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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  January 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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weose ct our coverage of this winter storm continues, a reminder you can find a full list of the closing and delays at the
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durham is in the middle of a precipitation pause, at least parts of durham. >> our team coverage continues now with photo journalist darryl prior in dry 5 in durham and we understand the snow kind of stopped for a moment? >> reporter: that's right, bill. you've always been such a great wordsmith but yes the snow has stopped. i want to give you a live look at fayetteville street and what we've been doing that's really interesting within the last 20 minutes or so is following around some of the durham crews out on the roads taking a look and surveying, i can say that of everyone we've seen it seems to be only the crew that we seem to be out and about this morning going around and again checking out those spots, whatever they do seem to find a sidewalk that needs to be cleared off, someone will hop out and begin shoveling or sweeping i guess a bit of the snow away, but again it has been interesting seeing those crews for now the snow has
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it started is as quickly as it stops and that means we could be in for another round here shortly. katherine and bill? >> so you're saying that mostly crews are out and not a whole lot of people unlike raleigh which we saw earlier with amanda lamb that a lot of folks have been out there driving. >> yeah, not a lot of people, i think durham got the message this morning to stay in if possible. >> all right, live in durham where they do have a little break in the snow. >> that is good news that people are staying in and d.o.t. crews out in full force this morning making sure the roads are safe for those who need to get out. >> of course our drive 5 teams are also out on the roads monitoring road conditions and this is a look at boone. you're talking about snow they get snow up in boone. this is the campus of appalachia state and it is snowing up there. >> beautiful. very picture else being. >> it's gorgeous.
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coverage including the forecast from elizabeth gardner whose tracking the storm system, we'll have an update from
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t.righ we're continuing our winter weather coverage this morning and fayetteville has seen some action as well. >> just not much of it.
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live in fayetteville to bring us up-to-date. things could have changed in the last few minutes but it hasn't been too dramatic where you are gilbert? >> reporter: no, bill, katherine it actually has not been dramatic at all but we have ice accumulated on some of the surface and we also have puddling on the ground here. i want to show you this because this issignificant. i talked with bill, our engineer down here, they just went out at 11:00 last night and for this morning put more brine down. this rain and water coming down right now is washing that away so that's going to cause issues as the commute begins this morning for those who have to get out now photo journalists and i have to get out and take pictures along robinson street. there are motorists getting out but again, the rain that's falling now is starting to ice up on some of the areas like the bridges for example,, so if you you have to get out here you'll be de september everly
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you can make your way around, there's no reports of any accidents but the concern is noticerly getting where you're going if your going into a work or job or something it's getting home a little later on today so bill and katherine we'll keep monitoring how things are. we were able to drive around a little bit. our video that we got out of our vehicle looks like we're going pretty fast but we're actually going about 35 miles an hour in a 45-mile an hour zone, so anyway we'll keep you posted on what's happening in fayetteville. rain is coming down a little mixture of sleet and there are some accumulations over the bridge areas and on along concrete and sidewalks as well. be careful as you even just get out of your house to walk to your car. >> absolutely. gilbert we were checking in while you were talking with elizabeth and she said it's 29 degrees in fayetteville so that rain really is freezing rain. >> yeah and the ice tells the story. >> and that's a good point again, in talking with bill, he says the ground temperature he
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degrees here in fayetteville, so it's going to take a little time before those two meet and get to the freezing point but the bridge areas are the areas we have concerns with because those will freeze over before the ground surface. >> good point. >> all right thanks, gilbert live in fayetteville keeping us updated on conditions there. brian shrader is doing double duty working traffic and also social media. >> he's over at our storyteller. brian i know thing have been coming in fast and furious. >> reporter: we appreciate all of that activity on twitter and also on facebook. use that hash tag wral snow to send in your reports and also your pictures this morning. let's take a look at some of those pictures starting off in harnett county where they've seen a lot of snowflakes and sleet and it's starting to cover elevated surfaces there. also in cary, a lile bit of accumulation so far this morning especially on the grass and they've seen a lot of sleet and snowfall on that side of wake couldn't it something we've noticed and been talking
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soil temperatures are high enough now in the mid and upper 30s that a lot of it is starting to melt as that precipitation kind of there's a temporary lull coming through. it's not coming to an end. just a lull. we've been talking also about the difference between sleet, snow and freezing rain this picture from goldsboro shows you what freezing rain locks like that's where it rains and you get that glaze and we have ice covering windshield there and that is going to be a common scene throughout our viewing area as we head into the rest of the morning and on into the afternoon. again hash tag wral snow we will appreciate your social media pictures as long as you can take them safely we'll be happy to show them here on television. back to you. brian thank you very much. just a reminder a full list of closing and delays are at the bottom of your screen and you could also find them on want to take a live look now at the scene in blowing rock where the snow really coming down bill show you a temperature 19 degrees there in blowing rock and they are
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elizabeth gardner back in two
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track of the storm. a winter scene in the mountain of north carolina. that is lake lure. >> oh, beautiful. >> certainly seeing their share of winter weather this morning as are most places in our viewing area. >> that's where they did dirty dancing. >> yes. >> years and years ago. >> think of it kind of 12 inches of snow around the asheville area and even up around boone and blowing rock too so it's really significant for them and certainly western parts of the viewing area. if you're thinking about heading west it's a friday. people have plans and they even are thinking about going skiing with all of the snow. it's just going to be too tough to try to get up there, maybe if they can get the roads clear by sunday but certainly don't want to try it today.
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happening around here. we take a look at roxboro and likely to have some of the heavier amounts of snow especially the western part of person county and amy is here with me talking about some of the totals that we're going to see across the area and it's such a different scene for so many different places and it could be that you go 10, 20 miles and what we end up getting is completely different so we will do our very best to cover each and every part of the viewing area. we had the snow coming down earlier and its tapered off but there's more moisture coming in however we are starting to sew dryer air already working its way into the storm and we'll talk about how that may affect how all this shakes outcoming up in just a couple minutes still a beautiful view in roxboro. here is a look at the radar picture. notice the intense band of precipitation that came through earlier that's starting to lift now up into the north so we're starting to see that heavier snow sleet mix around roanoke rapids and parts of edgecombe county and up into virginia
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from the triangle area south and west and the precipitation isn't over but the lighter it is, because their temperatures are close to freezing in someplaces the less likely it is to be either sleet or especially snow, so we may begin to see that change over to freezing rain. gilbert was talking about that you'll see the rain drop falling but temperatures are below freezing and so it freezes on the surfaces. there is no one in the viewing area that is seeing rain right you now. it's all freezing rain so there's a distinction there and an ice pellet of course is sleet but of course that freezing rain there is the icing glaze that we see. it's 27 degrees at the airport right now with some freezing rain happening and it's 25 in south hill, 23 in roxboro and it's cold up there in roxboro but it's all about what's happening in the atmosphere just above us and i'll talk more about that coming up. 28 in rocky mount and goldsboro 29 in fayetteville 28 in southern pines and a big look at the big view of
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gap and holes in what's happening down here in south carolina even into georgia so we might start to see the precipitation shutting off later this afternoon and originally yesterday, we were talking about the fact it would continue all night and of course we're still expecting some wrap around snow for tomorrow. but here is the latest look at futurecast. still having steady to moderate precipitation through say midday and then it starts to taper off a little bit in the afternoon and evening and that may lessen our amounts of snow and sleet accumulation, however we may end up with even more amounts of glazing with our ice accumulation, so earlier i was talking about the warm nose. see how this looks like a nose? we have cold air in place but just above us we have warm air that's come in and when that happens, the snowflake hits that warm air and becomes a rain drop and falls into the cold air and refreezes as a sleet pellet and that behaves a little bit more like snow. it's not quite as much fun as snow but it's very different
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have an even bigger warm section in the atmosphere so the rain drop doesn't have time to refreeze and it freezes as a glaze on the surface and so that's what we're expecting that could really bring us problems later today as the winds pick up. joining me is meteorologist amy wilmuth to talk more about what's happening later today with the wind. >> well the winds are going to be a big issue with this system because we're going to possibly have ice accumulation locking more and more likely but that will happen especially where we have the freezing rain and once we have that happen the winds pick up that could startknocking down trees and power outages. here is another look at the radar we want to show you winds take a look at the wind speed at 7:00 this morning anywhere from about 10-15 maybe even 20 miles per hour, and we could veinds gusting to about 25 miles per hour maybe even higher as we go into the overnight hours and into tomorrow so again, with that wind, fairly strong this is new 3:00, 5, 7:00 tonight staying
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tonight into tomorrow, so this will be another big part of the storm system as it continues to move through. unfortuntely it looks like we'll have power outages to contend with. here is a picture from northeast durham, darcy sending this in you can see just a little bit of what looks like snow maybe sleet mixing in there and another picture this one from shelley lake, sending this one in looks like mainly snow but a lot of sleet reports across wake county up to .3 is the highest i've seen so for today we'll have that mix with more snow as you head to the north temperatures staying at freezing for the most part, down to the south temperatures a little bit warm and then tomorrow, we'll show you this again because we want to reiterate that we aren't done with the storm today, we will have more thomas the system continues to wind down some snow will be possible we could have minor accumulations especially as you head up to the virginia loin and then things quiet down for us on sunday. it's certainly going to be a cold start 25 for the low, 40 for the high, and we'll warm up next week, temperatures will be in the upper 40s for monday and
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morning that's a cold start down into the teens, brian has been very busy trying to keep track of social media all of the reports we're getting in things are just changing and different depending where you are in our viewing area. >> right now in the triangle at least we're seeing improvement on the road and again i want to underscore this is not the all clear you can go out and do whatever you want to. d.o.t. also the highway patrol still encouraging you to stay put because even if we see a little bit of improvement on the roads doesn't mean that we rib the clear. things will likely get worse later this morning and on into the afternoon. i'll explain why we're seeing a little improvement out at i40 at old 86 these were snow and ice covered roads not too long ago mostly snow covered roads out there in orange county but things are moving along a little more smoothly looks like just wet conditions in the travel lanes of i40. here is a look at tryon road on the south side of raleigh and again looking mostly wet there. maybe a little bit of snow lingering in some spots as it is at the intersection of six forks at millbrook, but overall the roads at least are passible
7:46 am
now bridges is a different story because the air temperatures are below freezing, we have cold air surrounding bridges and it freezes much more efficiently than surface, but what's saving us for the surface roads are the fairly warm soil temperatures in the mid to upper 30s so now the precipitation has come to a little bit of a temporary end in the triangle area what was on the ground is now getting warmed up by those soil temperatures melting and we're just seeing wet conditions but as we again underscore things will change later this morning. wanted to share a picture one of our followers at wral traffic using the wral snow hash tag send us this picture of mcgregor hall in henderson in vancex county where they saw quite a bit of snow and as elizabeth and amy have been telling us as you head north and wet of the triangle along the border counties bordering virginia you'll see higher snow amounts and a lot less in the way of that melting we're seeing in the triangle right now. we'll keep an eye on the
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back to you. thank you very much our winter weather coverage continues here on wral. >> our crews fanned out all across the viewing area from roxboro, to durham, raleigh and fayetteville looking live at a picture from our drive 5 cameras in durham. we will check in with all of
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ha our coverage offer this winter storm continues a reminder you can find a full
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the bottom of your screen and >> wral has been out since early this morning and focusing both on raleigh and durham so we see raleigh on your listing right there right now. where are you? >> reporter: that is right. actually, we are off of corcoran street in durham and following a sand truck going around trying to take care of the roads. this is a live look that you're seeing of the sand truck and this is primarily what is most important. its been stopping ever so often to release the sand and kind of spraying it to make sure the roads stay clear and all of this is happening because what we saw earlier this white dusting of snow that you're seeing now is just the preliminary just the first round that we are expecting, we are also seeing some freezing rain a a some sleet right now. we can hear it on the windshield and you can even see our windshield wipers going right now. of course we'll continue to be here in durham and as those
8:02 am
we'll be here to bring you those live updates. bill and kathene? >> sorry to confuse people you are in durham and i know exactly where you are, hearing the ping of the sleet on your windshield. thank you. >> good idea of what's copping down just from the windshield and a mixture there the storm bringing the trifecta of freezing rain, sleet, snow depending where you are, d.o.t. crews out in force making sure the roads are safe. of course our drive 5 teams are also out there. amanda lamb, checking on road conditions, and all of the things that they have seen this morning. meteorologist elizabeth gardner tracking the storm from the weather center will bring
8:03 am
wow look at boone. king street. >> yeah it is piling up there. we're continuing to bring you the very latest winter weather coverage from this storm sweeping north carolina. you've been talking about the ice, potential for ice and wind is a big story. >> it will be. meteorologist amy wilmuth is with me and we will be talking about the wind and precipitation and even though it may have tapered off where you are we have one burst that came in this morning about 6:00 a.m. depending on where you were and we had pretty snow and vote and some spots its begun to taper freezing rain. we start off with a lock at what's happening in wilson right now and you can see the road looks wet and folks are driving pretty slow there down nash street. we don't have a close enough view to tell if we have as much of a blazing happening just yet but certainly we've had sleet in wilson. the road looks wet and thetemperatures is below freezing so pretty quickly,
8:04 am
bridges, brian will be coming up to talk about some of the slick spots on bridges but we'll start to have some glazing on the trees and on the power lines and with the winds picking up later this afternoon that helps to create some power outages unfortuntely. still looking at a good chance of that as we get through the day today. here is a look at the radar picture with the nice burst of snow copping through in the 6:00 hour, but still seeing some heavy precipitation and a lot of snow up here in some parts of the viewing area especially north an east of the triangle where you're seeing those darker blue colors and its lightened up around the triangle area for now starting to pick up in intensity a little bit just west of fayetteville into parts of harnett county and moore as well as hope county a lot of freezing rain mixed with a little bit of sleet here so it's going to continue to be a messy situation as we get through the morning. as i'm talking about weather we're also going to be rotating through the cameras and you can see what's going on. i40 airport boulevard looking really messy people are moving
8:05 am
brian will talk about it coming up in just a little bit. here is a look at what's happening wet roads, gilbert is there doing a great job of helping us out with what the conditions are in fayetteville and the temperature is 29 in fayetteville, so all this water that you'll see is likely to begin freezing at any point on the roads on the bridges, on peoples decks as you step outside it's going to be very slippery and don't want anybody to get hurt. the wind is starting to pick up this is officially at the airport where we have freezing rainfalling northeast wind at 13 miles per hour so not only is it dangerous in terms of the precipitation but wind chill that we're dealing with too. our dew point right now is 22 degrees in fayetteville and 29 in irwin, 28 in goldsboro, 29 in clinton. everybody is well below freezing certainly enough that wore seeing that glazing starting to happen across the region. it's 23 in roxboro 24 in south hill so i do encourage you with the wet conditions out there not to be driving. even though where you are maybe
8:06 am
three or four inches, but we have this wetness this dampness freezing rain that's falling and that's going to create real havoc as we get through the day today. starting to ease up a little bit in someplaces back to our south and west but just in the last say 30 minutes or so its begun to fill in a little bit. we have a good tap of moisture coming in from the gulf of mexico and it's likely not to continue all night. yesterday greg was talking and i was talking too this time yesterday about the fact this is going to continue all night as rain but that looks less likely now. still while the precipitation is falling today we are looking at temperatures below freezing. here is a look at potential snowfall amounts through about 2:00. it may be that we're going to be locking more like one to two inches around the triangle area certainly we still have the potential for higher ams up to the north but then definitely lower ams as you head south south and east of the triangle. we may add a little bit on saturday the amounts will be
8:07 am
i feel like most of our viewing area will have a more significant impact from an ice storm with this system so maybe not so much earlier this morning but we get into the afternoon watch what our icing totals do. it's that quarter inch of ice that really worries us. we get to that with wind this afternoon and especially for raleigh southward and westward that's when we may end up dealing with some significant icing which can cause real problems. meteorologist amy wilmuth is with me talking about the totals and winds we're dealing with. amy? >> right we want to talk about the changes we're experiencing with this system and some adjustments that probably are going to need to be made. this is a look at our snow and sleet map that we've been showing you but notice to the north and west, this is area i'd like to focus on. we are likely going to have to bring these numbers down a little bit. we haven't had as much snow as we anticipated the snowfall has been fairly light across parts of person county and we do have
8:08 am
reporting about a quart of an inch and that's it in roxboro right now, so we're going to likely to have lower these numbers here we'll be doing that within the next half hour as elizabeth was mentioning probably around 1:00-2:00 maybe three inches around the triangle would be more likely in the northwest earn sections of the triangle but probably lowering these numbers as we are likely going to have smaller snowfall accumulations back to the north and west. now a bigger concern is the ice as elizabeth mentioned we upped these numbers a quarter of an inch to maybe half an inch in the areas you'll see shaded in this pink color here maybe a tenth of an inch to quarter in our eastern counties and southeastern communities, so ice is going to be a bit of a problem especially with the winds gusty today and tomorrow so that's something we're concerned about with the power outages but for today we'll have a mix of snow, freezing rain and sleet depends on where you are temperatures will be in the low 30s. saturday we'll start off around 29 and get up to around 34 this is a look at the wind gusts saturday and they will be
8:09 am
so you could see if we have any accumulation at all on the power lines, on the trees, we could have some power issues, especially as we head into the evening hours overnight tonight and into saturday. for our high temperature saturday we're in the low to mid 30s but we start to warm up on sunday, 40 degrees for the high temperature and upper whose as we head into monday and tuesday. brian is here now keeping an eye on everything going on as far as the reports we're getting in from viewers and what the roads look like. >> we've been talking about the lull certainly in raleigh we've seen that but in durham there's still sleet this morning and as we've also been underscoring it really depends on where you are. we'll start off i40 at airport boulevard and i believe that so far this is the first spin-out that we've seen on one of our cameras this morning that is on the westbound side of i40 heading away from aviation parkway toward airport boulevard looklike somebody spun out in the median, d.o.t. truck on the scene for the most part we're seeing wet
8:10 am
snow lingering in those travel lanes. much different story as you head over to durham which you think about is not that far away but at 15-501 at hillsboro road still a lot of snow on the surface roads looks like the ramps have been pretty well treated theron one side but here on the other side, see a lot of snow and ice still covering that ramp. bridges also are going to be pretty tricky this morning. but then when you head over to the actually i do want to talk about what's going on in the triad this is greensboro if you are heading to the west this morning they are seeing a little more in the way of snowfall over there and a little cooler temperatures and you can see that a lot of that is sticking to the bridges especially on i40 even on i40. this is what i wanted to underscore the fact that if you head over to the east side of raleigh at 440, we're looking at just wet roads and that's the way it is in garner this morning that trip on 40 westbound through garner just wet conditions. can't rule out slick spots on bridges but right now those fairly warm soil temperatures are overcoming what snow we saw
8:11 am
melting it leaving behind the wet roads. as as we've been telling you all morning long as amy and elizabeth just said we are expecting more problems later this afternoon. this is not the all clear as you heard from rears, state troopers this morning and the d.o.t. best just to stay put. back to you. >> thank you brian. appreciate that and you mentioned the plows out there and the salt and the sand, what is the d.o.t. game plan for the rest of the day? >> yeah, we will check in with the north carolina department of transportation. they will let us know what they're doing and where things
8:12 am
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bia llccthaninon 8:49 winter weather coverage continues. >> the big story has been the trifecta. we're seeing a little bit of everything depending on where you are, wind a concern a little bit later. >> exactly and we'll watch this changing constantly. we get new computer models that come in all the time and we're watching the evolution of what happening with the atmosphere and the latest is from the triangle area southward we're really not going to have much snow and sleet accumulation. it's really going to be an ice storm for us unfortuntely . that's the way it's looking of course that means the glazing of ice looks like the roads are fine but we start to see that heavy glaze on trees and power lines and this is going to develop through the day and then we start to see the power outages so that's our biggest issue with this storm. let's take a look at what's going on. checking in with roxboro every once in awhile a few minutes ago it just looked so pretty there was snow blowing all across the camera and its
8:31 am
and it's still beautiful but dangerous. the roads are covered in downtown roxboro. tara lynn is there and we'll continue to cover the situation there. this is the area likely to have the heaviest snowfall totals and least amount of ice so it's going to just change as we head through the area and as the day wears on. here is a look at the radar picture right there that band that came through in the 6:00 hour produced some snow and some sleet and even for the triangle area and started to lay down a base of frozen stuff and now for the most part that's over, you'll look down to the south a purple area is sleet and freezing rain but much is freezing rain and of course this is just an estimation from the radar and my guess is looking at the conditions that we're seeing as most of the triangle is seeing either sleet or freezing rain at this point and certainly everybody south is seeing freezing rain but this heavy band up near roanoke rapids and into virginia is still snow. this is going to be changing this line will move up and down
8:32 am
so stay right here with us, we're going to be here all day talking about the changing situation. here is durham that burst of snow and sleet of course laid down a little bit of that around downtown durham. the roads look okay but the bridges here are going to become slick quickly especially as we continue to add more the day. it's 26 degrees, it is cold out there, so all of this precipitation is freezing and problems. our dew point is 22, it's south hill it's 23 as well as roxboro it's 29 in fayetteville 28 in goldsboro gilbert is down in fayetteville and he's seeing some of that freezing rain that's falling starting to temperatures definitely cold enough for that so here is what we're expecting for the rest of the day. we continue to have a steady flow of moisture coming in with our low pressure system tapping into all of this warm moist air and pushing it right into our area and that's creating problems with the structure of
8:33 am
minute. still expecting this wrap around for saturday with flurries but looks like those will be fairly light. futurecast does keep the precipitation going mainly as freezing rain for the rest of the day today and some snow up near the virginia line tapers off a little bit tonight and then here come those flow flurries into the area on saturday so when i talk about what's going on with the structure of the atmosphere we're talking about the warmth that comes in. we have cold air had in place here but then as the precipitation works in from the gulf of mexico where it's warm, that warm air comes in in the mid layers of the atmosphere so we have the rain drop that melts in the warm air and then refreezes as an ice pellet as it comes down, but as the warm air continues to grow which is what's happening right now that rain drop no longer has time to freeze before it hits the surface and so it hits the surface and freezes as ice and so that's what we're looking at from much of the remainder of the day is that freezing rain with a lot of warm air in the atmosphere some folks will see
8:34 am
virginia line we are talking about more snow. meteorologist amy wilmuth talking about what the totals are and changes we're seeing happening as we get through this. >> i mentioned in our last half hour we need to adjust these numbers and i've adjusted them down because we haven't had as much snow so far and we're starting to see dryer air working into the system so we did trim these numbers a little bit up to about an inch across most of wake county and in and around the triangle and a little bit higher as you head into durham and orange county but notice as you head into extreme northwestern portions of the viewing area, still the possibility of four inches or a little bit more. we do anticipate some ice accumulations from a quarter inch to half inch of ice looking likely across the viewing area that's a problem because the winds are going to be picking up. we already have wind speeds sustained at 13 miles per hour and raleigh right now and irwin 14 miles per hour in roxboro
8:35 am
miles per hour already and fayetteville and goldsboro. north raleigh getting a picture coming in from tim looks like ice on the road there, very slick conditions in north raleigh right now. here is a look at the seven day the winter mix continuing today with snow more likely as you head to the north, 34 tomorrow we'll see the system wind down with snow and then things quiet down sunday and warm up a little bit with highs back into the 40s let's send it over to brian whose keeping track of the road conditions how it's looking out there. what are you seeing so far right now? >> still seeing that mixed bag of went are precipitation and seeing accidents around the triangle most of which are minor slide off, this morning especially around bridges and if you must head out you need to be extra careful. looks like surface roads in raleiganmu owake county at lost in the southern side of wake county are mostly wet and around the city of raleigh itself are looking pretty good but as you head up toward durham and on along at i85 corridor, it looks a lot snowier and icier as we've been seeing there in downtown roxboro especially with the
8:36 am
lot of reports of that in our border counties we have problems on 95 a couple accidents hearing about accidents on the north bound side of 95 around benson, you'll see those big delay on 95 north bound between benson and smith field showing up, also report of an accident closing all lanes of 95 southbound around bagley road well. back to you. all right thanks, brian. >> wral's amanda lamb has been out and live drive 5 this morning. >> amanda how is it looking out there? >> reporter: katherine we are actually just taking a spin through centennial campus. of course school is called off today but the public schools and the colleges but we just wanted to check out the roads throughout here because these are roads that haven't been touched so i think this is going to be similar to what you'll see on a lot of secondary roads in wake county.
8:37 am
that we showed you a little while ago in raleigh just really kind of an icy mess, so i did hear brian talking about improvements and that may be true on the highways where you get a lot of traffic but i think when you're looking at secondary roads and maybe some city streets, you're not going to see the improvement that brian says he is seeing on the heavily traveled roads so still a cold, icy mess out here and we did go out in search of a couple of accidents we heard about. we found one car in a ditch and that was on traywick road and piedmont drive just kind of slid off the roadway there, so you do have to be careful just if you are out if you have to be out you definitely need to be cautious because these roads that we've been on and all over
8:38 am
morning, a lot of these roads are very very slick. >> amanda lamb out on a very lonely road which is normally a fairly well traveled road. >> which is good because people are heeding the warn staying the d.o.t. home today. if at all possible. we'll be back with our continuing coverage of winter weather on wral. >> you can watch dr. phil at 9:00 over-the-air at 5.2 or on
8:39 am
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