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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> let's see how low we are going to go, not only today but tomorrow, elizabeth? >> the same thing tomorrow. fortunately it stays dry for the morning commute. we don't have to worry about frozen precipitation unless you run into a water main break or something like that. let's take a look at the skycam speaking of water. sometimes when it gets cold our fountain mountain develops, but our fountain is on low right now instead of high. it is 17 in durham, 19 in wake forest, 17 in cary and 18 in holly springs. it is 18 at the airport and 15 in south hill, 21 in fayetteville, 14 in southern pines. here is how it feels. it feels like 8 in rocky mount and wilson, 11 in goldsboro and roxboro. this number will change as we get through the morning on and off w. lefluctuate between single digits and low and mid teens. major sure you were prepared
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the bus stop. we expect upper teens at 8:00 a.m. 27 at noon and a high of 3. we have nice, calm -- high of 33. we have nice, calm, blue skies all day. we will wrap up wednesday with a system coming through that could bring us a few more flurries. we will talk about that in a few minutes. bryan is checking out the roads and i am thankful it is quiet out there this morning. that is of the of us and most likely more. this is tw alexander drive. this is northbound and delay free. 6 minutes from i-40 to mangum street. southbound sides of the freeway on i-40 also deplay free. nice and quiet. mainly routes are in good shape. we have a report of a stalled vehicle on brentwood road at sky crest drive. as far as we can tell it is not causing big delays. here is a look at the trip from
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of fuquay, 55 up to apex and highway 50 in southern wake county to garner looking good this morning. back to you. >> thank you, bryan. raleigh police are searching for suspects in an armed robbery following a basketball game. five friends from broughton high school were playing ball at chamberlain park in raleigh sunday night. police say four suspects approached them and one of them showed a gun. they stole cell phones and an suv. as they left officers say they fired a shot. the vehicle was found blocked away. flee days after a hit-and- run crash -- three days after a hit-and-run crash killed two teenagers in harnett county and still no arrests. 13-year-old jennifer shark and 16-year-old kyle strait were killed and 14-year-old steven daniels was critically injured. the three were walking home from a convenience store when they were hit from behind. with are combing through
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and businesses, hoping to find the vehicle. we reported a story yesterday morning at 4:30. a man was found in the road near the intersection of street. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say the driver may have been in a silver minivan. call durham crime stoppers. tonight the city of fayetteville will hold public hearings on whether the city's seal should stay or go. >> the seal features a building where slaves were once sold. it has been a source of controversy for some time. wral's mikaya thurmond joins us live from fayetteville with where the public meetings will be. mikaya? >> reporter: bill and renee, fayetteville city leaders will hold the first public meetings tonight start discussing changing that city seal. the seal has been a source of controversy and suggestion because it displays the markethouse, a place where
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north carolina's capitol once stood on the site and it is where the state ratified the constitution in 1789. the councilman thought of alternative seals including the dogwood flower, the fayette statue in cross week park and the statue at fayetteville university blanco. tonight's meetings are in three locations listed on your screen. all three will begin at 6:00 p.m. three others are slated for january 28th. bill and renee, the city has used this seal for the last 20 years, however the fire department and police department do not. >> mikaya thurmond on the controversy over the fayetteville city seal. thank you. secretary of transportation anthony foxx visited fayetteville state university for a public forum today, supporting president obama's "my brother's keeper initiative," seeking educational and professional
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it is at noon in the rudolph jones student center and everyone is welcome. foxx was the mayor of charlotte before taking the cabinet appointment. north carolina attorney general is looking into customer service issues with blue cross/blue shield. thousands of customers were mistakingly enrolled in plans they didn't sign up for, did not receive insurance cards on time or were unable to verify their conch. many, though not all those affect -- their coverage. many, though not all those affected signed up through the affordable health care act. they should expect to receive id cards next week. overbilled. customer service reps are still working extra hours to handle the issues. michigan governor rick snyder delivers his state of the state speech today amid growing anger over the state's response to flint's water contamination crisis. in 2014 flint's water supply was tainted with lead after the city's water source was
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flint river to save money. don champion reports on the protests and the calls for the governor's resignation. >> reporter: the flint water crisis will come nate michigan governor rick snyder's state of the state address tonight. it is being called a disaster. dozens demonstrated outside his home calling for his resignation. many called his slow response to flint's water supply criminal. >> he should have switched it back over to detroit water as soon as he knew of the contamination. >> reporter: national guard troops are now handing out bottled water to residents. >> 6:05 is all set. >> reporter: state troopers are giving out lead tests and filters. >> what will happen when the filters are gone? we will still have the lead, the pipes and the poison. >> reporter: the mayor of flint
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president obama declare flint a federal disaster area. >> if they would have submitted for a disaster declaration we could have gotten the $96 million or more. >> reporter: the president denied the request before, siting the situation in flint is man made. don champion, cbs news. >> flint has gone back to its original water source. today the city mayor, karen weever, travels to washington, d.c. in hopes of declares a federal disaster. a message demonstrators were aiming to send and not just to police, the targets of their anger. >> and we are learning a utah police officer shot to death should not have even been working that day.
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kept this . welcome back.
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town by town. the windchills have us into the single digits in some places. morning. we will have a high of 33 degrees today. but with the windchill it will feel like teens and 20s for a good bit of the day. we will have interesting weather in the possible potentially ending wednesday with a few snow showers and flurries. we will talk about who has the best chance of that in a few minutes. >> thank you, elizabeth. new overnight at least 11 people are dead following a bombing in pakistan. this happened at a police checkpoint on a road leading to afghanistan. 21 people were wounded. a local official says the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber who struck as a local police chief arrived at a checkpoint. a taliban leader is claiming responsibility. 25 protestors are facing charges after blocking traffic on the san francisco oakland bay bridge in a protest related
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>> we don't need the cops rolling down our blocks. >> they chained themselves to the bridge and crossed all five lanes bringing traffic to a halt. one protest says it is important that the public understands black life and health matter enough to sit and wait on the bridge for a little while. we have new information this morning about the police officer shot to death in utah over the weekend. officials say douglas barney, an 18 year veteran, was working overtime to pay for his cancer treatments. officer barn iy was shot when -- barometric pressurey was shot when he encount -- officer barney was shot when he took off after a fugitive. another officer was shot in the legs and is in fair condition. one leader in goldsboro is a about to get a lesson in coal ash where duke energy wants to excavate tons of ash at a retired plant. >> plus, an unbelievable story
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kidsconnical s mowth f quell, misery continues for the duke basketball team. blue devils taking on syracuse. duke did score the first point 14-38. here are the final 9 points of the half for duke as they lead 29-26. a man among boys with syracuse. check out tyler robe sop, with 20 rebounds and -- robeson, with 20 rebounds. and it is now an 8 point lead. back come the blue devils. marshal plumlee, a 1 point game with 2 seconds to goment no point, no foul, no win for duke. syracuse a winner, 64-62.
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state winless in the acc traveling to pittsburgh. that game will start at 8:00. north carolina central playing host to first place anthem. eagles trail by 10 early in the second. patrick cole leading in a comeback now with 28 points. eagles now down 2. 30 seconds to go. north carolina central has a one point lead but anthem will score the final bucket. hampton is the winner 80-79 at home over north carolina central. at 6:00 today the nascartour begins in charlotte. mandy mitchell is there. you will see her report at 6:00 rights. >> thank you, jeff. there is a programming change to tell you about because of tonight's game between nc state and pittsburgh. ncis will air at 1:37 wednesday. ncis new orleans will air at 2:37 p.m. get your dvr set for 1:30 to 4:30 a.m.
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carolina panthers are being told no. who is keeping the teams off their hoverboard, at least while this he are at work. >> and why there is extra security at a orange county school today.
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numbers... welcome back to wral news this morning. we are seeing very chilly temperatures this morning. it is very, very cold out there. you can see the windchill temperatures and the regular temperatures.
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should be mid to upper teens heading out the door today. upper 20s at lunch time and a high of only 33 this afternoon. it will be a little breezy. we will have a windchill to deal with all day. it will feel like mid to upper 20s this afternoon. bryan, no weather related travel problems right now? >> yes. let's talk about how nice it is at 6:31 in the live commute map. no problems to report. there is a stalled vehicle in brentwood at skycrest on the northeast side of raleigh but it is not causing problems. we are looking at building traffic. we are back from our day off of work and school yesterday. traffic is starting to build on 40 westbound around the clayton bypass. we will get a look at the drive times in a few minutes. by rtp no delays. 40 eastbound is wide open.
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40, it will take you a mere 5 minutes. back to you. >> thank you, bryan. we are working to learn more about a robbery and shots fired in cary that sent one person to the hospital. we had this as breaking news last night. police were called to an apartment complex along wisdom drive at 9:30. so far no word on the name of the victim or search for suspects. the efland-cheeks elementary school will have law enforcement on campus after a deadly shooting at a center nearby. i handed at 2:30 at the efland- cheeks community center. deputies found a black man believed to be in his 20s shot multiple times in the parking lot near a white car with the trunk popped open. orange county sheriff charles blackwood hope people that stayed home for the holiday can provide information. we are working to learn when a large sink hole will be repaired in chatham county.
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jordan lake yesterday, closed for repairs. we checked with the chatham county sheriff's office this morning and they told us the road is still closed. today the wake county board of education will discuss switching a number of elementary schools to a single track year round schedule. >> the goal is to give a boost to low performing schools. wral's tara lynn is live in raleigh with more. >> reporter: this is a proposal that could affect as many as 5,000 students here in wake county. the idea behind it is that low performing students and schools may be able to perform better if they switch to a year round learning schedule. the school board will talk about the proposal at a board meeting this afternoon. right now staff is considering moving nine elementary school schools to traditional calendar to year round track four. three other schools this he are looking at changing are alrey on some sort of year round change and the board will discuss how the change would impact families when students are not in school.
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materials from the school districts online and took a look at the advantages to making the change, including more flexibility to make up snow days and bad weather day, avoiding burnout to teachers and students and more time for teacher training outside the class time. the session will start at 3:30 this afternoon. they will not take voting action because it is still not set to go to the full school board until next month. >> all right. tara lynn on a cold morning in cary. thank you very much. wake school board members plan to discuss enrollment cap, a propose toll cap six new schools. nine currently capped schools would keep their limits. cary elementary school and davis drive middle schools in the 2016-2017 school year could have caps removed, as well. board member comes take a vote on proposed policies to stop threats at the wake county school, as well. the superintendants could fine students and families to costs insured by first responders and
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the superintendant could consider long term suspensions under this proposal, as well. and in apex design options will be discussed for pleasant park on old u.s. 1 and pleasant plains road. it could include tennis courts, basketball courts and more. the town kim meets tonight at 7:00. there is a an opportunity today for people to learn more about the final design plans for a section of the fayetteville outer loop. the d.o.t. will hold an informal public meeting to review plans for the sections of wayne camden road and raeford road u.s. 401. the meeting today is from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the john griffin middle school cafeteria on fisher road. at least for a while directv customers will not receive capital broadcasting company stations through their satellite service including wral and fox 50, as well as wlim in wilmington. despite months of discussions,
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and capital broadcasting expired yesterday. wral and the fox 50 general manager steve hamill says... >> we were unable to get a comment in directv. negotiations between the two parties are ongoing. you can learn more about the dispute by going to keep my local stations. there could be trouble ahead for the oscars. >> the major names refusing to show up. the backlash after this year's nominations came out. >> and he won't be there, but a hearing today will impact the
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called affluenza teen. 6:39 and a very cold morning in apex. but today we have no worries of precipitation but the worries go up, even tomorrow. we could have a few flurries tomorrow afternoon and evening. it is about the cold this morning. 21 in hope lls. some places our windchills are down in the single digits or lower teens. 27 at lunch time and we warm town 33 this afternoon. it stays cold and breezy all day. bill? >> thank you, elizabeth. whine is posting its weakest economic growth in 25 years. the world's second largest economy -- china, grew. is lowdown in china is fueling
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its impact on other economies. the bank of america stadium will be the latest place where recovers are not allowed the panthers coach is banning his players from using them in the team's facility. cam newton is among those that like to ride the hands free scooter-like devices. the players were found to had drag racing in the stadium. two big names in hollywood are calling for a boycott of the oscar awards. spike lee and jada pinkett smith will not be there, saying this year's nominees do
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clear. the same situation happened last year. the academy of motion pictures says she is frustrated by the lack of diversity and the racial make up of voters who decide the awards must change. the deadline to get health insurance under the affordable health care act is almost here. with he know you have questions and wral is here to help. learn about options and costs for health coverage. tonight we will have trained assisters taking your calls. it is free and confidential happening today from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. on wral. 6:41 now. big changes may be ahead for thousands of wake county families. >> why local school officials are thinking about changing the school calendar in several schools. >> and the loss of another legend in the music world. your news, weather, and traffic
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toyoat this is connor. like so many kids, he was missing things in school. then we heard about sylvan's new teaching system, sylvansync. kids like connor typically see up to two to three times
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