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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  January 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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shop today. for the second year in a row, all of the oscar nominated actors are white. >> how the lack of diversity is sparking new backlash. >> the news is back this morning here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. jaove v4 h unawarh waing. as cged by aof lacks t's s. held dhem to hacks canyon, e he risk broken legs, losing limbs, ipping and dyi help buh would have t. jaft wwfou kne, n's ude, s shir
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the academy of motion pictures of arts and sciences promised changes a year ago after oscar voters nominated only white actresses and actors in the top categories. the academy is under fire again this morning for a lack of diversity. all of the nominees in this year's categories are white and all of the nominees for best director are men.
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>> reporter: the academy has long been criticized for its predominantly white membership. critics call a snub of these cars and others put that lack of diversity into crystal clear focus. 12 oscar nominations pushed "the revenant" into the spotlight thursday. is nothing. >> reporter: but critics say the relevant headline is those who didn't make the cut for hollywood's highest honor. >> he changed. changed the situation. >> reporter: among the biggest snubs for best picture, "straight outta compton" failed to get a nod despite grossing $200 million worldwide. ice cube is one of the film's producers. >> it's all good. you know, we didn't make that movie for the oscars. we made that movie for the people.
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for a golden globe own a sag award for a supporting role in "beasts of no nation" didn't make the cut either. work! and neither did "concussions" will smith. "creed" michael b. jordan. >> it's never really the academy's fault, right? it's more the industry's fault. >> reporter: wesley morris is >> we are talking about members for 50 years? so we are talking, it's like in membership, predominantly old and white. >> reporter: a los angeles times study revealed of the nearly 6,000 voting members 94% were white and 77% were male. academy president cheryl isaacs has been vocal on the issue. in june, isaacs had a record 322 new members to promote inclusion. she called the lack of diversity
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>> i hope this isn't discouraging for anybody and for filmmakers in particular. >> reporter: will this whole issue of diversity sort of follow us through now that the nominations are out? >> chris rock is your host. this was a merry christmas, chris rock, love the academy! >> reporter: that is right. chris rock is hosting the 88th academy awards last month. the last time he hosted was in 2005 and that year jamie foxx won for best actor and morgan freeman for best supporting actor. >> it raises a troubling issue what is going on there. >> i agree. i'm glad it's getting the attention. the lack of diversity is the front page of "usa today," top of the poll. >> you can't miss it and they put it out there for all of those white faces on the fronts
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>> ice cube told me he is disappointed but not discouraged. i ke his tide. bernie sanders will be with us in the next hour. we will look claims he is breaking a campaign promise. and meet the girls on the campaign trail with donald trump now getting national attention. president donald trump to make america great
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way to internet fame. the usa freedom kids performed wednesday at donald trump's rally in florida. their song is a take on the classic world war 1 tune "over there." >> they spent a lot of time on this. >> you can tell. you can tell. it's choreographed and they have got moves and they have uniforms and the audience people them love it. ahead more of charlie's interview with sean penn. why the actor says jealousy is drstories of his "rolling st intervi just h hetackand haveice. for them him. a choice to bri criponor p beeital foa hetack ta bri a bpiri more 00 m it cts ho wework 's s impnt g to hel t ag other aratta ta wor ttavix en r chan
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good morning. i'm brian charade we are a look at your top local stories. there is a visitation tonight for a mother and daughter who were the victims of a double murder suicide. investigators say lemuel miller shot and killed the woman and her daughter last saturday. miller then killed himself. visitation is at 6:00 this evening at the apex funeral home. though the fill holiday is
7:45 am
birthday of dr. martin luther king, jr. there will be a number of events across the triangle today including a wreath laying at the martin luther king, jr. memorial gardens in east raleigh at 9:00 med and we should have pretty good weather for that. >> it will be very cold by martin luther king, jr. day but tomorrow looks pretty with sunshine and temperature in the mid-50s. we are starting to see what is going to happen for us later this afternoon. the last round of skycams we looked at still had a good bit of sunshinement now, we are looking west across wake county. you are t peinra b you are starting to get the idea that the clouds are thickening up out there. 36 in raleigh. 32 in roxboro. 33 in fayetteville. the rain will not arrive in time today for any of that to be frozen. temperatures will warm up pretty quickly. we'll see a high of 52. the rain starts around or just after lunchtime. it continues tonight t will be heavy at time. maybe a few isolated thunderstorms. saturday, mid-50s and partly cloudy.
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isolated sprinkle or flurry and a high of 47. we are seeing accidents pop up across the screen and the triangle. the one area of concern we are focused on is on miami boulevard u.s. 07 in durham. this is blocking both lanes of 70. this is miami boulevard and during this morning here at mineral springs road and you can see 70 westbound dog into durham is also experiencing delays. let's take a look at the scene. this is miami boulevard and 70. you can see a couple lanes are blocked and traffic is snarled both directions of 70. take the durham freeway to avoid all of that mess. there is a stilled vehicle on the inside lane of 440 west in raleigh. it is causing some tea lays there. this is i-440 at lassiter mill road. coming up on fox 50rbgs how
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player who missed a ma it is friday, january 15th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning. there is more real news ahead, including charlie's sit-down interview with sean penn last night. the actor defends his interview with el chapo. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. i have regret the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose. >> you said the trip helped them move in on the drug lord. penn believes those claims are incorrect. mutual nonaggression pact between trump and cruz now officially over.
7:48 am
now he is doing better and probably 405% chance. >> such a shame when friendships go bad. >> robinson's who live a mile from the store are the couple in munford, tennessee, claiming to have the ticket. >> i wondered why they sounded so insecure. >> the academy has long been criticized for its predominantly white membership but thursday's nominations put that diversity into crystal clear focus. >> a federal court ruled this week that wearing unearned military medals is a protective form of free speech. -- said janet jackson. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and anthony mason. charlie rose is in california where he interviewed sean penn last night. penn and "rolling stone" this
7:49 am
interview with drug lord joaquin guzman known as el chapo. they have come under heavy criticism for allowing the drug lord to review the article before it was published. >> wenner is standing by the story's approval. he says it's a small price to pay for the interview. charlie asked penn about that controversial decision. >> penn described himself to me as an experienceal journalist and he writes about his experiences and not about things he wasn't in prison for and he has no regrets about how he spent the seven hours with guzman. >> when you get the story that every journalist in the world wants it, there is a lot of green-eyed monsters who will come give you a kiss. >> reporter: those are jealous journalists you're suggesting? >> yes. of course, i know there are people who don't like me out of the gate. >> reporter: you're not without
7:50 am
fair enough. at the same time, you know, when journalists who want to say that i'm not a journalist, well, i want to see the license that says that they are a journalist. >> charlie, does he consider himself a journalist? >> well, i think he thinks of himself, as he said, as an experimental journalist, someone who goes to lots of controversial places. the idea of going into the mountains to meet someone as notorious, someone who has the record, the violence and brutality of el chapo is an extraordinary risk to take on his part, and he had to have some courage to do that. the point is, obviously, he thought it was worthwhile and i think he thought that they had an agreement with el chapo, you know, that -- and because she was with him, the mexican actress, that this was an opportunity for him to do something that few people could do and, on that, he is right.
7:51 am
i'm interested in ul ofall of that and that journey and his castillo. >> you can see more of charlie's interview with sean penn on "60 minutes" here on cbs on sunday. the top seven republican presidential candidates exchanged a lot of tough talk at last night's heated debate. ted cruz accused donald trump of having new york values. trump hit back, questioning cruz's citizenship. marco rubio and chris christie and cruz clashed over their conservative records but all republicans agreed on one thing -- president obama and the democratic candidates are wrong for america. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton will say, it's those evil rich people. ipts not the evil rich people. it's the evil government. >> our country is being run by incompetent people and, yes, i am angry. >> the obama/clinton economy has left behind the working men and women of this country. >> every person here is better than hillary clinton.
7:52 am
no one is a socialist or under fbi investigation so we are a good group of people. >> she will raise social security taxes. bernie sanders has already said it and she is one or two more poll drops down moving further left than she has already to get to the left of bernie on there. >> we will win every state if bernie sanders is the nominee. that is not even an issue. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is with us from his hometown in burlington, vermont. good morning. >> good morning. >> you heard your record attacked the republicans saying they will win every state if you're the nominee. how do you defend yourself? >> i think, number one, if you look at the polls around there, we beat donald trump in the last national poll by 13 percentage points. i think we beat all of the republicans in matchups in new hampshire and iowa. i think the american people, in fact, understand that at a time of massive income and wealth and inequality and the rich is getting richer and everybody is getting poorer, we need
7:53 am
hundreds of balances of dollars in tax breaks to the top two-tenths of % and candidates will stand up for working families and that is what i intend to do. >> and before you get that chance to take on a republican, though, you have to beat hillary clinton in the primaries. >> yeah, i heard about that! >> you released this ad yesterday that the clinton campaign is saying negative, let's play a clip of it. >> there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan, break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes and make them pay their fair share. >> you had promised not to run a negative ad during this campaign. have you broken your promise? >> no. i think anybody who looks at that ad understands it's not a negative ad. it's absolutely truthful. >> hillary clinton says it's negative against her and it attacks president obama too.
7:54 am
what hillary clinton says, but hillary clinton is not right. did you see any picture of hillary clinton in there? did you see any mention of hillary in there? look. you well know, and you guys follow this stuff, for many, many years there has been a division within the democratic party where you have had a whole section of the democratic party that is pro wall street and that gets money from wall street and that work very hard for the dere deregulation of wall street which in my view led to the horrendous crisis when people lost their jobs and homes. i have, throughout my life, stood up to wall street. i think we have got to bring back a lasting resolution for the 21st century. i believe we have to ultimately break up the major financial institutions on wall street whose greed and recklessness is harming america. that is my view. other people within the democratic party who disagree. >> a poll from cbs and the "the new york times" shows you are nearly 30 percentage points ahead of hillary clinton among
7:55 am
but, you know, history shows, setosaerhe young people don't normally turn out to vote on election day. are you confident that you can carry that enthusiasm with you to the polls on election day. >> that is a very sad question and it's something that we are working very hard on. look. when we began this campaign, we were at 3% in the national polls. we are closing the gap with secretary clinton. we are doing very, very well, i think, in new hampshire and we are doing well in iowa. we are doing well in nevada. but, clearly, it is one thing, as we understand to bring out a whole lot of young people to rallies to get them excited. it's another thing to make sure that the people come out on hampshire primary. what i can tell you is we are mounting an extraordinarily, a strong grassroots effort. we have a great group of volunteers, thousands of volunteers in both states. our job is to create a large voter turnout. i think we can do that if we do
7:56 am
>> senator, you've made a lot of promises in this campaign, including a single payer universal health care plan. but you have not said how you would pay for it. you promised to release that plan before february 1st. you've yet to do that. where is it? >> well, we have released most of that plan. that plan is based on legislation that i introduced in 2013 so it's there. it's a long and complicated bill and it's out there. what has happened in the last few years is good news. is that the course of health care inflation has declined and, in fact, let that -- our single pair medical will cost less than we originally thought. here is the bottom line. the bottom line is the u.s., today, is the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all people. the question. >> is it going to raise taxes? >> is it going to raise taxes? >> right now, we have medicare a
7:57 am
for seniors paid through by a medicare premium and what people pay. we would have a medicare premium for all people and zero private health insurance. private health insurance premiums. the average middle class family would with see a reduction in their health care costs by many thousands of dollars. >> for the middle class would have to increase taxes on them in order to pay for this plan? >> but they are not going to be paying any private health insurance premiums. they will be paying medicare premiums, just as seniors do today. >> good news is, senator sanders, you still have more time to make your point. this campaign continues, for sure. thank you for taking the time for us this morning. we certainly appreciate that. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. heheissed a field goal that could have kept the vikings postseason alive.
7:58 am
a hero to a group of first
7:59 am
american visitors that cuba is bringing changes after decades of isolation. >> i'm ben tracy in havana, cuba, where a new revelation is under way. this one is about tourists. americans are ready to come to cuba, but is cuba ready for us? that story is coming up on "cbs this morning." don't let me down take you down re aouse, on thaacivpi before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor.
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wilu on theooperk thie isan emuchceal as want' i'goinget s alty. ust erea ake t itlovet,ive
8:03 am
president obama, this weeks, called on congress to lift the embargo on cuba. tourism has increased and u.s. relations has thawed but it's unclear en the people will be able to travel to cuba. ben tracy is in havana, cuba, what a boost of tourists could mean for the island. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning from a very wet havana. a lot of has changed between the u.s. and cuba the past year. we have restored diplomatic
8:04 am
reopened and a lot of us had heading south. the streets of havana have always had their own rhythm. it's the flow that has changed now they are teaming with tourism. when cubans look out their windows, the face they say are increasingly americans. >> i think most americans are very interested in coming here. >> reporter: betty and john cohen came with a tour group coordinated by boston's museum of fine arts to see havana's art and architecture. >> we bring back to boston, you guys have to look at this. this has not to be missed. >> the island, the forbidden fruit. >> reporter: we met janet moore who ran the travel company that has been bringing america here for nearly 20 years. >> i don't know what will happen when starbucks and mcdonald's come. >> reporter: are you hearing from americans they want it to
8:05 am
>> i hear that 20 times a day. i want to go to cuba now. >> reporter: cuba is just 90 miles off the florida coast. in 2014, 91,000 americans traveled here. last year, that jped 60% to 150,000. if travel restrictions are eventually lifted, as many as 1.5 million americans are expected to land in cuba each year. is cuba ready for this many tourists? >> no. they are not ready. they are absolutely not ready. if you came to me and said, jan, ne a hotel room tonight, i'd have to say i can't give you one. there is not a hotel room to be had tonight in this city. >> reporter: prices at many hotels have doubled to more than $300 per night. the city is rushing to build enough supply to meet the new demand. there is also a lack of trained tour guides and not nearly enough places to eat. the few private restaurants in the city only recently allowed by the government can be fully booked months in advance.
8:06 am
being allowed to come here is still the biggest obstacle. if all you want to do is see the classic cars, smoke cigars and drink a daiquiri but your pool that is not allowed under u.s. law but coming here is easy on people-to-people trip. expect to meet someone and meet some cubans. people arrive every day on charter flights. tourists empty by the busload in a neighborhood such as this. this group is touring the street art that once transformed the gritty street life and the cubans who once called it home. then the music starts. americans sit quietly at first and then the hands start to move and then the feet. this is what you call cultural e immersion immersion. look at closely.
8:07 am
bike parts and what keeps the cars running in the streets and the same spirit that is needed to solve the biggest problem brought on by cuba's tourist revolution. >> they need the dollars. they need the jobs that tourism will provide, but how do you preserve what makes cuba, cuba? and allow tourism to grow? >> reporter: a rising class of cuban business owners is banking on tourism. i talked to one man who owns a restaurant. he says he is serving 300 people a day and 250 them are americans, and he is booked seven days a week. now u.s. airlines are expected to start flying directly to cuba later this year and that should bring a lot more americans here. >> fascinating. >> it's interesting. i think so many americans want to get there before things change but i bet the cubans want thing to change. >> i want to go. never been. >> beautiful place. >> ben tracy, thank you so much. forget the t-rex.
8:08 am
largest dinosaur. that's right. you're watching "cbs this morning." 24hhe el l comprote with purll. w leern nt hrn.that niumtion. intehavee poto heabecaur pe ofseliare lo or ne h pro us hp mi inis heir need ci wo dand husband.use trbadogsi'd rt prcarp
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that's why they call it master it it. no bionth pe of ainm r heo cong reao expl y beingthrough allergies. rtec to ur y syso day ec athacounr. usic theex., nono, le ah so ng.. y! ich ourprodre t
8:10 am
thinsa gh aat ay it is 8:25. i have your top story. a house fire is under investigation in north raleigh. this happened at a home along cromwell court around 11:30 last newt. fire crews tell wral a woman was home at the time. she got out safely. her husband was not home at the time and the couple's three pets died in the fire. today would have been dr. martin luther king, junior junior's 87th birthday.
8:11 am
honoring hi legacy. throughout the region honoring his legacy. >> the bells of raleigh's bicentennial plaza will ring this morning. tomorrow, the city of fayetteville will hold the annual dr. martin luther king, jr. parade. it should be sunny tomorrow for that but meanwhile, we are socked in bit clouds today. >> we had a pretty sunrise with some peeks of sunshine through the clouds. take a look at fayetteville right now. completely covered. now, tomorrow does look bright and sunny. in the meantime, we have rain that is rolling in. we are start to pick autopsy i built its of that on the radarment not quite into our viewing area yet but we should start to see that in moore county in the next hour to two hours. our temperatures are in the low to mid-30s except raleigh is at 39. it is 32 in goldsboro. 32 in roxboro.
8:12 am
don't rollie about the precipitation rolling in with the cold temperatures. once the rain gets here, temperatures will bump up pretty quickly. it will a wet afternoon and a wet night and skies clear tomorrow with partly cloudy conditions and 56 degrees. sunday will be cloudy. have the chance of a sprinkle or flurry early sundayment a blast of cold air to begin next week. no big snow event in the forecast this weekend. we have aseen an outbreak of accidents around the triangle in last hour and a half or so but the good news is most of them are minor and they are not really disrupting the system all that much. let's focus in on miami boulevard. this is an accident we've been monitoring for the last hour and a half. the good news here is it is clearing up. traffic is still moving slowly through that area so you might want to avoid that stretch of 70 and take the durham freeway. there is some slow going on 440 around six forks road.
8:13 am
boulevard and u.s. 70. traffic is moving once gun rather normally through aintersection. -- once again rather normally through that intersection. this is i-40 and jones sausage road. no delays there on 40 westbound coming into the triangle.
8:14 am
ahead on fox 50, de welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, kicker blair walsh missed a field goal that ended the minnesota vikings super bowl dreams this year. but he scored some extra points with some first graders. see his meeting with the kids who had his back, deste the loss. plus, notes of love after the sandy hook school shooting. a saxophonist looked for sounds that captured the magic of his young daughter after her death. he and wife talk with gayle about a memorial that could earn two grammys. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around
8:15 am
record breaking surge of views of david bowie's music videos following his death. one day later, views of his music videos reached 51 million on the streaming service vivo, the most watched video is laysarist. his last album "black star" the first recording to top the billboard 200. adele's streak was there at number one for seven weeks. a new study founds uber has not worsened the traffic in new york city. city hall ordered the study after a dispute with uber's proposal last summer. the study is expected to be released theing in days. the new york "daily news" reports on the largest dinosaur fossil ever found. titanosaur debuted yesterday at the museum of national history.
8:16 am
one room. its neck is sticking in the hallway. it roamed in south america about 100 million years ago. blair walsh missed a 27-yard field goal on sunday for the vikings. after we showed you yesterday, some of his youngest fans are still cheering him on. jameis yuccas explains how that inspired walsh to kick things up a fan. >> i am a vikings fan. after many fans after saturday's loss, i went from shocked to pretty upset. then a first grade lesson in empathy where the most hardened fans can be convinced that chance. >> mcdermott is the snapper. >> reporter: seconds left in the game and trailing by one point, the minnesota vikings lost all
8:17 am
shanked the kick. even first graders shared their disappointment. >> dear blair. i feel bad for you. >> what does it mean to have empathy. >> reporter: that is when a suburban twin cities teacher decided to make this a teachable moment. >> what is another way to define empathy. >> reporter: her students made cards for walsh. each one containing words of encouragement only a first grader could even imagine. >> keep on trying. we love you so much. >> don't give up. you're still number one. >> i know you can do it. you can win the game. >> you are the best! and maybe you need to practice? love, cody. >> reporter: when the kind words reached walsh, he decided to make a special trip to thank the kids. >> i want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. that cheered me up a lot. >> reporter: walsh made time to
8:18 am
>> do you have a guinea pig? >> guinea pig? no. >> reporter: and sign cards and playing cards for his new friends. >> i got an autograph! >> did you draw that? that is cool, man. >> giving everyone a second lesson in chances. >> they don't know anything about me. they just know i'm a vikings player. to show that kindness and empathy towards me is remarkable. >> reporter: since sunday, walsh taught his own lesson in responsibility and has not made any excuses for missing that kick. he told the students that he'll pick himself up and try harder next season. >> i just love this story. >> me too. great lessons all around. >> about teaching empathy. >> kids can all relate to what he went through. every kid can, i think. >> i like the question, do you have a guinea pig? they didn't care about the kick! they wanted to know about him! >> so into the moment. great story. we are counting inging inging down to
8:19 am
jim nantz and phil simms will bring you all of the action in santa clara, california, on sunday, february 7th, on cbs. the pregame, a special interview with president and mrs. obama, hosted by gayle king. >> i'm looking forward to that! >> yes. >> really looking forward to. grammy nominees to cherish a life cut short in newtown, connecticut. his own daughter. >> you know, music is like a language. for me, it's the language that kicks in in words don't suffice, so in the process of making the music, it was fought with tears and a lot of pain, but it was a necessary expression just like talking is a necessary expression.
8:20 am
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8:26 am
a bor:s yt rey it>>r:dou? aif ff
8:27 am
nto ns, ad>> til b been an incredible week. incredible week. that does it for us. as we leave you, let's take a look back at the week that was. have a great weekend, everybody. >> the president of the united states! >> president obama tried to reassure anxious americans and admitted what he thinks is one of his failures. >> the rancor, the suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. >> it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. it's certainly some of the things that mr. trump has said. >> they are moving him from cell-to-cell to make it difficult for him to escape. >> all of the eyes of the world are on you. >> do you believe that the mexican government wanted to encourage the cartel to put you in their cross-hairs? >> yes. >> iranian provocation. >> it was a mistake. that was our fault and we apologize. >> temperatures are below freezing and the wind is blowing. this car, as can you see, which is completely frozen!
8:28 am
flint river with its water but the water didn't properly treated. >> you can't drink it. >> this is where the ticket was sold at this computer. >> look at these crowds out here! >> agents discovered baked carrots stuffed with pot last week. >> those are big carrots! let me take a closer look! >> let me have another one of them. >> he was a trail blazer. >> searching for music is like searching for god. >> you have always, always -- i want you to look over this way when i'm talking to you. >> i'm getting deeply into thth. >> i know you are. >> why so much interest in the sexuality? >> you heard him flirting with charlie.
8:29 am
that. >> good evening. >> the president's record has often fallen far short. >> you ended the curse. >> my number one goal was not to become a "saturday night live" kit. >> whoever put together this mike system did a terrible job. >> it doesn't matter what people are talking about. if you throw a dead cat on the table, they will start talking about the dead cat and this is what donald trump has been able to do. >> when you read that, did you say i don't want to do that? >> no. i said i absolutely want to do that. >> i would start with the fact that you ought to sleep in a perfectly dark room. >> yeah. >> you know? and there is no noise. cold as well. >> it really depends on you. i like the cold, charlie. what about that night at your house? >> all that. >> they look good on you. >> think about this.
8:30 am
very luring. >> on "cbs this morning."
8:31 am
>> oh, we are on tv? it is now 8:55. here are your topper toies. atlantis a visitation tonight if a mother and daughter who were victimss of a double murder suicide near apex. they were shot and killed last saturday. the visitation for the two is from 6:00 to 8:00 at i'm he can funeral home. though the fill holiday is monday, today is the actual
8:32 am
there are a number of events around the triangle today including a wreath laying this morning at the martin luther king, jr. memorial gardens. >> we are expecting rain this afternoon. since that begins at 9:00, the weather is fine for that. this evening, not so great. it will be wet if you have dinner plans or planned to be out this evening. you willed into your heavy duty umbrella. a little bit of light precipitation on sunday. could be a flurry, could be a sprinkle but not enough to our tall tower camera showing the clouds ahead of this next system that will bring us rain later on today. checking the radar at the end of the loop. can you start to see some rain back over towards charlotte and getting closer to southern pines and pinehurst. it is 39 in raleigh. even though it is cold right now, temperature will warm up quickly as the rain rolls in. we'll see a high of 52. today. the rain is out of here by sunday, cloudy skies.
8:33 am
a flurry but the alts will be very light. light. >> the accidents around the triangle are clearing up this morning after last couple of hours we've been monitoring particularly. this one on miami boulevard. you could see here at mineral springs road, there was an accident that has been cleared and traffic is moving very nicely through there now. take a look at the intersection of miami boulevard and mineral springs road, traffic is moving through there. ien 40 and lassiter mills road, we were seeing some slowdowns but traffic is moving through there. let's take a quick look at i-40 travel times coming from johnson county through gardner. just a nine-minute drive. i-540, just a six-minute drive.
8:34 am
his open mother in the face heads to court today. kevin powell is well known in his community and coming up today at noon, we have an update on the case and we'll take a look back into powell's history. >> the gloves came off at the sixth debate between the gop presidential candidates. coming up today at 4:00 on fox 50rbgs we will have the latest
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