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by tonight's drawing they expect 85% of the combinations will have been purchased. still that lisa 15% chance there may not be a winner at all. >> late show powerball tip number one pick only winning numbers [ laughter ]. >>reporter: jokes aside some are counting on the power of the people to increase their chances of winning. billy joe carter running a lottery pool with some of her neighbors near dallas, texas. our little town will be desolate we are all moving [ laughter ]. >>reporter: the odds nearly 300 million to one she will actually win the jackpot. >> the increased chance of winning bye bye multiple ticket leaves you with such a small chance of winning that isn't worth the extra money. >>reporter: of nobody wins tonight, the drawing could be close to $2 billion by saturday.
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eastern time. >> because of the high-volume ticket sales, lottery officials say it will take several hours after the drawing to sort through the numbers and determine if there is a winner or winners. >> it is not the powerball jackpot come at the $47 million is an too shabby meet the united kingdom's newest millionaires, david and carole martin. they struck it rich with the national lottery. a couple called their daughter, who is in australia, she was driving when they reached her so they told her to pull over before breaking the news 2 her. the scottish couple says they plan to take an early retirement and drink lots of champagne. this is the first thing on their shopping list and it is a new pair of shoes. that is all a new pair of shoes . hong kong phasing out the sale of ivory in the city. activist applauding the government's decision imported and exported ivory it -- ivory
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however 400 licensed sellers currently permitted to trade ivory material dating before 1989. an international treaty banning the trade. activist say trading encourages poaching. one person and the hospital with life-threatening injuries following a late-night shooting in durham. it happened shortly before 11:00 at chesterfield apartments in the 1800 block of chapel hill road. police tell us the victim was shot multiple times. robbery may have been a motive, but the case still under investigation. police have not yet released the name of the victim. two went to the hospital after a shooting in raleigh. please call to the center point apartment complex around 8:30 last night. officers say the victims had non- life- threatening injuries. investigators have not released any information. a motions hearing today for the sukias one of nine people charged with the april 2014 kidnapping in
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janssen eventually rescued in georgia. investigators say melton was trying to get revenge who is awake county assistant da who prosecuted him for 2012. the hearing set for 2:00 this afternoon. changes in the work for raleigh's warehouse district. state and local leaders came together at the old dylan supply company for the start of what will become a multipurpose facility within the next two years, developers will transform the space to more than 220,000 square feet of retail, apartments, office space and restaurants. >> when you try to preserve buildings but try to make it more modern there are decisions that, that. sidewalks much more narrow, . >> city councilmember gaylord says the project is and expect to be complete by the end of 2017 stocks it did open higher today, but they have been tumbling ever since.
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gazdic down 55 points, s&p 500 down 14 points. for complete market and business news go to and click on business. two more stores leaving the shopping center in the coming months the mall also losing its second of five anchor stores, clearance sales underway at macy's and the sears locations stitl empty after it left last january. last year, chicos and soma left open stores in the new park west center. harris teeter and two restaurants left last year as well. what is old is new again in los angeles. coming up, after a 20 year hiatus an nfl team headed back to the city of angels. you know when you tune into watch the super bowl, number 50, you will notice a few changes.
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technology being rolled out to entue to puder osco an see all the bacteriati polident's unique micro clean formula s int killing 99.99% of odor causin for a clearesh brighter denture every day. . a seattle-based company unveiling a new football helmet it says will protect players better than any available today. it has four layers of protection and an exterior shell that can absorb hits like a car bomb. aimed at amending the kinds of traumatic brain injuries that led injuries among nfl players.
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dollar helmet in the spring. a less expensive model available for high school and college players by next year. cbs sports will unveil new technology for the super bowl next month. to give viewers a 360-degree perspective in high resolution. 36 cameras will be strong around the upper deck of the stadium and will freeze the moment and revolve around play. other cameras will give a quarterback you from the pocket along with other player's perspectives. for the first time in a super bowl, cbs will use eight custom molded pylons that house 16 cameras to film the goal lines and sidelines above teams. you can watch the game right here on wral. st. louis losing its football team. nfl owners voted to let the rams moved to the los angeles area, as omar be a franco reports, fans in st. louis say they are sad to see their team
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celebrating. >>reporter: the 21 year nfl absence in la is over with news the rams will move back to southern california. >> more than football at his history a tradition that allowed the cities in the country have we didn't have for a long time. >> nfl owners voted 30-32 to allow the team to move from st. louis to los angeles. the deal also gives the san diego chargers a chance to join the rams. both teams would play in a multibillion-dollar state of the art stadium in inglewood about 10 miles from downtown la. >> this is an opportunity i think for the ownership to reenter the los angeles market with the project we think is going to frankly not just nfl stadiums in conflict is but sport comp lexis around the world. >>reporter: chargers have one year to make their decision to stay or go. of the chargers choose not to relocate the oakland raiders
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>> we will see if the raider nation up here will be working hard to find a home. >>reporter: the biggest losers might be the st. louis fans, now left without a team to cheer for on sundays. >> just depressing to see a team i love and poured all my sundays into for years justly. >>reporter: the rams will start playing in la next season. omar villafranca cbs news, houston. the raiders police on the open colosseum up next month. it is possible they could move to san antonio or even san diego or st. louis if they can't strike a deal to stay put. kids in a minnesota school sending encouragement to vikings kicker blair walsh. >> you are the best and maybe you need to practice. >> that once things about like the weather did a minneapolis. walsh missed day 27-yard field goal on sunday that would have
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seattle. he shanked it and as you know kids are learning about empathy in their class and wanted to provide a real-life example. >> i can't imagine how blair must be feeling. never a good time for a water main break come especially when temperatures are at or below freezing. >> where this geyser is freezing everything in its vicinity. people who live near the great lakes are used to what is
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iglo btrfoan awtrr ilesordotcl t edtyga tffal 2 feet of snow since tuesday, expected to get more today. six to 9 inches. forecasters say by the end of the week hearts of upstate new york could see 3 feet of g,ofire inst
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