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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 31, 2018 2:40am-4:00am EST

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be wrong this year, porcupine. >> we can only hope. >> good luck everybody. >> especially the eagles. getting a bit crazy, getting a bit real, nothing to lose your head over. >> no i'm not going anywhere with you. >> this couple having a disagreement. >> go away. >> yes, girl! i'm after you! >> does he not notice what
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happened? andy gross, also known as split man where he cuts his body in two and goes walking alongside it? this is an incredible effect. her reactions are hilarious. she has the most deep soul-destroying scream of horror. >> that will give his woman a heart attack. she came to that woman's defense and she's like, wait a minute. >> some of the reaction for the ladies at the restaurant, everyone is having a good time. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> headless person sitting there! what do you do? >> she wants to run up and help but how do you help a decapitated person. i don't know, i'd want to get involved and run and chase the guy but like, oh! there's someone without a head! [ bleep ] >> this is actually one of my favorites. >> what are you doing?
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[ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> is that real? looked like somebody tased him. >> incredible effects. you want to see the video go to our website, click on tv show or use our mobile app. that's a look at some of the day's hottest videos. for much more go to or catch us on the next all new "rtm."
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that's a live look at capitol hill, still all lit up after all three branchs convened for president trump's first state of the union. . >> as always there was plenty of speculation what he would and wouldn't talk about. he did not talk about the current russia investigation. in contrast, president nixon did decide to bring up the watergate
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from that podium. >> we're opening up the vault from the 1974 state of the union address. >> i believe that i provided are the materials that you need to conclude his investigation and to proceed to prosecute the guilty and to clear the innocent. i believe the time has come to bring that investigation and the other investigations of this matter to an end. one year of watergate is enough. i was elected to the office that i hold. and like every member of the house and senate when i was elected to that office, i knew that i was elected for the purpose of doing a job and doing it as well as i possibly can. and i want you to know that i have no intention what ever,
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whatever walking away from the job that people elected me to do for the people of the united states. . >> quite a divided congress there in 1974. and as they did in 1974 the democrats wau s watched last ni with contempt wondering if and how the president would address the controversial issue. >> "nightline." >> this was a democratic congress minority that really did not want to give the president anything. but the president didn't give them anything. he brought up all kinds of controversies which is unusual in a state of the union. he talked about cuba, guantanamo, on standing for it national anthem and a whole litany of things on immigration and he didn't mention by the way, africa or europe, places
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where maybe there could be some kind of unity. >> i was expecting sort of this unification on d.a.c.a., given the shut down and all the controversy surrounding it in the past week or so but this really should be an easy lay up for democrats and republicans. >> chris christie also commented essentially saying usually these speeches play to the base and he felt president trump didn't do enough of that. >> oh, really? the new york tabloids have differing views. the daily post calls it smoozing and the daily news calls it a load of clap. nancy pelosi didn't do a lot of applauding. she kind of looks like -- what was the name of that gymnast who was not impressed? >> mckayla. pelosi is not impressed. not a lot of applause from the democratic side.
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the better the fit, the better it protects. always. it is time for this happened and this certainly happened. overseas in china where things are slippery there for everybody and that includes this cow. >> oh, no. >> that went sliding. not just a little. some 300 feet. >> slow motion too. >> and i see eastern china there. >> poor thing must be so confused. >> so he was captured there. it appears to be film by a group of young men from a window who were a little excited about all of that. but hope the cow's doing are had right. so how many plumbers does it take to fix an airplane toil
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incident. >> one, two. >> apparently a lot. so this hap bd on a flight from a oslo to munich where there were 85 passengers that were plumbers and yet the toilet clogged on the flight. >> so the plane had to turn around on its flight because it had had toilet problems. so they said can anybody help out and 85 people said yeah but they couldn't fix the toilet. >> unfortunately it had had to be done from outside of the plane and we didn't risk sending a plumber to work at 5,000 feet. >> they said there was a good atmosphere on the plane even with the irony of the broken toilet. >> well, i'm sure they're used to that smell as plumbers. a new fluffy friend at home that was keen to get to know
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said fluffy friend but the fluffy friend was a little more keen to get to know augy. he was having a good time chasing the dog around, hopping around. i know another little bunny who likes to do this with puppies, particularly ones that there smaller than he is. >> frank verses the dog. >> frank's like nothing to see here. >> oh, my god. he's an attack bunny. >> he plays coy and then out of nowhere. look, i'm just licking -- and out. >> look how sneaky he is. >> frank ownry does it with dogs his size. >> the pit bull he's like, no, you win. >> all good. enjoy the blue super moon. blood moon.
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this morning on "abc news now" the president's call for unity. >> president trump projecting a different image than his inaugural address, calling this a new american moment. >> this is your time -- >> democrats weren't buying it, even seeming to avoid applauding his ideas. plus the morning's other news including the former governor arrested at a airport security check point. and the triple moon event of the year, of the century, of the millennium, of the -- i don't know. the super blue moon. the if larged moon looking red during an eclipse. >> not sure any of those things are true, by the way. >> we're going to check in with
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accuweather live for the forecast. the emotional support p peacock prevented from boarding with its owner. kind of adding insult to injury for a bird that already can't fly that far. coming up this wednesday, january 31st. >> announcer: from abc news this is "abc news now." >> guess they didn't want to ruffle some feathers. >> of course. we're goetog get to that a little bit later. the democrats' feathers were a little ruffled for a good hour and 20 minutes last night. it was one of the longest speeches in the past 50 years. one hour, 20 minutes. interrupted by 83 standing ovations. >> it was also marked by icy
3:02 am
glares from democrats. they even booed twice by our account. >> and in another break from tradition, the first lady actually took her own motorcade to the capitol and she was wearing white women did last ye. and abc's lana zack with all the details. >> reporter: good morning you know if you were watching the president's speech on twitter, the most popular moment was when he discussed standing for the national anthem. but here at the capitol, it was the economy that dominated. >> the state of our union is strong because our people are strong. >> reporter: in his first state of the union address, president trump focussed on his had economy and tax reform. >> this in fact is our new american moment. there has never been a better time to start living the
3:03 am
american dream. >> reporter: the white house promised an uplifting unifying speech from president trump. >> i call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people. >> reporter: but some on the left expressed skepticism as the president calls for unity. >> this administration isn't just targeting the laws that protect us, they're targeting it very idea that we're all all had worthy of protection. >> reporter: several democrats boycotted the speech and several wore african tex tiles. but bipartisanship will be needed to pass a new infrastructure bill and immigration reform. >> my job is to protect americans, their safeties, their families, their communities and their right to the american dream. because americans are dreamers
3:04 am
t too. >> reporter: and congress as only a week 1/2 before time runs out on the continuing resolution to fund the government. so the president said what he really wanted to do was unify the nation and how did he do on that front? according to minority leader, chuck schumer the head of the senate democrats, he said americans were europeaning fyea present a unifying vision but his address stoked fires of division instead of bringing us together. >> a lot of people in the meantime looking at the tea leaves yet again. the first lady arrived separately. so we have not seen the first couple together in fact all of this year. >> reporter: there was two reasons that was getting a lot of attention. first, it's a break with modern tradition and this is the first time she was going to be seen
3:05 am
with the president following the allegations that the president had an affair with an adult film star. but she said she arrived separately because she had to arrive earlier because she was hosting a reception for those heroes. >> and you mentioned that adult film star who allegedly had had an affair with the president. we watched the state of the union, she watched the state of of the union that is with jimmy kimmel. >> we're talking about stormy daniels who accepted $100,000 to keep quiet about any involvement with trump. on kimmal's show she seemed to confirm that a statement released hours before is fake. she says the signature on that statement is not hers. that's about all she was able to say, playing coy with kimmal throughout, but she never actually denied an affair. the white house is promising
3:06 am
to conduct a review before the president decides whether or not to release it. it was written by the staff of house intelligence community chairman and ally, nunez. it accuses the fbi and justice department of improper use of surveillance. house speaker paul ryan is siding with the republicans who voted to make that memo public and release it. >> there may have been malfeesance by people that fbi. so it is our job in conducting oversight of the executive branch to get to the bottom of that. >> they say it was an attempt to discredit robert mueller's investigation. they say releasing would be reckless. hillary clinton responds. clinton writes in a lengthy online statement. if i had had to do it again, i wouldn't. the former presidential nominee said she didn't think firing the
3:07 am
worker was the best solution to the problem. clinton also says she hopes women will continue leading it larger discussion about harassment and it reads to a better country for everyone. a stand off in los angeles ended with a man being taken into custody. he hung out of the window several times. also threw several items through the window. police fired tear gas through that window and a s.w.a.t. team forcibly entered, ending the incident. a woman said he may have been upset that his rare cat had had been turned over to an animal sanctuary. and this is the mangled wreckage of a deadly helicopter crash in southern california. two were in the helicopter, the other was on the ground. the people were home at the time of the crash but they were okay. the identity of a new purse often interest in the las vegas
3:08 am
massacre was made public by mistake. doug hague's name was revealed bewhen a public's staff failed to black it out on documents released to the media. hague tells the associated press he met the vegas shooter one time and sold ammunition to him. the documents didn't disclose why they considered him a purse often interest. we're learning that former mississippi governor was arrested earlier this month for carrying a loaded handgun through airport security. said he forgot it in his brief case. he boarded his flight and heelver to pay a fine. add to the list of internet disappointme disappointments. many of you have seen this over the past few days. it's supposed to show a
3:09 am
marketing mistake at the minneapolis -- instead of super bowl lii, it looks like superb owl. >> that's what it actually looks like. whoops. the whole thing's fake. it was created by the university of minnesota grad student. little bone to pick with the whole vikings not making it i suppose. >> oh, well. owls are superb though. coming up the trifecta, lunar event of the century. it is happening right now. >> anyway, it's a super blue blood moon. no super owls there. before you break out the telescope, not everyone in america will be able to see it. we'll tell you what you need to know to catch the eclipse early
3:10 am
this morning. >> we have a live report on this. this is a big deal. and if dogs can be service animals, why not a peacock? and check out our behind it scene picks on instagram.
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that would be a raging gulf fire. several homes, structures and vehicles were destroyed. warm, dry and windy conditions have triggered a ban on burning in 40 counties in western oklahoma. fema has announced its ending aid shipments to puerto rico. >> they sited the restoration of its food and water supply chain as well as the availability of water supplies. but the puerto rico state coordinating office says they have not heard about any transition plans. says the government of puerto rico does not agree with it move. there are a lot of people still in puerto rico living without power. and a top official at hawaii's emergency management
3:14 am
agency has resigned. >> a new report reveals that worker who sent that alert thought that an actual attack was imminent. here with the details. >> this is not a drill. >> reporter: the worker who sent more than 1 million hawaiians into a panic with the warning that ballistic missile was headed for the island fired. >> if you're outdoors -- >> reporter: terrified residents running for shelter. a desperate father dropping his daughter down a manhole for protection. hawaii's emergency management initially blaming that worker for pushing the wrong button. but investigators now say he believed there was a missile headed for hihad hi. the colossal mistakes began when a supervisor conducted a no notice ballistic defense drill. the supervisor play as recording over the phone that says exercise, exercise, exercise but
3:15 am
includes the language this is not a drill while five others listening understand it was an exercise, they say that worker thinks it is real, sending the alert. >> and another employee had to take over his responsibilities. >> reporter: so for 38 minutes the panic continues before they finally send the all clear. >> so apparently that worker had a history of confusing drills and real-world scenarios on at least two prior occasions. >> the fcc said a combination of human error and inadequate safeguards contributed. now we know what the human error part of it was. coming up one on one with actor/activist, rose mcgowan. she was one of the first women to step up and say me too. but first the blue moon, the
3:16 am
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eyes to the sky this morning as we get a rare lunar triple play. it sounds ominous and it is. this super blue blood moon will appear for millions of americans overnight and the sunrises as the moon sets. >> not ominous at all in other words. but here's how the super blue blood moon breaks down. say that quickly. it's a super moon, which is any moon that appears larger than usual. it just has to do with where it is in orbit. it's a blue moon so two blue
3:19 am
moons in one month. and it makes the moon appear red, aka blood moon. so super blue blood moon. >> so grab a blue moon, drink up, watch the skies. do we need special glasses to see this thing like with the solar eclipse? >> got to be safe. let's go to accuweather to help had us out. justin, how badly did we just botch the description of what this thing actually is? >> i think you did a pretty good job. you won't need the glasses like with the solar eclipse. i broke out the serial boxes. we actually punched holes in the cereal box and that's how we saw the solar eclipse. but this is a different story and it's a blue moon, a blood moon. let's keep it list going here. >> it sounds quite dire. every time i thaer description
3:20 am
of this, i feel it's the end of days. this is it, right? >> there might be a job in hawaii for you. >> you know, if you break down any of these events individually, we talk about solar -- or lunar eclipses every couple years. we talk about blue moons on occasion but when all of these come together that same time and we have to go back to 1866. that was the year after the civil war ended and that's what makes this really remarkable in itself. >> and we saw in the solar eclipse, there was a path of totalality where people could see it. does it work the same way with the lunar eclipse? >> it are has to do with the timing with the moon sets and with the sunrises. out towards the east coast, it's going to be clear but the thing is the lunar eclipse is going to be taking off right around 7:52 in the morning but the sun is
3:21 am
coming up before that. so we're going to miss out with the full eclipse. little rock and dallas we're looking at clear skies and you still have that time to view the lunar eclipse. >> so you're saying dallas. i know in the solar eclipse, there was a place in kentucky everybody went to. >> dallas or little rock or memphis. really from the central time zone on west bound. further north it's a different story because there's going to be clouds to obscure the view in a sense but south central, southwest is the place to be. >> why does the northeast keep getting gypped here? can you write a strongly worded letter or something? >> the sun's going to start to come out. but it's that not going to be f. >> i will take that little bit
3:22 am
of good news. >> end of days. thank you, justin. >> and everything's fine. lyrics: ooh-oo child
3:23 am
3:24 am
lyrics: thing's are gonna get easier. lyrics: ooh-oo child, lyrics: things'll get brighter. lyrics: ooh-oo child lyrics: thing's are gonna get easier. lyrics: ooh-oo child, lyrics: things'll get brighter.
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tfrmths it is your hump day mix and don't try get a camel on a plane these days. they're really trying to draw the line on these eegz motional support animals. there is one person who went to newark, new jersey and thought they could get their emotional support animal through. just so happens that was a peacock. dexter. >> nothing to see here. >> the woman even tried to buy the bird a seat for the trip. so she was legit trying to get her on. but united airlines refused. dexter belongs to an artist in brooklyn. so it's a popular support
3:26 am
animal. >> was her seat first class because dexter is not fitting. >> dexter did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size. >> also dexter's a peacock. >> i neglected to say that. have you gotten frank on a flight? >> no. but if people are trying to get their pet peacock's on, frank supports our emotions around here and for the viewers. also i noticed you got yourself your own emotional support animal. >> i was trying to sleep yesterday. >> did it work? did pluto help you sleep? >> no, i was wide awake all day long but pluto in the meantime was passed out. >> grown man with a stuffed anaana anim animal. it's true, ladies and gentlemen. continuing the animal themes mix.
3:27 am
two tourists were joined by an emu. just saw the tourists and said hey, guys, what's going on. thompson said they like to go in the water when it's hot and squat down but this one had a real bird bath moment. >> they don't look too impressed either by the way. >> they're like whatever, emu. >> not this again. >> we're trying to boogie board here, paddle board. can you get out of the way. maybe the emu wanted to paddle board. >> that is quite possible. let's go to a dog that dances the cha-cha. this is an innenergetic dog tha has to dance when his owner sings. he stands up on his hind legs. . >> why is he in a crib?
3:28 am
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. the the state of our union is strong because our people are strong. >> this morning on "abc news now" the president appeals for bipartisanship but also plays to his base during his first state of the union address. talk fwhouth north korean threat and his plans to build new roads and bridges. the first lady in white and some democrats in black. some showing solidarity with africans. plus why the democratic response people talking. we're live in washington. the president also touted the surging stock market but wall street is on a two-day slide, dropping the most since august. and new this half hour, stormy daniels. >> see what happened when jimmy kimmel asked the porn star about
3:31 am
her alleged past with donald trump. and quincy jones may be 84 but he's keeping busy with multiple productions. no, not music. he's producing romantic relationships and a whole lot of them from differ nent area code and country codes. his world tour of love. >> quincy jones. ♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "abc news now." >> what arewords? diane macedo ♪ feel that beat >> this is what happened. >> you can rock the boogie. oh, ride the boogie. but first let's start with the president reaching out to democrats and vowing to make america great again for all
3:32 am
americans. >> just hours ago right there at the capitol. he called on both parties to work together on a $1.5 trillion plan to rebuild the infrastructure. >> he signed an order to keep order the detention center and he touted his tax cuts and booming economy. >> this in fact is our new american moment. there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. so to every citizen watching at home tonight no matter where you've been or where you've come from this is your time. if you work hard, if you believe in yourself, if you believe in america, then you can dream anything. you can be anything. and together we can achieve absoloutly anything. >> so he did talk immigration, reiterating his proposal you
3:33 am
might say to grant legal status and a path to citizenship to nearly 2 million young people. >> he also talked about the importance of beefing up border security. >> so tonight i'm extending an open hand to work with members of both parties, democrats and republicans to protect our citizens of every background, color, religion and creed. my duty and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber is to defend americans, to protect their safety, their families, their communities and their right to the american dream. because americans are dreamers too. >> that reference to dreamers triggered boos from the audience. >> but the crowd was mostly receptive to the president pfsz positive tone, giving him more than 80 standing ovations. >> but it is not enough to come
3:34 am
together only in times of tragedy. tonight i call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground and to summon the unity we need deliver for the people. this is really the key. these are it people we were elected to serve. >> and more than 10 democrats actually boycotted the president's speech, while others sat stone faced as he spoke. and congressman joe kennedy was elected to give the democratic response? and what was kennedy's big message? >> reporter: both speeches were actually received over olivary positively but he used his opportunity to not only talk about what democrats are for but as an indictment. he says this administration is
3:35 am
not just targeting the laws that protect us, they're targeting the very idea that we're all worthy of protection. and as you know there's a curse that supposedly follows anybody that gives the response whether it's a democrat or republican and it seems that representative kennedy was not able to escape that curse tonight. some people talking about what appeared to be drool or some sweat on the corners of his mouth. at one point there was actually a new twitter handle, joe kennedy's lips that were talking about the need for chapstick. >> it looks to me like carmex, like makeup went beyond. >> but it appeared later. it wasn't there at the beginning. i'm not sure what it was. >> one of the tweets from@joe kennedy's lichs says if thought us who, if not when, chapstick.
3:36 am
we all know marco rubio with the whole water situation. what is going on here? >> reporter: if only i a glass of water to make that prop really work. everybody seems to have that problem. this time it seemed democrats were escaping what as in the past been so difficult for others in that cold room all by themselves without an audience. in this case he was in front of people applauding and he was feeding off of that a little bit but that curse, it always gets you. >> always something. >> rilts it's it middle of the night, the president's long gone. is it just you and the cleaning crew there at this point? >> it's me, my producer -- >> that's a yes. awesome. well, we appreciate you hanging in there for us and breaking down what exactly it was carmex, blistex. investigative report.
3:37 am
thank you. well, during the speech the president did refer thns stock market surge. >> the market are on a two-day losing streak for the first time enabout a month. >> reporter: the news weighed heavily on insurance stocks, j.p. morgan and amazon are creating an independent hierk company for their employees. hit those stocks hard and we're in a period of raising interest rates and as those rise, the cost of borrowing gets more expensive, such as people and businesses have to spend more to borrow less. but you have to look lat of this in context. the dow is up 31%. that means your 401 k's are doing better as well. >> our thanks to rebecca. we have new video of a russian
3:38 am
fighter jet buzzing close to a u.s. jet. here's what the navy called an unsafe encounter. they say the russian plane came within five feet of the navy jet and was on a routine flight in international airspace. >> at least two new deaths are being linked to the flu. they say a 4-year-old girl died from the virus. she did not have a flu shot and a 38-year-old mother's death is also being blamed on the flu. her family says she declined to be treated with tamiflu. that antiviral drug is now flying off store shelves. one pharmacy sold 100 bottles in an hour. >> this is the first in probably a decade where i've seen you're scrambling to get it from your whole saler. >> and a school in oregon will be closed for a second straight day because nearly half of its students have been effected by
3:39 am
the flu. a little good news for us. former "glee" star has died from an parent suicide. pending the autopsy. his death comes just weeks after the 35-year-old actor pleaded guilty to federal charges of child pornography. a sentencing hearing was set for next week. he most likely was facing up to seven years behind bars.j. simp an effort to force him to hand over cash he pockets from signing autographs. use it money to pay a $70 million civil judgment. a new jersey school bus driver is taking a ride to the super bowl thanks to some really grateful parents. >> burst into tears after finding out he's been given tickets and air fare to sunday's game. he's longer-time philadelphia eagles fan. he spent much of the time
3:40 am
teaching the kids on his bus the eagle said fight song. >> the parents wanted to thank him for his 26 years of dedication. they raised more than $5,000 to get him that gift. go, gary. they also got personalized jerseys for him and his wife. he'll be watching the game in style. jack likes that. >> even the patriots fan can support that. coming up in the skinny quincy jones admits he as 22 girlfriends. how do you feel about that? >> how do they feel about that is the question. and stormy daniels watched the state of the union with jimmy kimmel but what did she have to say about the president? jimmy kimmel. but what did.
3:41 am
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here? no... make every day valentine's day with k-y yours and mine. two sensations. one great way to discover new feelings together. so it's turned into a case of h so it's turned intoof he sa she maybe said something else. it was reported yesterday that stormy daniels released a statement about her alenged affair with donald trump saying it didn't happen. then she appeared on jimmy kimmel live last night and implying the signatures did not quite match up. >> when is the last time you watched a state of the union address for an hour and 20
3:44 am
minutes and then watched a talk show to see a porn star who allegedly had had had an affair with the president? >> so she said she didn't know where the statement came from. >> jimmy tried to get to the bottom of it. >> do you think the president i? i like to imagine him. >> i don't want to imagine him. >> you don't have to imagine him. so i like to imagine him like oh, no, stormy, why are you on that talk show when you could be here in bed with me havining th most fantastic love making of your entire life. >> i'm glad i didn't put food on my writer in my dressing room. >> you engaged in textbook generic sex, he did not use protection and asked you to sign a copy of one of your dvds. >> well, he does have good taste i guess.
3:45 am
>> you had dinner with him that beverly hills hotel. while you were there, he was watching "shark week." is any of that true? >> define true. >> do you feel guilt towards milania? >> i feel guilt towards my family. >> if you have done something, don't move. if you haven't done it, shake your head don't move. never have i ever had had had sex with married man at a golf tournament. good. never have i ever watched "shark week" in a hotel room with the host of a reality show. she's not moving. have you ever made love to anyone whose name rhymes with ronald lump? >> i'll call you whatever you want me to call you, baby. >> very good at avoiding. she didn't really answer anything and yet they talked for
3:46 am
quite some time. that was jimmy kimmel trying to use puppets. >> i didn't realize there were puppets. >> a little game of never have i ever. >> that wadsant her? >> she was holding a puppet. >> that was genius. >> there are rumors she signed f she did, she wouldn't be able to answer anyway. >> but good job on jimmy to try to get the answers out. >> he certainly tried very hard. the skinny is next. oh, sorry i'm late, sir. i had a doctor's appointment. when you said you were at but your shirt says you were at a steakhouse... that's when you know it's half-washed. now from downy fabric conditioner comes downy odor protect with 24-hour odor protection. downy's powerful formula conditio odors all day. hey, your shirt's making me hungry. ha ha, derek.
3:47 am
downy and it's done.
3:48 am
the speech was a huge hit with the speech was a huge hit with republicans. just look how excited mitch mcconnell was. actually i believe we have footage of mitch mcconnell more excited. ♪ skinny so skinny >> a lot of late night comedians were live last night because of
3:49 am
the state of the union address. so we got plenty of disturbing moments like that one. >> not every day we begin with politics and a turtle trying to mate with a crock slipper. >> so picture that. >> or don't. because we're going to start with the state of quincy jones' love life. >> that was a live shot of it. >> very strong for anyone, let alone an 84 year old. the music producer gave an interview with gq. he has been married three times but currently has 22 girlfriends. >> and when asked if it he really did, quincy started rattling off. he did puruse we are the world. he goes hell yeah, he said everywhere, cape town, cairo, stockholm, sweden, brazil,
3:50 am
salpaulo, and rio. shanghai, man. whew. end quote. >> by the way he said cairo twice. he has two girlfriends in cairo alone. when asked if all 22 girlfriends knew about each other, he said yeah, i don't lie. and it's amazing women get it, man. don't you forget they're 13 years smarter than we are. don't you ever forget it. >> does that mean his women are 97 years old mentality. >> he's trying to stay above them in that way. his daughters now give him an age range. so his girlfriends now range in age from 28 to 42. so he's still got that 13 years going. >> quincy. hey. at least he's honest about it.
3:51 am
and age wise. >> and nicole kidman is not one of quincy jones' girlfriends. but she is an incredible actress with now a secret talent we're learning about. as part of vanity fair's secret talent theater, the oscar winner revealed she can eat bugs without gagging. >> if had joying a four course meal of bugs. corn worms and then meal worms which she describes as fruity. >> and she ate some crickets which she said have the consistency of a hairy nut and finished the meal with fried grass hoppers. yum. so the bromance between leo dicaprio and tom hardy is strong. they can became fast friends during filming "the revenant." leo and tom made a bet. >> i nominated, he would have to get a tattoo of leo's design. he was nominated. so leo designed him a tattoo.
3:52 am
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the better the fit, the better it protects. always. we're back with the explosiv we're back now with explosive interview with actor/activist, rose mcgowan. >> she's telling her story in a new memoir titled "brave." >> did you have any idea that series of tweets would help in leading with this movement? >> why women don't report? well, i put that out there as a clairian call, come on, it's time, journalists let's go. it was like i said everything but the name so draw your conclusions but even so the media would not report on it and i knew they wouldn't because
3:56 am
they had failed to for so many years. everybody knew. >> and you really believe that. >> i know that. people think i don't know these people. that i'm on the outsideng in. uh-huh. someone asked who i would we in the wizard of oz. i would be the curtain. somebody nobody noticed that was pretty and used and discarded when was done. from both how to sell to the audience and how to be sold. >> and you're pulling back that curtain? >> why not. nobody talks but to me the truth is revolutionary and you have to fight with that voice with everything coming at you that tells you you're wrong and bad and dirty. i find it very strange. how many women does it take. we're at over 100 on the list. there's a victim called samantha
3:57 am
and i would probably estimate there's got to be over 1,000 1,000/2,000. >> and you said this book and your story is bigger than hollywood. >> this country has a big no fear. i've seen it bumper stickers everywhere but i say be brave, do it even if your ankles shake because they will. a lot of the suspicions about hollywood people have are true. i wish everybody was super awesome. but sometimes you got to clean house a little bit. >> she refuses, by the way, to use harvey weinstein's name. and she has a album to go along with that "brave." facebook. >> coming up more news from abc.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, president trump's message to america in his first state of the union address. >> i call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground. >> a speech promising unity but did he deliver? we fact check his top statements plus how the speech broke with tradition and what appeared to response. stocks slide. this morning the new investigation into apple, the big amazon health care partnership in the works and the concern about interest rates today. all rattling wall street. hotel standoff. tensions boil over as a wanted man turns to violence throwing a microwave out the window. the standoff lasting nearly 40 hours. why a fight over a cat may be to blame.


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