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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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some people are getting a lot of snow right now. >> not so much in fayetteville. gilbert is keeping track of what's going on down there. you are bundled up but is anything falling at all? >> well you know it just seems like when you come to me it's cool but when you are not here all heck is breaking loose because we've had a lot of freezing rain and the temperature was 47 degrees yesterday so the ground temperature really isn't enough for whatever is falling to turn the water that's falling down here into ice but you can see the accumulation on the vegetation here. this is all ice on the side of this tree here and mu the same for this rail here.
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on this rail so if you are heading out you are going to see accumulations at your house or driveway or whatever you may be making your way around so if you have to head out at all take your time. the big concern from pwc is not necessarily ice accumulating on different things and bringing power lines down. the big problem we had down here the last ice storm were motorists sliding on the roads and hitting utility poles so if you don't have to come out no reason for you to head out here right now. again we had a lot of moisture coming down here earlier but it's changed right now so probably you go take it back the rain will come and i'll bring it back to you the next time you come to me okay? >> that's interesting through gilbert about the ice on the rails and trees because people need to know that. it's very slick out there despite how it looks. >> absolutely. >> our winter weather coverage continues in the next half hour. we have got you covered. we have road conditions,
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f on cg e ro it is 6:40 and if you are just tuning in take a look at this impressive looking radar picture. of course the wintery precipitation began about 3, 4, 5:00 this morning depending on where you were. now we are seeing sleet and snow in the area in blue down here with pink and freezing rain and sleet. still expecting enough accumulation of snow and sleet to cause major problems on the roads as well as the change over into the afternoon which will cause enough blazing for power outages as it gets breezy. we are going to talk specific numbers for your town in just a minute. >> elizabeth thank you very much. we are out in live drive five this morning covering the roads. >> amanda we understand you are seeing quite a bit of traffic. not a great sign since dot crews are saying stay off the roads.
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it's kind of crazy because this started to get bad probably in the last 15 minutes in terms of covering the road on the belt line near capital boulevard and the traffic is pret heavy in both directions. i mean i think people might have just looked outside this morning and said nothing is falling so we are fine let's go to work. and it is picking up in terms of the traffic out here. but also the deteriorating road conditions. so i think unfortunately some of these folks might get to work and find out they are going to have a hard time getting home because if it keeps up the way it is now and it's really deteriorating i think we are going to see pretty icy roadways throughout the day here. >> amanda a lot of cars on the road you said but are people tending to drive a little slower? >> well i wish i could report that that was the case but i think people are driving just
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>> and like lie said, you know- -like i said, you know, these conditions are changing by the minute. we've seen sleet, freezing rain, snow, i think we are getting a mixture right now. and it really covered the roads very, very quickly. so as you guys have been talking about all morning this is a rapidly changing storm with changing conditions and that means one minute the roads may be fine and the next minute they may not be fine. i can tell you we are being very cautious and our camera sometimes makes it look like we are going faster than we are but in reality we are heeding the speed limit and actually going a little bit below to be on the safe side. because you obviously want to stay away from other drivers in these conditions. >> amanda lamb thank you very much. mikaya thurmond is in durham covering the snow there and it
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