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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 31, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it started at 4:00 shots were fired in the area and students were taken back into the school. and police on the scene found several shell casings outside. we'll bring you the latest as soon as it becomes available to us. >> today i'm just choosing family over service. long time philadelphia congressman, bob brady, says it's time to come home. he announced he will not run for re-election. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is the end of an era in philadelphia politics. bob brady will not run for an 11th term after the fbi continues the corruption case around him but brady claims that has nothing to do with it. >> he decided to retire to spend more time with his family and talked about the current federal probe where the fbi maintains
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the campaign unlawfully concealed a $90,000 payment to an opponent in 2012. and today brady flat out said i did nothing wrong. >> he and long time friend went on trial last year for an alleged trading gifts for political favors. however that trial ended in a hung jury and today the u.s. justice department decided not to retry either man. the judge threw out seven of the charges again them. and an amtrak train carrying gop lawmaker to a retreat partially derailed in virginia today. and two local congressman tom mcarthur from new jersey and brian fit patrick were on board
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but not hurt. he and other colleagues were heading to west virginia and one person in the truck were killed and two amtrak crew members and two passengers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. we are just four days away from super bowl lii the excitement is building for players and coaches but certainly fans too. with so many people expected for the game and also the festivities. security is a pop priority. sara bloomquist is live with more on that tonight. >> reporter: hi rick and monica we are outside of the convention center and the fan experience here the sun is setting behind me and it's a bit bright. you can make out the national guard outside and it's typical of the super bowl venues around the region tonight. the special agent in charge of the minneapolis fbi put it this way the eagles and patriots have a game plan and law enforcement has a game plan in place and
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what has been in place for the last two years. law enforcement is everywhere here in minneapolis. today secretary of homeland security kirsten neil son got a firsthand look at what is in place. >> in the unlikely event something occurs we'll be here to support the state and locals who are here on the ground. >> and local state and federal resources are on the ground and they trained from an active shooter situation to a cyber bombing and they told fans to consider their own safety and dress for the elements. >> everyone should expect to spend time in the elements and important for us to make sure people that are coming here and visiting for the super bowl to please address appropriately even if you are only out for a few minutes it can get quite cold here. officers are assisting from across the state as minneapolis moves ahead to a safe super
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bowl. there are some in the community that are not used to seeing a robust public safety presence but i stress it's for their safety and we are doing everything to make sure the super bowl is a safe and welcoming environment. >> to give you an idea what is about to converge on this city. the airport here typically screens 30,000 passengers in a day that is about to ramp up over the next few days to 69,000 passengers each day and extra tsa agents are in place. and the secretary of homeland security say there is no specific threats to minneapolis or the super bowl but they will continue to monitor along with international partners. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news". >> thank you lets switch live to jaime apody and ducis rogers at the mall of america. the eagles got their first full
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practice in today right guys? >> reporter: yes, practice probably just wrapped up a few minutes ago and they are practicing at the nearby university of minnesota bloomington campus and the eagles spoke to assistant coaches and they described the team as loosely competent and the guys were joking around and loose in the mall and the players have been there all year long and nothing has changed. >> they are still that way here this week. and that is a good thing you don't want them to feel the pressure of the moment. and i like what i see so far from these guys, the entire team was vanlable to the media before practice and they looked relaxed and enjoying the moment despite the magnitude of it, including the man that feels the most pressure of all. i asked foles what it means to the city of philadelphia to finally win a super bowl and the pride that would come to be the
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team that could bring it to them. >> have you thought about what it means to finally bring a super bowl and you the one to bring it. >> i am not thinking about it in too much detail and i am in the moment. the game has not been played and we have a lot of work and i know what it means to the city and what it means to us. >> i have been think being that, i know what that looks like. i have never been to the super bowl let alone winning one and i saw what it meant to the city. and philly similar passionate and never having the taste of victory at the end of the year. yes, i think about that a lot. >> do you think what it will mean to philadelphia to actually pull off the win? >> it will be pure craziness. getting extra security you don't know what will happen. >> that is funny and a few
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players are wearing wrestling masks during the vailability. a reporter from mexico was handing them out. >> yes. and zach ertz told me they could be on an episode of nacho libre, they are keeping things loose and fletcher cox will not wear those because he is wearing his helmet. >> there are huge wrestling fans on the team and fletcher cox and curry as well. he is watching wrestling since he was 5 years old. >> and we saw vinny curry looking for the sin bon in the mall. >> great job thank you. meantime kick off your super bowl weekend with us on friday night at 8:00, tune in for the championship preview live from minneapolis and stay with "action news" saturday as the excitement builds with live reports throughout the day from minneapolis. and on sunday of course start your game day coverage on "action news" as well as 6:00
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a.m. and with live reports all morning and "action news" at noon that day and live pregame coverage starting on "action news" at 5:00, and live coverage continues after the game from philadelphia and minneapolis and then wrap it all up with "action news" at 11:00 and sports sunday we have you covered all weekend here on "action news." >> all right health check tonight. officials say that the number of flu cases in the area continues to climb. and it seems a different strain of that virus is starting to circulate and ali gorman spoke to a local pediatrician today and in south jersey one pediatric office had to cancel well visits to treat kids coming in with the flu and some kids are getting it twice. >> i think it's bad this year. really bad. >> many parents are growing concerned as the flu virus continues to spread. >> is this today?
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>> dr. stephanie ricky says that the office is inundated with kids coming in with the flu. >> from my own experience in pediatrics i have never seen it this bad. >> and it may affect schools, this time last year camden county had less than 1% students absent and now the absentee rate is 6.8%. >> definitely on the radar and we are getting emails from the school to be cautious about it. good dr. ricky says along with other viruses there are several different flu strains going around. and not just the predominant a strain and they see almost as many cases of the b strain that means you could be hit twice. >> can you get the flu twice in one season because there are different strains going around. >> and that is one reason that doctors are recommending the flu shot. another is that if you catch the virus, the vaccine could help
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prevent life-threatening complications. and throughout the nation several kids have died from the flu. it's rare but parents should be on the lookout for severe symptoms. >> you'll have coughs with the flu and stuffy nose and sneezing and if they are having a hard time breathing without a doubt that is a reason to seek emergency care. >> and other warning signs include blueish lips and extreme fatigue and dehydration and worsening symptoms. >> and if you or anyone in the family get the flu stay home at least 24 hours after the fever breaks and that is without tylenol or ibuprofen and avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes and disfect all the common surfaces. >> thank you. time now for a check of our "action news" traffic report
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wednesday evening. >> the big jam on 422 westbound this afternoon coming out of king of prussia way from 202. especially heavy with speeds in the teens because of earlier money pothole repairs approaching oaks and both lanes are open now on westbound 422. and plymouth meeting there by the urgent care and on the schuylkill at 130 jammed there in the normal spot. >> accident involving a vehicle into a pole in pemberton county this afternoon it's along 530 along birmingham road use 330 or 616 as alternates and northbound on the concord pike a slow go because of the crash at the bandy wine parkway taking out two lanes and patco on a
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modified schedule eastbound trains running every 10 minutes and westbound every 20. we'll check it again coming up. >> thank you. still to come on "action news" tonight. climbing a mountain is an incredible accomplishment and maybe a once in a lifetime achievement and one man shared his moment with the birds and we'll explain. folks that need extra help getting around have a new set of wheels to count on in south jersey. we'll show them to you. and meteorologist, cecily tynan here tonight when we say good-bye to january and hello to a frigid february. a cold end to january and windchills in the 20s across the viewing area and i'm tracking warmer air on the way along with several opportunities for rain or snow or both including on super bowl sunday.
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some of the birds faithful had their ways of showing their love for the eagles. gray hall has the story of one special fan. >> the montgomery family in
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center city can scratch an item off their bucket list they came from a height at mount kilimanjaro. >> 72-year-old bill montgomery and his son, joe took the trip because they wanted to do something adventurous and they made it to the top 19,000 feet and before the journey they used the city. joe climbed steps with his 2-year-old daughter on his back to prepare him for the trek up kilimanjaro. every step i took and watching my dad, 72 years old i could not be the first to quit. but what made it better the eagles were playing in the nfc championship and they won. and friends and family kept them up to date with text messages. >> and get to the top this is motivation, go eagles and beat the patriots. >> and when they heard they were going to the super bowl and at
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the top of the mountain they showed this picture to show their eagles pride. >> a nice way to show the eagles victory. >> and the hike was like the eagles victory, it was not easy but strength and endurance and determination and they hope that the eagles come home super bowl can champions. >> one guy at a time. and you get to the end zone. fly eagles fly. reporting in center city gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> well, even the smallest of eagles fans are caught up in the excitement as the super bowl gets closer. that makes us philly proud. it was a miniature pep rally in havertown. not only with the youngsters dressed in eagles gear they had the sign to wave around and a cheerleader or two complete with the pom poms. and to add a real philly flair
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some of the cities most popular cheesesteak places like ginos and pats were part of the decorations.
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seniors and disabled folks in one town have a new vehicle to take them to events.
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now special needs residents and the elderly can ride to free for shopping centers and grocery stores and the bank. it runs from the senior sent for folks ages 55 and up. and we reached the mid points of the philadelphia auto show and if you plan to head to the pennsylvania convention center make sure you have your walking shoes because there is 700 square miles of cars to see. look at this ford simulator, our melissa magee got to test the interactive experience to make you feel like are you driving on a racetrack and camp jeep you feel the terrain on an indoor track that takes you over a variety of surfaces and the super car show is a chance to see cars in person. a combine worth of more than$.5. >> that is a reason for going to the show there. philadelphia auto show runs through sunday.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the gig-speed network that powers the dreams of america's businesses is now doing the same for america's olympic and paralympic athletes. dream gig. comcast business. last day of january and time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist cecily tynan in the weather cente and some what a break tomorrow. >> temperatures are back in the upper 40s and today' high only 32 degrees, a relatively mild start to february and live on sky 6 hd looking at the center city skyline everyone the sun is now setting after 5:15 so the day is getting longer and clouds
5:25 pm
are moving in warm invection clouds and i usually wait until thursday to do the weekend preview but it's super bowl weekend. we have a super bowl storm on the way and it's a dry day and cold 33 degrees and we start the day with sun and increasing clouds and sunday, the system is pulling in and at this point it looks like it will bring us snow in the afternoon and changing over to rain by super bowl night and steven posted on my page planning on watching the super bowl outside on the projection screen bring it indoors, 41 degrees is the high on sunday. we'll have more details on that in the seven-day forecast. right now it's cold out there. 41 in philadelphia. and allentown 30 and trenton 30 and cape may 32 and wilmington 32. and you look at the streamline the arrows are from the south and what this gradually will do
5:26 pm
is bring warmer air. and as we end january this month will go down in the history books as normal temperature-wise. we have cold air in the beginning and the first eight days, temperatures running 16 degrees below normal and then we got into the pretty intense january flaw and the month overall close to normal only .20 degree below normal. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we started out the day with blue skies and sunshine and beginning to the high thin clouds moving in and the warm invection clouds pulling in the warmer air and not as cold as last night and temperatures dropped into the teens, 29 degrees in philadelphia. and allentown 26 and cape may 31 and wilmington 27 degrees and future tracker 6 showing as we head through the day tomorrow. 8:00 in the morning, 32 degrees and good amounts of cloud cover already and the clouds continue to thicken as we head into the afternoon and temperatures rise into the upper 40s and could
5:27 pm
have a few spotty showers developing in the afternoon and the steadier rain waiting for the cold front saturday night. by 10:00 we have a boundary of rain in philadelphia and areas southeast. cold air tries to catch up to it and it will have trouble and could end as a brief period of snow but generally a rain event. the five-day at 5:00. 49 is the high and increasing clouds and evening rain and friday the cold air is back in time for groundhog day and windchills in the teens and is it an increasing clouds and 33. super bowl sunday we have the storm 41 and sunday or monday the sunshine returns 39 degrees and going into s sunday seven-d forecast. a lot going on in the next week. >> there is more to come in the next half hour of "action news."
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"action news" continues with rick williams, monica malpass and jaime apody. >> hello again here is what is happening on "action news"
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wednesday night. eagles fans are coming from far and wide to celebrate the city of brotherly love and one fan is traveling 3,000 miles to show off his eagles green. and president trump delivers his first state of the union address to a divided congress. and reaction coming up. and news from virginia where an amtrak train carrying republican lawmakers crashes into a truck. we are live from the details. a frightening morning for republican members of congress when the amtrak train they were riding in slammed into a trash truck and one person was killed and at least six injured. the congressmen were passing through virginia on the way to a conference. >> reporter: reach politicians into rescue workers.
5:31 pm
dozens of republican lawmakers were on board of this amtrak when this crashed this morning and the train partially derailed. trash and debris littered the tracks around charlottesville, virginia, that type of impact at 70 miles per hour without braking it was quite a shock. >> the republicans including house speaker, paul ryan were on their way to a retreat in greenbriar, west virginia. one person in the truck was killed and others are said to be seriously injured. >> the vehicle and the men operating it were in the wrong place at the the wrong time. >> on the train there was no major injuries reported and jason lewis was sent to the hospital with a concussion. >> i was sitting down and it didn't injure me as much as the people standing up were thrown
5:32 pm
down. >> and oregon represent arive greg walden tweeting we are fine but our train hit a truck. and the white house says that president trump is briefed on the crash and he and vice president pence is scheduled to atnd the gop i spoke with speaker ryan a few moments ago and they are doing pretty good. a train accident was a tough one. >> bus as rived to pick up the members of congress and take them to the retreat. and a team in the ntsb is sent to investigate. now florida congressman neil dunn says that he and other congressmen were doctors and helped with first aid until another lawmaker that was an army ranger helped to pry open the door on the train to escape and help others. channel 6 "action news." back to you rick. >> thank you.
5:33 pm
in the nation's capital reviews are divided along party lines after president trump's first state of the union address last night. the president called for unity ditching his tough campaign talk and touted the rising stock market. the republicans clapped and democrats sat silently many whom brought dreamers as guests. many brought to the country as children. >> under the broken system a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives. >> they offer the path to citizenship in exchange for a multibillion dollar border wall and drastically scaling back immigration. >> david muir will have more on the president's state of the union and more from the deadly train crash right after "action news" at 6:00. >> meantime in four short days, the eagles take the field in
5:34 pm
minneapolis to facedown the new england patriots and super bowl lii. lots of fans are there to see the game and others are headed here to be part of the eagles excitement. "action news" reporter jeff met a fan planning to travel all the way from scotland. >> reporter: hey monica, hospitality officials say that a number of out of town fans are making their reservations here at the city and restaurants and hotels to experience the super bowl in eagles territory and one man is packing his kilt and on his way for the experience. >> yes i am going as a full scotsman and wearing a kilt with my eagles jersey and you can't miss me. >> this is you ian stevenson will look as he partied in philadelphia this weekend. the sports journalist calls himself a dealings die hard and
5:35 pm
has been a fan since the r and has been to the linc twice to see the eagles play. >> i can't miss winning the super bowl in an empty house 4:00 in the morning and i have to be in philadelphia with the fans. >> and he won't be alone in the midst of eagles mania. out of town birds fans are flocking to philadelphia to be part of it. >> we see reservations increase for sunday and on. >> and they won't have numbers until after the super bowl but it's expected to have a big economic impact here at home. >> everyone wants to be in the city and this is where the action will be. mcgillins ale house is gearing up request green beer and it's soldout. surprising is the number of out of towners that bought tickets. >> emails from people if florida, oregon and california and new york. even if you are at your hotel room and feel the energy and
5:36 pm
hear broad street roar that is enough for a lot of people. including ann stevens who have heard and seen the rowdy scenes and wants to be part of it is from will you climb the greased light poles if they win. >> not with a kilt on, no. >> funny guy. stevens says he and his friends don't know a soul here in philadelphia. and they plan to watch the game at a bar in center city but are open to invitations to house parties, anyone have extra room. jeff jericho channel 6 "action news." >> it here is something that makes us philly proud. eagles! >> students at saint michael in levittown showed off their eagles spirit. it's staff and teacher appreciation and everyone took the opportunity to wear their best eagles gear and give a
5:37 pm
shout-out to their favorite team. our super bowl coverage kicks off friday night with the championship preview live from minneapolis and join us through the day on saturday as the excitement continues to build. and then on game day sunday tune in for live reports starting on "action news" at 6:00 a.m. and all morning lon and "action news" at noon. it begins on "action news" at 5:00 and will be on air paidly after the game covering all the angles from philadelphia to minneapolis. and wrapping it up on "action news" at 11:00 and sports sunday. we have you covered all day long on "action news." investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire at the building of the campus of the university of delaware. it broke out last night at a maintenance building on the 200 block of academy street. no word on the etch tent of the injuries. the men and women that serve our nation that were honored today in delaware county. state law school in upper darby paid tribute to veterans with
5:38 pm
the special mass and vets from the parrish community were invited to attend. and time now for a check of the roads out there. >> back to matt pellman with a closer look at the commute home. >> less than shocking news plenty of traffic on the schuylkill expressway here by the vine street expressway eastbound travel time is especially bad more than double coming east from the blue route to this point at the vine. maybe some people heading into the you show this evening, that is keeping things busy in chinatown all week long. and the eastbound side of the schuylkill that closes overnight for construction. the work starts at 9:00 and the cleat closure starts at 11:00. and watching a crash at preliminaplymouth meeting from german town pike and now in the work zone in east goshen a crash at boot road and 352 use lime road instead of 352, northern delaware it's a
5:39 pm
mess along the northbound side of 202, the concord pike because of a bad crash at sullivan steakhouse. it's jammed there all afternoon and pine hill by the 76 gas station, by berwyn cross key road and patco eastbound trains running every 10 minutes. back over to you. >> thank you again. much more ahead on "action news" wednesday night. there is a new kid in town for this year's puppy bowl, she is a little slower than the rest of the pack and promises a good show any way. >> and if you are in the market for a party vehicle we have an option why the painted bus may look familiar for fans of a certain movie. and adam joseph is tracking our weather. >> a big bumped up tomorrow in temperature and the temperatures near freezing or just below across the board and factor in the wind it feels 10 degrees
5:40 pm
colder than that and 23 in philadelphia and rain tomorrow night. >> sounds good plus our super bowl coverage continues of course. jaime apody and brian dawkins joins us live from bloomington minnesota with a look at sports. >> hey guys. >> hey there rick and monica, we are going to talk about the eagles run game with someone that knows a thing or two about the eagles run game, brian westbrook joining us from the mall of america here at the super bowl. >> thanks as we go to break here are the pictures you are showing us.
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♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ how about that? they got their dancing shoes on and rocking out for the version of the eagles fight son. students got together for the unique version of the tune, drummers with a good back beat and the students provided the
5:44 pm
energy. and everybody is looking for a fun place to celebrate the eagles spirit on sunday and one man from winfield has the perfect option. check out the bus flying from the eagles green from every angle is up for sale and what make its more special it was used in the movie silver linings play book and part of a tailgating scene at the linc. the current owner is asking $14,000 but will take any reasonable offer as long as it is green. money green of course. >> and in the meantime let head out to where it's about to happen. jaime apody and brian westbrook join us live in minneapolis today. >> hey there rick and monica, so the eagles they finally practice today and it's been a while. they haven't practiced in four or five days. it's not only the eagles and patriots, because it's a
5:45 pm
coaching chess match a rookie and doug peterson going up against the mastermind bill belichick. what is that like you played against him in the super bowl. >> he is so successful because he makes adjustments during the game and halftime and more adjustments. the key for doug peterson is making the adjust manies and adjust to those adjustments and out think bell belichick. those guys have to get out and play and they are ready. >> it's a chess match. that is what these game is every weekend is about. and making sure that you know our moves are sort of one step ahead. >> we are not going know everything they plan on doing. >> the job is a chess match coming out that is our mo in these playoff games they try to get you unsettled a bit. >> and not shaking as much --
5:46 pm
>> so now lets talk about the running game. because that is key it always is. that is what you did for the eagles. and take a look at this today. brian westbrook caught up with jay ajayi new to the eagles team but boy has he brought a lot of fun and flair and a lot of production at the field. here is our brian westbrook one-on-one with eagles key running back jay ajayi. >> you started the season in miami and traded to philadelphia and now you are here in the super bowl. tell us the range of emotions how you feel about that? >> i am grateful to be at this point right now. you know started the year on a different team. yes, i'm excited to be playing in the super bowl and excited to see it. and what is the mindset of the team your first day of practice what is the mindset as you head into the week of practice here? >> execute and make sure we are on point with our game plan and
5:47 pm
iron out the little details and make sure we are ready for sunday. >> quick super bowl quiz, what was the last eagles running back to score a touch down in the super bowl? >> i'm going to guess you. >> boom, there you go see. smart man. >> ha, ha, ha. i am glad he got that question right. imagine if he was wrong. >> i would have had to rip my jersey off his shoulders if he got that wrong. and eagles have the running back by committee. ajayi and blunt. what do they need to do nk they have to have success first and send down and make third down manageable for nick foles and the offense. and keep the patriots off balance. >> and blunt coming in and buying ajayi to the team. blunt was here to be the starter and could have made this thing
5:48 pm
bad. buying in and coaches help with that and pushes the team and he won a super bowl and he knows what it takes. i'm jaime apody, live at the mall of america, channel 6. back to you. >> thanks guys. well one time honored tradition on super bowl sunday doesn't involve players or the cool commercials it's all about puppies. this year there is a new critter in town that takes the field. meet shirley the sloth, they joins the rescue dogs and shirley is a lot slower than the rest of the pack but calming to watch. >> this year's puppy bowl spotlights pups from devastated areas a record 48 shelters took part in the event and this year you see shirleys sloth as well.
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time to check the forecast adam joseph is here to tell us to crank up the heat. cold then warm and cold and warm with a storm in between and an active pattern in between the next seven days. sky 6 hd over the center city skyline s again green for a few days now and continues through the super bowl here and clouds move in ahead of our next system that arrives tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are cold all day around freezing if not a little bit below and the air temperatures don't mean a thing. a wind throughout the day and windchills are what you want to dress for. 23 in philadelphia and 20 in beach haven and pretty much 20s
5:52 pm
elsewhere and lancaster it feels like 19 degrees. we'll move the numbers up as we get into the first day of february you look to the south and 50s cincinnati and atlanta and st. louis be raleigh 44 degrees and our temperature is close to minneapolis at 27 degrees however. it is going to change quickly there in minneapolis. this is the forecast moving forward tomorrow. tomorrow their high temperature 6 degrees. every night should be below zero for the most part. friday 13 degrees and a few inches of snow expected on saturday. if you think of traveling there friday is probably the best day and tomorrow good day and saturday problems with the snow and super bowl sunday it's sunny but only 8 degrees, a brutal stretch ahead. the clouds have moved in ahead of the next system and as we track the rain for you here it's
5:53 pm
quiet tomorrow morning and temperatures right around freezing and clouds but a dry morning rush on thursday. and then showers start to break out during the evening rush home and temperatures well into the 40s flirting with 50 in southern areas and rain going into tomorrow evening and especially in south jersey as well as delaware. and as it ends could briefly mix with wet snow in southern areas of new jersey and delaware. this is 3:00, 4:00 in the morning and the precipitation is long gone by the morning rush on friday and no weather woes waking up on friday. then as we head into the second half of the weekend we track a super bowl storm here for the entire east coast. it will be a battle of the cold versus the warm and a lot of precipitation with the storm right now it looks more wet than white for us in philadelphia. but that snow line will be close and it could briefly start as snow for most of us lunch time to the early afternoon hours sunday changing to a soaking
5:54 pm
rain and a lot of uncertainty with the track of the storm and sinking south more snow and more north we are talking about all rain. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mild tomorrow evening rain and 49 and windchills only in the teens for groundhog day on friday. 32 for a high and clouds build ahead of the system and 33 and afternoon snow and rain breaking out and a steady rain as it is looking now into sunday evening and night 41 and turning sunday come monday and 39 and clouds increase on tuesday and turns warmer and another storm comes in late tuesday into wednesday with a chance of rain temperatures of 44. for the first few days of february. quick break and more news when we come right back.
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5:56 pm
the eagles fight song was sung loud and proud for students at
5:57 pm
good shepherd regal school to celebrate faculty appreciation day and students went head to head with their teachers for trivia and interactive games and they love it. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories next at 6:00. breaking news a shooting at the may fair section of the city and crew have arrived at the scene. and crews paramount to minneapolis brian taff takes an exclusive ride inside of a black hawk helicopter. the end of an era, as bob brady makes a big announcement about his future. coming your way next at 6:00. for jaime apody, rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night tonight.
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5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. >> it is monday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news from the may fair section of philadelphia. police have responded to shots fired in the parking lot of lincoln high school. this started at 4:00 this afternoon at the 3200 block of ryan avenue and annie mccormick is live at the scene. what is the story? >> reporter: well jim, just a short time ago the school lockdown was lifted and at this time we know that police are reviewing surveillance video in the school trying to figure out who was involved and who was
6:00 pm
injured and also trying to identify the shooter who they are still looking for at this time there is one person in extremely critical condition that was shot. this is video from chopper 6 hd over the scene, this happened just before 4:00 at lincoln high school. that is when 911 calls came in reporting a large fight in the school's parking lot and shots fired. we have confirmed that one male, 32 years old was shot but he was taken by private vehicle to naz reg high school and taken to temple hospital. because he was transported by private vehicle the police did not know at first. they are working to find the shooter and police put the school on lockdown immediately and at the time there were two basketball games happening and kids were in the gymnasium


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