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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  January 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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thing tasteke phia uncer: taught h and the 7:26. i'm renee chou with our top stories. a trial starts in winston- salem over the loss of north carolina's 2013 voter id law. a federal judge will determine whether the photo id mandate violates u.s. constitution or federal voting rights act. the mandate will be enforced for the first time in the march 15 primary. a $1000 reward is thing offered for finding the person responsible for running down a trooper in rowan county, the trooper tried to tell for man from staying off of the four wheeler saturday.
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the trooper has a broken leg. the other drivers got away. a cold morning but beautiful sunrise and we're hoping the sun works its magic. >> i think it will. even though we will have county.. we are going to start off with a tall tower cam , you can see blue skies at the top of the screen but looking westward you can see crowd -- cloud cover. that should not be with us too long, from time to time some overcast. you can see precipitation lingering on the ground, snow and sleet in wake county. it is 17 in south hill, 23 roxboro. very cold across the entire viewing area. mainly men 20s. the matter where you go, you could run into some slick spots because everything out there that was liquid yesterday is offers in this morning. 47 our high this afternoon with sunshine and warmer temperatures, we will see a lot of melting. we only make it to 32 tonight. not as cold as this morning.
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with a high of 47. brian? 7:28 now. sky 5 over the home area shown that's how i see those secondary roads are and there is a wide variation in road conditions that we are seeing. on major routes things look fine but you can see on a lot of the secondary roads, especially in shaded areas, there is still snow and ice covered which is why we are running into many problems on the roads this morning. thankfully traffic volume is light enough we're not seeing too many accidents. but be careful heading to work especially on bridges and ramps, getting to the interstate is the big problem. that ramp looks went on 70 and 85 in durham. over in the wake county area in garner, looks better at 40 and 42. the extra careful.
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school i wanted to take a break from my full-time career of writing things on facebook! slide down her and led my support to the next president of the united states, donald j. trump! i'm here for all you teachers and teamsters. you farmers and charmers! >> she's a firecracker. she's a real pistol. >> we are mad. we have been had! and we are not so glad! quote, lorac. >> it sounds like a greeting card from a chinese dollar store. >> thank you, iowa! god bless some of the united states of america! >> it's nice to see tina fey back in thesaddle. >>he is back. >> we are very glad about that. that was hilarious. welcome back to "cbs this
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coming up in this half hour, new surveillance video shows the daring escape of three prisoners in california. the manhunt is intensifying, including an accused killer. how they pulled off a very fisted escape plan. we investigate how women are set up to pay more for everyday goods and service from the start. many parts of the country, it is perfectly legal and we will plain that ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. u.s. news an world report tells us about gas prices plunging to the lowest point in seven years. the national average is $1.91 a gallon. that is down 14 cents over the past two weeks. the price decline may end soon as the cost of crude oil starts to rebound. >> britain's "telegraph" warns the zika virus will likely spread to the united states and all of the americas according to
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the virus is believed to result in brain damage to babies. the youngstown vindicator reports on a high levels of lead found in another community, a village in northeast ohio. tests of drinking water in some homes and a school in seabring showed levels that exceeded federal guidelines. the village is providing bottled water. the man in charge of water operations may get his licensed revoked. "the new york times" reports on match fixing at the australian open. tennis is under already scrutiny over widespread gambling. it discovered an usual surge in bets for one pair of players and they won easily. the players involved rejected those allegations. tennis officials are now investigating. "the washington post" reports on how the cleanup from the blizzard could take days in the nation's capital. washington, d.c. saw around two feet of snow. officials there say plows might
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until later this week. jim cantore of the weather channel in washington shows us why the storm is toing. >> reporter: good morning. when you average 15 inches a year and you get 17 out of the storm, it's going to cripple things for a while. behind me, limited amtrak service and the underground trains will be running today but anything above ground, forget about it. george washington parkway a big one. the city and the schools and the government offices are virtually shut down. they are asking for patience here and a lot of it. when you think about it, when you only average 15 inches of snow a year and you get your whole snow wad in one storm, well, it's going to take a while to recover. remember. we got 17.8 here. but up toward dulles, they got twice as much snow. some of these areas, eclipsing 40 inches of snow. so patience. airports trying to get back online today with signal runway
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a slow go and potentially a good part of the week before this area returns to some sense of normalcy. >> jim, thank you so much. a manhunt continues this morning for three dangerous prisoners in southern california. they made a daring escape on friday in santa ana, southeast of los angeles. the suspects used cutting tools and bed sheets to get out of the maximum security jail and one of them faces murder charges. danielle nottingham is outside of the jail. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. jail officials say these men were accounted for during friday morning security check but guards didn't realize the men were gone until a second body check at 8:00 p.m. jailers warn the three accused felons should be considered armed and dangerous. investigators say this grainy surveillance video shows the three men on an unguarded area of the roof of the orange county central men's jail, shortly
7:24 am
from there, they were able to repel down nearly five floors to their escape. >> it appears to be a very sophisticated operation where they were allowed to go through some security access points and had some tools that allowed them to do that. >> reporter: jail officials say the inmates cut their way through a steel screen inside their dormitory-styled cell and made their way into plumbing tunnels. from there, the men bypassed three security areas and gained access to the jail's roof and used a make-shift rope braided with linens to reach the ground. the three men were in jail facing charges for serious crimes. jonathan tieu is charged with murder. nayeri was charged without bail and charged with kidnapping and burglary. and duong faces attempted murder
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and exflen in possession of a firearm. this is the third escape from this jail in more than two decades. >> escapes do occur from time to time. people in jail have a lot of people to sit around and think about ways to feet our system. >> reporter: investigators don't know what tools the inmates used, how they got the tools, or whether they had any help. local and federal officials are appealing to the public and the u.s. marshals and the fbi have joined orange county law enforcement in the search. they are offering a reward up to $50,000. >> thank you very much, danielle. why are women paying more than men for the exact same services and products? up next, we are going to go undercover to find out what is behind the pricing gap. if you're heading out the door, you can take us with you. watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device. see why some offices are setting
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i'm not about wim the s sive wioost record setting year. he is picked again clam kek! kuechly for the touchdown. >> and aware enough to check on a fan who flopped down on the field. >> flop is right. a carolina fan took a tumble a
7:35 am
the man tumbled from the stands. you see the linebacker luke kuechly gave the crowd high five's. kuechly paused to help the fan who appeared to be okay. it's been 12 years so they have a lot to be excited about. >> boy, the panthers. 49-1r5 49-15. what a rout. chris rock has no plans to boycott the ceremony over its lack of diversity. they say the comedian is reworking his monologue to address the controversy. the academy arts and sentences says it will make a sweeping series of substantive changes and double the number of women and diverse members over the next four years. "saturday night live" targeted the academy in a sketch. >> and theesacr - oh, my god!
7:36 am
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7:43 am a . se it is monday, january 25th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including shoveling out from the weekend blizzard. dr. tara narula shows us the risk and how to stay safe, while doing necessary, but dangerous, task. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the region is engaged in a massive snow removal effort. it's an around-the-clock operation. >> i saw a woman cursing because she could barely get out of her home. it might be beautiful, but there are plenty of people under white. >> closed for snow removal. the city and the schools and the government offices are virtually shut down. the polls, if they are right, donald trump and ted cruz
7:44 am
vote but volatility remains. >> who will lose on the month? >> they are saying if, in fact, hillary clinton is the nominee, he is less likely to enter. >> i think there is a lot of less likely's. >> an added tax on women. >> do we need to start wearing charlie's clothes? >> football fans may vl with seen the last matchup between tom brady and peyton manning, but also in carolina, there is a st there in cam newton. >> cam, how are you? >> super. >> gayle, i did hear on friday - that norah o'donnell wants to be in the booth with jim nantz and phil simms. look. she can come join the pregame show. >> i e-mailed norah after the game and said do we need to send a paramedic over to your house yesterday? announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by prudential. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. a salute commute this morning after the deadly weekend
7:45 am
the storm killed at least 29 people. plows are struggling to clear streets in washington, d.c. about two feet of snow there paralyzed the region. parts of new york city saw nearly three feet. people spent sunday trying to clear cars and sidewalks. walking around proved to be a challenge. >> and in southern new jersey, coastal flooding left several towns under water. thousands of people lost power. some of along the shore say the damage is worst than superstorm sandy. jericka duncan is in barnegat, new jersey. >> reporter: floodwaters have been turned into chunks of ice like this. that is nothing new for this area. they have experienced major flooding before. in fact, south of here in cape may, they experienced a high tide, a record high tide over the weekend higher than that of superstorm sandy. it's deja vu for many
7:46 am
shore. after floodwaters and winds rivalling superstorm sandy, pounded the coast over the weekend. in wildwood, a storm surge topping three feet carried boats into streets, while 50-mile-per-hour winds ripped away signs. >> we are at low tide and you can still see the water that is trapped in these areas. >> reporter: wildwood mayor ernie troyano said about 100 people were forced to evacuate. >> the fact that the water came up as high as it did caught a lot of people offguard. we didn't expect these tides. >> reporter: the tides crested nine feet in some areas and stranding vehicles and drivers. >> we seen a lot of docks on the road and a lot of flooding in the stores. >> reporter: cell phone video captured ice floes covering streets in several towns. at one point, 94,000 power
7:47 am
>> it was a big storm. >> reporter: on saturday, new jersey governor chris christie was confident in his state's response. >> it's our 17th snow emergency in my six years as governor. so we know how to do this. >> reporter: but people in wildwood, like marisa rigby said more could be done. >> i don't know how he can possibly say that. i've been down here about five years and never seen flooding this bad. >> reporter: floodwaters continue to recede across the jersey shore. we did speak to police here in barnegat this morning saying power has finally been restored to everyone in this commute. >> that is good news. thank you. one week before the iowa caucuses, the cbs news battleground tracker shows donald trump in front in the state's gop race. the poll finds trump leading ted cruz 39% to 34% and marco rubio is the only other candidate in double digits. our tracker finds bernie sanders one point ahead of hillary clinton in the iowa democratic contest.
7:48 am
clinton's policies are realistic. >> the former secretary of state is criticizing sanders saying she is the candidate who can get things done. sanders calls the clinton campaign desperate. in iowa sunday, he highlighted his plan to lower student loan interest rates and make public colleges tuition-free. >> now people say, well, that's a nice idea, santa claus. what else are you having to offer? you know who is going to pay for it? by imposing a tax on wall street speculation. none of this stuff is radical. none of it is pie in the sky. the issue is not that i am being too idealistic. the reason is do we have the courage. that is what this campaign is about. >> the democrats will share the stage tonight at a televised town hall forum in des moines. the matchup for super bowl 50 sets the stage for an epic
7:49 am
peyton manning and the denver broncos going to the big game for the second time in three seasons. manning is the oldest quarterback to take a team to the super bowl. he is 39. he will face cam newton and the carolina panthers. this is newton's first super bowl and the second in franchise history. james brown hosted "nfl today" on cbs and he will host the super bowl today ahead of the big game in santa clara, california. and he joins us again from denver. so good, j.b., such a great game yesterday. >> gayle, it was. gayle, gayle. you know i love you very much. charlie and norah, i'm comfortable with their questions. i'm nervous with you. so let me listen to you first. go ahead. >> why do you say that? >> quite a setup, mr. brown! i'm just going to talk to you about -- >> oh, no. >> j.b., stop talking.
7:50 am
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h a form new york congressman. they deny reports of hillary clinton's campaign pressured them to make change. the movie features weiner's wife who is a clinton adviser. john blackstone is at the festival where the documentary premiered. >> today i'm announcing my resignation from congress. >> yea! >> reporter: two years after the sexting scandal cost anthony
7:59 am
democrat elect to return to politics with run for mayor for new york. these two were here to document it. >> we asked what it was like to be in a media firestorm. >> reporter: what a firestorm. in the midst of the campaign ca more embarrassing self-portraits. >> i said other texts and photos were likely to come out and today, they have. >> reporter: as another weiner scandal played out in front of the national media, decreedman and steinberg were watching it unfold from the inside with weiner and his wife huma abedin. the movie showcase here at sundance festival in park city may have something to do with the fact this is election year and anthony's wife huma is a top adviser to hillary clinton. >> reporter: the documentary is all about huma. whether people come to see it or not really depends how in tune
8:00 am
and hillary and huma presence in that film. >> reporter: weiner said he would not attend an event because what if hillary clinton advises her he shouldn't good. >> reporter: perhaps the parallels with hillary? >> the parallels can't be ignored because they are staring at you in bright lights. >> reporter: the filmmakers say they hope the documentary shows the viewers the complex realities beyond the haemseadlines. >> the film is about how much our politics today is overwhelmed by the simple spectacle and you get to see that and we are looking forward to being a part of the conversation. >> reporter: weiner will be in theaters this may. for cbs news, john blackstone, park city, utah. >> no one thought it was this way when they started filming the documentary. i feel for huma so much that it's coming out now. boy. >> or at any time. >> you're right, charlie, any time.
8:01 am
housing markets l it is 8:25. i'm renee chou with your top stories. a trial starts today in winston- salem over the lawsuit over north carolina's 2013 voter id law. a federal judge will determine whether the photo id mandate violates the u.s. constitution or federal voting rights act. the mandate will be in force for the first time in a march 15 primary. a $1000 reward is being offered for finding the person responsible for running down a trooper in rowand county. the trouble try to tell two men on four wheelers to stay off of highway saturday. one of them ran him over. the trooper has a broken leg and other injuries. both drivers got away.
8:02 am
after being mauled by a dog and robeson county. brothers were playing near their home when they were attacked by a neighbors pitbull on odum road outside lumberton. 7-year-old talen west died at the hospital. his brother, 8-year-old, jaylen, was hurt. the dog died at the scene. we expect more melting this monday especially with all of that sunshine out there. >> there are a few clouds crossing the area. you can see that on our rdu -- sky cam. they do a pretty good job of clearing things. those clouds will be with us on and off. we will collect variably cloudy but still sin of sunshine for significant melting today. still 19 in south hill. 27 in roxboro. 28 in goldsboro. 29 at fayetteville and clinton. we jump to 31 at the airport and by 9:00 and 10:00, we should see temperatures above freezing across the region and highs in the mid to upper 40s. it won't be nearly as cold as
8:03 am
mid-20s we are doing with this morning. tuesday afternoon looks nice. mid 50s under partly cloudy skies. some partly cloudy showers wednesday, it will be a chilly rain but just rain. >> it is 8:27. we will look forward to just the rain this week as we're still trying to get cleaned up from what happened over the weekend. there's a live look from sky 5 above granville county. those secondary roads this morning especially north and west of raleigh are in terrible shape but even in raleigh a lot of neighborhood streets look back. you can see this one is completely ice covered. this is a common scene sky 5 is finding this morning on secondary roads, especially in shaded areas. those trees block the sun from doing melting. thankfully we had that sun yesterday to do good melting on the major routes but a lot of those secondary roads and side streets and rams are going to be tough.
8:04 am
avondale drive remains blocked their in durhamas they get an earlier accident cleared up.
8:05 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
here is a question. would you go on a blind date with a coworker? maybe. a study showed employees relationship with coworkers ranks first when asked what makes them feel connected to their job. one company tindvtage of that to make some employees happier and more productive. demarco morgan shows us office states that are strictly professional here. >> reporter: interoffice state isn't something most companies encourage but one accounting company setting up its employees. >> reporter: here at freshbook a toronto-based accounting firm, workplace satisfaction has been taken on a whole new level. with a growing work force of over 250, these fresh bookers emphasize creative thinking. they bring their pets to work. stand, instead of sit. and now go on blind dates with
8:15 am
>> hey, marcus! i like to meet everyone that shows up and, as a company grew, i noticed that more and more people didn't know each other's names any more so i thought that was crazy because i love this, like, tight-knit community and wanted to keep that up. >> blind date in the workplace this was your idea? >> yeah. i thought of it months ago. >> reporter: manager mary grace antonio launched a program last summer. >> a lot of talking and a lot of communication going on. sometimes it's not -- with everybody. and that is what kind of is -- trying to get people who would never really work with this kind of team so just meet. >> reporter: and it's strictly work-related and not personal matchups or dates made out of this? >> no, not at all. it's get to notice people. >> reporter: so antonio began playing match-maker first by asking volunteers who were then grouped together and sent on lunch or coffee dates. >> there is people from all
8:16 am
everyone from, like, people who just start and even executives sign up for these blind dates and i try to mix and match people who wouldn't usually be working together. >> reporter: that means top level executives could be matched with newly hired college graduates. the company ceo mike mcdermott says it's a work culture centered around fun and innovation. >> we believe culture is strategy, right? having people connect with folks they don't necessarily work with helps to connect the ties to keep the foundation strong and ideas and information flowing. >> reporter: tell us about the these blind dates. >> two went on a blind date and they are both in charge of discussing a lot of different methods that they use to assess talent. >> reporter: during our visit, a finance manager named marcus was paired up with shannon a newly hired copyrighter and both sitting at opposite sides of the concept office. it might look like a real blind
8:17 am
with said it's all business. >> got about 12. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: at the end of their date, we checked in to see how it went. guys, i got to check on you. how is it going so far? what do you think? be honest. >> it wasn't as awkward as i expected and that is awesome. i think is really did hold my initial idea it would encompass all of our company values and i think that held true. >> reporter: antonio said that despite those first date jitters, the program has been a win/win for everyone involved. >> actually, the first round we sent out a survey to see how many people liked it a 100% of people who joined said they liked it. >> reporter: any negatives? >> sometimes they felt awkward but other than that. >> reporter: like a real date? >> like a real first date, yeah. >> reporter: the blind date program has success at fresh books. the ceos tell us he is ready to throw himself into the dating pool and give one or two lucky employees a blind date with their boss. >> that would be awkward! >> very awkward. >> awkward!
8:18 am
think it's a good idea. i just met somebody recently at cbs and said how long have you been here? they said, four months. you go, welcome. it's good to know. i think that on that -- for that alone i think is a good idea. >> especially when you work with a lot of people. we work with thousands of people. >> yes. >> sometimes we never get a chance to meet them. >> this is in the same forum as people with open offices and people see each other and not going on elevators and stuff like that? >> exactly. >> get to know your coworkers in a new and exciting way. >> they are not encouraging romance. >> it would be awkward. >> but if it happens, it's all good, all good. >> friends to benefit. demarco, thank you. turning the blizzard into a blast on social media. we will look at the most amazing snowmen.
8:19 am
oh, look at this video of a giant panda loving the snow at the national zoo in washington! he is among the top social media moments of the blizzard of 2016 as more than 54 million views on facebook. aw! do it! look at these horses in upstate new york have synchronized snow angels down cold. all right. in philadelphia, kristen donovan vowed in sickness or in health or in saturday's blizzard she was ready to get married. >> we are ready for some fun. >> and some i were diving into the water. and this snowboarder went through the streets of new york this weekend. he cruised through times square. >> i thought that looked really cool. charlie you were out there with
8:20 am
roll around it is 8:55. good morning, i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. here are your top stories. crews working to restore power in the viewing area hope to have nearly everyone to service back on today. at this time yesterday there were more than 20,000 duke energy customers and wake and johnson county without power. this morning. >> the man accused of shooting another driver in catawba today. authorities say marvin lee spun out on the ice friday and started firing shots at people responding to help him. jefferson headner was killed, lee is in jail charged with murder and on no bond. forecast.
8:21 am
>> yes, finally after the deep freeze with. with temperatures in the mid- 20s, we are seeing temperatures creep up. in durham, beautiful site, you can feel a bit of cloud cover up to the east, some sunshine on the ice and sweet and snow that is still remain. still some slippery places. brian will talk about that quibec today that sunshine will help the melting process. in raleigh is 31. 30 in durham, 33 in clinton, above freezing there. 27 in roxboro. 24 in total and 25 in rocky mount and wilson. by 9:00 or 10:00 we should see temperatures above freezing everywhere and we can't do 47 this afternoon under partly cloudy skies. 32 tonight, not the seabreeze we are seeing this morning, that will help conditions tomorrow morning but that could be slippery places. we warm up nicely into the mid- 50s tuesday, and then expect wednesday morning to be white but it will be a cold rain, not expecting anything frozen. ryan? a: 57.
8:22 am
on major routes around the triangle as a hub for much of the morning commute. this is i-40 at miami boulevard. bridges and ramps. you can see here this ramp from miami boulevard onto i-40 looks wet but that likely is at least partially frozen and in many areas the ramps are completely frozen. especially where you have trees there that have shaded that ramp preventing the sun from hitting it yesterday and doing some melting. keep that in mind. on the south side of raleigh as we take a look at saunders and wilmington, it looks just fine. mostly dry conditions. secondary roads are in terrible shape especially northern part of wake county on to the north and west. likely there will be some melting today but whatever is still wet as sunshine -- sunset will refreeze tonight and we will have problems in spots for our tuesday morning commute. bill? thanks.
8:23 am
with remnants of the first blast of winter weather. today at noon we take a look at efforts to clear roads and restore power. plus the manhunt is underway for escaped prisoners.
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