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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 3, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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didn't want to catch. because they have to bring it full court it's easy to foul. if you go up three. >> mike: that was a violation on irving by the way he went over the free-throw line before it hit anything. paul knocks down another. >> mark: coach is right. better setup for the rockets if chris paul knocks down this free throw, as they're bringing it up the floor. >> mike: you know they're going to look to throw up a three-pointer quickly and not o chris paul fouls him with 2.8 left. now, we'll see that same scenario, we'll try to hit the first and miss the second.
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>> mark: expect greg monroe to come into the game again, looking to rebound that second free throw attempt. >> jeff: really, you're trying side. some guys are such good shooters they can really direct where they miss. the backboard. >> jeff: anything goes late, mike. come on. >> mike: you can go in as viola. rockets ball. you have to hit at least the rim.
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>> jeff: listen, you never know. this inbounds pass is not a given.'s not a given, come over here and talk about it. trouble getting it in in five seconds he can still call another the rim and that was the violation. what a wild in the west right now, boston second in the east. there are a lot of other teams who will have something to say about that five weeks
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to goo the regular season. >> mark: tell you what, the playoffs are going to be a lot of fun. teams make it so you ca just do those games. there's never been a more protected interest in life than mark jackson in l.a. obviously they advance the ball to the frontcourt. still have atime-out. good ball denial. on chris paul. they're out of time-outs as well. by state farm.
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sixers/bucks from milwaukee. 7:30 eastern on winning streako to 15. >> jeff: p.j. tucker broke in the backcourt. corner. >> mark: you have tet the ba make basket.ike: ariza, agai veteran will inbound. irving will guard the inbound. harden, paul, joe johnson in
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>> mike: ariza. set to look, eric gordon, now, in the backcourt. here comes gordon, throws it in have to have the home run play, if they make both they have to throw it down the court.ame and miss the first and make the second. >> mike: gordon misses the first. >> jeff: you have to have someona. >> mark: playing for you. you would prepare for guys for this situation.its that one.
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three-point game. i'm looking to foul again. same situation. i'm not allowing them to get off a shot. >> jeff: if i'm chris pthree,oh close to im b falls short andng going in on an improbable shot from marcus smart. and the celtics' four-game winning streak comes to a again, show you the strength of smart. the ball right on top of him.
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>> mike: and smart flips it up and the game is over. streak. lisa. >> lisa: thanks, mike, james, you're dancing now, what were you thinking when you saw marcus get that shot off? want to compete a high level. >> lisa: what was the difference a lot e stretch? defensively. >> lisa: describe the impact that eric gordon had on this us., off the bench, 29 points?
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>> lisa: 15th consecutive win, what does it feel like to be on a roll like that? >> i don't prepare for somethin special. one game at a time. >> lisa: thank you, james. congratulations. mi mike. >> mike: thank yo alive at 15 straight. coming up next, your late local >> test test test test test mike breen saying thanks so much for watching, it's espn on abc, home
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of the 2018 nba finals.
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♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, and walter perez. >> peco other power crews are working around the clock to get power restored. a nor'easter hit the area and downed trees. as the clean up continues, people wait for power to come back on. saturday night. i'm walter perez. the big story is the effort to get the lights back on. peco has 155,000 can yo customes without power. "action news" reporter trish hart ma is in upper marianne township. walter, this is one of the warming station in the upper
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marianne community center.>> mag for the powercer to come back o. >> a welcome break from the cold dark house. they are going on 24 hours without power. >> our whole neighborhood is down. pretty much every friend we know is out of power. >> so they to the gymnastic center for folks that needed warmth, a cellphone charge or to do. >> it's kee kids entertained. got back on to the internet. the kids danced and had a great time. >> high winds brought down tree to the area, many knocking out
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power. delaware county declared a state of doubling operation center and bringing in resources. the head of the county emergency services is urging folks without power to be safe. >> rigging electrical appliances off of a battery placing generators inside, all of these things can lead to tragedy. this warming center is open until 3:00 a.m. >> a lot of work to be done. peco crews are out now working around the clock until power is fully restored. >> we caught up with this crew working along the 700 block of
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peco road. crews arrived this evening to help out at the height of the storm, there were 616,000 outages. crews have restored power to 440,000 customers. they say strong winds are slowing down their efforts. >> our crews are running into trees that are down across roads. we have to wait for tree crews or municipalities to clear the roads before getting through to the equipment damaged to make repairs. this was the third worst storm for them following the ice storm north, the clean was dramatic and the natioal bed
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members helped stranded drivers. there was a recorded 20-inches of snow. one tree landed on the home bedroom of a 14-year-old girl. she was not injured. >> tonight, nearly all amtrak service between washington d.c. and boston was scheduled to be back up and running tomorrow. in addition, full keystone service to and from harrisburg will be restored tomorrow. time for a check of the forecast. melissa ma. peek wind gusts at 25 miles per hour. 40s for allentown, 48 miles per
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hour for rights town, poconos, atlantic city, gusts of 46 miles per hour. constant out of the northwest. gustsof 25 miles per hour in the city, 23 in the poconos. gusts in reading, 25 miles per hour and 26 miles per hour in dover. satellite six along with action radar, the nor'easter responsible for the unsettled weather, rain, snow and crazy winds along the atlantic. we have a constant flow of air from the northwesterly direction. something else into tonight and overnight hours, a coastal flood warning seaside heights to cape may and areas in delwill be coar thee 12 to 24 hours.
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the to two and a half waves 14 feet high even into early tomorrow morning. winds, walter, a big issue with the storm start to weaken. details with the seven-day forecast. >> see you then. anytime the storm hits, keep track of where you are by using the free 6abc app. access to live double scan radar and traffic cameras to check on road conditions. fire officials are working to determine how a row home caught fire in philadelphia. the row homes were broken out from the fire. when firefighter firefighters ae scene, the flames were coming from the second story of the home. no one was injured. >> two people wered when a
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crash this morning. crews were unable to save the driver 1-old adrian velazquez. a second passenger was also killed. >> a 19-year-old accused of killing his parents has been arrested. james davis junior was spotted after midnight on a train near campus. he shot and killed his parents friday inside his dormitory when they arrived to forspring break. he was spoken to friday but released after questioning. we have more in the full report in the next half hour. you ready for hollywood's biggest we'll help you get ready for the oscars. >> lots of girl power in the heart of philadelphia. ec out t encouragement
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today. >> much more to come on "action news."
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>> it was a celebration of girl power inside city hall in philadelphia. >> the national youth foundation hosted a girl's rally
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recognizing six girls in their field. davis fme pitcher forthe >>ays follow your dreams. i did what i loved and nobody could stop me. >> that's true. the rallyco hosted by the city council is designed to offer profit role models for girls. >> thousands enjoyed the theme at the flower show today. you can walkthrough a rain forest or imagine yourself in a backyard. >> hollywood's biggest night is tomorrow. this 90th annual academy awards are being held in hollywood.
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we look at the final preparations. >> they rolled out the red carpet and the heavy lifting is almost complete for the 90th annual academy awards. this year's show is hosted by "jimmy kimmel live" host jimmy kimmel. >> the save of water is 13 nominations, as well as lady bird, three billboards outside missouri and get out. >> this year there seems to be a show of support for diversity and representation after oscars so white, me too and time es up. the average age for best supporting actress is 55. >> among the nominees, dee reece the first black woman to get an
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oscar nod. >> after last year's mistake -- >> all eyes on pricewaterhouse cooper. >> pricewaterhouse cooper took the situation seriously to put restrictions in place. i don't think we'll see a repeat. this is a live show. in addition to the fashion and awards, there will be performances from common and mary jay blithe. >> all of the oscar excitement begins tomorrow at 5:30 a red carpet special on 6abc. live coverage of the stars arriving starts at 6:30. then the main event, 8:00. watch action news afterwardses. >> a group of girls saw marvel
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pick your yogurt >> now back to the nor'easter. in vent nor wear came up to the sidewalk there. a similar seen made it tough to get through the intersection.
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time for a check of the forecast with melissa magee. today was better than yesterday. it's till windy. the winds are a big factor but subsiding. we have rain across jersey. here is the picture outside sky 6 live. we are in washington square. the flag frs from the picture blowing in the wind still. temperatures are on the cool side as well. outside, sky 6 live, looking at a nice shot, a quiet one of the center city skyline. we have partly cloudy skies across the region. lancaster, 39. dover, 38, 40 in atlantic city at the airport. fact or in the winds, windchill
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upper 20s, 30 in atlantic city. 39 at wilmington. the big picture, it's been all about the winds. here's why. we have the area of low pressure, nor'easter, responsible for the rain, snow and blustery conditions out along the atlanti moving to the east. we have high pressure that wants to come out of the great lakesh. we have beeniched between the two for a good chunk of the day. clouds moving through dissipating as we get through the rest of sunday. clear skies across the ohio valley. high pressure through the start of the workweek. brisk and chilly for next 1 the suburbs, 33 in phila with 15 to 25 miles per hour. as we get to the second half of
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the weekend sunday, sunsh clouds, seasonably chilly. lancaster, 45. 46 philadelphia, 49 dover, 45 toms arrive and allentown, the lehigh valley, 42-degrees. dry on monday, and for the first half of tuesday, we get to tuesday afternoon into wednesday, tracking potentially another system that wants to set up across the region, starting as rain. there could be snow wednesday for parts along way away tracking for the middle laugh of next week. in the poconos, a lot of rain. not as windy tomorrow, breezy, and 46 for the high. sunshine and clouds for monday,. tuesday, 47. turning cloudy tuesday afternoon. rain late tuesday continuing


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