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tv   WRAL News 6PM  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ivd s eseciny e seatur71 toefs d ev e weff>>says recent incidents at other churches were motivating factors too. in december police used a taser on 52-year-old kevin whiting after he caused a disturbance in a church in fayetteville and gregory boone a convicted felon brought an automatic rifle into another church. >> being prepared is the best prevention. >> he is currently organizing several security teams at churches here in fayetteville and raleigh. in fayetteville, gilbert baez wral news. >> he says those who have former military or law enforcement experience are the best. emergency managers for chapel hill and orange county met today to try to find a fix for a flood prone part of town. last month camelot village and brooke wood condos sustained damage from flooding.
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neighborhoods. this time homeowners association is getting involved. the united nations adopted a set of goals to find poverty and protect the global environment back in september. in less than an hour greg fishel hosted a town hall meeting about forging a sustainable future. it happened tonight at 7 in the wral 3d theater at the north carolina museum of natural sciences. he will be joined from the white house and the museum. afterwards meet greg and the other experts. >> should be an excellent event tonight. thanks for getting interested in this and a great opportunity. >> greg is there so amy is here. >> i'd love to be there. we have a lot going on in the weather world. a couple of storm systems headed our way. tomorrow brings the potential for rain. i know we had a beautiful bright sunny day today. tomorrow not so much. taking a look at temperatures right now. starting off with this because we are starting to see
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45 degrees currently in louis burg, chilly in south hill at 42 degrees. 51 at the t.v. studios in raleigh and durham. 53 in irwin and fayetteville so still very comfortable. temperatures well above normal today. many of you in the 60s normal is 50 so very nice. here's a live look at our sky cam. the sun was set and pretty ones today. the sunset gorringe because of high clouds moving in. wisheds currently calm but a south westerly flow which afternoon. it really was pleasant. 30 degrees the dew point. the number not moving much right now. we start to see it creep up as the moisture increases ahead of the system that moves in tomorrow. right now very quiet all across north carolina but here's the system down in the gulf of mexico bringing thunderstorms across parts of louisiana moving into mississippi and then alabama and then into
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so the rain returns friday and we'll need the rain gear tomorrow. it won't start in the rning. it will be an afternoon and evening event. we'll be okay for the morning commute. the evening commute looks rather wet. overnight tonight quiet partly cloudy skies by morning and a few spots heading to the south and west. we'll see those clouds increase and at lunch time most of us have clouds over us, a blanket of clouds with rain mainly down to the south and west perhaps slipping into moore county at the lunch hour. into the evening commute it looks like rain is likely and it could be heavy at times for some of you especially if you head towards the east. taking a look at the potential rainfall totals for the next system about three tenths in raleigh a quarter of an inch in south hill and fayetteville and more than half an inch in a few spots east of the coast one to two inches of rain wi this system. so it starts tomorrow afternoon into the evening but it's out of here by saturday and so
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which is great news for the weekend. 47 this e. temperatures are cooling down. mostly clear skies and pleasant outside this evening. tomorrow morning okay as far as the rain goes. a few clouds from the south and west. temperatures not as cold. in the 20s this morning tomorrow morning in the mid 40s. 49 by noon and notice more of a gray look to the sky. a lot of cloud cover at that point. most of us are dry still at noon and rain moving in for the afternoon and into the evening commute. so it does look like we'll have a wet lead into the weekend but then again that rain gets out of here for saturday which is really nice to see. 56 for the high saturday after starting off in the 40s so out door plans saturday looks great. sunday we have the potential of maybe seeing a sprinkle maybe a flurry. this is not a big deal. i really don't think it's a big deal at all. look at the rain precipitation chance. it's not that high. temperatures above freezing so we don't need to worry about
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some of you have off of work and school. it's going to be cold. a strong cold front moving in sunday night. 11: 00 temperatures around 29. 30 degrees at 6. staying in the 30s. a big shot of cold temperatures lingering into the middle of next week. >> sticking around. no 70s in the future this time. >> thanks amy. jeff gradually is here talking about and the search is complete on the wolf pack's football staff. also you'll meet tom suiter >> deborah: i'm deborah norville. tonight at 7:00, the olympic great accused of throwing her
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you will hear the 911 call on nc4 te
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