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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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been stopped. >> things could turn brighter and warmer, i will have your weekend outlook. >> live from raleigh, wral starts right now. >> we start with breaking news a deadly pedestrian accident causing a major backup in wake county. a live look athighway 70 near garner. the ramp on highway 27 is closed right now while officials are investigating. >> people who are already on the ramp to proceed. we areworking to learn more of the details of the circumstance of s of this crash and we'll keep you updated. >> good evening and thank you for joining us, i am david crabtree. >> i am debra morgan. >> breaking news alert went out this afternoon when the school decided to suspend all activities. that decisioncame
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hospitalized. >> we have been told by duke officials that with are not invited to the meeting. we have been giving insights of what will be discussed. we have been told they'll discussthe alcohol related incident that sent the new sorority member to the hospital. she was in critical condition. students affair officials will ask each chapter to review their activities to make sure they're in compliance. the she was hospitalized over night after an alcohol related incident during recruitment activities. right now her nameand sorority has not been released. 600 animals being seized from the animal shelter and the owner is facing several charges. it is one of thelargest raids they have been apart of in 20 years. deputies served a search warrant at the haven animal shelter this morning.
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ofthe animals were removed from the property and the owners were taken into custody. gilbert is joining us live now from homework county. >> reporter: david, some of the animals were taken away. for the most part, all animals will be on the property tonight. cameras were not allowed on the property. thepca had sent us some videos. here is a look at some of the pictures that they have allowed us seeing some operations going down. some of them getting the medical attentionthat they need. the state admitted they have improve conditions for animals
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>> holk --we had a complaint for animal neglect on this property. we are in the investigation to see what kind of conditions these animals are in in. >> members went shelter to shelter e evaluate evaluating animals. there were more than 200 dog and cats and horses. theanimals are in facility cages and outdoor pins. the aspcasays this is worst case of animal cruelty they have ever seen. >> these are clearly environments that animals shold not be should not living in. we are seeing 600 animals of
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ah have you noticed anything different about this year's super bowl logo? >> take a look at this, no more numerals. crews are putting finishing touches on the field which includes special black and gold logo. >> last time the panthers played in the big game it was 2004 >> i was lucky enough to be in houston. it was the actionat halftime that stole the show. [ cheering ] >> it was a little more than a decade ago. >> i do remember 2004 super bowl. >> patriots verses panthers. >> although it was a super bowl. >> i think it was a good game but i don't remember very much. >> very vaguely and it is hard to get a lot of details. >> i only watched part of the game. >> the halftime show. >> i remember the halftime
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>> seems to be unforgettable. >> oh, it was janet jackson. >> she lost her shirt. >> performing with justin timberlake. >> she over shadowed the entire event when her right breast made an unexpected debut on national tv. >> it was a malfunction. >> wardrobe malfunction. >> jackson later apologized. the whole thing went wrong at the end, i am really sorry. the performance prouth us as slew of changes that you may not know about. >> live tv is offering a few seconds delay to give time to cut any obscenity. with so many people posting the cliponline, it is reported to be one inspiration video of what we now call youtube. >> pass for 323 yards.
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>> it was a great game. and they lost noochlt maybe this and maybe this super bowl will be better with cold play and beyonce rocking the halftime show. >> i remember that while we were sitting in the live truck and i saw it oen the screen and i am like. oh, look atthis because it was a delay on another monitor and we were able to see it twries. twice. >> i remember it as well and i thought did we really see that? >> it was a big flap over the flap. >> oh, there is no question >> cbs was fined more than half a million dollar for that mishalftime >> that time was finally voided. >> you saw it again >> our team also head to the super bowl.
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any wardrobe ma function. >> they'll all be in santa clara bringing you unique stories for the panthers of the game and all the festivities and their live report begins on monday. people in washington dc are slowly getting back in the normal ree tune. routine. all monuments and memorials at thenational mall reopened to the public. they have beenclosed since friday as we reported of this area seeing nearly two feet of snow. >> back to the story, when you were in the live truck, what were the words spoken? >> it was shocked and i am like, ed, you have to see this and what did ed say? >> he was very under stated. [ laughter ] >> probably "oh my". >> yeah, that would be his usual response. >> it was unbelievable. >> yeah, it was. >> a great halftime show. >> no question. >> the entertainment was
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the most memorable halftime show. [ laughter ] >> around here, you noticed the change today, right? >> back to chilly >> more chillness to come. >> we have great news over the week. >> no malfunctions coming up with that. >> notice the chill today and just a little bit of rain and not many of us got wet. the clouds sticking around tonightand cooler night ahead. rain for tomorrow. we were talking about the uncertainty on thursday. >> some of us will see some rain and for some, it will be a wall feeling day. >> we are looking for the warmer stretch this weekend with 60s likely for several days. temperatures will be wellabove normal. we saw some sunshine this afternoon lookingreally good over rdu. >> 47 right now with mostly cloudy skies and we'll go partly to mostly cloudy this evening and should be dry. wehave an east wind at 7 miles
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close to home 40sand 50s. 50 at holly springs. now in the broader view, 40s and 50s is showing up as well. >> 50 at clinton and 46 at goldsboro. upper level windsare coming in from the south and west and look at all that cloud cover, south carolina and georgia. all that is offstream tonight. >> we broaden out the view to the and west cht our front and our front moved on by. so likely it is stal ward or a little offshore. >> it looks like it certainly will. >> temperatures wise, we had a
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legislations are still mild. of course, we did not have 61 today like we did yesterday. it was in the 50s very early this morning, it is 47 right now at rdu >> what are the prospect for rain? we should be dry this evening and over night. >> mostly cloudy skies are expected as we start our thursday. >> not out the realm of possibility, that it could not be sprinkles or the ice palettes. it certainly does not looklike it would be. once we get past the morning commute, ifthe rain starts to move in by lunchtime it is sdarnd the around and the afternoon is starts to scoot off east. >> a lesser chance further north and west and with the rain in the area is likely colder than what we had today. >> 41 for us by 8:00. it is chilly but dry and lows are in the 30s.
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and 32 south hill. if the moisture comes in early enough, i would not be surprise. >> again, it will not be a big issue. amy will mouth will will mtu will behere tomorrow afternoon. >> tomorrow is warmer in our counties because it could be more sdhooin less rain. sunshine. >> southern counties maybe cooler tomorrow than the northern counties >> friday, partly mostly sunny skies. saturday and sunday,a little gorgeous. upper 50s saturday and 65 on sunday andwe'll call it our winter fall. >> yes. >> oh, that really looks awesome, mike. >> yes, sunroof kind of weather, right? >> yes, for sure >> an unusual discovery on a popular north carolina beach
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these folks out this morning. >> monica liberty has your comparison and at 5:30, find
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the justice department and the city of ferguson has have an agreement following the death of michael brown. >> there will be changes to the city use of force procedures. city council will vote on this next month. the mission's governor has appointed a people of people to
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make recommendations for people who are exposed to led. >> right now flint residents are unable to drink unfiltered tap water due to contamination. flames engulfed in a building in new orleans over night. the fire spread into a second building beforefirefighters could get it under control. >> the new orleans fire department is investigating but is not releasing the cause just yet. one firefighter sufferas burn. crowds gathered to the beach checking out a hump back whale. the what i am is believed to be between one or two years old
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>> gerald owen is come is is here now with what's coming up at 5:30. >> i am very optimistic and i will tell you why. >> coming up, who wants to make a deal on the big project >> duke university response concerns of tampa university after a student was robbed at gunpoint.
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wral news, coverage the car go hub in north carolina are still in the works. the question is, where will it go? >> thanks for joining us, i am linda loveland >> opposition from county commissioners and residents that propose this off the table. >> csx released a statement saying they are committed to this infrastructure project that'll create jobs. we look forward to working with all interested stake holders to address concerns and move the project for war. >> wral santiago joining us now after asking them several questions about their plan. >> i asked csx specifically of what plan is being considered and they declined the comment. we know thereare several
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