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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  January 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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have a great day. before we get to elizabeth with weather there's a school delay that you need to know about. mecklenburg county, virginia schools will be delayed. >> all right. zipped on into the station this morning in the parking lot. >> yeah. >> very little conversation. >> very cold out there this morning. we're going to start off with a look at the airport. as a matter of fact i saw the prettiest moon just setting in a little bit of cloud cover. you can see it just fine. skies will be clouding up however. our big story as you're heading out the cold. 15 in wake forest. 19 in durham. it's 17 in cary. 18 in roxboro.
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19 in rocking mount. 21 in goldsboro. fees like 14 in raleigh and rocky mount. 13 in fayetteville and the planner, of course, has increasing clouds and -- a few flurries later on. a high of 36. that won't stop the flurries from flying. the question is how much. right now it looks like very little. it won't take much to cause slick roads. i'll show you what's going on in future cast. >> all right. thanks t elizabeth. come what may, they're -- >> they're in preparation for that winter precipitation that lizwet mentioned. live in raleigh with more on and i see you're bundled up. >> i'm shivering to stay warm. not expected to have a big
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preparing for winter weather. the d.o.t. started treated interstate and bridges with brine. today the mountains could see one to three inches but that storm is expected to weaken by the time it does get her to the triangle. another system on it way. sleet and snow to our area this weekend. the d.o.t. is going to be heading back out after the rush hour this morning to again, lay down that brine on roads to prepare for the precipitation that we could see coming up this evening. governor pat mccrory says this is a depressed run to make sure -- check out all of the winter supplies. you may have exhausted them after last winter. make sure that you and your family are ready. >> thanks, tara. these temperatures can be dangerous. >> that's why the durham county
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lookout for people in need of attendance. >> respond to welfare checks as needed and ready to assist in someone's stranded or resources to stay warm. be mindful of vehicles. we had a situation in the county where a handicap person was found deceased in a vehicle. and that really stuck with me over the years. >> deputies will leave yellow tape on unoccupied cars. major adam clayton says it's everyone's responsibility to look out for those in the community. call if you're concerned about n your area. >> breaking news at st. -- >> that's after police found a shooting victim on campus. wral joins us live. what have you learned about what happened? >> raleigh police locked down
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just around 1:00 a.m. i wanted to give you a live look at what we're seeing right now. this is the focus of this investigation near emery gymnasium. raleigh police have been here since 1:00 a.m. questioning people on and off campus. although it was unclear as to where exactly the shooting did happen. kirk cousins tell you that the yellow tape seems to be blocking off a large part of campus. but again, this is the focus of this investigation at this time. raleigh police -- i did speak with a watch commander 10 minutes ago w. e can expect an update within the next 10 minutes. we'll be here to bring you the latest in our next half hour. >> thank you. breaking news in northwest pakistan where islamic militants attack a university and killed at least 20 students. government officials say they are in control after killing for atangers.
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and we will have updates throughout the morning. here at home they're looking for four suspects in a robbery that accept one person to the hospital. this happened along bridgeton drive. the victim told police all of the is suspects were armed and wearing dark cloa clothe asking. they have not released the name. higher than anticipated. they voted to reallocate money to make up for overruns. estimated to be more than $7 million over its initial budget. they say inflation is building -- in building cost is the problem. and more wayne county schools will get enrollment caps. the caps limit student populations as a way to weed overcrowding. on the list this year will be
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six hours will also be added. they are cedar point and -- that's up from 11. >> republican presidential candidate ben carson is headed to nebraska to -- a van carrying eight campaign workers flipped over and was hit by another vehicle in iowa. he died at the hospital in neighboring omaha. he worked as a volunteer. the other workers were treated for minor injuries. he cancelled his campaign events for today. former vice president nominee sarah palin campaigned with donald trump. the move was a setback for ted cruz who is in a close race.
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hillary clinton 2-1 in new hampshire. the special honor for wral news. the wrajts -- recognize the station. wral received the honor for the journey which focuses on the surge of illegal immigration. leyla santiago travel to the rio grand valley. they're part of a contingent from wral who traveled to new york to accept the award. big congratulations to them. >> awful proud of them. >> a very popular supermarket to our north is now eyeing north carolina. >> yeah. the local town that may soon
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>> did not hesitate we want to get to some
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the lockdown has been lifted at st. augustin university. >> very, very popular in the northeast has its sites on north carolina. they confirm that they've signed a letter of intent to build a store in cary. now officials tell the preliminary plan was submitted for cary town center. it's not gone before the council yet. it would be the first in north carolina. wral was proud to help people learn more about their insurance options under the affordable care act. the phones did not stop ringing for three straight hours. our experts took more than 1300 calls and answered questions about how to enroll in the market place and financial help for lower premiums.
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last day to get health insurance. actor jamie fox jumped into action but not for a scene in one of his movyings. >> i said you got to help me get you out. i don't want to have to leave you. you got angels around you.
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