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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a local election in johns tone county coming up state officials could call for a do over. and today is martin luther king jr.'s birthday. we'll tell you how local communities are honoring his legacy this morning. thank you so much for joining us. happy friday 6:00 i'm renee chou chou. >> i'm brian shraeder in for bill leslie this morning. we are off to a pretty pleasant start but the rain is coming so plan on that. >> calm and quiet now but when will the rain start kicking up? >> probably around lunch time mid afternoon it starts first to the south spreading north ward across the area. our wilson sky cam all dry right now. everything looks good. it will be a quiet morning commute but this evening the rain is going to be heavy at times and one of those situations where you are rushing out the door and last thing you are trying to remember is your raincoat or umbrella. don't forget it. you'll be happy you have it.
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temperatures mainly in the 30s. 36 in kerri and 38 in holly springs. 36 in roxboro, 41 in raleigh and 28 in southern pines so we do have a wide range this morning. this morning expect mainly 30s, 46 at lunch time, 52 at 4: 00 but any time through the afternoon you can expect the rain to fall and at some places it's going to be heavy at times. we have a complicated weather pattern in our forecast. we are going to talk about that. brian mims in for brian shraeder because he's over there. >> good to be here. you said it a moment ago quiet commute this morning. it is that way so far. we are not seeing any accidents or delays. let's zoom on up i-40 westbound coming in from johnston county and see what conditions are like. traffic is thickening but moving along at regular speed. no problems.
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this friday morning. i-40 and jones sausage traffic moving along just fine. nine minute drive. here's i-40 in the fortify zone at lake wheeler we are seeing some thickening of traffic there but it is moving along at posted speeds at lake wheeler road an 8 minute drive from 440 to u.s. 1 and here's a look at the drive times from 54 to 47 wade avenue to 540 it is a five minute drive. renee and brian. >> thanks very much brian. it was the smallest group yet. g.o.p. presidential hopefuls seven of them took the stage last night in south carolina for their 6th debate. >> the previously civil relationship between ted cruz and donald trump is starting to show some cracks. >> one of donald trump's strongest political moments came when he defended his hometown. his clash with dead cruz was
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moments of last night's debates. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro abortion or pro gay marriage. >> when the world trade center came down i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully and humanely than new york. >> you had this heart felt response from trump and you don't get a lot of those. >> i'm glad we are focusing on the important topics of the evening. >> cruz is running neck in neck with trump and iowa and scored major points for going toe to toe with the billionaire candidate on the birther issue. >> when you go after cruz into a personal way and you damage someone who they still think will make a fine nominee then trump is on thin ice. >> the debate produced fireworks between marco rubio and chris cristie. >> unfortunately he's endorsed many of the ideas that barrack
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>> two years ago he called me a conservative reformer that new jersey needed before he was running against me. >> the guy is on that stage for a reason. everyone wrote him off seven months ago as a guy under siege and now he's got a pulse in new hampshire. it's going to be hard for one to take votes from the other. >> other candidates like jeb bush and ben carson struggle to gain the spotlight. >> it's in the hands of the good lord. >> one more debate before the iowa caucus. don champion cbs news. >> while three of the lower polling candidates took part in another debate rand paul boycotted that event. hillary clinton bernie saunders and martin o'malley will square off sunday night in charleston south carolina. police are searching for a driver who stole a car and struck a durham police cruiser. the driver rammed the officer's car around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. the driver abandoned the car at
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drive and fled on foot. a pregnant woman also was in the stolen car taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. the officer in the cruiser was not hurt. there's a visitation for a mother and daughter who are victims of a double murder suicide near apex. she shot and killed 44-year-old melissa mcclain and her 17-year- old daughter. miller then killed himself. tonight's visitation is at apex funeral home and their funeral is tomorrow morning at olive chapel baptist church in apex. a fayetteville couple accused of allowing their dogs to starve will make a court appearance later today. franky and danielle abandoned the two dogs in an apartment on oak bridge road. one of those dogs died at 20 pounds under weight with no food in her system. the second dog was alive but no food in it's crate. the couple is charged with
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a lawyer helping to free wrongly convicted inmates was found guilty of invading a woman's privacy by taking a water bottle from her home and having it tested for dna without permission. charges were dropped. the decision means she can get back to work. we observe the official holiday on mond but today is the actual birthday of dr. martin luther king jr. and there are a number of events across the triangle today including a wreath laying at the martin luther king jr. memorial gardens in raleigh at 9:00. also the public is invited to a prayer breakfast in spring lake. that is going to be at 9:00. recommended donations at the door $10 for adults $5 for children. proceeds will be used to help fund the scholarship fund for youth. then on monday we join the nation in paying tribute to dr.
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the 36th annual triangle inner faith prayer breakfast is monday morning. it's at the sheridan hotel. the parent company is a proud sponsor of that breakfast and you can watch the first hour of it on then from 8:00 on we carry it live on wral t.v. and on monday cbs this morning will air on wral 2. time now 6:07. a mystery in japan this morning following a deadly crash. >> what sent a tour bus onto a mountain highway. >> plus marking the 25th
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war with a major announcement 6:09 with a wide range of temperatures this morning and that's because of our cloud cover. notice that you can see some clouds and clear spots too across the viewing area. cloud cover and temperatures tend to be warmer overnight where it's clear it tends to be cooler and you can see that town by town.
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rocky mount 34 roxboro and 41 in garner so a wide range of temperatures. as you are heading out to work morning. not as cold in some places as it was yesterday morning. around lunch time or just after the rain begins. heavy at times or isolated thunderstorms a high of 52 but raincoat. talk about the rest of the weekend in detail in just a couple of minutes. >> elizabeth thank you. new overnight a tour bus on it's way to a ski resort in japan slid down the mountain side. 14 people dead 27 others injured. the bus veered into the opposite lane rammed through a guardrail and plunged down the mountain landing on it's side. there was no snow or rain on the road and investigators are trying to figure out what led to the crash. the bus driver has a history of driver safety violations.
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the boats into iranian waters. it was an error not trouble. held by iran for several hours while they negotiated for their release. they are back with their fleet. they were not spying. they were simply making their way away from kuwait. the governor will make a major announcement today at a ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the persian gulf war. it was 25 years ago tomorrow george w bush announced the bombing of iraq in an effort to liberate kuwait from iraqi troops. honoring north carolina yans who served in the war beginning at 10:00 a.m. one day after they declared ebola out break over an
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reporting a case. a woman tested positive for ebola. authorities are there and they plan to quarantine some areas. 6:12 now. the boat was so close back in november. just ahead the fight over a seat on the benson town commission and who will take it up today. and the new movie shot
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gsinto good friday morning everybody. the carolina hurricanes have put together a season long four
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let's head to st. louis last night. andre found jeff skinner in the second period to break a scoreless tie. skinner's 17th head to the third and check out the slapper. bret peschke that's a power play goal 2-0 lead. how about another in the third from mcginn to give them a 3-0 lead. the blues do score but nash caps a three goal period for the hurricanes a 4-1 win the canes are back home tonight against vancouver. nc state women's basketball team taking on duke. let's head to the fourth quarter. kerri high school rod stevens gives duke a one point lead with 21. state hit 10 three pointers. green hope alumni ashley williams connecting. good ball movement here. chelsea nelson to jennifer and for the first time since 1996 the nc state women win at duke 65-62.
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georgia tech they are a 7 point loser down in atlanta. st. augusta winless in the ciaa while chowan is 5-0. anthony gascons knocks in the triple his 19th. january scores 19. great effort by the falcons but they fall a point short 59-58 there. mandy mitchell will be here to preview the game tomorrow between nc state and north carolina. >> 6:27 now. this morning learning more about the suspects arrested in connection with a meth lab and live with who is facing charms after raleigh police raided a home where they were living with two young children. and what a banking giant is
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