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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  NBC  January 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> can you win this thing? >> pelley: also tonight, news about two threats to women's health. zika virus and heart disease. cbs news exposes questionable spending by the nation's largest veterans charity. >> we're using our injurie our darkest days, our hardships to make money. >> pelley: and he turned deadpan into an art form. remembering and vigoda. >> what's your anniversary? >> some time in february. [laughter] >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: first votes in the presidential election are six days away, and the republican race in iowa is as tight as it can be. a new poll out today shows donald trump leading ted cruz by two points, essentially a tie. marco rubio is the only other
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here's major garrett. >> reporter: donald trump won endorsements today from evangelical leader jerry falwell, jr., and arizona chip joe arpaio, giving trump immigration. >> we have so many incredible endorsements. iowa. i'm doing very, very well with the evangelicals, as you know and as you can see. >> reporter: ted cruz argued he's the most conservative candidate on iueefded feand y. defd sec dmenwhoinst obamacare? >>. >> reporter: and his campaign is running this ad against trump. >> i am pro-choice in every respect. >> i can do it better than anybody. >> reporter: meanwhile, marco rubio is fighting to be the party's mainstream alternative. can you win the iowa caucus? >> i'm going to do well in iowa and new hampshire, and we'll be the nominee when this is said and done. >> reporter: trump threatened
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because of fox news moderator megyn kelly. >> kelly is biased against me. >> reporter: kelly's only offense, ask trump tough questions. >> you've called women you don't look fat pig, dogs, and disgusting animals. >> reporter: fox is standing with kelly. trump said he will most likely not participate in the fox debate for a campaign that knows turnout is vital to victory, that's the riskiest strategy imaginable. >> pelley: on the democratic side, hillary clinton leads bernie sanders nationally by 12 points, and this is the first time she has been under 50%. we have more now on their battle for iowa from nancy cordes. >> reporter: sanders got a hero's welcome today at a steelworkers union hall in des moines, where his pro-worker message has clearly found some fans. >> you ready for a radical idea? we're going to create an economy
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not just billionaires. >> reporter: union members make up about 10% of iowa's workforce and can provide key homestretch. sanders has locked up support from the u.s. postal workers and national nursings united. clinton is backed by the american federation of teachers and the service employees union. >> you will know that you have a friend in the white house. >> reporter: at a forum monday night, clinton was confronted by a young sanders voter. >> i've heard from quite a few people my age that they think you're dishonest. >> you know, look, i've been around a long time. people have thrown all kinds of things at me. >> reporter: we asked sanders what he thought. do you view secretary clinton as dishonest? >> no. i have known secretary clinton for 25 years. this is a distinguished woman who has worked for many, many years. i like secretary clinton. we have differences of opinion on important issues.
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his supporters today he can only win here in iowa if turnout is better than average. that's an acknowledge. , scott, that many of his fans are younger people who make for less reliable caucusgoers. >> pelley: and worth remembering iowa is just the starting line in a process that's going to go long into the spring. nancy cordes, thanks very much. washington's mayor plans to lift the snow emergency tomorrow evening. for now the city is still moving at half speed with the streets clogged. the same in baltimore, which led to a dangerous situation overnight. here's kris van cleave. >> reporter: this fire in baltimore spread to five row houses when firefighters couldn't get their trucks to the unplowed street. residents had to help drag fire hoses through the snow. >> my mother's house wouldn't have burnt to the ground if there hadn't been snow in the
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>> joe keebler and debra fetchik's mother lost their home. >> i'm just happy my mother is safe. >> reporter: frustration in washington, d.c., is growing. >> i think d.c. government needs a new plan in spring. >> gil schwartz has had enough. >> i think three days is outrageous. it should be cleared off. there are older people here and people who really rely upon being able to get out. >> reporter: others took to twitter using the #snowstuck to complain. a capitol hill staffer wrote, "it's come to this." this woman posted, 50 of her parents neighbors are shoveling and snowblowing their street instead of waiting for a blow. the clean-up remains an around-the-clock effort as fears loom of a nightmare commute when the federal government reopens. d.c.'s chris geldart. why is the city not doing what new york did where they said, anybody who is over a certain age that's able-bodied, we'll pay you to come out and help dig the city out. >> i don't care where you are in
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an urban environment requires clean-up. that's what we're going to see probably at least over next 48 hours and going into the end of the week. >> reporter: d.c. schools are celt to open tomorrow. other school districts could remain closed through the rest of the week. scott, we heard from the national parks service today that they've removed enough snow off the national mall to fill the washington monument more than 18 times. >> pelley: kris van cleave, thanks very much. today we learned why a texas grand jury investigating planned parenthood indicted two of its critics instead. the anti-abortion activists went undercover to shoot controversial videos of planned parenthood employees. here's jan crawford. >> reporter: the undercover videos were explosive. >> don't low ball it. tell me what you really think. >> reporter: they sparked criminal investigations across the country into whether planned parenthood was illegally selling aborted fetal tissue. but the surprise indictment by a
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undercover activist sandra merritt and david dalieden broke the law when they allegedly used fake california driver's licenses and posed at buyers of fetal parts. dalieden says their undercover techniques were the same as other investigative journalist, a point underscored by constitutional scholars like cornell university's michael dorf. >> this could set a dangerous precedent and chill undercover investigations by legitimate journalists. >> reporter: these are tactics often exposed by activist seeking to expose wrongdoing. just last summer activist won a free speech victory when a federal judge struck down a land banning undercover operations in the dairy industry. lynn winmill discussed "the jungle," when upton sinclair exposed unfair labor practice,
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unniry conditions of meat sanitary plants in the 1900s. >> a lot of these institutions operate in secret. so you need somebody to go under false pretenses because otherwise there's in way that the public will get access to them. >> reporter: it also raises the question of who is a journalist. those are activist as opposed to reporters from a news organization, but now, scott, everyone can post things online and say, this also is journalism. >> pelley: jan crawford tonight. jan, thank you. now we have a cbs news investigation into a charity for wounded veterans. what caught our attention is how the wounded warrior project spends donations as compared to other long-respected charities. for example, the disabled american veterans charitable service trust spends 96% of its
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now i use th nico cq patc wi uniextend ase logy helps prevent the ur to sll d i his toe mytime at's whyhoos rm c ery nce po numb t evsurancmpan tandlife ose ser fferest e etur usaa. we know what it meanerveget uran qte and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> pelley: men and women are not equal when it comes to heart attacks. often the symptoms and causes are different. according to a new statement by
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here again is dr. jon lapook. >> that looks fantastic. >> reporter: two years ago 54-year-old vanessa noel, a shoe designer, started having what she called episodes. >> i had chest tightening, but more than the chest tightening, it was radiating up to my bottom jaw. >> reporter: three doctors missed the diagnosis, but four months later while in the middle of getting an ultrasound of her heart, the cause became very clear. >> i was told i had a heart attack, and that i was very lucky girl, that i got there so quickly that if i had left her office, the doctor told me, and did this on the street, i wouldn't have survived. >> heart disease in women is underresearched, underdiagnosed and undertreated. >> reporter: dr. holly andersen is a doctor. >> it's not surprising that once a woman gets heart disease she will do worse and be more likely to die than a man.
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finds 26% of women die in the first year after heart attack, compared to 19% of men. during treatment, complication rates areigher for women. and while chest pain is still the most common symptom for men and women, women are more likely than men to have atypical symptom, such as that teenage, nausea or pain that is not in the chest. in fact, 42% of women with heart attacks experience no chest pain. >> women are harder to diagnose, but even if they are diagnosed correctly, they will be less likely to receive all the guideline-derived medication to treat this disease. >> reporter: diagnosis in women is more challenging because symptoms like fatigue and nausea don't point directly to the heart, but there is also undertreatment after heart attack. less than 20% of women get cardiac rehab, which is considered standard therapy, scott. >> pelley: jon lapook, thank you very much, doctor.
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>>pechabhraef w am are t ie ce odst agnd htatu dead orive,e aunning gag re l first came to prominence a se onhher sithe the mobster whayed melle >> that michael was only business. i always liked him. >> pelley: he died today at 94. and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight.
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>>coulanyone survive this?
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