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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  January 18, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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r tie sarhent flre sean penn says he is ready to talk some more with drug lord el chapo. >> ahead, parts of the interview
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's wnly nie mi pro tennis is hit by allegations of a cover-up over
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ahead, how tennis officials a good morning, 7:26. i'm brian shrader with a look at your top stories. harnett county authorities are looking for a driver in a deadly hit and run crash. 13-year-old jessyca schark and 16-year-old kyle strait were killed. a third teenager, 14-year-old steven daniels was badly injured. the teenagers were walking along 421 when had happened. witnesses described the vehicle that hit them as a white truck. the 36th annual martin luther king jr. triangle interfaith prayer breakfast happening now, this is a live picture from the sheraton imperial hotel at research triangle park. our parent company, capitol broadcasting, is a proud sponsor as we are every year. watch the event right now on and starting at 8:00 a.m. it will be broadcast on wral
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we will rebroadcast it coming up at noon on fox50. a lot of offense for martin luther king jr. planned and some of them will be outside. you need to dress warmly. >> boy, do you. temperatures are pretty close to normal for this time of year but by the afternoon not going to put -- budge much. temperatures in the low to mid 30s with windchill making you feel like 20. it's pretty out there, though. at least we will have sunshine, the sky cam looking gorgeous over downtown raleigh. 28 in roxboro, town by town, 27 in southern pines, 29 fayetteville and in erwin. these temperatures are fairly close to normal. feels like 22 in roxboro and goldsboro. town by town and fayetteville, 21 in southern pines. when you figure in windchill. our high this afternoon only 35, dropping down into the mid teens tonight, i of only 33 tomorrow and cold start wednesday before temperatures start to moderate a little bit.
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let's take a look at traffic. it's very quiet.. by traffic volume out on 40, the clayton bypass, that delay free trip through garner is looking fine. we will head over to i-40 and take a look at highway 54, traffic moving along beautifully. on major routes are looking good, should not run into any unusual delays. the panthers make their first appearance in the nfc title game since 2005. coming up as our local news, weather and traffic continues on fox50, we show you how they
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looked like it was going okay and then that. an explosive landing for spacex rocket yesterday after delivering a satellite into orbit. it attempted to land on a coast. but a landing leg malfunctioned and causing it to tip over and explode. just last month, spacex landed a rocket on land but the company has not been able to do that at sea. still, they feel pretty good about it because it took off successfully but they still have things to work out. >> and they clearly will keep trying. welcome back to "cbs this morning. coming up in this half hour, a debate begins in the uk today on whether to ban donald trump. petitions supporting the
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and how some brits compare trump to hate creature. sean penn talked with charlie rose last night on "60 minutes." why he feared for his life is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the "miami herald" remembers an american missionary killed in burkina faso. rittering was among 20 people killed on friday when al qaeda fighters stormed a hotel and cafe. he ran an orphanage in the west african country. a pastor from his florida church called him a modern day martyr. a former taco bell executive accused of attacking an uber driving is now suing the driver. we showed you benjamin goldman hitting this uber driver in october. he was charged and later apologized. golden is now filing a $5 million lawsuit. he claims he suffered invasion of privacy and emotional distress.
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tennis officials are blasting a report that alleges a widespread match fixing cover-up. abbc and buzzfeed news report says 16 top players, including grand slam winner, may have thrown matches for betters. no players have been named. tennis officials deny a cover-up. they say the suspected match fixing happened years ago and was investigated. "the detroit news" reports on the flint water crisis coming up in the democratic debate. the candidates blasted michigan's governor for his response to the lead contamination. teams this weekend visit 5,000 homes. president obama signed an emergency declaration. flint will get millions of dollars in federal aid along with water bottles and filters. adriana diaz is in flint, with demands for more help. >> reporter: good morning. we are in the home of a flint resident who, like thousands of others, said what they really need is clean pipes. this tap water used to be brown. it now looks and smells fine.
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make it unsafe to drink. frustration over flint's tainted water supply is spilling over. >> flint is now a crime scene. >> reporter: michigan's governor rick snyder declared a state of emergency over the city's water two weeks ago. but state official may have known about the problem months earlier because city data showed a spike in lead. during sunday's presidential debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders blasted the republican governor. >> the population, which is poor in many ways, and majority african-american, has been drinking and bathing in lead-contaminated water. and the governor of that state acted as though he didn't really care. >> a man who acts that irresponsibly should not stay in power. >> reporter: protesters gathered outside flint city hall saturday. >> we need federal help. >> reporter: to see liberal
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up in the city of nearly 100,000 and says president obama's emergency declaration is not enough. >> it's not just the water crisis. it's a racial crisis! it's a poverty crisis. >> reporter: to save money in 2014 flint stopped paying for water from detroit and tapped into its own river instead but the river water stripped lead from pipes. since the move the number of children with high lead levels doubled and ten people have died from legionnaire's disease. the city has been reversed to the switch but the water is still unsafe. >> i'm pouring bottles of water over my meat. >> reporter: since january 9th, flints has received 26,000 cases of water and over the weekend cher sent 181,000 additional bottles. we spoke to flint's mayor moments after the president's declaration. >> we didn't deserve what happened but we do deserve this time of response. >> reporter: this is the water residents can actually drink.
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at the governor's state of the state address. after last night's debate, governor snyder tweeted, political statements and finger pointing from candidates only distract from the flint water crisis. >> our "60 minutes" interview with the actor sean penn is gaining global attention. we spoke about penn's conversation with joaquin guzman, the drug lord known as el chapo. guzman was captured this month. he met with penn while on the run. we have a part of the interview you did not see last night. penn says he was not out to glorify el chapo. do you make a moral equivalency between el chapo and peoplwh either buy or sell drugs in america? >> i do, if it's me. i can't -- i don't make that judgment for everyone else, but i wouldn't go so far to buy or sell drugs. >> reporter: so he is no better than you or worse than you? >> i say i can't make him worse than me. if i'm not out there doing
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conversation going on the way in which we prosecute that war. >> reporter: do you believe that part of the reason is such a controversy about this is that because people appreciate the nature of the man and what he has done, and the empire he has created, and the ravages that the product that he sells across the border have done to a society? >> well, it's funny you use the word "appreciate." because i think that there is -- and there always has been in the the outlaw. i don't share it. as a romantic figure? >> no, i don't see him as a romantic figure. >> reporter: how do you see him? i mean, you spent seven hours on a mountain top. >> i see him as one man who,
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with the imagination, and perhaps the interpru neuroial drive that he had nached it toattached it to something that is harvest and selling in a very different way and experienced its usage. >> reporter: were you fearful for your life at any time? >> look. i think it's ludicrous. >> reporter: to not? >> to not consider what can be an extraordinarily unpredictable situation where you have a lot of irrational people, where you have somebody who is the target of militaries and law enforcement. but, look. airplane, man. every time i get on the plane, i'm relaxed. i don't know if those two guys are going to have a heart attack and this big bird is going to fall out of the sky, so once you make the decision, you focus on the things that you can control. i'm not in control of any of that. >> reporter: would you do
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i mean, i hope to talk to him again, you know, under whatever circumstances. >> reporter: because? >> while this article had its focus and its intention, i'm interested in asking more. >> a lot of information. how long was the interview? because as long as it was, i still wanted to see more about what he had to say. >> we talked about an hour and a half on tape. >> what was the most surprising thing for you about the interview? >> it's hard to say because there were so many things. i was surprised at what he said about the mexican government. he doesn't believe that his trip there had anything to do with the recapture, because he believes that he was under surveillance all along and that el chapo was under surveillance before he arrived. >> i thought it was interesting when he was stunned that he even talked to him. he did not think that would >> we will have new portions of
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chapo was captured alive and you can see my entire interview tonight on pbs. 500,000 people in britain are lined up against one man. mark phillips is outside the parliament morning. >> reporter: in the storied history of this place, there is never one like scheduled for this afternoon. seriously. coming up on "cbs this morning." if you're headed out the door, watch us live allow the cbs all-access app on your digital device.
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epenrgann ets quand erndhirmradueaeandr .cwis d s an. i'm coming >> donald trump has the front and center in half a dozen presidential debates but the focus of a different debate this legislators will discuss a petition signed by more than
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entering britain. mark fipsphillips has more. >> reporter: donald trump is doing here what he has done at home, become the news. the debate, in fact, won't take place on the floor of the house of commons. it will be in westminster hall which is the oldest part of this complex. it's fair to say it's almost 1,000 years of history, it's never seen anything quite like this. donald trump has always been seen as something of a grotesque american curiosity in britain, even when he was promising to invest hundreds of millions in scottish golf resorts. >> we have amazing friendships here. >> reporter: back then, his most outspoken opponent was a local farmer named michael ford who was refusing to move. but donald trump has many more critics now. ever since this. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: he was hardly finished before a petition was
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banned from the uk. it has since gathered more than 500,000 signatures and that has triggered an automatic debate in parliament and some scathing reaction from the prime minister. >> i think his remarks are divisive, stupid, and wrong. >> reporter: even his former scottish pals like former first minister of scotland appearing on a radio call-in have jumped on the dump donald band wagon. >> because he is a republican candidate i think is like hitler petition. >> reporter: people like donald trump have been banned from the uk before but not rich american men running for president. still, that is what is on the table and that is what mps like this lady are proposing. >> my understanding that he is banned before he ents the uk.
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example in considering making mr. donald trump -- >> yea! >> reporter: the short answer to atuestion is almost certainly not. but the debate does have people talking, including the leader of britain's parliamentary opposition who wants to take trump to britain and take him unto his office and introduce him to his mexican wife and take him to a mosque then. gayle? >> oh, boy! >> sounds like the solution to me. >> that will be quite the trip. response it. i will think donald trump will say, i have no desire to go to england. i never want to go there. i'm sure he'll have a response before the day is over. thank you, mark. nascar racer tony stewart is
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u'reinctibmore good morning, it's 7:56. i'm brian shrader was a look at your local top stories. investigators are trying to find the source of the legal drug that sent eight harnett county inmate to the hospital. they overdosed on what is believed to be the drug k-2, a synthetic form of marijuana. the inmates started getting sick friday afternoon and several were found unresponsive to their rooms. let's take a live look at the 36th annual martin luther king jr. triangle interfaith prayer breakfast. it's happening now and happens every year at the sheraton imperial hotel at research triangle park. david crabtree speaking right there, our. company is a proud sponsor. this is on right now and in a few minutes at 8:00, we will broadcast this live on wral tv.
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rebroadcast an hour of this televised breakfast at noon on fox50. one of the big mlk day event is a march through downtown raleigh later this morning and it's going to be cold. >> it is. even on a warm day, you walk down fayetteville street in the winter and it feels good. take a look at the tall tower cam, skies are clear with plenty of sunshine but that's going to be no match for the arctic air that filters in during the day today. our highs will be in the low to mid 30s, the wind chills make it feel more like 20s. at 11:00, probably going to see upper 20s with wind chill in the low 20s. out today. 27 in roxboro and south hill, 29 in rocky mount and fayetteville, you may be thinking goes on that but the wind chills making it feel like 22 in goldsboro, 18 and roxboro. are high on the 35, dropping
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32 on tuesday and starting to warm things up a little bit wednesday. still below normal, though. brian? let's take a look at traffic. it is quiet out there, it is a holiday monday of course. not too much going on. we do have what appears to be a raleigh police officer stopped over on the right shoulder of 40 westbound at rock quarry road in the fortify works on. keep that in mind. let's head to another camera, we will move over to 40 at 55 in durham, both directions moving along well. you will get a little bit of sunshine on the eastbound side of i-40 leaving chapel hill but so far things are moving along pretty well. hillary clinton with bernie sanders in the presidential
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