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tv   CBS Overnight News  NBC  January 22, 2016 3:42am-4:00am EST

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do you know how you're going to improvise something before you do it? have you planned it all out? >> when i'm on stage, i never plan i'm going to do this. but of course, you have the concept what you're going to do, but you don't really plan it. >> so every time it might be different? >> yeah. >> it sounds really hard. [ laughter ] >> it is kind of hard. >> reporter: and yet, joey makes it look so easy. winston marsales, one of the biggest names in jazz, has seen a lot of talent in jazz over the years. >> i've never heard no one that can play like him. no one has heard a person that can play like him. >> reporter: he has genius? >> no question about that to any of us.
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this is what he means. >> let's take a traditional hymn like "just a closer walk with thee." so if you just play the melody with basic chord changes, this is with noel provization. >> oh, the song.
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[ laughter ] >> that was cool. >> somebody 12 playing like that. >> reporter: joey's talent may be undeniable, but no one can explain where it comes from. >> why? we don't know why. i once asked miles davis about sound. he said man, nobody knows about sound. sound just is. and i think that about his ability. they are. >> reporter: they just are. >> they are. >> reporter: it's not just how he plays that sets him apart, it's from he's from. bali, the tiny indonesian island better known for palm trees than piano players. he was a hyperactive kid, so one day when he was 6, his parents brought home a keyboard, hoping to channel all that restless energy. you thought maybe that would focus him? >> yeah. at the same time, we wanted to find out whether he's musical or not, because we have a musical family. >> reporter: that was the first
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keyboard? >> yeah. >> reporter: here he is one year later at age 7. remember, no one taught joey how to play like this. he just picked it up listening to his dad's albums of duke ellington and charlie parker. just listening to your records -- >> right. >> reporter: and playing along. >> right. >> reporter: they did hire a piano instructor, but he tried to teach joey classical music. it didn't go well. joey wanted to improvise? >> yeah. embellish it. >> reporter: and the classical teacher didn't like it being embellished? >> no, no. >> reporter: what did they tell you? >> he wants to be free. >> reporter: and jazz allows that freedom? >> uh-huh. to express himself.
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expressing himself on stages across indonesia. videos of him playing went viral and made it to winston marcelis who is managing and artistic director of jazz at lincoln center in new york. he was so impressed by what he heard, he invited joey to perform at their annual gala, their biggest event of the year. and even though it was his new york debut and his first time performing for such a crowd, joey decided to play one of the toughest songs in jazz "round midnight." and when he was done, the orchestra rose, the crowd rose, and joey, who was 10 at the time, he didn't know what to do. >> don't go, joey. >> reporter: he tried to walk off the stage. >> joey, don't go.
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evening was billy crystal. >> take it in, man, take it in. >> reporter: joey had arrived. >> joey alexander. >> reporter: you got a standing ovation. >> thank god for that. >> reporter: thank god for that? >> i mean, i didn't expect to have a standing ovation. >> reporter: that concert changed joey's life. his parents sold what they had in indonesia and moved the family to new york. he started playing gigs, touring the country, winning fans, and learning the rhythm of a very different world. how do you like new york? >> new york's great. i love it. >> and you can see anderson cooper's full report on our website, the "overnight news" will be
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each year, hundreds of thousands of air travelers take to the skies with their pets. some fly in the cabin, but a lot of bigger animals veo checked in. now the rules for checking your dog in are changing. kris van cleave has the story from reagan national airport. >> reporter: you have a big dog like buddy here and you want to fly with him, you used to be able to go to the ticket counter. but increasingly the airline
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this is the cargo terminal, and it is nowhere near that second counter. >> come on in. >> reporter: for peter harold and his wife jan, shanty is part of the family. which means when they fly their golden doodle does, too. but she is too big for the cabin, so she has to be checked. typically, airlines require carry-on pets to fit under the set in front of you. >> it is not the easiest thing. it takes a long time, you have to go to your vet within a week of the flight and get a health certificate each time that you do it. so yeah, it adds about an extra hour to your arrival time. >> reporter: starting in march, delta will no longer allow larger pets to be checked on their owner's flight. instead they'll have to be handled as fright. pets will have to arrive tree
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dropped off and picked up in the cargo section and the pooch could fly on a separate flight and arrive at a different time. >> we don't do it on the cargo way. we just don't have the confidence and it would be too traumatic for us to think of the dog being handled as cargo. >> reporter: delta's change followed united. >> we really have a better equipped facility at cargo and we can properly keep the animals in a safe environment and have professional staff to look after them when they have a connection or a layover rather than just leaving them out on the tarmac. >> reporter: programs like pet safe where animals are monitored by employees mark a course correction for airlines. >> airlines have done a terrible job for over 40 years in transports plants in the cargo hold of passenger planes and the
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and the airlines just didn't want to play that game anymore. >> reporter: through november, 33 pets died, 23 injured and 3 more were lost while in an airline's possession in 2015. >> the real issue is connecting flights, whether it's a passenger cargo plane hold or a cargo plane hold, it gets down to the chain of custody, who is watching that animal, who is caring for that animal. it's a liability issue. >> reporter: southwest and jetblue won't let you check a pet. american still does but only on certain types of aircraft but not when it's too hot or cold. an aircraft change delayed harold's trip to florida for two days until seats on a pet friendly airliner were available. >> i think she's a bit excited. >> reporter: on the return to washington, weather delays baggage, leaving peter pacing. >> yeah, there she is. of it, the wait was well worth it. >> oh. >> reporter: delta says the change will ensure that we have
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service for pets when owners choose to ship them. service animals of all sizes are allowed in the cabin, and travel experts say they think that system will be abused by people who want to take advantage of that instead of checking their pets.
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