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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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frigid forecast in a moment. now it happened on wisdom drive in carry. this has been developing in the past hour. the officials are saying one person has been taken to the hospital. they are not upon reporting the condition. the police are still looking for a suspect. the pictures came into us from a viewer swrefplt a crew on the scene gathering information, we will bring you a live report on the situation in just a moment. >> now, the other big story, the weather, we are preparing for the goldest temperatures we chief meteorologist greg official is here with the temperatures and how low they greg kids will be at the bus stop tomorrow morning. >> oh, boy, it will be colder than it is right now. still a bit of a breeze in spots that will make it feel colder than that. let's check out the current readings right now. we are almost in the teens up border.
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now, as we look farther south, the temperatures are still well below freezing there as well. now, coldest stop at 23. it looks like the other areas in the middle to upper teens. now, you will see here by our lows here, colno matter where we are. the coldest morning we have had so parthis weather season, 21, we should eclipse that easily and despite a full complement tomorrow, we will have to scratch and claw just to get above pleasing in the afternoon. now, the question is how long does it stay that cold? is there a chance of moisture getting in here before the cold air parts? we will talk about those possibilities coming up in just a little bit. back to you. >> thank you, a e unn
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s e earlier tonight wral adam owens spoke to the teens. >> reporter: these friends, from high school were playing a game of basketball. >> like a lot of the kids from this area we played here. >> reporter: they noticed another group of guys at the court. >> we asked them to play. >> reporter: all said mow but one. after the game, they shook hands and it was clear the games were over. >> his friends came over from behind the trees and a guy pulled out the gun and he started at the bench and he told his friends to go through the stuff and take everything. >> reporter: the friends could not believe they were being robbed and they could not move. the suspects took valuables and keys. >> they asked for our pass word.
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>> reporter: this was no game. friends understand the loss could have been much heavier. >> [indiscernible] >> adam owens reporting. that suv was stolen and eventually recovered. it was abandoned a few blocks away. the police tell us they are looking for four suspects. the deadline to get health insurance under the affordable care act is almost here. we know you have questions, wral is here to hell. concerned about coverage concerns, we will have trained people taking your phone calls and it is free. confidential and happening tomorrow from 4:00 until 7:00 p.m. on wral. jamaica's health minister is asking women to delay plans to get pregnant for six months. the island has not reported cases of the mosquito bite.
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it is suspected of causing more than 3500 babies to be born with brain damage in brazil. last month the first u.s. case was reported in hawaii. donald trump will not be banned from britain. they debated the issue for hours today. the debate was in response to a petition launched over trump's remarks on ban muslims from enderring the u.s. more than half a million people signed the petition accusing him of hate. parliament did not take a vote on it. one of the founds members of the "eagles" has died. glenn frey had his own solo career as well with hits like "the heat is on." y he died from main ailments. -- he died from many ailmentsiment sometimes ailment -- ailments. >> sometimes you don't believe a story until you hear it from
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>> the next day, i find this e- mail address in my pocket of another family from nashville to tell me the show was sold out and wanted me to get tickets in nashville. >> the people adele were talking about were brady and jordan. they are friends and college friends. they told their friends about their encounter with adele. and they did not believe the story until adele told the story herself. [ laughter ] >> it was like word for word the same thing i have been telling people. >> did you ever think that you would get to hear her telling it? >> absolutely not. >> they are still waiting to hear back about those tickets. >> who knows. your hoops headquarters for acc basketball.
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here on the big 5. programming change for you ncis will air overnight at 1:37 a.m. wednesday. "ncis: new orleans" will air after that at 2:37. in case the game goes long, you should set your dvr to record from 1:30 to 4:00 a.m. to make sure you get both programs you. >> don't want on miss the end. something big happens at the skpepbd it stops recording. no! >> -- at the skpepbd -- at the end and it stops recording. no! >> yes. [ laughter ] . >> it is cold outside somewhat yes. that is simpler way to put it. now, let's look at our fountain camera. if we had several nights like this we would build the
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we will have someone keep an eye on that for you. 24 at airport right now. calm wind. the dew point temperatures coming up one from 0 from the last hour. now up from 1. giving humidity at 36%. here is the enhanced satellite review. the clouds that you see here off of the east coast are all a result of the cold air going over warm waters. the same principal as lake- effect snows. they happen near the great lakes and downwind of them. it is an appropriate name, don't you think? then, this band of clouds out here in the nation's mid section. this will go with light snow across the plains. some of that may get in the mountains on wednesday afternoon. but it is unlikely that it will get east of the mountains as the system is rather moisture starved. whatever it has the mountains will squeeze out. the next system we are watching is still out here in the pacific.
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will get a better idea for exactly what the plans are. later in the week. certainly, we have an ovwhmi amount of evidence that there is going to be a major east coast storm as we head into friday, friday night, saturdayed and this could feature everything from multiple feet of snow -- saturday and this could feature everything from multiple feet of snow. it will go into pennsylvania and winds gusting as high as 60 miles an hour along the coast of the del mar peninsula and virginia, maryland, delaware, new jersey and so forth. that could result in coastal flooding and it could be a mess. so, if you have travel plans that i do, they may have to be amended as we head towards the weekend if you are going up and down the eastern seaboard. let's look at one of these forecasts, you can take a look at the extremes like which one is predicting the least amount of snow and which is predicting
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sort of the most likely scenario. so, what i have done here is out lined the greater than or equal 6 inch line, nothing really changes much until we get to friday and saturday. so, by saturday, the most extreme has 6 inch line into parts of the viewing area up around rocksboro and henderson. the numbers look at that and oh we are getting 6 inches of snow. that is the extreme solution. now, if we take a look at the middle of the pack and put things in skphoegz head through friday and saturday then what we see is this area in here -- in motion and head through friday and saturday then what we see is this area in here. they are measuring the snow in feet as opposed to inches as we head into saturday with a battering along the coast here with lots of onshore winds. again, potential to be a news- making storm late this week and
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at least for somebody. clear, cold, 16, tomorrow, sunshine, 33. that is after a full day of sunshine. that is all we can get. a bit of a breeze as well. then, another cold night tomorrow night. we moderate a little bit on wednesday. clouds, thursday, not bad. and then it caves in on friday and saturday. right now, chilly rain for most of our area and mentioned this earlier on fox 50 that, and, and you know god has a sense of humor. he has a purpose of everything, 33 degrees, rain, got to be way down on that list. how miserable. >> drop a degree. >> i agree with that. >> a california couple is of marriage.
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nl ts,th banewawlowerrsbihalleekestcard:4 50. here on wral. the afc championship game, sunday afternoon. bronco and the patriots. >> i would prefer the patriots and panthers reunion with a different outcome. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> could happen. for overnight developments
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make sure to watch our morning news starting at 4:30 and the latest on the cold
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