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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 16, 2018 1:37am-2:10am EST

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other support amid countless points of light. it started with a moment of silence but it became a succession of spoken words, songs and sobs. this is florida tonight. this is america. it is thursday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the agonizing day after for this broward county community. in court today, 19-year-old nikolaus cruz was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder and held without bond. he confessed carrying out the carnage, the worst school shooting since sandy hook. the shooting lasted three minutes and when it was done cruz dropped his ammunition and blended in with other students. said one student today when she was able to leave yesterday, she
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was stepping on shell casing, and there were bodies and blood everywhere. >> the fbi admitted today to investigating an account of nikolaus cruz but they couldn't determine who and where the individual was. christie ileto has been looking into the victims of the rampage. you have some of the heart-wrench stories. >> one victim had just become a u.s. citizen and two others were headed off to college. >> my girl, my 14-year-old baby. >> fred's daughter is one of those murdered at the marjorie
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douglas high. >> sometimes things get crazy. she runs out, and she's like, i gotta go, dad, bye. i don't always get to say i love you. i don't know if i said that to jamie yesterday morning. >> candle light mourners gathered. beloved football coach aaron fives died shelters students. athletic director christopher hixen was also shot to death. he's a northampton county native. his wife spoke by phone. >> it feels like a bad dream. we can't wake up from it. >> their names were read aloud
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not to be forgotten. >> this is our home. we won't be intimidated by evil. >> i don't know what to do next. when you kids look at us like we are crazy and trying too hard to protect you it's because we love you and we never want to go through the tragedy of losing you. >> some lives held promise for the future, others heroism in the face of evil. so many are asking how did this happen here? >> thank you, christie. >> you can read stories like one survivors call for action this time. watch our interview with police commissioner charles ramsey and learn how to discuss this tragedy with your children. tragedy tonight in the city of camden. police confirmed that an
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eight-year-old girl was killed when an 84-year-old man hit her and another person on state street. he was behind the wheel. dann cuellar is live at camden police with the late-breaking details. >> jim, police in the prosecutor's office say it's unclear to them how the 84-year-old lost control of his car striking the eight-year-old on her bike as well as another man on his stoop. it happened on the 400 block of state street. an eight-year-old was riding her bike when she was struck by an 84-year-old man that lost control of his car and hit her and another man sitting on the stoop. >> we pride ourselves on children being able to go outside to play at 4:00 in the afternoon. that's something we worked hard to get.
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unfortunately, you have incidents that happen. >> the driver and 40-year-old are reported to be in stable condition. the eight-year-old lost her life. >> it makes you think of the promise for the city. >> was it just a tragic unfortunate accident or something more nefarious, police have not yet figured that out. live at police headquarters, dann cuellar, wphl-17. >> thank you, dan. police are looking for a gunman that shot a machin man in the fe tonight killing him. police have not identified the victim or suspect. >> cumberland county prosecutors released dash cam video of a deadly encounter in millville last month. it shows the suspect pointing
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his hands at please and refusing to obey orders to halt. >> stop moving. the suspect has been identified as 47-year-old edward gandhi. colt gibson opened fire on him at north mcneal street back on january 22nd. he has been placed on leave while the deadly investigation goes on. >> first, a system is arriving with serious downpours tonight. rain was coming down so hard in the past hour that it even overwhelmed storm draims. drains. cecily tynan is here tracking it on radar. >> temperatures in the mid 50s.
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double scan live showing a conveyer belt of moisture associated with a cold front. we have a good soaking rain over philadelphia currently. you can see near mall born, it's headed east. this is a front that's bringing cold air in time for the weekend. a wave of low temperatures intensified. we get a thump of snow saturday, but it won't stay as snow across the viewing area. lehigh valley and the northwest suburbs look like snow there, heavy wet snow wee hours of the morning sunday. for the i-95 metro area, we get snow first and mixing in with sleet and rain, southern delaware and new jersey, a change over to rain. we talk total in the seven-day
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forecast. jim? >> 24-year-old michael of delaware is in serious trouble with the law, after he broke off and stole the thumb of a terracotta warrior at the institute. officials say the destruction and theft were caught on video. >> new philadelphia district attorney larry cra krasner is dropping 50 marijuana cases and doesn't plan to prosecutor new ones. most are given citations but some are charged with misdemeanors. he would like to divert the resources to other crimes like murder. >> meanwhile, today the formation of the opioid law enforcement task force. it includes departments in
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southeastern pennsylvania. they plan to go after the international drug cartels, doctors that write prescriptions for pill mills. >> we have a special section of our website devoted to the continuing coverage of the opioid crisis. visit 6abc right now for the personal stories of people that battle their addiction and former addicts now helping others. >> a famous hollywood couple is calling it quit after two and a half years of marriage. plus postal problems. some residents tell us they don't get mail for days on end. our troubleshoots are stamping out the problem. and we learn how effective the flu shot is in keeping you from the doctor's office. cecily tynan comes back with a look at the timeline for the
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winter storm. plus, spring training. phillys tell us what they need to win the la east. that and more when "action news"
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>> this is a problem. some philadelphia residents want to know where their postal
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carrier has been? they say their delivery is so sporadic they don't know if it will show up at all? they turn to action news reporters to find out about the delays. mail has been delayed for weeks or in some cases not delayed at all. one resident called police after saying her carrier held her mail hostage. >> some days don't get it. other days, there is no postal person out for a day or two. >> in west philadelphia -- >> it got to the point we were receiving mail once a week if that. >> i have received three pieces of mail since the end of december. now it's end of february. no mail. >> everyday, it's a nightmare.
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every day. we get it late and two or three days in a row. the problem is consistent and clear. mail is not being delivered. why not put it on a truck? days go by and i don't receive mail. >> i realized i wasn't consist aboutlconsistently getting mail. >> the app showed she was supposed to receive a bundle of mail.
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they acknowledge there are problems. in a statement, it said they have taken steps to staff the locations and hire additional letter carriers throughout the city of philadelphia. >> the postal service says it's committed to quality service. if you are having problem and want to contact the post office, we have that number and full statement on >> the post office responded again today to our troubleshooter investigation. they have assigned additional member of upper management to be onsite in the zip code daily. the response is to ensure all nondelivery concerns are connected. this is not a good night for
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800,000 dreamers and those that support their hope to stay in the united states. four immigration proposals were defeated, included was president trump's plan and a quarter of his fellow republics voted against him. also going down the bipartisan proposal to protect the dreamers and give trump money for the border wall. in hollywood, jennifer anniston and justin theroux have called it quits. they say the decision was made end of last year. they said we are determined to maintain the deep respect we have for one another. jennifer and justin -- didn't work out. health check at 11:00 tonight. the cdc says this year's flu shot is the second least
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effective in the past decade. it's 36% effective over all in keeping people out of the doctor's office and 2 25% effective in the worst strain around. experts say the poor performance is a major contributor to the terrible flu outbreak. doctors maintain that a one in three chance is better than nothing. >> former members of the camden county police were honored for going above and beyond the call of duty. these heros used their own money to buy dinner and ten bags of groceries for a mother who called 911 to say she had no food for her four children. >> the wait is over. marvel's black panther opens in
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theaters nationwide at midnight. those that couldn't wait headed to ben salem that offer screenings tonight. this is the first time that hollywood has a big budget film anchored by a predominantly black cast and production team. sales have out paced every other superhero movie made, history about to be made across the country. >> and a nice night to go to the movies. it's wet out there. it's turning warm. >> we are looking up, trying to find the top of the center city skyline. we have the low clouds shrouding the top. we have a different sky 6 looking ground level. you see broad street near city hall, it's a gully washer.
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6 double scan showing the focus of the heavy rain over philadelphia. the leading edge is moving across interior south jersey toward the coast, wilmington getting action. we zoom in to show the pocket of the heavy rain over philadelphia, another one north and east of the hamilton. steady rain across the lehigh valley and poconos as well. no threat of the icing because we have temperatures across the board in the 50s, a very warm flow of air ahead of the cold front. 55 in philadelphia, 65 in dover this time tonight, allentown, 55 and poa poconos, 54. here is the moisture with the cold front. hisser half of the day is on the damp side. not heavy as tonight in philadelphia, but by 7:00, we have rain around temperatures in the mid to upper 50s.
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a warm start to the day. rain around lunchtime. by the evening commute, we dry out, temperatures drop to the 40s, down into the 20s on saturday morning. future tracker showing saturday night the moisture moves in with a quick snow around 7:00. snow across the viewing area, rain along the coast. this system pulling in warmer air. the rain/snow line northwest. right now, near philadelphia by 11:00. the system is moving out of here. it's pretty much done, well before daybreak moving out by 4:00 in the morning. expected snow fall all depending on your location. central delaware, nothing at all. interior south jersey toward new castle county, a coating to quarter inch. the i-95 corridor, including philadelphia one to three inches. north suburbs, landsdale, three
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to six inches where it's all snow 4-8-degrees, president's day, 53. rain arriving late at night. 68-degrees, warm and sunshine. wednesday, 70, close to a record. cold front moves through. back down to 50 on thursday. still getting new information. david murphy has the latest at 4:30. >> thank you, cecily. parents filled a classroom to get information on the 'tilled philadelphia newest charter school. mastery prepare located at the
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former galespi high school in north philadelphia. it's undergone a $10 million renovation and is expected to open in the fall. "action news" will cover the largest student run fundraiser, the thon begins tomorrow with live report on the air and
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>> the girls basketball team gave one of their teammates a chance to shine. kate, who has down syndrome has been a player and team's manager for four years. tonight she played with heart and grit and guts to the cheers of her fans. >> it occurs to me, gabe capler wants the phillies to play with grit and gut. >> whipping i winning is always. today, day two of spring training, they started at the top. >> matt is taking calls for a
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team ready to win. >> philly manage her loves gabe capler's statement the phillies can shock people. he says the time is now. they are ready to turn the corner with the young core. >> most of them came up through the system together. most of them won at every level through the minor leagues. they don't know any other way. why would we tell them it's different at this level. that's ridiculous. >> he feels it's time to swing for the fences after the way they went last year. phillys are trying to add a veteran pitcher. need is probably too strong of a
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word. we are looking to upgrade. if we see a significant upgrade, and matt feels it's going to make our ropser stronger, by all means, i think we should go after it and attack it. >> we want to play a decade, not a year. we are not going through everything to get there. we are going to build it the right way. >> he wants to be smart. there is one big name out there. jake, the former award winner. women see if they can lure him into the philly's spring training o. jeff skversky, "action news" wphl-17. >> tonight you see nick foles on "jimmy kimmel live." here's a preview. >> do you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and say, hey, there, superbowl champ. >> i don't.
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>> try it t tomorrow morning. >> my wife
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>> temple basketball team is making a late push for inclusion in the nca tournament. another win would beef up the


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