school teachers at the coral way k-8 center after being told not the play with his food. his parents were called to the school and met with the principal. shortly afterward, the boy was in custody. >> my kid was on a roll. he's doing supergood in school. he was doing so well. everybody was excited. now this? >> reporter: the student was taken to the hospital for an evaluation and released. the statement says, this action was warranted to prevent his erratic and violent behavior from further harming others or himself. the boy saw a physician after a similar independence dent last year. the boy is suspended for ten days. now to some breaking news overseas. a live look at the seine river in paris. it's over 13 feet higher than it should be. parts of the city completely submerged. this is after weeks and weeks of rain in the city.
7:17 am
over 200 pounce around paris have been affected. 1500 people told to evacuate so far. power outages and over 1,000 homes. and a number of subway stations have had to close because of this flooding. all river traffic has now been banned. even the ground floor of the louvre. officials are hoping for the waters to begin receding. here at home, snow, cold, moving in to affect a lot o it's not as much rain as they have seen. more coming for paris. a return for winter, cedar springs michigan near my hometown on the west side. the southern part ofseeing fivee trough coming across. it will feel like 167 by
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wednesday morning in new york city. local weather in 30 seconds. first the select cities brought to you by car max. >> reporter: good morning everybody, storm tracker 6 live double scan a couple of light sprinkles and showers in southern delaware and cape may county. the rest of us on sky6 live hd .
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temperatures in the 40s in most neighborhoods and the 30s in some spots. 47 is is the high, clouds overal and showers at the shore. tomorrow, accuweatherh,hrough ty we'll have light snow showers, could make roads slippery a little bit especially out north and west. on. that's just the road. this is what we need to keep us on our toes. >> i wasn't ready to put away my big coat. when we come back, scott baio is filgting back against allegations from his "charles in charge" co-star nicole eggert. she says what happened when she was a minor. o with expedia. ♪ one click gives you access to discounts on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do.
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astrazeneca may be able to help. o'donnell, 7:23 a.m., monday, january 29. eagles super bowl week has arrived. let's turn to karen for a look at traffic. >> reporter: before you can enjoy that you have to get to work. we have problems with mass transit. patco has speed line suspended the length in both directions. they have a downed electrical pole at ferry avenue. trenton line a train 14 minutes late. not a big deal. market frankford line earlier days from equipment problems. we have heavier 42 with patco not working. 20 minute ride from the ac expressway to 295.
7:24 am
an accident elwin avenue at haddon township. one on woodhaven road on the side not creating too many problems. >> david murphy is up next with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast after the break. >> reporter: it's a chilly start
7:25 am
7:26 am
across the region with a bit of a breeze whipping out of the northeast. take a look at temperatures, 40 degrees with the winds mak l. 35 in allentown. lots of clouds this morning and staying cloudy through the day. 47 degrees. there could be a sprinkle or shower down the shore. tomorrow light snow showers probably arriving during the rush hour, especially in western areas and staying with us off and on through the day. about a coating to a couple of inches tomorrow, matt. >> thanks, david. "action news" coverage of
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the eagles arrival in minnesota at
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and now try new oil infused lotions moisturize with indulging scents ty dancer ♪ welcome back to "gma." gnat's elton john. singing that with miley cyrus, the performance of i enjoyed that last night. that performance days after sir elton john announced he's retiring from touring in three years. >> i wanted to see that. up. thank you. >> you're welcome. president trump preparing for his first state of the union address tomorrow night. the president expected to focus on the economy, national security. it will be an optimist ix speech. millimeters are bracing for the cold from the midwest to the northeast. the cold es air in two weeks heading to chicago, new york, and boston. tiger woods is back.
7:31 am
competing in his first major tournament since he was injured. a frustrating moment on the course. let's take a look. >> get in the hole! >> that's notn the middle of his backswing on the putt. tiger finished the hole. that's bad. >> you don't want him to look at you like that. >> all he did was look. we begin the half hour are actor scott baio firing back against the allegations from his former "charms this charge" co-star nicole eggert, akugz him oz sexual misconduct when she was a teenager. linsey davis is here with here. >> reporter: good morning. nicole eggert has made the claims for years. she responded to another twitter user saturday about baio's support for president trump. she tweeted, ask scott baio what happened in his kraurnlg. ♪ charles in charge zbl♪
7:32 am
>> reporter: acued of mowlessing her when they work together on the hit '80s sit com. >> i'm here to address allegations made aga are untrue. >> reporter: the show saw baio as a college student who works as a care take toe tleer children. >> have a nice life. >> reporter: eggert made the allegation in a series of twits saturday. posting, ask scott baio what happened at his house when i was a minor. creep. she says the must kikt was from when she was 14 to 17. baio refuted all or hef claims. >> i'm going to knock down all these false claims against me. my reputation is being damaged. my family is being put through this. and i'm done. >> reporter: presenting past
7:33 am
letters from his attorneys denying similar claims an citing eggert's past interviews saying there was proof there was no misconduct. reading from a 2012 interview. where she said -- >> there are a lot of weird, strange rumors about things that went on between us. but we became really good friends. everything is way more innocent than it was made out to be. >> reporter: he did admit to one consensual encounter when he says she had already turned 18. >> i remember her calling me and asking to come over. you're coming in my house. one time. and seducing me. now, any normal heterosexual red-blooded american guy -- the outcome would have been the same. the same thing would have happened. when? >> tomorrow. >> 7:00?
7:34 am
my place. >> good. >> tonight's theme is making america safe. >> reporter: now questioning why eggert hasn't gone to law enforcement with her claims. he tweeted her goal appears to be publicity. >> the real problem with this is people are legitimate claims are not taken seriously. and that's too bad. >> reporter: in a since deletted tweet she said the inappropriate behavior started when she was just 14 years old. he calls those claims 100% lies. >> let's bring in sunny hostin for more. sunny, eggert didn't go to police. she made these serious criminal karnlgs against baio on social media. after saying positive things about him in recent years. what are the chances this becomes a krm case of a civil case? >> i don't think there's any chance it will be a criminal case. because the law back then -- it's changed since 2017. you can bring these kinds of cases that are rather old. but that's not going to happen in this case.
7:35 am
i don't etch think a civil case is probably possible in in case. though she has hired lisa bloom to represent her. i think the bottom line is, because of the me too moment, women are coming forward with their truth. they're coming forward with what has happened to them. my question is, what is if it for her if this are not going to be criminal or civil charges? s just part of women coming forward because of the me too movement. >> you hear scott baio taking to facebook live. we heard it in the piece. saying that this takes away from what he calls legitimate cases because he said this is a he said/she said situation with lit toll no proof. and he said her motivation was publicity. what does this do when you see these things meted out in social media, on television, without any real proof of where the truth is? >> look, i prosecuted child sex
7:36 am
crimes. crimes against women. bottom line is a lot of these cases are her story versus his. it's up to a jury decide credibility. women, we're always very reluck cant to come forward because day didn't think they would be believed. they thought people would make fun of them and i think this is a real watershed moment for women. they are coming forward. and women are being believed as they should be. and so the suggestion that wow, somehow it's my version against hers. this is people won't belief her, sthat an anti-quated notion. women are coming forward. i say bravo. and they are being believed. >> thank you, sunny. george, over to you. a new warning about social media. major report in the new york times details how millions of accounts are fake and how some people's real identities are being tollen for them. >> reporter: with more and more
7:37 am
fake videos, photos, audio flooding the internet, this morning, the new york attorney general is investigating a company accused of selling stolen social media identities as fake followers. we asked, could your online life be at risk? from celebrities to famous companies to high-profile political figures in the world of social media it's a simple equation. the more followers you get, the more influence you have. but there can be more to some of those loyal followers than meets the eye. some of them are come plately made up. 29 million to 48 million of twitter's reported active users are automated accounts. twitter claims the number is much lower pep according to a "new york times" investigation, others are real people whose profiles have been stolen by anonymous bot makers, used to create a whole new account and resold as counter fit coins in the booming economy of online influence. >> some people buy fake followers, the it's about money.
7:38 am
for some people, it's about influence. for a lot of people, it's both. >> reporter: a retailer promises to accelerate your social growth by selling followers among its 200,000 customers, reality tv stars, ath lees, pastors, and models. the cost? pennies for each follower. the company providing people withmillion twitter followers. 3.5 million of those are fake accounts. with some seemingly taken from real people. >> we found over 5,000 from every state in the u.s. and all over the world that had taken details from real twitter users. >> reporter: devumi's founder says the company does not sell fake followers. >> if you search for someone on a social media site and you find they've been retweeting graphic adult content or articles about bitcoin, they might not get the
7:39 am
job. there's harm done. >> reporter: some of the high-profile customers tell "the times" they have regrets about buying followers. the new york attorney general says he'll be investigating devumi for the apparent sale of bots using stolen identities. >> until companies like twitter no longer have the incentive to keep growing their user base at any cost this is not a problem that will go away any time soon. >> reporter: we reached out to devumi. we have not heard back. look for distorted images. misspelled names. courtless retweets on a slew of sbts and posts in many different languages. those are all clues the. >> russian maybe? >> and just go ahead and report it. >> thank you, gio. coming up, the famous finance model thrown autoa plane. the incident caught on camera. she's telling her side of the story only on "gma" this morning. whoa... (on baby monitor) we've got a situation here.
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back now with the social media star taking on american airlines. jen settler talking about being kicked off a flight. >> so many of us have been there. sitting on a delayed flight. tepgss rising in the cabin. she says all she did was get up to stretch when flight attendants singled her out, kicking her off the plane. leaving her humiliated.
7:44 am
she's a social media sensation if the fitness world. sharing her workouts with 11 million followers on instagram. this morning, 24-year-old jennifer selter tweeting this out. >> american airlines calls the shots. they don't want to to fly today. >> reporter: showing her and her sister getting kicked off. >> i was putting my jacket up. clearly, we're all irtable. >> reporter: she alemedly got in an altercation with the flight aten dand. >> she said would you like to get off. she said yes. >> i was obviously being sarcastic. five male officers coming at me. >> you're harassing her. you came from over there, open the thing. why are you being aggressive? >> reporter: ever since dr. dao was captured on video being dragged off a united fight last year. >> you busted his lip.
7:45 am
>> oh, my god, look what you did to him! >> reporter: airlines have been under increased scrutiny. settler says she wants to see change. >> i'm not here trying to say don'tfully american. i think they need to make changes within themselves and have to treat their passengers differently. >> reporter: american airlines tells us settler was asked to leave the aircraft after a disagreement. it offered to pay for a hotel room for her. she decline period. >> you heard the support of a passenger. another one got off? >> another one got off in protest of the way she was treated. it's a shame to see it escalate. and amy, what's copping up on the big board? >> what's coming up how your family could star in a super bowl commercial. yeah, really. really, michael. one of the latet samsung galaxy phones get a samsung galaxy s8 free. yahoooo! ahoooo!
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7:49 am
back now with our big board. super bowl excitement is fwroeg. the game less than a week away. now you have a chance to star in a commercial more than 110 million people will watch. >> they'll be putting together the ad while the game is played. they'll use your social media post to do it. diane macedo with how this is going to work. >> will it work? here's the plan. kraft is putting out a call for people to post videos and social media of how they family on super bowl. this is all part of the family
7:50 am
greatly campaign. they're looking for submissions. they'll go through them on game day. put the ad together in realtime during the game. for the ad to air in the sec half of the game. and the goal here is to show real families. they don't want celebrities. anyone has a chance to be a part of this. you put your posts on social media with family greatly and craft family. >> will it include bringing in kraft products? >> the submissions don't have to. the goal is is to start conversation. and their previous family greatly ad did that a lot. they want people to remember the ad, talk about the ad, and in turn, talk about kraft. zplooim guessing it's bet per you put kraft in the pictures. >> you have that, skittles. >> might give you an advantage. up next, a morning exclusive. one on one with david beckham. his big announcement this morning. playing some sock we are adrienne. >> he's still got it. >> i think you're not rusty a bit. ♪
7:51 am
this is nick. and this is sophia, the light of his life. this is lauren. and this is her new place, which will soon be crammed with all her friends. this is stephen. this is where he schools his military buddies. this is april. she got her sweet tooth from her dad. this is sprinkles. and this is dee. this is her dream job. this is cassie. these are her backup dancers. and this is mike. this is his weekly barbeque club. this is alex with all the friends that will like her post from friday night. and this, this is the lifeline all these people bravely called to find hope. ♪ not every picture tells the whole story. question your lens. ♪
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>> good morning, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56 a.m., monday, january 29. eagles super bowl countdown at 6:00. ronald ronald with karen rogers with traffic. >> reporter: patco is suspended eastbound, but westbound is running with limited service just in with patco high speed line. they have a downed electrical pole down that's causing problems. eastbound shut down be westbound limited service. 13 minute delay with media/heeln line. we have extra heavy delays in new jersey, people can't take patco, we're feeling the effects. 27 minute jam especially heavy from college avenue to 295. >> looking outside, center city
7:57 am
skyline, lots of cloud cover, but we're above freezing. david murphy has accuweather. >> reporter: a little bit chilly out here beneath the clouds. we have a bit of a breeze blowing through. a couple of spring -- sprinkles and showers along the coast. 30s in allentown and reading. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 47, breezy and cool. tomorrow, we'll see off and on snow showers a coating to a couple of inches out of that most of that on grassy surfaces. we could see this sticking on roads. if it comes in early enough maybe philadelphia has a slick spot, as well. >> a tow truck driver who was involved in a crash on the schuylkill expressway has died from his injuries. the driver who hit the tow truck left the scene at belmont avenue exit last night. pennsylvania state police caught
7:58 am
up with him nearby. how boston market is going to attract eagles fans to its franchises at
7:59 am
8:00 am
. ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. women dom mate the stage at the grammys, pu they don't take home the awards. "gma" on the red carpet and backstage, as cardi b brings down the house. the moment behind the scenes when she got a note from bono. u2 takes over new york. kesha brings down the house with an all-star squad of backup singers. first day of tax season. the changes you need to know. why you should file earlier. the quickest way to get the refund. why you're w-2 looks different this year. change in a flash. viewer questions pouring in about menopause and women. how should you deal with it at work is this how can your husbands held snp is there such a thing as male menopause? your questions answered this
8:01 am
morning. and once on one with daiftd beckham. the global superstar with a big announcement right here in america. he opens up about victoria. their family. what he says about meghan markle. all ahead as he says -- >> hi, i'm david beckham. good morning, america. good morning, america. great to have you was. special request for my daughter, elliot, right now. believe. >> such a good song. i love it. >> she informed me on friday that "gma" was hopelessly not hip because of this song. >> suddenly cool george. thank you. >> i love her input. thanks her when you get home. did you see this moment? a new twist on what yaw get if you don't win an award. consolation puppy. >> there you go. >> yes. >> reminds you of the movie, "bridesmaids." they all got puppies. >> someone tried to hoard the
8:02 am
puppie puppies. >> kind of like "gma" once a week. news to get to. president trump preparing for his first state of the junior address tomorrow night. the wous promising an optimistic speech. >> they're saying optimistic and inclues i have speech. one that will portray a president that quote cares about all americans. the white house hasn't dwich us many details about what he'll include or how he'll reach out to democrats in this speech. and we have seen the president in the past give optimistic speeches on teleprompter only to take some or all of it back with divisive or controversial tweets. in a recent interview, he's giving insights into his tweeting. >> are you actually lying in bed with your phone working out how the wind even up? >> perhaps rngs sometime in bed. perhaps sometimes at breakfast, or lunch, or whatever.
8:03 am
>> one thing you can guarantee the president will hit in the state of the union speech is the state of the american economy, taking full credit for the low unemploim rates and, of george, the stock market surge. >> yep, gnat comes up just about every day. thank you, jon. michael? the start of many people's least favorite time of the year. tax season. it kicks off today. and t.j. holmes is here to break down what we all need to know, good morning, t.j. >> reporter: we just went through the whole tax debate. president trump signed a new tax bill into law. don't worry about that. those afeblgt your 2018 taxes, which you'll file next year. you need to know, file as quickly as you can. as soon as you can. because the average refund is about $2900. a refund. not a reward. go get it. the irs says if you file electronically and debt direct deposit. the average time to process is 21 days. you can cut down on fraud.
8:04 am
there are people out there who would want to use your social security number. the irs can only accept a particular social security number just once. you might as well be the one to submit it. the other thing you need to keep in mind, your w-2 looks a little different. one number on there might throw you off. this only affected a couple million people last year. that w-2. a little extra line, an extra number there. that's a varity occasion code. that's just an extra layer of security. do put that. it's not going to slow down your refund, if you don't put that on there, it could speed it up. >> 21 days you get your money back. so any friend says let me borrow money until i get my tax return, you have three weeks to pay it back. >> i didn't realize the average was so high. $2900. >> almost three grand. it's your money. go get it, folks, as soon as you
8:05 am
can. >> and pay michael back. everyone's gearing up for the super bowl. elite athletes going head to head to win the big game. they should take a lesson from two of superstar quarterback drew brees' sons. the real mvps of yesterday's pro bowl. a reporter tried to interview big brother baylen. look at little brothers bowen and callan. they ramp up here. brees says the kids are like that all the time. he gave callen a talking to. the country fell in love with baylen when he celebrated with dad when the saints won the super bowl back in 2010. three boys. ram budget use. >> they start as play fight and then bam. >> made the pro bowl more fun. coming up, the morning exclusive. david beckham coming back to the u.s. starting a new soccer team. we're going to hear what he has
8:06 am
to say about that and meghan markle. >> what could he say about her? wow. and so many of you responding to our menopause story. how to handle it at work. what your partners can do to help. lar aa is in green room. >> i was here with people that know something about the fashion. we're breaking down grammy fashion. who wore what. how they did. it's like a classroom up here. we're going to talk to you all about it on "gma." don't go anywhere. if you're anything like me, your to-do list just keeps growing. (laughs desperately) it never stops. which is why the online financing application at is so convenient. get some of that finance stuff out of the way from wherever you are, at the doctor's office, karate practice or my favorite... back at the doctor's office. knowing before you go means more quality time
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." great audience here. you hear the great audience this monday morning. welcome to all of you. welcome back to lara. how are you feeling? >> thank you. back from ill ps. feeling great. happy to be here, everybody. good morning to you. i missed you guys. that flu thing is no joke. and neither is "pop news." let's get to it. we grin with jay z and beyonce. wow, the power couple stepping out in style at clive davis' pregrammy gala. look at the expression on that lady's face. she can't believe he's in the company of music royalty. i love that picture. honestly, i would have the same expression. look at beyonce. wow. [ cheers and applause ] my, oh, my. jay z didn't take home any awards at last night's show. at saturday's gala, he was
8:12 am
honored with the salute to industry icons. his long-time friend, alicia keys performed a medley re-creating some of jay z's most memorable hits. ♪ new york new york new york >> that's of course "empire state of mind." we'll have more on the grammys and the fashion as i just alluded to in the tease coming up in a moment. you and me, my friend. when you think fashion, you think strahan and spencer. also in "pop news" this morning. will ferrell. who saw "saturday night live "? [ cheers and applause ] >> i watched the the entire thing. a big deal for me. >> i couldn't sleep. the only time i laughed all weekend. hosting "snl" just a home run. helping the show get the highest ratings of the season. this is his first time hosting since 2012 and the beloved
8:13 am
funnyman did not disappoint. he appeared in every single sketch. he revisited a cup of classic characters like george w. bush and the cold open. and jacob is ilge in "weekend update." >> you don't have to shout. >> oh, my gosh! you did not seriously tell me to stop shouting. >> yes, yes, i did. you're being really, really loud. >> unbelievable. in this day and age. i happen to suffer from voice immodulation syndrome. a condition that prevents me from controlling the volume at which i speak. >> he called him fizz. >> oh, my. ferrell has hosted four times in the 15 years since he left the show. yeah, will, please host more. that was fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] and -- finally. perhaps we can expect a new contender at next year's
8:14 am
grammys. dwayne "the rock" johnson. yeah. sharing some skills on instagram yesterday. johnson writing many part, as a kid, i had this dream of playing my favorite ragtime song, "the entertainer" from marvin hamlisch on piano. i truly stunk at piano until i started using my feet. are you ready? yes. ♪ >> what can he not do. >> okay. all right. roblg, i'll see you your "entertainer" and raise you chop sticks. could you handle a duet? >> look at that. ♪ >> there we go. from the vault, everybody. 2011, samuel champion and myself showing the rock how it's done.
8:15 am
>> really good. so good. i love that. >> and sam, when ginger has her baby, he'll be coming by. we'll see sam. maybe we can get him to do a little something for us. >> i like that. >> all i got today. happy to be back. >> we're happy you're back. more now on the grammys. where music and politics took center stage last night with powerful performances. chris connelly is back. when you went one on one with some of music's biggest names. >> that's right. a lot of heart and soul. a lot of people with white roses on their clothes and a lot on their minds. making sure tone joy their grammy moment alone or are loved ones. ♪ last night's grammys featured u2 in the shadow of lady liberty. on social media, the guy with a bull horn made cardi b's day. >> i got a [ muted ] note from
8:16 am
bono. from bono. ♪ >> reporter: new york city's bodack sensation tore it up with bruno mars. ♪ i don't want to cry i don't want to cry ♪ >> reporter: living his best life, 19-year-old nominee and performer, khalid, who tweeted four years ago, i want to go to the grammys one day. >> so many people told me this job was not for me. my voice was nothing. >> reporter: believe in me too and time's up. >> the power struggle within the workforce is not equal. >> i definitely have experienced sexism. and things that you shouldn't have to experience in a workplace. >> i was on the women's march last week. the best sign was the future is female. i simply wouldn't mind that. >> reporter: and while jay z and beyonce brought blue ivy carter
8:17 am
to the show, dj spst khaled had his son. >> i'm living my dream. right little boy? ♪ i know i just can't stay here in heaven ♪ >> reporter: maren morris joined brothers osborne and others to the tribute to victims of las vegas. >> i'm so glad i don't have to do this alone. i have those guys up there with me. it was a pretty emotional rehearsal. think it will be powerful. ♪ i feel like i'm out of my mind ♪ >> reporter: moments away from best new artist, 'less ya kara vowed to have fun, win or lose. >> i think so. i'll try. >> alessia cara. >> reporter: and that worked out pretty well. >> hole hi cow. i'm shaking. um -- [ cheers and applause ] >> she was one of the night's
8:18 am
most popular winners. best new artist was the kiss of commercial death. her sense will continue to shine. >> a lot of great moments. >> we have great fashion coming up. with you and i are going to talk about. chris, thank you so much. >> thank you. can't wait for the fashion segment. turn to the exclusive one on one with david beckham. the soccer superstar with a big announcement almost four years in the making. he is launching a new soccer team. right here in the u.s. and adrienne bankert sat down with him. you played some soccer with him? >> you know what? the struggle is real. i had this tough assignment of signature across from david beckham. he's talking about it as one of the challenges of his career. talking about how this affects life and family. he's the global superstar. still one of the most famous faces of international soccer. married to victoria beckham. father of four. he's officially the newest owner
8:19 am
in major league soccer in miami. >> a global sport. coming to a global city. for me, is great news. so -- it's exciting. >> reporter: it's been almost four years since he started his quest to bring soccer to miami. his family by his side every step of the way. >> they've seen him come back. they've seen him smile talking about miami. they're seeing me frustrated. and the way of teaching them is not all smooth sailing. you know, there's g difficult times. it's just how you react when you go through difficult times. >> reporter: wife victoria, and their four kids, brooklyn, romeo, cruz, and haerper, split time between the states and london. >> he had his first cuban sandwich. he was like this is the best thing i've ever done. he's looking forward to that. i've made his dreams come true with a sandwich. >> reporter: it brings imcloser to the east coast to see his son
8:20 am
in new york at college. harper, the daughter, is 6. >> i think she's a daddy's girl. personally. but i -- i'm so proud of all the kids. you know, i'm so proud of what -- the people that they're becoming. >> reporter: victoria, about to start fashion week with work and school for the kids in the uk. no family move to florida yet. >> we'll still be living in london. i'll be spaengd huge amount of time here. whenever they can, they'll be coming over. >> reporter: when the whole family is on the same continentings they'll celebrate. we have fair trade. megan mark sl going across the pond to become a royal. and we have soccer royalty coming state side. i feel like we got a good deal. >> i'm so excited to bring the team to miami. >> and off camera, he mejsed that he loves that meghan markle is a londoner and a royal now. i asked him how he stayed so humble. he stops with pictures.
8:21 am
he said my dad would kill me if he let it go to his head. >> one of my first assignments was to interview him. that was what i got. a down to earth guy. >> sweet, inside and out. much are the, plisz victoria. >> thank you, adrienne. we appreciate it. until let's do your "g.m.a." moment. mini, the dog is on patrol in sanford, florida looking out the window and turns around and walks on her hind legs, doesn't that look like a human beings. looks like a police officer, right thanks for your patrol. mini. let's get a check closer to
8:22 am
home. >> reporter: don't miss anything staying up on all twos i guess. we have showers in south jersey, lots of clouds across the region, sunny breaks here and there today. most of us staying dry, it's on the cool side. 47 degrees is the high, lots of clouds, rain down by the shore. tomorrow light snow showers possible in time for the morning commute in spots. 35 is the high, a little slick out there in the morning. qun p. change in a flash. such great response to you. more questions. we brought back dr. christy funk for some more answers. among some of the questions, dr. funk, a lot of people want to know how their husbands and partners can help during this trying time. that can last for years. >> absolutely. partners should really just do everything you say and all the
8:23 am
dishes. really works well that way. life throws curveballs at all of us. couples need to learn to swerve together. communication is key. you're talking about waking and mood swings and libido. it's tough. before you find yourself hot-flashing to a twors, seek couples therapy. >> good advice. men are dealing with changes at this time. some are referring to it as man-o-pause? is that a thing? >> man-o-pause or andro-pause is a real thing. they experience a loss in muscle mas. drop in testosterone. lack of energy. you can make a fun couple at a dinner party. >> let's move on to the workplace. most companies have zero policies in place to deal with menopause. what can women do at work?
8:24 am
>> a british study came out hooking at working women. they combined cognitive behavioral therapy. you reframe negative thinking. relaxation tech next. in six weeks. better sleep, improved cognition. >> maybe have a company masseuse. we had, as we mentioned, incredible response. a lot of viewer questions. we have one from laura. let's take a listen. >> during or after men pause is there nor of a chance to get cancer? >> yes, there's a bump in uterine, ovarian, and breast cancer through menopause. it has to do with how long you were exposed to cyclical ovulation. >> very interesting. we have another question from betty. she tweeted, i would like to know what is the average length
8:25 am
of time to go through menopause. it seems to me i've been going through this over five years. it's getting really old. fyi, i'm 60. the national length of men pause, 7.4 years. betty, you have two and change to go. >> wow. that is so much longer than most women anticipate. >> a new study followed women for 17 years. we have modern data. >> good to know. on our "gma" facebook page, roxanne asks, my new doctor told me i should not be on any medication and just power through menopause. i'm finally on low-dose meds three long years later. sit normal for a doctor to take you off birth control and power through? >> yes. it's common. the you're at risk for breast cancer, haerts heart attacks or
8:26 am
strokes, we mike you power through. there are safe and effective not estrogenic things that you can use. check it out. >> any concerns about cancer with taking some of those? >> none. >> dr. you funk, thank you so much. coming up next, we're breaking down the very best looks on the grammys red carpet. and some of the powerful symbols you may have missed. so much to talk about. stay with us. we'll be right back. >> 8:27 a.m., monday,
8:27 am
january 29. good morning i'm matt o'donnell. the eagles super bowl week. let's turn to karen rogers with traffic. >> reporter: big week, but first you have to get to work. patco had a downed pole and they stopped service for hours. now they have resumed limited service eastbound and westbound on patco between broadway and 16th street. that service trying to resume. expect delays. in the meantime, new jersey transit is cross honoring tickets to help you out. we have a 14 minute delay with the train with the media/elwyn line. we have heavy delays in new jersey, 20 minute ride from the ac impress way to 29 --
8:28 am
expressway to 295. problem spot in new jersey, crawling 7 miles per hour approaching deptford heading toward the mall area. big delays here. i-95 southbound at bridge street. the camera is shaking, we have a disabled tractor-trailer heading on i-95 center lane at bridge street. matt. >> thank you, karen. >> reporter: david murphy a little cloudy out there, david. >> reporter: cloudy and breezy and chilly, matt. 40 degrees in philadelphia. allentown, 35, bundle up on the way out. this afternoon there could showers down the shore during day. we're dry elsewhere. tomorrow, before dawn some of the region could see light snow showers, they will continue on and off through the day, 35. a coating to a couple of inches of snow expected. could be slick during the morning commute. wednesday, bright, brisk and cold. >> "action news" is in
8:29 am
minneapolis where we'll have live reports from the home of super bowl 52 all week. this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." and as you can hear from the applause, we have great audience in here this morning. yes, we do. on a monday, nonetheless. and to kick off our session here we have a very interesting story that popped up on the news feed every morning. this morning, i want to bring you this one. the video, it's going viral. we all know it's good to sprech on a plane. stretch your legs. this woman is taking it to a whole new level. she's doing yoga in the aisle. now the comments online are dwided on whether it was appropriate airplane etiquette or not. and some people thought it was cool. >> divided? really? >> some people thought it was cool.
8:31 am
other people said they would have said, man, yoga to take your seat. >> what if you're sitting behind her? >> i guess, if you're behind her and she just did all that, that's a little more than you paid for with your ticket. >> wow. >> i'm curious. what is the wackiest thing you have seen on plane? maybe, amy, you were involved in something? >> okay, i usually always get an i'll seat. i got a window seat. i had to use the restroom. has this every happened to you. >> you're going tell the story? >> the person was asleep and we were smushed in. the people in front of us had the seats reclined. i tried acrobatics to climb over him and he woke up right in the middle of it. it was really bad. >> wait, wait, you were face to face with him. >> and the entire plane clapped. they gave me a standing ovation. it was so embarrassing.
8:32 am
>> she was crawling over him. he woke up. really bad. >> no, no, i don't think it was face to face. >> oh. that's worse. >> okay. we'll move on. >> to get back to your point, though. the yoga thing. it feels like a lot. i think stretching in your seat is okay. or standing up. >> i don't think we need downward dog in the plane. spl she couldn't hear owe any way. i usually rely on my kids to make fe feel old and clueless. i don't expect that from "the wall street journal." i'm reading the paper. the first far graph. one warm summer night, danny was sitting along the river with man she was dating for more than three months. as they talked about the future similaring blue tiki drinks, he popped the question. what's your last name? exactly. thank you. apparently, it's a thing now that you don't ask for anybody's last name until the relationship
8:33 am
is getting serious. is there three months? >> it will never be a thing with me or my daughters. no way. no way from a security standpoint. >> the point is people don't want -- other people googling them pip think, what? >> okay, come on. >> what are you hiding? [ cheers and applause ] >> exactly. exactly. >> is there any millennial in the audience that will stand up. is this really a thing? >> is it a thing? >> you don't give a last name? >> how many people are dating somebody that you don't know their last name? that'squestion. >> i feel better now. >> i think maybe some people want it to be a thing. but -- >> it seems dangerous. i agree. security. >> no, no, no. how about this question, when are you really an adult? at what age? 18? 20? 21? >> think when i was 18 i felt like an adult. but i wasn't paying for anything. so -- >> there you go. a new study now says it should be 24.
8:34 am
scien scientists in australia say young people are delaying marriage and parenthood. i think it's what you said. when you're financially independent. paying all your bills, you're an adult. >> in my head, a difference between an adult and grown up. buying your first home is grown up. getting married. having kids. >> a lot of people weighed in on twitter. this one made me laugh. the age in which you gate warm and fuzzy feeling when you open up a brand-new dish sponge. that's when you know you're an adult. >> by your definition, i wasn't an adult until 41. >> you said it. >> you're a late bloomer, george. >> i think there's that grownup feeling of knowing, being an adult does not mean you're grown up. >> how many of you have -- >> some people never grow up. >> you're at home. you're in your 20s. you feel like you're feeling yourself. and my dad would say, boy,
8:35 am
you're not paying for the toilet paper or the q-tips. you're not -- >> it's true. the minute you go back -- [ applause ] the minute you go back to your parents' house, you're 14 again. >> you're always a kid in your parents' house, i believe. >> thank goodness for that. >> i appreciate that. >> stay a kid at heart. that was fun. coming up, we're breaking down the best looks at the grammys. we're going the find out the meaning behind the looks as well. ooel be right back.
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americans are inherently optimistic ♪ just what makes that little old ant think he'll move that rubber tree plant ♪ ♪ anyone knows an ant can't move a rubber tree plant but he's got ♪ ♪ high hopes ♪ he's got high hopes ♪ he's got high apple pie >> lipton, refreshingly optimist ek for generations. >> welcome back to "good morning america." a little nostalgia there. the so much optimism in these everyday moments and that
8:39 am
continued with the many memorable performances during the grammies which shaggy joined sting on stage so fun to see them together, they are getting reaction on twitter, scrai -- jason saying this is the collaboration we didn't know we wanted, if you like this, by the way they are coming to "g.m.a." within a month, shaggy and sting they have a joint album coming out. we'll be seeing more of them soon. i like them, right? let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: it wasn't bad. we have sprinkles and showers down south. 47 degrees and cloudy otherwise, and a little above ara temperat. tomorrow we have light snow showers off and on through the day, 5 is the high. kenny roger.
8:40 am
now it's finally time to break town the top looks at the grammys. we have culture journalist and former editor of "glamour" cindy levy. and by the skin of his teeth, celebrity stylist joe zee made it for us. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, red carpet. no surprise. often time to make a statement. it happened. i was at the golden globes. we saw you there. it was all about black. last night was all about white roses. >> there vuz a group called voices in entertainment that looked at what time's up did at the globes. they said music has its own issues. women made up 9% of nominees in the last two years. we want to do something that says women deserve a fair world.
8:41 am
the white rose is the sin of hope and resistance. >> we saw a lot of pantsuits, too. is that a big trend this year? >> coincidentally or not, as part of the time's up movement. >> a statement. >> one of my favorite pantsuits was at the golden globes. think we'll see it throughout the red carpets. it's not the traditional tuxedo. it's improvide eembroidered. or sequined. my favorite pantsuit, anna kendrick. phenomenal. >> there it is. beautiful. >> on paper, if you said, will you wear a checked played pantsuit red carpet, you would say, no, that's a job interview. >> i loved jenel lerks e monae's
8:42 am
clothes. it's got flower. embroidery. it's fantastic number. she was wearing six rings that i counted. it was the ultimate. >> let's get to our favorites of the night. joe? >> i love rita ora. she's so unpredictable. it was old hollywood in a way that was modern. ralph and russo she wore. and sza, nominated for best new artist wor an atelier versace dress. she wore white in a grammyss' way. >> versace has a history at the grammys. >> i loved lana del ray. the dress looked so comfortable. i hate the dresses where you're
8:43 am
imagining the spanx the woman had to wear. she's literally wearing a star halo there. and this was modeled by the way apparently after a look that t heddy lamar wore. >> number two? >> lady gaga. in that incredible armani. from the back, it looks like classic, glamorous dress. then, you see her poking her leg out. it's got a full-on lace cat suit under it that look like something she would perform at the super bowl. >> the men didn't disappoint. they brought the color. >> the men looked sharp. and even the ones wearing all white. dj khaled in the burg zi. velvet. ne-yo. sam smith in the green. think the guys pulled it out. >> there's a loft millennial pink there by the way, too.
8:44 am
>> i loved how khaled dressed the son the same way. how cute is hat? >> adorable. >> we want to finish up with snap judgments. show you some pictures. just knee-jerk reaction. >> uh-oh. >> ready? number one, cardi b. >> i think she should rewear this to her wedding the. best dress. it's so cute. someone on twitter dwiped it as elegant tooth fairy. i thought that is a wedding dress. >> angel on a cloud. like she would float away. >> love it. >> andra day. >> she's giving me all the good dynasty vibes here. that is a comp plimt. that is full krystle carrington. >> maybe an extra in hair spray. >> what about one of my favorites. pink? >> muppets. and i love it. >> i have to -- >> i love it, though. i love this dress on her.
8:45 am
>> it's a good muppet. >> it's a great muppet. >> keep on going. >> thank you. so fun to talk about the grammys. fashion. what could be more fun. >> the best red carpet. >> you're the best. thank you for making it. coming up, award-winning chef seamus mull season here with the healthy food swaps that could change your life like they
8:46 am
8:47 am
back now with is eamus mullen. the owner of two award-winning restaurants in new york city. a life-altering diagnosis forced
8:48 am
him to focus on healthier meals. he's here. stronger than every. better than ever. the food tastes as good as ever. part of his new cookbook, "real food heals." thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> rheumatoid ar thits. you were diagnosed ten years ago. >> i was really, really sick. i was overweight. i had to make a change. >> it forced you to make a change. you changed the way you cooked in the restaurants. >> for me, i was lucky to work with a doctor that helped me recalibrate. i have to do more than what i'm doing at home. i have to take to it the restaurant. and anyone else i'm cook for. we made simple changes. didn't want to offend regulars. we made chajs like reducing the amount of carbohydrates. refined sugar in the restaurant. and really trying to recalibrate the dish so there's just as many
8:49 am
vegetables as meat. is there you talk about the power of food as healing and medicine in a lot of ways. >> not only you are what you eat. you are what you ate. making sure you're eating really good quality ingredients. healthy fats. healthy proteins. >> we'll show food swaps. we have our problems. the good old bagel. >> row rib that thing? >> and cream cheese. i'm afraid to spin it. looks like a 7-year-old made it in shop class. you have the bagel. this is the swap you came up with. >> why not have some salad for breakfast? you know, so, typically, i used to have a low-fat latte with low-fat cream cheese on a bagel. the latte has more sugar than a full-fat latte. i blew up with carbs. an hour later, i would be hungry
8:50 am
again. rath e than doing that, i go for more vegetables. healthy fats. the healthy proteins. >> it looks more filling. >> and tasty. >> one of the hardest parts of the day is sacks in. we all like sacks in. we have potato chips. the crunch is part of it. >> we got the crunch. the crunch is something we all react to. i wanted to replace it with something equally krumcrunchy. this is a hummus made with carrot and turmeric. it's a root with a compound that is a natural anti-inflammatory. tons of flavor. >> i have never heard an aud jones excited about turmeric. whoa, turmeric! a lot of people have to that v their pasta. what do you have to substitute for that? >> we have vegetables going on here. good things.
8:51 am
all that carbs is going to keep you up. it will be intampa toir. here we have spaghetti squash. the same texture. i've added in beef as well. some of you notice more vegetables than meet going on. we've replaced the carbs with something with the same texture. >> on top of this, working out is a big thing. you do something called no gym january. >> the idea is, you don't need to go to the gym to exercise. you just need to move a little bit. you can do exercises at home. body weight squats. mobility work. jump squats and lunges will do a lot to get yu moving the. >> i wish i knew that before the end of january. >> i know, right? now get back in the gym. we're ready to go. >> thank you so much, man. this is really a great information for everybody. real food heals. it's out now and you can get these recipes on our website. check that out as well.
8:52 am
seamus mullen, everybody. we'll be right back.
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[ cheers and applause ] bye. >> bye. >> hi, everyone, 8:56 a.m.,
8:56 am
january 29. mass transit has been problematic to say the least today. let's go over to karen rogers
8:57 am
with an update. >> reporter: the norristown high speed line has 20 minute delays because of equipment problems. patco was not running but they have resumed limited service between broad and 16th. no service between lindenwald and ferry avenue. let's jump into new jersey and check 42. maybe we can click that advance. 42 northbound better than it was a half-hour ago. now only a 14 minute ride from the ac expressway to 295. we had an accident in new jersey on 55. last time i showed you this, we were looking at speeds in the single digits. the accident has cleared and we jumped up to 45 miles per hour. a little better on 55. >> david murphy is outside with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: lots of clouds over philadelphia. storm tracker 6 live showing you sprinkles and showers down south. south jersey may see more of
8:58 am
that. right now it's on the other side the southern new castle delaware. 35 in allentown. this afternoon 47 lots of clouds and showers down south. tomorrow snow showers possible a coating to a couple of inches through the day, some of this could arrive during the morning commute we'll be on the air early with radar and temperatures to let you know if there's anything icing up going on with that. 35 tomorrow, 36 on wednesday. >> eagles are in minneapolis for the super bowl game. look for updates on "action news" at noon and twitter and facebook and "live with kelly and ryan" is up next. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great super bowl week!
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