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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  January 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rtoaiv here is martin o'malley taking off his jacket, rolling up his sleeves, loosening his tie. why would he do that?
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will just spontaneously go casual, all right? they make themselves -- it makes working. sometimes, they will even -- they will even roll up a sleeve like this or maybe put their foot up in a position that no one. it lets the audience know, let the awedudience know they are day. >> stephen colbert showing off his calves. all right, stephen. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, is a powerful veterans charity failing to answer its own call to help our troops? chip reid continues his investigation into the wounded warrior project. amazon and netflix are snapping up movies from sundance. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" says it might take decades for the united states to leave
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american troops were supposed to pull out by 2017. senior military officials are concerned the afghan government remains vulnerable to militant attacks, plus, al qaeda camps. the detroit news reports on ford recalling 391,000 pickups after an airbag death. the recall covers rangers from trucks. they have takata air bags. ford is aware of one death related to this. a school district canceling classes today after a principal was killed saving students from a bus crash. jordan was with an elementary principal for 22 years. yesterday, a bus jumped the curb and jordan was hit after pushing several students out of the way. "the new york times" reports on a brain disease linking to
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in a former new york giant who died. 27-year-old tyler sash died in september after an accidental overdose of painkillers. doctors found traumatic encephalopathy in his brain. it has been found in dozens of ex-nfl players but doctors say it was very advanced for someone of his age. "time" reports you soon won't need your atm card to get your money as long as you have a smartphone. atms will let you access your account from the chase smartphone app. withdrawal limits increase to $3,000 and customers have their choice of new domination of bills. >> i like that. wounded warrior project is the nation's most recognizable veterans charity. the organization has invested heavily in fund-raising. the charity says this philosophy best positions it to carry out
7:28 am
empower wounded warriors. but, for the first time, wounded employees are talking about programs they say fall short. chip reid and our producer investigated this for us. chip is in washington. >> reporter: many service members have said wounded warrior projects programs have positively affected their lives. now, for the first time former employees of the charity, are that it is straying from its mission. >> the job. helping thousands of our warriors rebuild their lives is massive and growing every day. >> reporter: their commercials are easy to recognize and hard to miss. >> with the pledge of $19 a month and you'll receive this wounded warrior project blanket. >> reporter: the charity is heavy in investment d fu-raising has paid off, bringing in more than $300 million in donations in 2014.
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millette came home with a purple heart and along with a traumatic brain damage and ptsd. wounded warrior project enrolled him in their program that helps wounded warriors succeed. in 2013 the charity hired him as a public speaker. but millette quit last year. he said it's more like a fund-raising vehicle. >> they will tell you it's not, but it is. i began to see how an organization that rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars a year, is not helping my brothers and my sisters or at least not all of them. >> reporter: cbs news has interviewed more than three dozen former employees of the wounded warrior project and nearly all of them have told us they are concerned that the organization has become more
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many of those former staffers believe that after raising more than $1 billion since 2003, the charity should be providing more comprehensive services to wounded veterans. >> i think they want to show warriors a good time. i think they get these warriors out on these events, but where is the follow-up? >> reporter: these two former employees didn't want to show their faces, fearing retaliation. >> a lot of the warriors that i saw needed mental health treatment. they don't get that from the wounded warrior project. >> reporter: what happens when pyou make a suggestion that there is a better way to serve veterans? >> if you have a brain and you use your brain and come up with an idea, within a matter of time, you're off the bus. >> reporter: off the bus? >> they don't need you. it's their way or the highway. >> i would raise issues why don't we do follow-up and why don't we have any case management? >> reporter: how would they respond? >> we don't call warriors. warriors call us.
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>> warriors call them. again, as a disabled veterans, it just makes me sick. >> thank you. it's a pleasure to be here. >> reporter: wounded warrior project declined our repeated request to interview its ceo steven nardizzi but they offered this captain, its director of alumni. we have heard multiple times is that people go to -- to -- to soldier bike rides or project odyssey, and then they never hear from wounded warrior project again. is there mental health follow-up? >> wounded warrior project contact wounded warriors multiple time over the course of the year. we contact each and every one of our wounded warriors on their birth month to be able to check in and see how they are doing and see if they need any of their programs and have multiple opportunities for them and us to pull up to see how they are doing.
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five years -- mark owens of the irs. what was your biggest concern in reading these forms? >> that i couldn't tell the number of people that were assisted. i thought that was truly unusual. >> reporter: they do put some of those numbers on the website. >> yes, they do. >> reporter: what is the difference? >> signed under penalties of perjury. >> reporter: penalties of perjury? so you got to be careful? >> that's right. you have to be certain. >> reporter: erick millette expects retalltation from wounded warrior project but says that won't stop him. >> as a wounded veteran, i feel other veterans need a voice. i'm in a position where i can be their vinsoice and i feel if i don't stand up and do weigh feel is right and voice their concerns and how i feel, then i'm leaving them behind. >> reporter: captain cools, the wounded warrior projects representative said donations
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it is committing over 300 million dollars and in a partnership with four hospitals nationwide that will provide outpatient mental health services to post-911 veterans. >> we hope everybody does right by the veterans is what we hope. >> a lot of interesting questions there. an investigation sparked a tremendous response from veterans and still more to come. we will bring you the latest tonight on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> reporter: amazon and netflix on a spending binge to buy new movies. how the streaming movies are taking on hollywood to change the way we watch. that is ahead. if you're heading out the door, watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device. take us with you! you won't want to miss chelsea
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mult by nciasors dea and it's how edward jones sense nves super bowl 50 will be peyton manning's fourth championship and it could be his last. the 39-year-old is hinting about a possible retirement and this morning, the associated press said the nfl has launched a comprehensive review of allegations that manning had human growth hormones shipped to his house. on sunday, nfl cameras caught this exchange between manning and patriots coach bill belichick after the broncos win. >> this might be my last rodeo. >> manning will be the oldest quarterback ever in nfl history to start a super bowl. you had asked, i wonder what they said to each other and now
7:44 am
>> could be the last rodeo. >> now they are thinking those microphones are everywhere! >> they are! >> they are, indeed. we are counting down to super bowl 50 right here on cbs. we will bring you the big showdown between the panthers and broncos on sunday, february 7th. right before the game, watch gayle's interview with president obama and first lady michelle obama live from the white house. >> are you excited about that? >> i am. i'm looking forward to it. i wonder if they are as excited as i am. chris licht said, no, they are not. thank you, chris. we are talking about the wives of the nfl champions, they show us how they dealt with everything from who got tickets and keeping their own excitement and check on the big day. they will talk with dana
7:45 am
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"consumer reports" takes on natural food labeling and a story just out this morning. the magazine survey found more than 60% of americans buy products labeled natural but two-thirds believe natural means more than it does. and for processed foods. the label offers no clear meaning. the director of consumer safety and sustainability at "consumer reports" and she joins us at the i believe we heard this before and you said we have but what? administration is finally going to open up a comment period and hear what the public has to stay about this problem. >> because it says natural doesn't always mean natural. >> that is right. consumers think it means no colors. no gmos, for example.
8:04 am
for meat they think it means no drugs that the animals were raised outside and led some sort of natural life and it doesn't mean any of that. >> what are examples of products that are labeled natural that may not be so? >> in our "consumer reports" story out today, we feature seven different products and february is a month of products we are going to feature. the first product is del monte fruit naturals which contains artificial preservatives like sodium benzoate and you can use a natural label. another product is wesson oil. it's often soy bean or canola or vegetable ail and those are from modified crops but most consumers don't think there should be gmos in natural
8:05 am
finally we feature a root beer that has acaramel color. >> james smucker says the color for their root beer comes from natural ingredients and del monte has not responded. who ultimately decides what and is not? >> part of it nothing is on the books when it comes for the faeds faeds food and drug administration and they do consider all colors to be artartificial. we are saying the lack of government standards allows companies to mislabel in a misleading way and we have been able to document that the mantle of consumers are being misled on the market. >> you want a tump stand from the government? >> that's right. we want them to ban it altogether if they don't have the will to define it or define it it's so meaningful that can cannot mislead consumers. >> how as a consumer do you know this is natural? >> exactly right. as opposed to organic which has
8:06 am
and is verified is not perfect but has that and natural doesn't require any of those thing, yet half think it's verified and two-thirds think it's no gmos and no artificial ingredients. >> your poll found 80% of people would buy more natural if their expectations were met. this should be something the food industry wants to meet. >> absolutely right. this could be a win/win for everybody. the fact of the matter is people want better food and better foot practices and they want labels that stack up to those expectations. >> you hope the best companies would want the same thing. >> exactly right. we know some companies out there haven't even taken the natural
8:07 am
>> thank 8:25. i'm bill leslie with your top stories. playhouse in raleigh -- a house fire in raleigh sent a woman to the hospital. firefighters were called to the fire at home on hanover street about 5:00 this mine. we are told the woman was treated to burns to the hands and smoke inhalation but is expected to be okay. another water main in wake forest in the same location as a break yesterday. the 12 inch water main broke this morning on durham road between capital boulevard and tyler run drive. and the new section of pipe that was installed yesterday. the break has been repaired, water has been restored. advocates for immigrants plant a visual this evening to protest recent government raids targeting illegal immigrants. the plan on gathering at the wake county detention center starting at 5:00. here's the weather with mike moss. >> thanks, bill.
8:08 am
of day. will take a look at those. 49 degrees at the raleigh durham airport. a little cooler toward the north with 43 in roxborough and sohwl,6 ein and fayetteville and 50 degrees in both goldsboro and southern pines. looking at satellite and radar, there is a plume of moisture flowing across the region along with a cold front settling across central north carolina this morning. 12 sourcing patchy sprinkles and areas of light rain. that will continue off and on through the morning and maybe early afternoon in a few spots. still a chance of rain at that point, we may see temperatures dipped down to about 46 in the triangle by then and only, beloved through the afternoon. mostly cloudy but turning mainly dry to the afternoon, about 48 by 3:00 or 4:00, probably ranging from mid-40s in the north to some low 50s in the south, and then we fall back to the evening hours with mainly dry weather, down to about 41 by 8:00 p.m. and tonight will have a chance of rain in the south and could see pics of rain in places
8:09 am
now over to brian for an update on traffic. 8:27. still see a number of accidents on the like a map including one that is blocking simkins road at horseshoe drive not too far from lake wheeler road. apparently it is a serious accident and we have a crew on the way to find out more about that. stay tuned as this continues on fox50. we hope to have more details. taking a wide you on the triangle on the map, we are still single is on the northbound side of the durham freeway. easing up a little bit the we're going to run into a backup between tw alexander drive and downtown durham. 40s bouncer looks good heading into the park, 40 w. and also on pretty good shape. originally supported by with some clearing up nicely, slows down a little bit between weight and harrison this morning and maybe a little bit of a backup on outbound wade avenue trying to merge into that traffic on 40 westbound but over on the back right now toward the park from west raleigh.
8:10 am
creekmore road welcome, welcome back to "cbs this morning."
8:11 am
chelsea handlers offers a different kind of monologue, you could say. what does she teach a young chelsea about dating and others. >> a hidden side of super bowl fever. the wives of drew brees and mccaffrey and ben watson pull back the curtains. that is ahead. right now it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines. los angeles times reports on a yoga guru ordered to pay nearly $6 million in a sexual harassment suit. his former legal adviser accused him of harassment. choudhury denies the allegations. six others have charged him of sexual assault. an entire staff for the panthers are going to the super bowl. the owner jerry richardson did
8:12 am
panthers made the championship game back in 2004. i think that is great team spirit. >> hallelujah! >> i don't know him but i like that jerry richardson. special hug. >> he would like you too. >> do you know him? >> yes. >> of course you do! you must make the introduction. i like him. >> he is from north carolina. >> of course, of course. >> a connection there. >> you're right. of course. duh? "the washington post" reports only women showed up for a morning session in the senate after the blizzard. senator lisa majkowski said she only saw women. and two pages. she says is speaks to the hardiness of women and i love this quote. she called it genuinely fabulous! >> that is unbelievable! just goes to show you. >> absolutely does. i'm with you. >> we are hail and hardy, norah. >> chelsea handler is the latest celebrity to make the move to netflix with a new documentary
8:13 am
she has worn many different hats including comedian and author and host of her late night show for seven years. as the show ended and she prepared to launch her netflix area, the 40-year-old took time to write a letter of advice to herself at age 20. here is chelsea handler in the latest segment of our emmy nominated series "note to self." >> you are very sweet. you are not fat. dear you. i know you're scared being so far away from your family and in a city where you know few people and you have no money. but you are brave to move all the way across the country when you were 20. i know you don't think of yourself as brave, but that is exactly what you republican this is the first of many big leaps in your life. don't forget this time, you are direction-less in the best possible way!
8:14 am
in a little restaurant in santa monica, california, called rosti and one of a dozen restaurants you will be fired from. you do not have to take every little injustice that happens at a restaurant and make it into your battle cry. you are not joan of arc and never will be. wait until you do something you care about and save your passion for that. i'm a little late getting here because i had to get to starbucks tonight. i'm not kidding. my career is totally taking off! don't expect immediate results of anything. my mom is mormon and my dad is jew. okay, pick one. i'm like, oh, okay. be patient. i know you hate hearing that but be patient. i want to get my tubes tied. i don't know if they can do it. >> put in the time and effort and wait for the award. it will come. you will not wait tables forever. you will live out every moment
8:15 am
and breathe. please start eating healthy now. it becomes too much to unravel later. do you think i'm too old to get married? >> no. >> no. >> do you think i have a decent figure? >> yes. >> thank you. you have to create good habits now. stop drinking soda and don't ever drink another soda again. start a relationship with water. i know you don't like the taste, but put something in it -- lemon. you can still drink alcohol as much as you want as long as you do everything else i say. guys, don't try to get me to clean up my act. you drink too much! you sweat too much! waa! waa! waa! you are drunk all the time and you would be tired too! you have a very healthy foundation with alcohol and i will never take that away from you. chelsea, you tweeted something
8:16 am
said, do you think it's okay to drink while you're pregnant? if you're planning on giving the baby up for adoption. cigarettes are harder to quit the longer you smoke, so pick an age or a number under 30 and stop the day you turn that number. you're good at quitting things, so make sure you quit the bad things too. don't take a water pill, a sleeping pill, or a diet pill. they are only shortcuts and shortcuts only last for a short period of time and eventually you'll have to face the music and it is not a pretty song. i know the worst way to meet guys. everybody is so creepy here! everybody is, like, a editor or any money! the world is full of men, so look at dating realistically and think about how you want to be remembered when you break up. >> think of every relationship
8:17 am
as a soul mate. there are soul mates everywhere in life and, most oftentimes, they are not your lovers. they are very, very cute, you know this, right? >> do you have a boyfriend? >> do not reach out to exboyfriends when you've been drinking. i don't know how to make yourself stop doing it, but stop! i want to know what you drink to keep your body like that because what i'm drinking is not working! i'm so sick of you. this is why you're dangerous! because you're like 11 and you're tricking me! >> you're a host, right? >> baly rely! you'll be exhausted most of your life, but it will be worth it, and i'm telling you, it is. there you go. don't listen to people who are telling you you're doing too much. >> really? >> that is who you are. flex your grit. >> i like you. >> i like you too.
8:18 am
it force yous you to move on. i never got a chance to be serious and say thank you and i want you to know i'm grateful for this career. thank you very much. enjoy the struggle of the unknown because you will have the life you always dreamed of. be good to all of the people that love you and let them always know that you love them back. and don't ever listen to anyone who tells you you can't, because you can and you will and you do. love you! >> love you back, chelsea! that was great! so great! it was brave to move across country at 20 where you don't know anybody but i know you like don't listen to people who tell you you're doing too much, charlie rose! >> i know. not for a second. >> so true. that was great. >> go, chelsea. go paige. you too, craig. speaking of wives. the wives of super bowl
8:19 am
they prepare for the big game. >> as a wife, you're trying to stay as calm as you can for your husband. somehow, you feel, since you have no control, that that is the one vehicle you can control are your own emotions. >> but what are you actually thinking? >> you want to throw up! >> i'll bet. plus found out which movie
8:20 am
before he won the s the road to super bowl 50 is very exciting for the players and their families too. while the broncos and the panthers prepare for what happens on the field. the players families are dealing with logistical challenges including ticket requests from everybody they know and their cat. dana jacobson spoke with three super bowl wives to see what the next week and a half will be like from the inside. dana, go morning. >> reporter: good morning. the teams do a great job of protecting the players and managing expectations from the media but it's the wives of super bowl-bound athletes who often have to manage everything else. as we learned from these veterans of the game, holding it together when the world is watching isn't as easy as it looks. super bowl week is like what? >> it's like somebody says you have to plan a wedding in about ten days and you're praying the whole time it doesn't turn into
8:21 am
am i wrong? lisa mccaffrey and brittany brees are married to super bowl champions and all played a key role in the days before the game. >> you're kind of the gatekeeper, so to speak. so you're protecting your husband and making sure no added stress is put on his plate so you're making everyone has hotel rooms and tickets and everyone is happy. >> you're like maintaining, you know, a good face for everyone that week. so all of that you kind of just take on saying, i got this part. you just go play football. >> as a wife, you're trying to stay as calm as you can for your husband. somehow, you feel, since you have no control, that that is the one thing you can control, are your own emotions. >> but what are you actually thinking? >> you want to throw up! >> reporter: what what is the memory have you from the super bowl people might be surprised to hear? >> oh, gosh. i know that the day of the game,
8:22 am
the room and watched a movie, which was so stressful, because, you know, you have all of these emotions going through you but you're trying to hold it all in and pretend nothing is wrong, everyday. it's a night game. >> a night game, yeah! game. breakfast tomorrow? >> what did you watch? >> it was "major league." yours? >> it was on tv. the only one that was tv. >> ed mccaffrey is so big and strong. >> reporter: ed won two super bowls. one with san francisco and two with denver. how about your first super bowl week compared to the third super bowl week you went through? >> my goons. i know being incredibly young and just had a baby and wide-eyed and just overwhelmed. but by the third one, you sort of have it down a little better and you know, okay, i'm not bringing my 1-year-old who can't sit still. i'm leaving him home with a babysitter but i'll bring the older ones that can handle a
8:23 am
so you kind of get a little wiser. >> brittany, you brought a 1-year-old. >> i did. >> you helped to create this iconic picture that everybody thinks of when they think of certainly the saints winning the super bowl. >> i remember holding the baby and my mom is running with me. you don't know where you are. confetti is flying everywhere and it's just this overwhelming kind of experience. i handed the baby to drew really kind of savely. just get him out of the situation. and seeing him just hold him, it gets emotional so easy! why am i getting emotional on this? >> unlike brittany, it was like the perfect iconic picture with little boy wearing the cute headphones protecting his ears. we were throwing kids over the side. there is no tunnel, no organized path. there was a picture in "sports illustrated" one of my kids just by himself running on the field, no parents anywhere! and he was way too young to be by himself.
8:24 am
yeah, parents failed yet again. it was a little more chaotic. >> kristen you had the opposite end of emotions. what was it like waiting in the tunnel and then you don't get the outcome that you want? >> right. so that season, it was a perfect season. >> kristen and benjamin watson were engaged when he won his first super bowl and married when he played in his second, which lost to the patriots in 2008. >> benjamin watson, the intended receiver. >> i was like i think we are going to win so i'm just going to jump this wall! >> brady. >> then for us, the ball dropped. broke broken up! >> i was thinking, no, this is not how it's supposed to end. we don't know what it feels like to lose this season and the clock is ticking down. you're just realizing that we are not going to on the field. you see one team celebrating and one team just devastated.
8:25 am
advice to the women who are embarking upon super bowl week and their families, what would that be? >> i would say live in the moment. try to soak it in and appreciate it and don't worry so much. >> i would even say the things that seem super important really aren't that important. >> i wish i could go back and enjoy it. i think that is probably my only regret of the entire time is, you know, you're so concerned with making sure everyone else is okay, but you don't get a second to take a deep breath and enjoy it. it's all a blur. you just don't get a second to kind of just realize just what happened. >> while brittany and kristen are hopeful to get to the super bowl, lisa is hoping her son gets to the football. that is christian mccaffrey at 2. he is a running back at stanford and runner-up for the heisman
8:26 am
wore his dad's number while he was at duke and he is entering the draft this year and a lot of talk he could be a late round pick. >> intrigue! >> the wives play such a key role. i love it. they took us there with your interview, dana. do they get anything? i know the guys get the big ginormous rings. >> they get a smaller version of the ring or a pendant. like the guys who pull it out come super bowl time they don't wear it around. brittany brees doesn't want to wear it because drew is still playing and feels she will hold off. >> great interview. really great. >> great women. three cops and a baby. up next, a little surprise in the big apple.
8:27 am
a big debut for a newborn boy along new york city's busiest road, fdr drive. police officers responded to a 911 call with a woman on the way to the hospital. >> it was nice to bring on that side to help bring somebody into the world. it was nice. >> reporter: officers checked in on the newly expanded family at the hospital. >> no one will forget it. >> among the qualities you're looking for in a man, would a plane help? >> no. i want a good sense of humor! somebody who wants to save the world!
8:28 am
evening news" with 8:55. good morning, everybody. i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm renee chou. ahaz committee will take a look at a proposal to take over low performing schools in the state and create a statewide school district. the five lowest performing schools will be placed in what would be called the achievement school district. several groups have raised concerns about those proposals. >> today, volunteers in durham and fayetteville will take account of people living without a home it is called the point in time count. last year, cumberland county volunteers added up 600 individuals while durham county count more than 800. let's get a check on the forecast with mike moss. >> thanks. we'll take a look at temperatures around the area on the warm side of normal this time of day. 44 henderson, 46 lewisburg and 47 rocky mount.
8:29 am
station in raleigh, we have, well, it just dropped to 45 the button. 46 in erwin, 47 clinton, 46 fayetteville. laurinburg at 47. there we see an area of moisture flowing in from the south and west and there is a front moving southeast across north carolina as well. that has been producing patchy areas of sprinkles and light rain, most of that up over northern and northeastern parts of the viewing area. some drizzle around oxford over to lewisburg and light rain of virginia line. we think that the chance of rain is going to drop off afternoon. about 46 degrees at lunchtime. we come back up to about 48 by 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon in the triangle. at that time, range from mid- 40s to low 50s in the south, falling back to 41 by 8:00 p.m. and tonight we may be developed south. now over to brian for an update on the roads. eight: 57th year with and unfortunate that the accident on simkins road and horseshoe drive and severally that we have been following this morning, apparently an 18-year- old man died in the accident. we are working to learn more
8:30 am
tells us that that was a single vehicle accident there on simkins road at horseshoe and at last check, simkins road was still close not too far from lake wheeler road. again, we are working on more details and will have an update on what we have learned coming up at noon today on wral and of still have accidents in the west raleigh. working to get more details. check as you head out later on this morning to get an update on conditions there. an earlier accident at saunders and carolina pines is all clear. looks like earlier delays around creekmore and millbrook road with an accident d clearing stages, those delays also cleared up. >> thank you. taking steps to make sure everyone's vote counts. today at noon we show you how new machines will allow visually impaired voters to cast ballots. plus, oregon state and federal authorities arrest
8:31 am
occupying a federal wildlife >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." this mom found out her husband went to a strip club. >> dr. phil: 21 years ago. >> announcer: why did she buy breast implants? >> dr. phil: do you wish you didn't?
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