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tv   WRA Ls 1230 Report  NBC  January 19, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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we have breaking news and a shooting that left a man dead in orange county. >> moments ago the sheriff's office identified the victim as 22-year-old tevin kendrick of durham, deputies found him shot multiple times in the parking lot of the efland-cheeks community center yesterday afternoon. the shooting was near efland- cheeks elementary school. the school was closed for the mlk holiday at the time of the shooting. deputies do not have any suspects in custody at this time. there are asking anyone with information to give them a call. amid anger over the states response to flint, michigan's
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governor rick snyder will deliver his state of the state speech tonight. >> adriana diaz report national guard troops are handing out bottled water blood test kits and filters. >> reporter: dozens of people demonstrated outside michigan governor rick snyder's home monday, many say his slow response to the contaminated water is criminal. >> he should have switched it back over to detroit water as soon as he knew of the contamination. >> reporter: volunteers and state troopers spent the martin luther king jr. holiday in flint handing out water bottles and filters along the street named for the civil rights icon. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: thousands others like patricia marshall makes daily trips to distribution centers to pick up water. >> we do still have to go out and get water. we have to do that and we are low income. how do we survive? >> reporter: in an article published monday, the national journal asks snyder is comparing his handling of the flint water crisis to present bush's management of katrina is unfair. he replied, no, it's a disaster.
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found out that letter was coming from the water he told people to stop drinking it. >> that bull. >> reporter: alayna richardson says clinton needs more than emergency declarations and bottled water. >> what happens after the water is gone? we are still going to have the lead, pipes, poison, we're still going to have disease. >> reporter: governor snyder is expected to lay out a more detailed plan during his address tonight. hundreds are expected to protest their at the statehouse. adriana diaz, cbs news, flint, michigan. >> governor snyder declared a state of emergency in flint earlier this month. on saturday, president obama signed an emergency declaration but denied snyder's request for a disaster declaration, based on the legal requirements that the release was for natural fires, events, floods or explosion. anthony fox visits fayetteville state university
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president obama's my brother's keeper initiative. educational and professional opportunities for young men of color. the forum will begin at noon today in the rudolph jones student center, and as you know, fox was mayor of charlotte before taking that cabinet position in washington. an opportunity for people to learn more about the final the fayetteville outer loop. the d.o.t. will hold an informal public meeting to review plans for the section between camden road and referred road us-401. the meeting is from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at john griffin middle school cafeteria on fisher road. the cdc and american college of physicians are telling doctors to avoid using antibiotics when treating severe cold. the experts are urging doctors not to prescribe antibiotics for acute bronchitis, unless the money is suspected. they also suggest over-the- counter remedies for pain and say overuse of antibiotics leads to drug-resistant germs. researchers are testing dissolvable implants to study brain injuries. researchers have implanted
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sensors in the brains of rats. they are about the size of a grain of rice. those chips will melt away once they are no longer needed. scientists hope to eliminate the need for large systems to monitor brain injuries. they hope to heal patients open to infection and other issues. the trial is years away. a bipartisan senate agreement want to give more flexibility to schools and what healthy meals they serve students. some schools complained the current rules are burdensome and changes would meet requirements on whole grains and an upcoming deadline to cut sodium levels. the senate agriculture committee is set to vote on changes wednesday. we want to go to stocks now. they are looking pretty good. we are seeing some great today, the dow you can see up about 16 points -- 65 points, rather. nasdaq up 4, s&p 500 up 6. green is always good.
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business news, go to, click on business. the new year is still young and full of opportunity. coming up, advice for those of you looking to start a new career in 2016. and low gas prices put a
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find out we are just about three weeks into the new year. that was first night raleigh, a time when people start evaluating their health, budget and careers. are you where you want to be right now? joining us now with some helpful advice to make a power move is career coach monty miller. good to have you with us. >> great to be here. happy to be here. >> and to you as well. what about people who might be feeling discouraged? i don't know if this is going to be my year or not. >> one, it has to be there year. let's start with that. they should make a list of two sides. one side should be what do i love about what i do in my career now? on the other side, i should put
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doesn't matter if it's the career i'm doing. then i should focus more on the things that i love and see what i need to do to bring more of those things into my life and draw those things closer to where i want to be. >> okay, the next step is to look at who you are and how badly you want to advance. >> this is a good, honest hard look in the mirror at your self. a lot of times we have career goals that we have decided we want, and they might not match where we are with our current commitment level, our lifestyle, things of that nature. so we have to see, what are we willing to do to be there and to get those career goals today? >> sometimes it's easy to kind of go on cruise control and get into a state of complacency. how do you avoid that? >> so, it's something that i call work college. so, you have to put your self into work college. work colleges where you are still working your regular job, but on a daily, weekly basis,
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you are studying. you're looking at videos. you are reading. your networking with people. you have to do what it takes so that you don't just stick with the routine. you have to get out of that. you have to challenge your day today. >> what if you just don't know how to get started and where to go? >> so, often you don't know. get a piece of paper and this seems strange, but, stare at that piece of paper and in a quiet spot until something comes into your mind. write down what comes into your mind. do with several times a week, and it will start to kind of leave clues of what you need to do. >> subconscious will go to work. passionate people are passionate about where they want to be in life. you look at history, those individuals that have gone to great lengths in their career
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right down one of three goals and to them immediately. >> our career coach, meloney miller, thanks so much. >> thanks, bill. >> have an awesome rest of the year. i hope to see you a few more times between now and then. back to you. >> thanks. los angeles is starting to
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coming up, we tell you who the internet's leading encyclopedia is getting another source of cash for his 15th birthday. wikipedia has a new endowment. the company is now overseen by the nonprofit s&p foundation in san francisco, the endowment will start with less than $1 million donated by the state of the software engineer who died in 2014. the website started in january 15, 2001. the popular mobile messaging service what's app is going free. it will stop charging a fee, what's app say nearly 1,000,000,000 people around the world use the service. company officials say they don't plan to introduce ads to offset the loss. one airline is fun higher off of last year's plunging oil prices to continue to go down this year. delta says it's saved more than
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it believes the savings could continue this year. the airline expects to keep another $3 billion in 2016, thanks to lower energy prices. so far in 2016, shares at delta are down sharply. there has been some pressure on big airlines to cut ticket prices. southwest, jetblue and spirit have pushed fares lower across the board. >> i think we deserve lower fares after saving so much money. googles secretive futuristic lab once called googlex is now known as x. x has launched driverless cars, wi-fi balloons and groans. x separated from google last year as part of a broad restructuring plan. an umbrella company called alphabet was formed to oversee them all. the super bowl is weeks away and already la football fans are thinking about next season.
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deposits for season tickets. rams will be returning to la from st. louis. yesterday, the team website began accepting $100 refundable deposits. the team says the first deposit came from lakers great and dodgers co-owner, magic johnson. the rams will play next season downtown at the coliseum. the lavish new stadium slated to open by 2019. starting tomorrow, skywatchers will get a special treat. they will be able to see five planets together in the sky, just before dawn. we will have to skip out on the morning news and take a look. mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter will all be visible for about 45 minutes before sunrise. experts say it is the first time in more than 10 years that all five of them have appeared together in the predawn sky. the show will last through february 20. i guess we could go on the weekends. >> so, every night? or every morning, i guess, just before sunrise?
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and i might not do it tomorrow morning because it will be plenty clear that there will be that issue of cold. freezing. and then it's probably going to be clear enough on thursday, but still chilly. it looks like next week, though, our temperatures start to inch up a little bit. if we have until february 20, there's probably a pretty nice morning that we will have where it won't be so cold and it will be clear. it is certainly clear right now over downtown fayetteville. it looks beautiful but my goodness, it is cold. fayetteville 30 degrees, robert 27, 25 greensboro, 33 in wilmington, 13 in boone, and 21 in asheville. only one spot in the entire state at least on this map with temperatures above freezing. and just barely, wilmington at 33 degrees. we will probably get close -- close to it later this afternoon in charlotte and fayetteville but it will never feel like freezing. it feels a 22 in charlotte with the windchill, 22 in fayetteville, 23 in lymington,
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coldest in boone at -3. temperatures are going to be like 20s for our viewing area for the rest of the day today. it is a pretty noticeable change, this is the actual temperature change, not the windchill change. but, it feels does it is 7 degrees colder in raleigh and 11 degrees colder in fayetteville. 10 degrees colder in wilmington, 6 degrees colder in charlotte. cold is the real story for the next several days. we're looking at teens from pittsburgh to charleston and cincinnati, and i picking on them because this is where the air is coming from. right out of the northwest where temperatures are in the teens. take it into the afternoon, we bump into the upper 20s to low 30s but it will only feel like 20s for the rest of the day. for pittsburgh, charleston and cincinnati, they never make it out of the low 20s. here's tomorrow morning. this morning, single digits for those three cities and tomorrow morning we see temperatures in the teens which is exactly what we will see. no change for us but that is a little bit of a warm-up for them.
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should warm things up just a touch wednesday afternoon. 32 at lunchtime, warming up to 37 degrees. as our precipitation begins, our temperatures are going to be a little bit above freezing wednesday but pretty quickly temperatures dewdrop and we will see morning lows dropping down closer to freezing thursday morning. 20 of cold air coming. we still have the arctic blast in place for the rest of the day today and tonight and into early tomorrow. and, here comes our system. of course, this is the one that is likely to bring us light snow wednesday evening. but even some light snow could use has real problems because of the cold air that will be in place and the fact that the ground is cold. so, 33, the high this afternoon. sunshine. don't forget tomorrow morning we start off at 16. our snow if we see any is not going to be an issue for tomorrow morning's commute. it is going to be the evening commute that will be a problem.
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to be about the temperature again. the windchill won't be as nearly pronounced as it was this morning. we have some temperatures dropping into the single digits but pretty normal, or pretty similar to our temperature for tomorrow for the windchill. our normal is 31 and the record is -3 setback in 1985. we get back to the weekend. of course friday, high of 39 but we start off near freezing. we have that potential for some wintry mix to develop on friday. it may begin as some sleet and freezing rain, maybe some snow up near the pretty , and then it turns to rain for most of us. it may be fairly heavy. this looks like a potent system, half inch to an inch of rain. on saturday it may wrap up as some snow and at that point could create more problems across the area with some frozen precipitation and slick roads. so, certainly the weekend bears watching a more potent system, but we may have some slick conditions for wednesday evening's commute. i encourage you to tune into greg this evening, he will
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and his take on what will happen tomorrow. >> bill and i were talking about running. he's going to hop on the treadmill. smart guy. >> it's sunny which feels okay but, you know, cold. >> thanks. one marathon can be a
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