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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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boy, that's a beautiful look at the capitol. we have a story about a woman who created a timeline. >> the designer of magnetic infused distress shirts, back in 2005 -- dress 30 shirts. back in 2005, her husband was diagnosed with parkinson's disease. when he had trouble, horton came up with the idea to use magnets to snap the buttons into place. magna ready's technologies licensed to pvh corp, one of the
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owns and markets calvin kline and tommy hill figure. this is the first adaptable technology to go mainstream. that is great. >> what a dazzling show it is this time of year in eastern north carolina. in washington county, thousands of tundra swans and snow geese gather in the area of pungo lake. scott mason reveals a wonderful display of neighbor. >> reporter: the pecosin wildlivs refuge in washington county, it's winter, cold, it's not snowing and yet the air is a blanket of white. >> this is our eastern north carolina version of a snow globe. it's like shaking a snow globe when they get up and fly and move from one field to the other, it will be like a tornado of white.
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of birds in one place is really unique. the tundra swan in particular are coming from western canada and alaska where they breed and then they come down here in winter in the largest concentration in north america of these birds, have up to a seven-foot wing span, weigh about 15 pounds. each foot is bigger than your head. >> reporter: why are so many in the eastern north carolina? >> i think the abundance in eastern north carolina makes it perfect habitat. primarily the winter wheat, they graze to a certainly degree like cattle. >> you can hear the swans and the snow geese wake up and it's just a cacophony of calling. >> reporter: when you take pictures of these birds, what are you trying to capture? >> trying to capture the movement.
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they put a larger space between them than the snow showers geese. when they fly, they're much tighter and there's more of them. they travel together. when they're in there's large flocks it almost looks like a wallpaper pattern of wings. it's just a remarkable area to live in. a wondrous opportunity we have here in eastern north carolina. a wildlife mecca. >> it's mess morizing. >> -- mesmorizing. >> they usually depart in february and return the next winter year, after year. coming up in this the next half-hour, a new state law aimed at protecting children from identity theft. five on your side's monica laliberte explains tools parents
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wral news at six starts right now. if you are outside today, you know it. it was the coldest day of the winter so far and we could see more wintry weather tomorrow. thank you for joining us, i'm david crabtree. >> and i'm lynda loveland. debra morgan has the day off. ahead of a winter storm that'll enter tomorrow, governor pat mccrory ordered state agencies to begin preparations for possible treacherous travel conditions. the ground islready losing a lot of heat from this weekend. shallow puddles on hargan in downtown raleigh are freezing over. be aware any water even a trace could be an icy spot in the morning. and a similar scene in downtown durham. people pulled out their heavy winter coats and hats to stay warm whenever they were outside. repair crews across the triangle found their appointments booked as heating units couldn't keep up with this first real blast of winter's cold. >> even in fayetteville, fountains are beginning to freeze.
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on hay street in downtown.
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