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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  NBC  January 25, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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what price range t th in? ghwell if youis i2016alu? bu , le cheout. no way, it's a chevy! oh, wow.? ittysp. i mean with all this technology? that's a game changer, really. takhoe inviys? ay, it's cool if we ordeme d s ti youto mthrit ca we'rng gino p h-ba oven. .it'li, it no. plus up to $300 to spend at sea. come seek the royal caribbean. offer ends february 15th. e trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey
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what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause) we call ourselves the greenwood runners. the oper ps. ke lail r usnot rufast abong here together. elin hadesc cantut irds. but we don't have to. for frieo cotogeo rewea su g light beer
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ts thousands of people came out today to run te forereme so wd th you cotely pd foreti? ul 1of it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving.
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prud cs >> stephen: here to perform the long way around from his album standing in the breach, ladies and gentlemen, jackson browne. >> i don't know what to say about these days i'm seeing people changing in the strangest ways even in the richer neighborhoods people don't know when they got it good they got the envy and they got it bad
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did was trying to be free running up and down tinsel town with the fire inside of me my planets all in retrograde the best of all my plans got made i made my breaks and some mistakes just not the ones people think i made i'm a long way gone down this wild road i'm on it's gonna take me where i'm bound it's a long way around it's a little hard keeping track of what's gone wrong
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and the news just rolls along i can feel my memory letting go some two or three disasters ago it's hard to say what did more ill, citizens united or the gulf oil spill i'm a long way gone down this wild road i'm on it's gonna take me where i'm bound it's a long way around it's never been that hard to buy a gun now they'll sell a glock 19 to just about anyone
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and what we feel we have the right to bear and watch our children come to harm there in the safety of our arms we all disagree about the passions burn, heart goes out i'm a long way gone down this wild road i'm on it's gonna take me where i'm bound
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: jackson browne,
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standing in the b mople gn u heal insur onhcarfinato mverae able lo thethlyums. manylow emm plss thadolla mo if you don't sign
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>> stephen: that's if for the late show, everybody. thanks so much. i want to thank jackson browne
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