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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  January 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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wral to right now over on the air five .-dot to or time warner cable 1255. for the next hour, we will be focusing on three things you need to see when it comes to the storm. the roads, the power outages, and the weather to come. >> more than 100,000 people across our state, right now, are doing what they are doing without power. we shot this video right behind our station we have a big power outage right next-door at mission valley. we have a generator, so we are not so worried about it. this is near the nc state campus they have no power at all. that is the same four about 130,000 duke energy customers statewide. ewide. we will be checking in with the duke energy to find out where the problem spots are and how they are making progress today. they have fewer than for thousand outages as of this
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troubles up in virginia though. the electric cooperatives report 12,600 customers without power they say they have been making some progress, however. >> that is the good news to hear when progress is being made. before power can come back on, or roads can thaw, there is another round of snow coming our way. elizabeth gardner and mike moss keeping an eye on that. >> that is right. >> it is so pretty. i wish it could help us in some way. do you know, a lot of us are going to be sitting around the house today, you are going to have to sit and look out the window and enjoy the beautiful snow. temperatures are going to stay cold all day, a high of 32 in raleigh, here's what is happening in fayetteville. i want to urge you, i said it over and over already this morning. it is a much different situation than it was at this time yesterday. as precipitation was falling, some of the roads were still slushy, we had accumulations that continued for the rest of the day yesterday and a little bit overnight, and fayetteville of course is even ice over.
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this time yesterday. here's the snow that we are seeing on the rater right now, we are going to see bands of this coming down from the north- northwest really gets our get our temperatures call for today, as well. we may see some of this mixing with a little bit of freezing we are seeing some of that is you had east of roanoke rapids over towards murphreesboro and hockey we could see that anywhere in our viewing area. snow showers from henderson down i-85 toward durham from holly spring seeing some of the snow showers as well. we do have the cold temperatures in place, 27 fayetteville, irwin and goldsborough, 23 south hill and roxboro. we will struggle to warm up the stomach is much today. expect the roads to be slippery for the bulk of the day. we will have widespread trace-1 inch snowfall amounts and pockets up to 3 inches today. this is additional snow that we will see today. more light icing, ice anywhere from a quarter-half an inch
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especially from raleigh westward. a little bit more light icing plus winds gusting this afternoon to 30 miles per hour it means we will likely have additional power outages on top of what we are seeing now. a good time to mention that we do have our wral news app and weather app you can follow what is going on even if you lose power. winter weather advisory for the eastern part of the viewing area looking at potential force or -- a trace to an inch of snow. more light icing and winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour. mid 20s this morning, 29 at noon and a high of 32 in the triangle. ryan taking a look at the roads and i love the icicle there on western boulevard that has a good story. >> that tells you exactly what you need to know which is stay inside. we have icy roads and downed trees and power lines including a situation right now on the east side of raleigh where new bern avenue is locked in both directions at trawick road. you should be staying home the fact that new bern avenue is blocked should not affect your travel plans this morning you just need to stay put.
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indication of the conditions we are seeing all over the region this morning. you can see all of the ice there on the vegetation, and the power pole lying there in the middle of the row. it might be a long time before that is cleared up this morning for this is a common scene around our area where we have a lot of downed trees in the southern part of wake county and western johnston county. in addition to all of the icy conditions that we are seeing on even interstates, you expect the interstates to be fairly clear, but out here in durham at 40 and 54 there are still snow and ice covered per the highway patrol called us about an hour ago and said get the message out. because the interstates are snow and ice covered, secondary morning pretty busy the snow flying out there. we are hearing a lot of snow is while we are not anticipating big accumulations it is not
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here's a closer look at the intersection of western and avon ferry. icicles hanging off the top of that camera lens there. also seeing a lot of ice hanging onto those powerlines. with those winds gusting later today and also maybe some more precipitation it will get even worse out there in many spots that means a lot of us who have electricity, this morning, may not have it later this afternoon. something you need to keep in mind. let's check in on fayetteville, raeford road at the all- american expressway this is an indication of the conditions we are seeing in cumberland county this morning. a lot of ice on the roads there, and even if it looks wet, it is still very likely frozen. as temperatures did drop into the 20s overnight and they remained below freezing. i do want to remind you with the dot priorities are as they set out to clear the roads. they have been working since yesterday, all night long. trying to plow and scrape those roads and treating with spots they could. they tackled the interstates in
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and then they focused on those arterial routes that are essential to moving traffic out to the interstates and the major us and north carolina highways. once those are in good shape that is when they turn their attention to the secondary roads and neighborhood streets. just when you think about how many of us are affected by the storm, it is very likely that the sunshine on sunday, and the warm attention -- temperatures sunday and monday will get to those roads before the dot is able to get through them. we invite you to send your pictures this morning, whenever it is safe you can tweet your pictures using #wralsnow. again, not anticipating big accumulations, but certainly it is not helping matters that a fresh little coating of snow falls on those icy, glaze e sidewalks and streets. back to you. >> some of that snow falling in
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you pointed out. i-85 in durham is a trouble spot at exit 176. >> that is the exit to duke street and gregson which is blocked. i want to show you a live picture coming in from our driver five team. the reason you are not hearing julia talk to us right now, you might notice our photographer are photographers out there capturing the moment to make sure we can get a better look of that later. when we checked in with police earlier this morning, they told us they did not have any major accidents over overnight, but that the roads were iced over. now, the time has passed, they are really staying busy as they respond to drivers who are not now back away, and having issues on the road. >> that ramp is closed. it's a pretty steep incline there. as you can see, there is no pavement showing at all. we've got so many areas like this, and us people get out and about and want to get out and have that cabin fever. you will find that you should have stayed at home for there's no reason to get out there today.
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>> that is what you will hear over and over as we get through the morning. i want to point out there are more than 210 closings and delays. we have them running at the bottom of your screen and we also have them online we will make sure to keep that updated we have had an adventure of -- an adventurous morning for amanda lamb out and live drive five. >>reporter: we just keep coming up on these intersections where we have trees down, power lines down, things like that. thankfully we have not seen a lot of accidents. we are on a rock quarry road heading east towards knightdale out of raleigh, you know, it is slow going but again, good news, not a lot of traffic out this morning. i think people have been heating those warnings and are concerned about the road conditions, as they should be, are not getting out on the roads. we have not seen a loof acdes. but we have seen a lot of
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i am traveling right now just a sick coat of ice. also, a lot of trees leaning, branches leaning, with a lot of thick coats of ice, and some of those branches have come down on powerlines and that is why we are seeing some of these intersections close and still dealing with some of these power outages. as you can see, road conditions still really bad in and around raleigh and if you have to get out, you really, really need to be cautious. we are going about 25 miles per hour, and it is just really treacherous. >> amanda, i know you have been traveling predominantly in raleigh, i am sure you guys have already done more than 100 miles and drive five. is there anything you can shed more light on the different areas of raleigh -- is one area worse than another? >>reporter: i think, as we saw the storm yesterday, the farther west you go, the worse it is.
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bit to the east it is not as bad. as bad. but of course, they had this thin coat of ice that you could see and a lot of the problems they're having i n powerlines. now, i am still heading east bad. although we have seen a few clear spots of roadway, it is still pretty bad heading towards knightdale. i would say that every area has some issues. you have to be cautious. we are going to head out towards knightdale, we heard there are trees down and we are also going to head come at , at some point back over to north raleigh and check that area out. we just passed another car off the road. a lot of accidents happen yesterday and people left their cars after they slid off the road and cannot get them back on. of course, the tow trucks have been very busy trying to help people.
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good news is in this particular is that we are not seeing you face any other traffic coming the other way which is a good sign that not many folks are out on the part of the row. >>reporter:absolutely. that is where the danger comes in when you have two cars trying to pass on this a very, very icy roadway. we are glad not to see that. but, people definitely should not be out if they do not have to be. >> amanda lamb, rock quarry world. thank you so much. let's go further south and check in with gilbert baez. what is a situation in fayetteville right now? >>reporter: there is nothing -- yes, i can hear you -- there's nothing falling from the sky right now. we do have an issue with trees and limbs that have fallen down. this one on cliff dale road. you notice that i cannot snap this. it's not like this slim was dead, this is the weight of the ice that brought this limb down off of this tree here.
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i'm going to walk around here and hopefully not fall on live tv because i will go viral. i know how that goes. this is a hilly area here, we have a car coming down the hill right now, there is some powder see it clearing here. you have clear spots and then you have spots that are kind of icy. you can also see that there is a dusting on the vehicles, as well. i want to show you the weight of the ice on the trees appear. because of that they are weighing down, you can see powerlines up there. this is one of the areas off cliff dale road near raeford road that lost power. some of the houses out here, i believe that power is back on in this particular area. i'm sold yesterday we had as many as 700 customers without power, and that number, the last number i had was 150. i checked with pwc i am waiting for a call back to get the actual number here in fayetteville in terms of pwc. there are areas down cumberland
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as well. if the power comes down because the line is down, pwc has to put that back up at a lot of people forget there is a connector from the house, to the power source and you may be responsible for getting an electrician to connect you back to that part. pwc was responsible for making sure they get the power from their generating source to the neighborhoods, and then to a spot where you can get to your house. and the same thing is true with your cable, stuff like that. there is a line that is knocked down and you are responsible for making sure that the line is up. i think cable folks will take you all the way to the house though. we are parked up here off to the side of the road, we are trying to stay out of the way. as you head around any neighborhood as you come out you can see -- come on up here for second i have my photographer, you can see on the steps here as you come out of your house, you're going to have issues. things are real quiet in the neighborhood right now. folks are not open about in making their way around print
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traffic on the 401 bypass, raeford road, clifton road as well. the cause of that people are starting to get out there as i mentioned before, there is a truck going downhill. he is okay. he is going to be fine. that is where the issues are going to come in and your neighbors. when you get out to the main drag, the dot has done a good job of making sure the roads are somewhat passable. we still have ice underneath snow. bill, i will tell you that is a dangerous combination for folks because it is so deceptive. you think you are okay and you're really not. i was in the back to you guys. >> that was an excellent show and tell gilbert baez to. thank you very much. we are going to take a quick break right now. a live look outside as we go to break.
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stay with us. that is snow coming down at the airport. better snow than freezing rain though, right? >> no kidding. we do not need to add anything to what we have out there already. already. it is a mess. the traveling is really dangerous. you consider at home and watch those pretty snow showers fall across the area. we are seeing a little burst of that right around the triangle area, at the moment. meteorologist, mike moss is with me this morning he will check out the radar and talk about what we are seeing right now. we have been watching this over the last couple of hours, of course, we are watching in a loop here over the last couple of hours showing the area of snow moving from northwest to southeast across the region. it is in bands, streaks and pockets that are coming across. over the last 30 minutes or so we are seeing a decrease in
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northwest. it may not be the kind of day where it snows heavily all day long, but we have these pockets moving through that will taper off for a while and we might have some redevelopment sweeping across the area as low-pressure puzzle way toward northeast. an upper-level low moves across the area from the west. whatever's falling right now it is falling into cold air. about the same around rocky mount. a lot of 27th across the south, goldsboro, fayetteville and clinton all matching that reading at this time. as we look at our durham sky cam you can see some of that snow falling there. generally kind of small flakes it looks like they are being blown around by the breeze out there, it is a breezy morning and is likely to be a windy day which of course is not good news with some of the ice that is still hanging around in places. we have snow being reported at
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northwest went 7 miles per hour that may be gusting between 20- 30 miles per hour within the next few hours. our dewpoint 22 and our pressure at 29.56 inches and headed up. as we look at how much glaze icing we picked up yesterday and last night some of the recent reports around durham in and fayetteville around .1 0- .20 inches. red oak .25 inches you see scattered power outages without much ice around and more numerous and widespread and long-lasting power outages when you are much above that. before 0 inches has been reported around holly springs and sanford. you look at the amount of snow, as opposed to the ice anywhere from a trace to a couple of our viewing area from ashe county through raleigh and to the southwest. you go to the northwest of toward the virginia line and over towards roxborough around two-5 inches even more than that to four-8 inches to the north and west. anywhere from six-14 inches out of the system so far. coming, elizabeth will be talking about how that plays and weekend certainly as beautiful, m
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roxborough. it is a spot that tends get more snow than anybody. we are seeing snow showers across the viewing area and even down south and places that do not see it as often say fayetteville, clinton, goldsboro do not -- do not be surprised to see snow showers there this morning. we are going to add to what is already on the ground will be fairly light. a lot of the snowflakes are fairly fine it will take a while for them to add up to much accumulation. from time to time it may mixed with freezing rain, that could add a little bit of additional glazing. we have not had much of that and roxborough you can see this tree looks fine. it a little further south of roxborough as mike was showing us, we did end up with a good bit of glazing and places we may add to that. it increases our power outages threat throughout the day for the biggest impact from here are the rest of the day, slick r oads, especially this morning. i would not anticipating -- anticipate them getting much better this afternoon our high reaches 32. power outages, more than we are seeing right now we will add a
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glazing, and the winds are going to pick up, as well. 30miles per hour will bring us more power outages all day long we will have scattered snow showers or flurries, that may mixed with freezing drizzle. this is a good time to remember to download our wral news and weather app if you lose power you can still follow along with what is happening in the area. here's a look at the big picture, mike was talking about the radar, the low pressure system has created all of this is starting to move up the coast dumping tons of snow up around dc and on up into new jersey and new york and pennsylvania. around it, we have winds that rotate counterclockwise it is wrapping moisture back around it. that is where our snow showers are coming from today. it will become windy, we have high pressure to our west with
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gusts to 30 miles per hour later this afternoon. here is a look at future cast, starting at 11 o'clock you can see much of the snow is up here near the virginia line. it does sink south and it will be banded bird we will have bands of snow showers coming through. it may be lighter, it may be more intense, it may just be on and off throughout the day. it will vary as we get through the afternoon. by tomorrow, we are back to sunshine, 7 a.m. for sunday it will start off very cold on sunday, and monday morning but i will show you that in a seven day forecast in just a minute. here's a look at additional cumulation for today. most of the viewing area was the a trace-1 inch but there may be some pockets anywhere in here up to 2 inches we will have a little better chance of a trace just 3 inches from roxborough west word and up into virginia and the mountains of north carolina you could see another 2 -4 inches. our high today 32, as i mention a couple of minutes ago you could see a chance of clearing out the roads will not be grape and we have our heaviest snow falling early this morning, just a flurry this afternoon even by 7 o'clock we still have a 50% chance of precipitation
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22degrees tonight, what is there will be a very slick sunday morning. 22 is a the forecast, 31 is normal and seven is the record low. check out that low temperature monday, 20 degrees, that means we may still have some slick roads for monday morning as people are headed back out to work and school. that could be a concern, and of course we will be here early to talk about that on monday. once we get past that, looks pretty good. overnight lows are above freezing and highs climb into the 40s and 50s. >> thank you so much. we just got word that the governor is actually going to be doing a press conference at 10:30 and we will be learning statewide perspective. >> we have a problem over and durham i-five and duke street. she has been monitoring the situation there. we saw this a little bit ago, but i know you guys are busy. what can you tell us as far as what you have learned. >>reporter: >>reporter:i do not know if you can see this right now, because it is moving very, very slowly, but that tote truck is trying to get that tractor-trailer up -- up the rent. this all happen happened
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and the driver of the tractor- trailer was taking the ramp off 85 southbound onto duke street, and really -- the load he was carrying, was very heavy, and trying to get up that ramp had a difficult time, because of very little traction, and a lot of ice. then he started slipping back and went into a gully. this ramp has been completely shut down since 6 o'clock this morning. they are hoping they will get it reopened within the next half hour to hour or so. this is a difficult task because the load is just so heavy in that tractor-trailer. as for the rest of durham, the roads are in pretty bad shape just like the rest of the triangle. it is pretty difficult to get around the sidestreets have a lot of buildup and ice, a lot of crunchy residue,
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85 is barely -- you cannot even see it. really, there is no reason to get out on the roads this morning. durham police said they have not been responding to too many accident calls, one is too many. >> absolutely. i-85 and duke street a trouble spot this morning the sound of spinning wheels as a tractor- trailer with a big load cannot make it up the hill. julia, good coverage, thank you very much. before we go to break, we should say hello to our listeners now on mix 101.5 we are simulcasting in a situation like this is so important for those who may not have power. stick with us we will have all
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morning, as we get them. our winter weather coverage continues.
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of a transformer explosion in progress. one of the many in the last few hours. big, bright light. police in raleigh shut down a stretch of new bern avenue because of that transformer fire that snapped a poll. flames are still shut down between corporation parkway and trailer growth. thank you so much for staying with us this morning, so much to talk about. >> if you're looking for "cbs this morning", you can find it on wral 2 over the air on 5.2 or time warner cable, 1255. welcome to our listeners on mix 101.5. we are now simulcasting on that radio station to make sure that everyone has information they need to know as we stick together through this storm coverage. >> and it's a bear, it's a beast out there. we have a duke progress energy representative with us now. >> jeff brooks, can you hear me? >> yes i can. >> of course, we want to know
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this very hour to get a handle on these power outages as they seem to be increasing. >> well, we definitely have a lot of work ahead of us today. it's not unusual to see outage numbers increase in a store. you've got those isolated branches that are snapping and falling on your power lines. that's one of the things you see when you see those explosions. a fuse or a transformer blowing. we're seeing a lot of that across the system. we've got thousands of resources in the region that are ready to respond and are out in the field now. we're going to be sending even more throughout the day. we're moving resources from the west in the areas we thought might be more outages. we were fortunately spared, bringing those into the triangle to add to our existing resources. so it's going to help throughout the day. >> is that because the west .mostly snow and the eastern portions got mostly ice? and that's where your finding trouble spots? but that's exactlgh
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freezing rain predominantly that's where you see the most outages. it's in these areas from zebulon down to florence, south carolina along the i-95 corridor, that's where we saw freezing rain and a lot of ice accumulation. that's why you're seeing outages that you're seeing. >> jeff, we passed along your message to our viewers to report outages as quickly as possible. but of course, the question for so many people, when will the power be back on? is there a way to monitor that? or to keep track of the power outage that's being worked on in your area? >> there are ways to keep track of it. you can visit on your mobile device. when you report your outage, you can get an update and they will call you back when your power has been restored. or to be updates once we have estimated times of restoration. what's going to be happening today is a lot of assessment along the areas that we have a lot of damage.
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estimate on when you we're going to have your power them into our system. now? what are the hardest hit counties? >> well, we're seeing 135,000 carolina. the triangle. we've got about 60,000 customers in weight county that are out. and then we see some of the counties nearby, just as hard hit. that's really been the problem throughout the storm. the freezing rain. unfortunately, it settled right on johnson county, wake county, that's where we're going to see the work being done. >> one additional question. we're expecting witness to pick up later on today. how will that impact your cruise and will that be a catalyst for additional power outages? >> wind is always problematic after an ice storm because it puts extra pressure on the tree limbs and on the lines. so what we expect to see is
8:29 am
be caused by the wind blowing on this isolated feeling. and if the gusts were to get to a certain height, which we don't think will be the case, but it creek -- it could create potential problems, we'll have to evaluate that throughout the day and we're going to get as much work as we can do today and get lights back on. >> we certainly appreciate your work out there. please pass that along to your cruise as they work in these conditions. it can be so tough. jeff brooks, thank you so much. >> thank you. interesting point that jeff brought up. the snow versus the ice. in our viewing area, roxboro saw mostly snow and thus as of earlier this morning, i don't think they've had too much problems in terms of power outages. >> by the looks of bryan mims, they are also seeing the wind we discussed. brian, how are you feeling, but? >> from the looks of bryan mims , it is cold and windy here in roxboro. i can feel that wind chill.
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well, like snow flurries. but we're not seeing the ice on the trees like you are seeing in some other areas of the region, panic up to the trees now, you don't see all those isolated limbs that you're seeing in triangle. and that is good news around here because power lines are not getting knocked down and there are no power outages reported in the county. another bit of good news, no accidents, certainly not serious accidents to speak of in person county. but you can see the road behind me has been well counted. -- well sanded. we've seen some dot trucks go by. and the snow pileup and slush on the side of us five where i'm standing is pretty deep. it's over a foot easily. i don't have a yardstick or ruler, but it is pretty deep. and overhear some nice pristine snow that has not been disturbed.
8:31 am
and it is a good four or five inches deep, right here outside the hampton inn on highway 501 in roxboro. it is a beautiful scene, really, when you look off the roads and into the yards and fields. pretty here seeing the snowflakes come down. we talk about all the inconveniences and accidents and the messiness associated with winter weather, but there is some beauty around here in person county. driving up here yesterday passing the farms and seeing all the hills and pastors, covered in snow, it was really picturesque. we're trying to enjoy ourselves too in all of this and staying warm. we have coffee going and it's just a good wintertime experience here in the snow capital of the triangle. >> all right, ryan. thank you so much. amanda lamb has seen her share of downed power lines. >> she sure has. now we find her on pool road.
8:32 am
>> reporter: well, i just stepped out of the car. we were coming along the road, heading toward the beltline. we just saw this whole road blocked off. i'm trying to see if i can get out here and tell you a cross street so people can avoid it. we are at pool road and, it looks like, stony falls. the entrance to the stony falls subdivision. and the good news for people in this area who are dealing with power outages, is that there is a crew on the scene working as you can see, to get those the first time we've seen a crew working this morning because they have so many areas that they're dealing with. and so hopefully, we have -- one man just came by and said their power has been out for a while. hopefully they'll be able to restore power in this area. and i know that they have many
8:33 am
>> amanda lamb, i know that you are making your way around town. not just a and in one spot. so we'll be checking in with you later on. as we mentioned earlier, we expect to hear from the governor. at last check we understand at least six people have died on the roads because of accident or weather related accidents. one of those may have alcohol as a factor. that alone is a sign. if we have at least six deaths, stay off the roads. they are very very dangerous. >> coming up as our continuing winter weather coverage continues, bryan shrader with a look at some of the traffic
8:34 am
the conditions on our roads. 8:39, i'm brian shrader. we are getting a lot of information about just how bad the roads are around the
8:35 am
from the town of hillsboro where a town worker reports that i-40 is in the same condition as the town roads there, very icy. on top of that layer of snow and sleet that fell yesterday. of course so many of us thought that freezing rain and the temperatures where they were yesterday. a lot of it is slush and wet. overnight, temperatures dropped into the 20s. anything that was wet froze over. so we are seeing an ice went out on the roads this morning. advising people to stay home and enjoy the day of sledding. that's probably the best advice we can give you as well. the highway patrol told us earlier this morning, called the television station and asked us to tell everybody to stay put. not only looking at icy conditions, we have a lot of power lines and trees down all over the region. this is a look in raleigh at new bern avenue and trailer growth. we've been telling you about this all morning long. you can see where the power pole snapped in half and now it's dangling over new bern avenue. of course that's blocked in both directions. and even a major city road,
8:36 am
a us highway, still is covered with snow and ice. this is the screen out at glenwood. you can see some of that light snow falling, elizabeth and mike have been telling us through the date we would see snow showers on and off. not accumulated too much, not morning. you see the tire tracks there. it looks like wet pavement, but the temperatures where they are are low enough that this is likely still ice covered. and in many spots, no question that it is ice covered. another somewhat snow we scene at the durham freeway at tw alexander drive. the tire tracks and snows there , dot crews have been out all night long. trying to treat these roads, plowing them, scraping them. even with the work they did, you are talking about a layer of ice there that's very hard to get up off the pavement. bridges especially are going to be bad for some time, service roads also are awful this morning in many areas.
8:37 am
fayetteville, this is the all- american expressway. you can see the roads looked mostly wet there. however, still could be slick spots, temperatures have not climbed above freezing just yet. especially on bridges in cumberland county, could run into some problems. not just in the triangle area, let's head over to the sampson county area, one of our followers at wral traffic sent us this picture, this is a secondary road , you see that it is still covered with ice this morning. if it's safe to do so, please send us your pictures like this lady did, step out in the front yard and show us what you can see there. stay home, don't get on the roads. but if you can safely take a picture, send it to us, #wralsnow. >> thank you very much, brian. i'm sure the north carolina highway patrol has its hands full this morning. >> joining us is sergeant michael baker with the highway
8:38 am
good morning, sergeant baker. >> good morning. how are you? >> we are well. we are continuing to let our viewers know what they need to know this morning. what can you tell us about the roads? we've seen the ice, but what are the greatest challenges? >> as you've been reporting all morning long, the roads overnight with the temperature dropping well below freezing have frozen over. we had treacherous conditions overnight and into the morning hours. the highway patrol along with other state partners, the nc dot, alcohol, law enforcement and allied agencies, have been working feverishly throughout the night to respond to calls of service and collision. the highway patrol within the last 24 hours has responded to over 1500 collisions statewide and 2700 calls for service. just within the triangle, we've had 408 collisions within the last 24 hours. one thing i would like to mention is that this morning from midnight, we have responded to the 278 collisions
8:39 am
and those collisions have mainly occur between 5:00 a.m. at 8:00 p.m. this morning. so we're asking motorists to please hunker down, stay at home. if you do not have to get out on the highway, please do not. >> what are your big trouble spots? wake county is a trouble spot in terms of power outages. sounds like you had a number of accidents and collisions here. is in the bridges and overpasses? or is it just pretty much everywhere? >> actually, it was the bridges and overpasses that were our primary concern yesterday. as those temperatures plummeted throughout the night last night, basically every stretch of highway right now is a sheet of ice. dot is doing everything they can to clear those highways, putting salt down on the highways because it tends to break up the ice. right now, every stretch of highway, i-95, i-40, even the major interstate highways right
8:40 am
so we're asking motorists to please be careful if they are out on the highway this morning. >> sergeant baker, you guys have been very busy. you've been working the roads. while i have you on the phone, we were looking at about six fatalities in north they -- in north carolina due to weather- related accidents. can you speak to overnight if there have been any accidents that have caused serious injuries or unfortunately if there are any other fatalities that have occurred overnight? >> since midnight, we've been very fortunate. we've not had any major collisions that have resulted in extreme personal injury and we've not had any fatalities to report since midnight. unfortunately, we have had six fatal collisions that were weather related within the last 24 hours. our condolences go out to those families, but hopefully everybody is watching the newscast, taking warnings from the governors as well as our agency and other allied agencies and staying at home and making sure they do not get
8:41 am
absolutely have to. we're still dealing with treacherous conditions at this time. again, everybody is trying to do everything they can to clear the highways. i know people want to get out onto the roads. please at this time, travel is still there is had -- still very hazardous. >> sergeant michael baker, thank you so much for taking time away from what i know is a very busy morning to update our viewers. and our listeners. we have listeners this morning over on mix 11.5. terrible conditions out there. some really scary numbers. 1500 collisions statewide in the last 24 hours. 400 of them give or take right here in the triangle. that is scary stuff. >> it is. people -- i hope people realize it's a much different story this morning than it was yesterday. yesterday, there were some slick places and we were thinking that conditions would deteriorate as the day went on, which they did but they are so
8:42 am
so far during this entire store. cool temperatures last night, also adding some snow to the ice and snow and sleet we saw yesterday. mike moss is with us this morning as well talking about what we're seeing on the radar. >> thanks a lot, elizabeth. we have had areas of snow, very light snow for the most part moving across the region. that have been smaller areas, dark blues that are embedded where the snow is coming down a little bit harder. off to the northeast, to southeastern virginia, some areas where it may be in the process of changing over to snow from sprinkles or light that sort of thing. most of us for the day as a whole have a lower atmosphere, quite cold enough to support snow as long as there is some there. right now seeing a little bit of dishman -- diminishment in the coverage of the store. up over franklin county and parts of wake county, we have some echoes and back to the north and west, those are thinning out.
8:43 am
a little while ago. we may see it wax and wane as we go through the course of the day. there may be periods and have a little more development from southeast as we get into midday and through the afternoon. determine temperature is 25 degrees at the room and wake forest, holly springs the same, we've got about the same here at the station in raleigh, so it is plenty cold out there. we only range from the 20s up near the virginia border to a few upper 20s in the south this morning, goldsborough 27, fayetteville looking at about 27 degrees. 28 around erwin. and of course with those temperatures, you get this kind of thing, freezing rain on our raleigh sky cam, making it look like an abstract or impressionist piece of art there. that will stick around through a good part of the day as temperatures are going to be struggling to climb up to around freezing this afternoon. some of the glaze icing reports we've had during the last 18 hours, about a 10th to 2/10 of an inch around the room and springs, clayton and carthage around a quarter inch, you get up to a quarter inch or so,
8:44 am
outages around -- they become more numerous with greater amounts of ice, holly springs, around selma, there's been 0.6 reports of inch -- snow has been less for the southeastern third or so of our viewing area around a trace and places, one or two inches in places across raleigh down to the southwest, and over toward nash county. up toward the virginia line and over towards roxboro, 2 to 5 inches and northwestern parts of person county as much as seven inches of snow reported. probably not going to add a whole lot to that as we go through today. elizabeth will cover that as we take the forecast forward from here. >> we're seeing that in places this morning, i've seen a little bit of a change in the last 30 to 45 minutes, what's happening over in wilson. we'll take a look at our wilson sky cam, some very light snow, showing the radar from the wilson area, you can barely see anything on the radar there, but you'll notice we've got a
8:45 am
didn't see say, i can 30, 45 minutes to an hour ago. checking in on this camera, it was mainly dry with just a little bit of ice showing along the edges of the road. now dusting of snow in some places, on the cars and trucks on some of the honest. just a second ago, i saw snow blowing by. you can see the trees moving a little bit. there was a gust just a minute ago. winds gusting this afternoon up to 30 miles per hour. that's going to be one of our big impact as we head through the rest of the day today. the biggest impact right now is the slick roads and the power outages. yes, we will have snow showers a little freezing drizzle mixing and from time to time. the amount of snow we will add today will be fairly minimal, most everybody will see a trace amounts. then freezing drizzle up to another 10th of an inch. that could put you just over the criteria that it takes to start to get some power outages. say you have 0.2 now, add
8:46 am
up to 30 miles per hour means additional power outages. so we could see this worsening as the day wears on. so mike chivas what the radar was doing here, here's a look at the big picture, what's happening with all the snow, low-pressure system sitting up here off the delmarva peninsula, wind that rotate counterclockwise. so with that low sitting there, we're seeing snow and moisture wrapping around the low. we'll have bands of snow, snow is pushing as far south as south carolina. even down into georgia. so even along the coast, we may see some bands of snow. so our entire viewing area could see that, but again from time to time it may mix with a little bit of freezing drizzle. a look at what we may see in terms of snowfall accumulation as we head through the afternoon, we'll take it on out to lunch time or so. looking at maybe up to an inch in south hill, as we get into the afternoon, futurecast showing better chance of some of the snow, back to raleigh to roxboro, look at this, even a
8:47 am
with this on it off to the afternoon, pockets of up to two or three inches, but for the most part, we'll see half inch to an inch to maybe an inch and a half as you head north and east. temperature stays cold all day, so not going to see much improvement in the roads. as i mentioned, we continue to have our chance of precipitation. by lunchtime, it tapers off to 60% to 70%. during the afternoon and evening, 40 to 50% chance. not looking at heavy amounts, but the clouds or snow continued to fall, cold temperatures, tough to see a lot of improvement on our roads. don't forget the wind begins to pick up his afternoon as well with gusts up to 30 miles per hour. of course potentially bring us more power outages. if we do start to see the salt and some of the scrapers remember that everything is going to still be frozen
8:48 am
we drop down to 22 for sunday morning, 31 is our normal and seven is the record low. monday morning down to 20 degrees. so there could still be frozen spots on monday as well. after that, we can breathe a sigh of relief. overnight lows go up into the 30s and afternoon highs into the 40s and 50s. we will take a break but tomorrow, and even monday morning, could still be a problem. >> elizabeth, thank you so much. winter weather coverage continues. coming up after the break we are taking a live look at the conditions in fayetteville. of course, that's in cumberland
8:49 am
find gilbert baez. continues today, still snow that nasty freezing rain has stopped. >> the latest reports from fayetteville say 24 outages this morning when it comes to the power. that is twc reporting that. let's see what gilbert baez is reporting this morning. good morning, gilbert. >> reporter: hey, leila and i've been out here all morning. we've been driving around. i don't have much time right now, but let's take 10 seconds just for me to be quiet and let you enjoy the beauty of the scene here. that's what this is about. [silence] you can hear the melting that starting right now. what i just showed you is something that you can do without getting in the car. just get out on your porch, enjoy the beauty of what's going on. and don't drive out here.
8:50 am
i just got off the phone with bill hammons. he was up near the 401 near the goodyear plant. he says it is a sheet of black ice out ther you don't need to get out on the road here. the other issue of course is all the trees and power lines, you can see the combination here, that is where you start to have the problems with potential for these limbs to bring trees down. so stay in your home, and enjoy the beauty and the tranquility.
8:51 am
>> gilbert baez with some wise livih chmigr felikeday a gam cha want puoddsiny fa y dotoldeaboux an fpprovetmenthat significantly reduc headache days for adults with chronic migraine. 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. en to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by my doctor once every 3 mont the effects of botox may spread
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eakieathye lemsusclness be aof afe-tningtionsidets m iludections ck aectiite pafae and he. dotake i hakin ion.telldoctut medisto scle orve ions, medicas, ing bolinuns,as tay ince the risk of serious side effects. e. icmi to learn how to save on your treatment. talk to a headache specialist today about botox . welcome back to our listeners listening on mix one oh 1.5. your taking a live look at some pretty i zeroed out there.
8:53 am
beltline this morning. at least we are seeing a little pavement, not much of it. at least a little bit more. it is still very, very, treacherous out there. all of these major roads are still covered in ice, and the secondary roads come as you can imagine, they are not to varying any better. the temperatures just got so cold, overnight, and this is a scene in fayetteville. again, they did not get quite as much precipitation down there as we did. they do not see quite as much ice. they've got their fair share of it. we are going to stay with you to bring you continuous coverage of the weather conditions. that is our promise to you. if you are looking for cbs this morning you can find it on wral 2 right now over the air on 5.2 or time warner cable 1255. we have a hundred 35,000 customers of duke energy without power right now. 60,000 plus are in wake county.
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