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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  January 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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let's go places. her life was shattered by the paris terror attacks. >> i've always been able to solve my problems in my life, always. i can't solve this one because the pieces are permanently gone. >> ahead, an american survivor shares a remarkable story that includes her friend's life-saving sacrifice. >> the news is back in the
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wse 7:26. i'm bill leslie with your top stories. still icy and dicey in spots. brian shrader with traffic troubles. >> now that people are heading out on the roads to go to work we are starting to see an increase in the number of accidents and reports of ice. it's surprising were some of these are taking place. this is in durham, the durham county sheriff tweeted this picture of an overturned truck on highway 85 in davis county. even a major road like highway 54, say maintain roads still seen icy patches here and there. shaded areas will be tough this morning. secondary roads are very slick in some spots in raleigh between raleigh and wake forest. there's a report of an accident with injuries apparently due to
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forest pines drive. you can see some delays show up and also we heard that raleigh police are ainfoa salt truck to go out there and spread salt and sand to give drivers traction. also hearing about some icy patches possible on tryon and yates middle between raleigh and cary, also on the west side of duralee road and weaver. as we have been saying if the roads are that that in the city of raleigh, you know in the country north of the triangle we are seeing the problems with ice. take it very easily as you head out. we have been looking at temperatures this morning being a little bit above freezing. but still we have that lingering ice and some black ice that has formed overnight as some of that has melted. sky cam. glorious sunrise there but you can see how much water is on the road from the melting that we saw yesterday. and some of that is freezing. and what is frozen. we encourage you to be extra careful. again, brian seeing lots of
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morning. another issue is the fog. from erwin to fayetteville, load cloud cover around rocky mount. watch for that as you travel around. 32 in roxboro. upper 20s around wake forest and we are now seeing slick spots. 32 in rocky mount, 36 in southern pines and 33 fayetteville. closer to freezing there this morning. expect a high of 58 this afternoon. showers wednesday but fairly light. high of 45. all of that will be liquid and 47 thursday with some more son. >> thanks. there are a number of school delays and closings. several secondary and neighborhood roads have ice.
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the snow is hampering first responders in baltimore. a fire last night tore through five row houses. several feet of snow blocked fire trucks trying to respond. the street has not been touched by plows, so the neighbors pitched in to help drag the hoses down the block. we're happy to report everyone made it out safely. >> that's what you call neighbor helping neighbor. >> that's scary thing when they can't get in. welcome back. return to the scene of massacre. an american survive ore f the paris attacks share as what happened inside the bat a clan concert hall when a man opened fire and how her friend saved her life. mcdonald's, a change for a turn around. we're at mcdonald's with whether they can keep one the change.
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the globe. president obama says it can cause psychological damage. under the president's executive action juveniles will no longer be put in solitaire, mental health treatment for prisoners will be expanded and prisoners will prisons will have . >> they will not have them for two years. the zika virus is linked to brain damage in babies. there were more than 500 in the last month alone. "the guardian" reports on a british explorer who becomes the first to die trying to cross the atlantic alone. he was just 30 miles short of come pleating a nearly 30,000
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he died from organ failure. in his final message he said this. endurance. thing. 30 miles is a lot but when you think how far he'd come, it seems like he was so close. >> you can only imagine how much pain he was in. >> indeed. "the st. louis-post dispatch" reports that a professor is charged with assault snooki talk with you? >> you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here. >> melissa click called for some muscle to remove a student journalist. the school says click will keep her job for now. and "usa today" says more than 20% of american adults pay for amazon prime. report out on monday found that
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million prime subscribers in the u.s. that means nearly half of the american households have access because memberships are often shared. >> that's amazing. an american woman this morning is sharing her terrifying account of november's attacks in paris for the first time. helen jane wilson was inside the bat a clan concert has when the gunmen stormed in. she was shot in both legs. she survived the violence but victims killed. two months later elizabeth palmer spoke of the trauma of losing that friend. she is in london. elizabeth, good morning. >> good morning. i had the privilege of meeting helen jane in her apartment. her fiscal injuries are on the mend but as you can see her emotional wounds are very fresh. no one in this happy krounld
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eagles of death metal concussion was actually gunfire. >> i heard the sounds, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> did you know right away what that was? >> no. didn't even occur to me. >> reporter: helen jane wilson was in the bataclan with her friend nick, the merchandiser, who immediately threw her to the ground. >> they did their first round of -- i'm thinking of another word to say. >> killing. i just don't like to say it. >> reporter: but that's what it was. as panicked fans stampeded out the stage door dragging the wounded and the dying.
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spotted helen jane and nick spotted under a table. >> until the guy next to us started screaming at them, insulting them, and two of them came back and saw us and -- and then -- and then i tried to keep him alive for as long as i could. >> reporter: but nick died in her arms and helen jane was shot in both legs. like scores of others she was only saved by the skill of french surgeons. two weeks after the attacks at the official memorial ceremony in paris -- nick's was one of 130 victims' names red aloud. in december he was buried at his
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the sidewalk outside the bataclan may have been cleared of candles and flowers now, but helen jane's grief is as raw as the day nick died. >> every single day i wake up and cry for hours and every single night before i go to bed i cry and i tell him -- i talk to nick. i tell him that i love him and i'm sorry they couldn't do more. >> reporter: helen jane who's from new orleans has spent her life on the rock scene. now based in paris she specialized in catering that specializes in food for concerts but these days it's hard to concentrate on work. do you still have nightmares? >> yes. every night. like? >> a lot of times i have to save people and i can't or i'm so
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falling on the floor and i have to pick it back up and put it back in like a puzzle. >> reporter: helen jane witnessed a massacre and like so many survivors, she's haunlted by guilt. >> helplessness, i think, is the big thing for me, not being able to help people. the huge outpouring of sympathy and support helps, she says, but it can't erase what she's seen or give back what she's lost. >> i've always been able to solve my problems iny life, always. i can't solve this one because the pieces are permanently gone. >> the really astonishing thing about helen jane is as you probably saw there her courage and, of course, her determine aingsa determination to discuss it and even with her muslim friends and
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days with both love and forgiveness. >> what an incredible story. >> it's a deeply personal and intimate story that really shows us the horror of tragedy and the courage it brings. >> no more than just a news story. you see the guilt she must feel and the relief of living and the anger of the people who provoked them by calling back the people who were leaving. >> so hard to watch. incredible interview. now to this story. mcdonald's just posted its best quart iererly sales in four years. ahead, what's forcing a fast food revolution. and if you're heading out the door, you can watch us live through cbs all access app. that's on your digital device. we're going to reveal the new rankings of the best a
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rcopays on select plans. mcdonald's says it's making a comeback thanks to the most important meal of the day. they credit the all-day breakfast for a big jump in
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december too. it was mcdonald's best quarter in nearly four years. its stock prize soared to more than $119 a share. vinita nair is there to see what the customers want. >> good morning. this isn't any old mcdonald's. it's the first of the nation with a kiosk. it's like a giant ipad. you order your meal exactly the way you want it. it's a way that mcdonald's is trying to keep up with today's millennial taste. more than three months after mcdonald's made breakfast a all-day affair, the move appears to be satisfying customer cravings and wall street's appetite for profit. it was reported on monday that
7:37 am
nearly 50% making up for lost ground including burger king, wendys, and taco bell. >> they're serving like 70 million people a day. it's like a battleship. turning a battleship is very, very hard. you have to give them credit for some of the speed at which they've dealt with some of the criticisms. >> reporter: there were allegations of using unhealthy ingredients. since ceo steve estabrook took over mcdonald's in march the company has been more transparent about its ingredients, simplified its menu and beefed up how customers can use it. rolling out a revaldone value meal and a kiosk. >> think the i deof customize
7:38 am
fresher, that it hasn't been sitting under hot lights all day. >> reporter: it's a new twist on an old idea. the trend is gaining momentum. starbucks offers more than 80,000 drink combinations and a taco bell app allow use to preorder. >> the idea of having something the way you want it is distinctly millennial or american now. i think it's here to stay. >> reporter: while customer sat faksz is improving the actual number of people who visit a mcdonald's is on a decline, which is why they're launching a few new menu items. for example in select stores in ohio you can try out mac and cheese in and in select stores in texas you can try out sweet fries. while i can't bring you those items for obvious reasons, i can order whatever you want and
7:39 am
>> thank you. i'd like a bacon egg and cheese biscuit with hash browns. >> sausage mcmuffin with cheese and hotcakes. >> how many points is that on weight watcher. >> >> 15. >> you checked? >> checked. >> you no longer doing that. >> i haven't done it in a long time, charlie. but it's good. i ain't knocking mcdonald's. >> i get it. i grew up eating. >> charlie said, hey, she's at my mcdonald's. when is the last time you've been in there, mr. rose? >> it's been a while. >> you remember. it with us good. it with us good. >> you can just go upstairs in my office. >> el nino is taking their homes ahead. how the intense weather pattern means they can no longer live on the edge. look at these pictures. plus, this dog can go the distance. why a bloodhound is being
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roten wi newr inent urn. 's nexium leveecti. and a dog got loose from its owner and the dog happened upon a half marathon. on. the dog saw all the people and just started running with them. do you see the dog there? she's a 2 1/2-year-old hound dog named luduvene. it sounds like a name of medication for menopause. she did well. she finished seventh place. imagine committing months and months for a marathon and she gets in the race and beats you. >> how cute is that. jimmy kimmel. alabama bloodhound.
7:44 am
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it is 7:56. i'm renee chou. we are still dealing with lingering ice on the roads. let's get to brian shrader to show us trouble spots. >> problems with python secondary roads and also major roads. this is davis tried that highway 54 in durham. the durham county sheriff tweeted this picture of an overturned truck. a lot of ice on the side of the road. you get out there and think the world is mostly dry, then hit an icy spot and end up flipped over. that has happened a couple of times this morning around the triangle. this is a scene from the triangle in north raleigh of the person on twitter to send us that. appreciate that. look at what the neighborhood roads are looking like. sidestreets really messy, still. still ice covered. this is in one of those shaded spots which is going to be a little slower to mouth. nearing highway 55, pretty icy
7:49 am
heading into rtp for more still and cary. also chapel hill police say an overturned vehicle on 54 coming in from chapel hill to carrboro causing traffic delays. one of our earlier reports from twitter indicated that was likely due to ice. several accidents on that stretch of highway. so, it is messy out there. you need to allow plenty of extra time, especially on secondary roads. we're also dealing with a water main break. let's show you this video from earlier, this is in wake forest, highway 98 or durham wrote just to the east of capital boulevard , down to one lane as they try to get this repair. not sure when they are going to be able to get it repaired, but something to keep in mind leaving wake forest heading westward 98 capital blvd. elizabeth, it's surprising with these icy patches and updates that these are mounds of ice that have been slow to mouth. >> you are right. temperatures overnight mainly just above freezing. there have been a couple spots around wake forest dropping
7:50 am
not widespread like yesterday. some lingering ice and maybe a couple of places where it has refrozen into black ice. that is a look at durham. looks beautiful. sunshine through those clouds. you can see the water especially on the ramps that has run off from melting snow that is still on the side of the road. so, you have to be especially careful. anything that looks what could be on the person side. lower visibility south of the triangle with some patchy fog. 32 inner win, 31 in rocky mount. we are going to see sunshine this morning, increasing clouds this aerontoy'high 58.
7:51 am
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anything you want to say about a possible presidential run? how about a possible presidential run? [ inaudible ] have a good day. >> thanks. >> i heard him say have a good day. mayor bloomberg said i don't feel like chatting about that this morning. former new york mayor michael bloomberg happy to talk about the weather this morning but not a possible presidential campaign. cbs news has confirmed he is considering running as an independent if the republicans nominate donald trump or ted cruz or the democrats nominate bernie sanders. >> a lot of ifs. a new come by is out about the financial crisis, "the big short."
8:09 am
on wall street into a contender for five oscars. >> plus the story about super bowl ads. for many they're as popular as the game itself. we'll explore what makes some ads memorable. that's ahead. time for this morning's headlines. the "washington post" focuses on gender when it comes to heart attack. they say it's because women tend to be undertreated. risk factors also have greater impact on women than men. "the miami herald" reports on a safe found at a former home of drug lord pablo escobar. workers found it monday when theyxcavated his property. he hid his wealth in secret compartments. the new owners will keep the property in the bank vault until
8:10 am
>> who owns the money? >> they did. they bought the house. anything else? >> bodies, you're suggesting? drugs. >> where's your brain going? bodies in a safe? okay. the "new york post" report ostown fire commissioner of new york taking heat. a man ordered fire crews to clear his home. at least eight were employed to shuvl a three-foot row. the fire department said they did not miss any call while they were helping him. the stars of "friends" except for matthew perry got together this weekend with actors from the big bang theoriy. yts look at that. they got together for the director who directed both of the shows. facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg is back to work after becoming a dad.
8:11 am
he joked about what he should wear on his first day back on the job. the ceo is known for his hoodie and t-shirt fashion style. he announced the birth of his daughter maxima on december 1st. they're calling her max. i like that. >> good for her. >> yeah. excitement is building for super bowl 50 and its ads. apple introduced its macintosh computer during a game in 1984. everybody say i permanently changed the name. it goes for about $5 million. this is a far cry from the around $40,000 it cost for an ad in super bowl 1i. we spoke too people about the
8:12 am
>> that's my stock. >> my god. >> you iraqi got that big viewing audience and everybody biggest. >> you're playing like betty white out there. girlfriend said. >> there's something about a super bowl commercial that makes everyone bring their a-game. >> off the scoreboard, no rim. >> for me super bowl was about commercials as a kid it's become must-see viewing for everybody. >> go back and look over the earliest super bowls. it's amazing. >> mint in my menthol shaving cream? >> it's just a completely different universe. >> if you don't buy rca, you may be buying an obsolete color tv. >> if you look at that story, that color tv, that evolution, you start in 1984 with the apple ad.
8:13 am
>> from an industry point of game. for the first time people realize they need to do something that has buzz value, is going to be talked about, and we need to have more of a risk. i still get chills thinking about the experience of seeing that ad for the first time. >> many years ago i was invited to do a commercial for pepsi and it launched their new can. it was one of those commercials that had everything. it had a great music, it was sexy and hot but funny. in the end the kids go, is that a great new pepsi can or what. and i think that's why people loved it so much. >> my favorite is a spot we did in 2003 for trident. >> now, then, would you recommend trident for your
8:14 am
>> why didn't the fifth dentist recommend trident. >> noooo! >> it's a career-making move. it can introduce new talent. >> for the commercial i was pretty much just modeling and wanting to get my foot in the door for acting and tv, and so that was just like the big boom. during it i was wearing nude underwear and a nude bra. then at the end of the scene and i bite the burger, i'm in a bathing suit. >> what's the criteria for a good burger bite? >> i don't know. but i had it. >> certainly it's bun one of the a great advertisers. >> you think about what's up. >> what's up that what's up. >> what bud started to do is do advertising on the super bowl
8:15 am
game. the language in that advertising made its way into pop culture. >> one of the most famous ads ever made was the clydesdale ad called the we'll never forget. >> you think about what they did with the clydeales after 9/11. that was pretty serious for the super bowl but it was the right thing to do at that moment. >> i think for super bowl, you want to see the commercials as much as you want to see the game. >> this is the motor city. this is what we do. >> the first thing i do is look at the super bowl advertising. >> hey, ralph, can i have a dorito? >> sure, when pigs fly. >> i think that would be the best way to understand what we were at any point in time. >> oh. >> i knew that. you just knew that was coming. >> you knew that was coming.
8:16 am
about how we live as a culture. >> that cindy crawford. >> i love that one. >> me too. me too. >> really creative people. >> we're obviously counting down to the super bowl 50 right here on cbs. jim nantz and phil simms of cbs sports will bring you all the action from levi's stadium in santa clara on sunday, february 7th. the president and first lady michelle obama live from the white house. that's all here on cbs. >> i wonder if they know i'm coming. i'd better check. >> all right. you probably wouldn't think a movie about the 2008 financial crisis could be built as a
8:17 am
the director adam mckay movie fans know the work of writer, director, producer adam mccame he brought us hit comedies like "anchorman." his newest movie follows the events leading to the 2008 financial crisis from the perspective of four men who see what's coming before anybody else.
8:18 am
fund manager played by steve career. >> hi, honey. >> the therapist called. you did it again. >> there were no cabs. what was i supposed to do. >> you're running around like you have to right every wrong in the world. >> okay. fine. i'm a mean guy and i'm pissed off. you have no idea the kind of grab people are pulling and everybody's walking around like they're in a damn video. they're all getting screwed. you know. you know what they care about? they care about the ball game or what actress went into rehab. >> i think you should try medication. >> no, no. we agreed. it interferes wu work. >> maybe it's time to quit wall street. >> i love my job. >> you hate your job. >> i love my job. >> now it's about fur five oscars. adam mckay.
8:19 am
>> let's talk about this movie. it's built as a comedy. how could this be comedic. it's very serious issues. >> we've always kind of called it a tramedy. >> tragedy and comedy. >> yes. >> that makes more sense. >> it's also about group think, too, isn't it? >> yes. >> everybody has an idea. >> that was a scary moment to realize all these professionals, all these professionals that are math me tishens, even leaders, including all of us, i make movies, we completely missed this, and there was a sense that america could do no wrong and i really think the center of the movie is why did we miss this? what was wrong with our popular consensual culture that we all missed this. >> you pitched yourself for this movie. why? >> it was simply i read the book and the story -- i read it in one night and i just thought i
8:20 am
where the characters were so compelling. it's about everything happening now. we're linking in strange original time and this book brought all that together and it was informative. >> wasn't it personal for you too? >> i did. i had a close relative who lost their house during the collapse. i had a bunch of friends who lost their jobs. i knew there was a housing bubble, issues with the bank, there wasn't enough oversight. but michael lewis's book lit me up as far as getting a human and informational perspective. >> you tried to do that with sub prime mortgages and synthetic ceos to explain them in a humerus way to explain them to the public. >> that was kind of the big idea. i was an english major in college. i didn't study this stuff. i wanted to make sure when we communicated to the public there was a sense of humor to it. so we sort of looked at popular culture and celebrity culture
8:21 am
would happen if every time kim kardashian were on cram she described the libor rate scandal. >> somebody in a bubble bath. >> margo robbie. >> margo robbie in a bubble bath. it came at poking fun at the celebrity culture and talking about it in a fun light way. we didn't feel it was heavy material. we thought it was exciting even though it's often portrayed as boring. >> didn't you feel you needed the green light? >> absolutely. the best thing about these actors. they're not just big names. they're a great actors. you could haven't just big names. you had to have people who could transform in these characters. >> did brad produce this? >> yeah. he was a producer. so when he read the script, he read it and he was just reading it as a producer. so dee dee gardner and jeremy
8:22 am
and said, we have some news, brad read the script. i thought he'd say he hates it. he wants to be in it. so i had him audition. no, no. >> what people say about you adam mckay is often the funniest guy in the room. >> comedians say that. >> comedians say that. >> my mother has said that. >> you iraqi heard it too. so you've got a funny gene. >> yeah. i came from comedy, second city. >> "saturday night live." >> yes, yes. so, yeah, i definitely like to joke around. in fact, one of the interesting things on the movie was i had to watch my tone when we were doing it because there are some heartbreaking scenes in this movie and my instinct is to also keep a very playful set and there were times where i had to go silence on this one. >> you know, there's a lot of controversy this year about the oscars that there were no people of color nominated in the top categories.
8:23 am
that, adam? you're in the huchblt. >> i think we work in the arts. we're writers, we're artists, we're directors. we should welcome these kinds of debates and i think it's a valid point. i was sad to see some people not recognized. if our filmmakers can't embrace this debate, i'm very sad. i was happy to see the academy make some systemic changes that will help with the future of it. but, yeah, i 100% support all the protests and debate about it. at the same time we've made movies protesting other issues. obviously our movie, the banks collapse disproportionately affected can americans around the country. it's a tricky line and spotline is going for a very big target. at the end of the day, completely supported and i agree. there's a diversity issue in hollywood but i have faith our system will fix it. >> the question is when will they get it done and how. >> yeah.
8:24 am
if i become an academy member, which i'm not right now, i will be conscious of my voting patterns. >> congratulations. congratulations. >> thank you. >> big learning lesson. very well done. >> i appreciate it. >> "the big short" is still in theaters.
8:25 am
we'll be right back. that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" tonight. and for news any time anywhere, watch our 24 hour news digital
8:26 am
we'll see you tomorrow welcome back. 1008:55. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. we still have traffic troubles related to the ice. brian shrader, tell us more. >> stubborn ice especially in shaded areas. secondary roads on the northern side of wake county also into durham county, orange county and points to the north. a lot of neighborhood streets also still ice covered. many people on twitter have been sending us pictures from the neighborhoods especially on the north side of raleigh. they all look pretty similar to this with neighborhood streets completely ice covered this morning. not sure when that is going to melt because it's going to be a little while before the sun gets high enough to do much melting. even though temperatures are not that bad right now, it's going to take a little while. there's a look at pickwick driving raleigh, another twitter follower sent us this
8:27 am
from leesville. there are a number of icy patches reported on the northern side of wake county. at this point, wake county schools still on a three-hour delay. elizabeth, what do you anticipate for temperatures for the rest of the morning? >> it's going to be pretty nice. very quickly we warm up into the 40s and climb up into the 50s late this afternoon. it is that sunshine that we will depend on to do heavy lifting with that melting. we are seeing some of that in foxboro. we do have high, thin cloud cover. we had sunshine yesterday filtered by the clouds so did not melt a lot of the snow and ice left up there in roxboro. another issue we have had this morning is some folks out the raleigh, especially for hornet county and cumberland county. that is beginning to improve especially in cumberland
8:28 am
85 and erwin, 41 in fayetteville, 43 in southern pines and 37 at roxboro. most of our temperatures are above freezing. again, there is a high of 58 this afternoon. better chance of sun this morning, increasing clouds this afternoon. hopefully we get a good bit of melting done early. wednesday, cloudy, cool and wet with a high of 45 degrees. back to you. >> thanks. unc board of governors meets in chapel hill today. the first meeting without former assistant present tom ross. members are expected to vote on a replacement for elizabeth city state university chancellor who resigned last month after being on the job this year. utility workers are on the scene of a water main break in wake forest that the 12 inch water main break close part of highway 90 in your capital boulevard near tyler run dry. several neighborhoods are without water. and, the repairs are expected to take about six hours. we are days away from the iowa caucuses. today at noon, a look at how republican and democratic candidates hope to persuade voters. also armed and dangerous. today at 4:00 on x50, the search expands for three escaped inmates. also, which vehicles are most and least loved. consumer reports surveyed 200,000 car owners to see if they would buy their car again. 5 on your side chairs the
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and >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." after meeting only once, they tied the knot.
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