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tv   WRAL News Noon  NBC  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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atntd, s levi stadium is looking more gold than 49er read these days because crews are putting finishing touches on the field for super bowl 50. they are busy painting the nfl logo in gold and black at the 50 yard line. fans will notice a lot of 50s this year. no roman numerals anywhere. they decided to mark the anniversary with a big 5-0. >> we will go back to roman numerals again next year in houston. but with 50 being such a unique and special year, we wanted to stand out even more. dry weather in california is giving crews to catch up -- time to catch up on decorating the field, and lost time due to el nino storms. smt is based in durham and
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company that creates those cool yellow lines that mark the first downs. but that is only the beginning. wral's catherine -- wral's kathryn brown took a tour and shows us what they will be responsible for on game day. >> reporter: the yellow first downlines may be nothing new but the technology behind them is constantly evolving and it's all happening at this office in durham. >> the weather changes, lighting changes, shadows change and so we have to tell processing power to keep up. >> reporter: don tupper is part of a team heading to atlanta next week preparing for super bowl 50. they will be shoulder to shoulder with producers at the begin turning out the graphics that you see on tv. >> every single nfl player is wearing a chip at all times. and so we get interesting information. in this particular example, rob gronkowski, we know every
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>> something happens, it will come back and we will see a replay, and we can be ready to put down virtual graphics or statistics based on the data coming from the players. >> reporter: new technologies are rolled out each week like the 3-d graphics unveiled at the afc championship game. >> objects that appear to be standing on the field presenting information. >> reporter: new for the super bowl, a supersize graphics package. >> our intelligence engine. >> reporter: with data coming in from every player on the field 10 times per second, the new technology will quickly analyze it and protect chances of success on any given play. information that typically is not available for a week after statisticians for over the data. smt is taking a live. >> you are telling the fans the store so they can get more involved in a game and excited about, hey, this looks like it's going to be a successful
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let's see what happens. >> that is pretty cool. kathryn brown reporting. the company has been doing the super bowl since 2000, but also delivers data and graphics for ncaa basketball, the pga tour, indy 500, nascar, national hockey league, triple crown, and much more. we have a team headed to the panthers. kathryn brown will join jeff bradley, gerald owens, mandy mitchell and jared in santa clara bring you unique stories in the panthers, but the game, and all of the festivities , live reports begin monday. >> everyone at the station is officially jealous. 12:26 now. residents filed another lawsuit against the city of flint, michigan. it is the fourth concerning toxic water. >> find out what makes this one different from other lawsuits filed, plus, some of the leaders and organizations trying to come up with a solution to the problem. it's not just women lining up at the cosmetic calendar hoping to find a way to better their appearance anymore, now it's the men, too. in just a few minutes, how it
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su residence in flint, michigan while the fourth lawsuit against the city demanding water mains to be replaced at no cost to them, plus the one alleged violations of the safe water drinking act resolved. >> this lawsuit does not demand any financial compensation like others. as adriana diaz reports, there is more than one suggestion on how to make things right. >> reporter: michigan governor rick snyder joined the flint mayor today updating residents about the water crisis. >> more is getting done. we are going to keep doing more and be committed to the people of flint. >> i told governor snyder that flint residents should not have
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