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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  January 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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every kiss begins with kay. a mysterious illness hits an american airliner across the atlantic. >> ahead how the crew handle the emergency 30 thousand photo,000 feet and how they handled it after one of their own passed out. the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by nationwide. nide your side sc retem. rean, . rescm. vo: it happeso ofteditin menu representative. ich being put first...
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medn, aseca able elp. bill leslie here with the news. we begin with traffic. a lot of accidents this
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>> we are pretty busy out there, bill. we'll start off with details of a crash on louisburg road at forestville road. it is slowing down your trip from rollsville on 540 this morning. one of our twitter followers tells us the delays begin at the bypass and continued all the way down toward forestville road. also seeing some congestion coming out of wake forest. easing up a little bit through garner. 13 minutes from 42 to the beltline split. the trip is taking about 13 minutes. before a couple of accidents contributing to the becomeups. an earlier crash on rock service station road. this happened overnight. a single vehicle accident that took out some utility lines there. that repair work continues and rock service staying road remains closed in both directions between 4 # and paying an road.
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as your alternate route at least through 9:00. one good thing, amy, the sun is all covered up so we don't have sun glare delays. >> in most spots. i found one place that is showing some sun. it is our northern communities that are show something sun. everybody else, brian is right, under a thick deck of clouds. there you go. a lot of clouds. it is gray from the triangle and points to the south and east. we do have some showers appear appear some light rain in extreme cpr portions of the viewing area. and more rain will move in as we progress into the afternoon and evening. it does look like the best chance for rain will be in the eastern half. the southeastern half of the viewing area. 37 right now in raleigh. 39 in fayetteville. much colder back to the north and west. 19degrees in boone. temperatures today in the 40s. we'll be in the mid others by saturday. dna evidence leads police to an arrest in a sexual assault five years ago.
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he was arrested for the assault in october of 2010. the victim knew him at the time but didn't know his full name. the case was many reopened last year by the cold case sexual assault unit. we have a full hour of news
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hope you will join us. it is thursday, january 28th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including a new challenge to ticket brokers like stubhub and
7:52 am
state will try to stop retailers who charge orageous prices. "eye opener" at 8:00. the fox and trump camps continue to negotiate but, for now, the gop front-runner has an event scheduled at the same time. >> could this be a big mistake for donald trump? >> i think it is. this is the key moment for iowa voters. >> it's the same case clinton has been making, but it doesn't seem to bother his supporters. another thousand of them showed up for him last night. >> how did does this affect the united states? >> we do not believe a major outbreak of zika in the united states. >> reporter: even after the arrests and death of one man, ten anti-protesters remain hunkered down. >> passengers say it began as a routine flight. then the crew turned on the cabin lights and asked if there was a doctor on board. when you see and hear the roaring falls behind me, it's hard to imagine that engineers could divert this much water. >> this isn't the first time the choice of an actor sparked
7:53 am
>> i'm not offended or insulted or outraged by this. i want to know, can he dance? that is the big question. >> a big party for your son's birthday, his 16th birthday, right? >> yes. >> he is tall as well? >> he is about 6'10" right now. >> oh, wow. wow, you're so lucky he didn't come out of you! >> you're right! annoce ts rtn "cbs this morning" sponsored by prudential. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. no one is backing down this morning in the feud between donald trump and fox news. trump still plans to boycott tonight's republican debate in des moines, iowa. he says he'll hold a fund-raiser for veterans instead. trump appeared on fox news channel last night defending his decision to anchor bill o'reilly. >> i have zero respect for megyn kelly. i don't think she is very good at what she does and highly overrated.
7:54 am
than megyn kelly. >> it doesn't matter. people thought when you started to run that this was a joke that you weren't going to fet getget anywhere and thought you were a buffoon. >> i don't think i'm that. what kind of a statement is that? i'm not walking away. >> will you do me a favor. >> bill, i'm not. what happened is -- >> i bought you so many vanilla milkshakes, you owe me! think about it. say, look. i might come back, answers the questions and look out for the folks. just want you to consider it. you owe me milkshakes and i'll take them off the leather. >> it's not up to me, bill. it's up to fox. >> you owe me 17 milkshakes and i want them. >> trump's main republican rival ted cruz proposed a one-on-one debate. one of his super pacs pledged to give 1.5 million to veterans charities if donald trump accepts. >> can you explain the milkshake thing? >> i took it they are friends and spend time together and bill
7:55 am
milkshakes that he likes. i don't know! a new poll this morning suggests former new york mayor michael bloomberg could have the support to compete as a third-party presidential candidate. the nationwide survey of 900 voters by republicans -- shows 36% for donald trump. 35% for hillary clinton. and 29% for bloomberg. >> interesting. michigan state senate today could approve 28 million dollars to address the toxic water crisis in flint. a new poll shows governor rick snyder's approval rating plummeting. fewer than 40% of michigan voters say he is doing a good job. nearly 70% say he handled the flint water crisis poorly. adriana diaz is in flint. good morning, adriana. >> reporter: good morning. the distribution centers like this one are doubling up as recycling plants as the city
7:56 am
handing on out bottled water. overall, the state says the water quality is getting better. >> you should not be drinking the water coming out of the tap. >> reporter: the amount of lead in flint's water is decreasing. but it's still not safe to drink. nearly 94% of city homes that have been tested are below 15 parts per billion of lead that is considered safe by the epa. 85% contain less. is that good enough? >> the test results they released is actually very encouraging. the water is eating up the pipe from the inside. >> reporter: civil engineer marc edwards was the first to expose flint's widespread lead contamination and overseeing the recovery. edwards says flint needs to pass a lead and copper test to assure safety. >> reporter: do you think the people here are weeks away from drinking unfiltered tap water,
7:57 am
>> you could be talking months. >> flint residents should not have to pay for water they did not and are not using. >> reporter: mayor karen weaver is asking for $3 million in state funding to help prop up the water's utility. >> it makes us feel we are being made fun of. >> reporter: rose continues to pay her water that is undrinkable. >> we still have to flush the toilet and wash our clothes and bathe in it. >> reporter: money that was donated for a tax-exempt fund that was created in 2013. >> i don't view them at dark secret funds. >> reporter: michigan governor rick snyder talked about it on wednesday. >> communication is a huge issue in this. it's not interest spending anything but getting the facts to people. >> reporter: in a statement to cbs news, the governor's office further defended using donations to pay for pr firms saying that no state money is involved.
7:58 am
flint. that includes the additional communication help. >> thank you. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton is sounding off just ten days before super bowl 50. he will lead the panthers against the denver broncos in the championship. newton explained yesterday why he thinks he a has faced so much criticism, especially some who call his over-the-top celebrations. >> i said this since day one. i'm and african-american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they -- they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to. people going to say whatever they want to say and if i'm in this world living for that person, oh, this person going to say this, this person going to say that, then i can't look at myself and say i'm cam newton or cameron newton to most people, you. barkley expressed criticism surrounding newton. >> there is a racial component, but i hate talking about that,
7:59 am
to way more important things where race is a factor than something silly like sports. man, let me tell you something, as much as i love cam newton, if i played against cam newton, i'd put a hit on him, no question, because they rub it in pretty good. >> barkley criticized the narrative playing out at, quote, black versus white. on super bowl game day, we just want to see a good game. >> we do, indeed. >> on that field. >> absolutely. scalpers are breaking the law to sell overpriced tickets. rikki klieman is in the toyota green room with the results of an investigation into online ticket sales.
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or " ey, l,ldahakils ke st cnd , i'm leyla santiago with your top stories. dozens ever homes in south
8:09 am
morning because of a serious crash. troopers tell us a driver was speeding on rock service station road when he hit a ditch near elbridge drive. the car went airborne, split a utility pole in half. the driver is now charged with dwi and reckless driving. some sorority activities suspended until further notice. school leads are say a student was rushed to the hospital for an alcohol related incident during sorority rush activities. last night, duke officials held an emergency meeting with sorority presidents focusing on alcohol abuse. school lead enters durham will hear from an activist who wants to add black history classes to the curriculum. paul scott as a the lack of black history has led to high suspension rates, criminal activity and an educational achievement gap. let's go ahead and get on over to aimee wilmoth and check on
8:10 am
we have a deck of clouds overhead. we do have brighter skies if you head to the north and west but a lot of clouds for everyone else. a little bit of rain. seeing a little bit of a break but more down in southern county executive is headed our way. we'll have more moisture this afternoon. the best chance for rain will be east and south of the triangle though. temperatures right now, it is chilly. it is 34 in raleigh. 41degrees in fayetteville and then cold in the mountains with teens and the 20s. a couple of hour northern locations in the 20s this morning as well. but we'll warm up to around 4 #, staying cool today with lots of clouds and a few spotty showers around especially south and east of the triangle. 4 tonight, 50-degree for your high friday. till within a windy day with mostly sunny skies and lots of sun saturday. looking good. a cold start but temperatures warming up into the mid-50s in the afternoon. >> we have some pretty big delays on the northbound side of the durham freeway this morning. see all that red there starting around t. w. alexander drive. see how slowly traffic is calling there on the northbound
8:11 am
it is slow up towards ellis road although it looks like the bottleneck may be breaking up a little bit and traffic is flowing more freely there as you head on into downtown. there is a live look at the durham freeway. as seen from mangum street. that overall trip from 40 to mangum street is taking 13 minutes. look out fay crash appear an earlier accident is getting cleared up at capital boulevard at appliance court just to the north of the 40 interchange. rock service station road remains closed in both direct between 42 and paying an road for the next 30 minutes. back to you. the public can weigh in
8:12 am
fayetteville's controversial what is your super bowl pick? broncos or panthers? >> you know what? i got to see a little more information, but i think it is a great story for peyton manning to be, you know, towards the end of his career in a super bowl again.
8:13 am
the broncos have, is unbelievable, but carolina looks tough. there is going to be -- it's going to be a close one, a tough one. >> you've been following along more han i have. >> very clever. he still didn't say. >> it's something for you to follow-up when you interview the president. >> i'm taking notes. president obama refused to say if he has a pick to win the super bowl when with asked by jim benmine of our denver station kcac. >> sounds like he is on top of the game. >> very much so. very much so. we do know the big game will be a win for one small business. a company was recently awarded an ad in the super bowl and worth $5 million. only on "cbs this morning," we will reveal who is getting this breakout moment. plus this big guy has no idea how much the national zoo did to keep animals like him safe in the blizzard. jan crawford shows us the ways that wildlife is protected in wild weather. that is ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's
8:14 am
wired reports on baby monitors vulnerable to hacking. we have shown you how russian hackers can look into homes by tapping into live feeds from monitors. yesterday, the new york city department of consumer affairs sent subpoenas to four companies that make those devices. the four companies have not been named. "the washington post" says washington, d.c. handed out tickets with more than a million dollars in fines for parking violations after the blizzard. the district enacted a snow emergency on friday, banning parking on city roadways to make way for the plows. as of yesterday afternoon, more than 5,200 tickets were issued and 637 vehicles were towed. "usa today" reports google used artificial intelligence technology to beat a human player at go. go is a highly complex chinese strategy game. there are more possible moves than there are atoms in the universe. the software was able to learn from each game to improve its performance. "the boston globe" reports that a dancer who lost part of
8:15 am
bombings will run the whole course this year. in 2014 adrienne ran the last few blocks of the marathon. this year she intends to run the whole course to raise money for charity. right now, she is running up to ten miles on a carbon fiber blade. boy, is that inspiring. >> i'll say. >> just one leg and being able to do that. my hat is off to her. >> everybody is pulling for her. the "new york post" reports that amazon will air an ad during the super bowl for the very first time. >> all right. let's hear it. >> cheerleaders. >> cheerleaders? marino again? i thought you were an expert at these parties. >> what about a snack stadium? >> alex a, what is a snack stadium? >> a stadium built entirely of snacks. >> brilliant. marino, new list! >> reporter: amazon released that teaser of its ad yesterday featuring dan marino and alec baldwin and features on the
8:16 am
speaker alexa. a bank will soon offer a way to get cash without an atm card. bank of america joins chase in announcing card-free technology. new atms will allow you to get your money with your smartphone. the move is designed to save customers time. this is the latest way technology is changing how we use money. in 2014 nearly 40% made access with their smartphone. how pronounced is this and what are the implications of it? use your smartphone and get your money? >> reporter: yeah. all of the banks are getting in on this now. chase and bank of america. the way it works instead of taking a plastic card out of your wallet and put it in the slot and punching in your code you use for a bunch of other things, take your phone out and log into the app with a
8:17 am
and it gives you a onetime use code then the code is no longer good. it's like a factor authentication everyone should have on their e-mail you get extra layer of security. >> you still have to go to the bank! you need to be there and punching in something. how is this better? it's more about safety than convenience? >> i think more about security in the long run because with atm machines you hear about skimmers. they put over the atm slots when you put your card in they steal the mag data there. maybe a camera watching you punch in your code. you see people struggle with the card and with this you'll tap your phone using the chip in the phone itself. >> we are all using our smartphones now for more financial transactions. what are we seeing in terms of new methods? >> that is really what is happening. the phone is becoming the wallet and the key and lock system. not only are you seeing apple pay and samsung pay where you go
8:18 am
your phone you're seeing person-to-person transactions. the younger generation, younger than me, do that almost exclusively. they owe each other money. if you and i went to dinner and you picked up the check i owe you my half of it but i pick up the check. >> why doesn't charlie pick up the check? >> it's on me. >> 40% of the transactions are still made in cash. do you see the day we won't do any transactions in cash? >> i feel it's coming. if you go to a store and you don't get a cash register. you have ipad and square reader and nobody uses cash. when i went into my local coffee shop and tried to pay something with a 10 dollar bill and the young people didn't know what to make of it. is this real money? yeah, it is. >> millennials are into this but is there a single downside? >> you don't have the ability to whip out your wallet and pay somebody in cash in a nontraceable way. you're leaving a record everywhere. there are a lot of young people, especially who don't have bank accounts still. they don't have access, maybe
8:19 am
they are not part of the online connected generation, they will be left behind. >> dan ackerman, thank you very much. if you could stay after the show to help me sign up for this! >> i'll log everybody in. give me your password. the national zoo in washington is opengain without getting hit with 20 inches of snow in the blizzard of 2016 and a lot of talk about the panda that became an internet star during the storm. jan crawford is at the zoo how he and his neighbors were kept safe. >> reporter: good morning. it took the zoo four days to really weather the blizzard and during that time, the panda was a star of the screen. a bunch of his fans showed up to get a glimpse of the panda who reminded us snow can be a lot of fun. with much of the east coast socked by a winter storm, this was a jolt of joy. a giant pan take having one heck
8:20 am
>> that first snowfall, he goes crazy. >> reporter: the facebook video of the enthusiasm rolling in the snow throwing it on himself got nearly 60 million views. brandie smith is in charge of animal care at the zoo. >> he is a 19-year-old bear but acts like a cub the first snowfall. the second or fourth snow he is a little less interested. >> reporter: sure enough, by wednesday the snow was old hat and the panda was focused on finding his bamboo and even that delighted his fans. >> hey there! hey! >> reporter: when they came face-to-face with an online sensation. we showed the video to these three. snow is panda time. it's their natural habitat, like panda keeper nicole reminded us last time around a big storm.
8:21 am
pandas and their best time of the year. as much as we hate it, they are enjoying it. >> reporter: they are not the only ones. as the snow piled up past week, other animals joined in on the fun. niko, a river otter took a photo. on wednesday, wilma was frolicking in the snow, this time with a friend. like our humans, not every animal appreciates the white stuff like these flamingos. >> it could be cool enough but it can't keep them from freezing. >> reporter: during the blizzard the birds moved inside, a perfect opportunity for a zoo biologist to snap a selfie with a flock of flamingos. others got the snow brought to them. these monkeys and this ferret tested it out in their warm houses. all part of a balancing act to protect the animals and still let them have a little fun. >> we have to be here and there is on no margin for error so we
8:22 am
them have to make it through the storm. >> reporter: and did they? >> they did. >> reporter: now nearly a hundred zoo employees spent the weekend here overnight just to make sure the animals made it out okay. and listen to this. i mean, we think it's a pain when we have to shovel the sidewalk, you know, in front of our house. the zoo employees not only have to shovel all of the passes for us people but they have to shovel paths for the animals. >> you could have a second job now, jan. you could be a panda keeper. >> i'm a panda correspondent. that's what i like! >> you're good at that too, jan. >> it's so fun! so fun! >> you can tell. thank you, jan. do you remember this ground breaking super bowl ad? come on get your toys girls make some noise >> girls make some noise. i remember that.
8:23 am
went big two years ago. coming up, only on "cbs this morning," we will meet the next
8:24 am
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