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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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oic lefay.upsi bud of litiaw ine tocucts ereein south hill, 36 in roxboro, 35 in raleigh and 37 in fayetteville. chilly start to the day. dew points in 209s to the north 30s in the triangle and higher in the upper 30s with a sign of more moisture in the atmosphere to the south where we have the potential of seeing a little bit of fog this morning. visibility still really looking okay down to five miles in irwin, fayetteville and clinton and see the fog thicken up in the next couple of hours but right now the visibility is looking a okay. looking for any fog, don't see
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we are fine here. we had rain in our eastern d southern communities yesterday. that has all pushed off shore and mostly clear skies across the area with the exception of a little bit of fog to the south. pretty quiet weather over the next several days. it will be windy so you'll hear the wind roaring but no big systems headed our way getting rain or wintery precipitation any time soon. here's a cold front moving through for the middle part of the day not really going to impact our temperatures but as high pressure starts to build in behind that our winds start to pick up so later this afternoon expecting winds to be rather gusty. look at temperatures across the nation and notice there's not really any super cold temperatures all bottled up in canada. this is above normal for them for the low temperatures so not really any super cold air. let's take a look at what things do over the next several days. we start to warm up as we head
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temperatures in the 60s our warmest day likely tuesday into wednesday ahead of the next cold front but you see that dip there. here's our next cold front as it starts to move in. it brings rain with it wednesday and colder temperatures but we enjoy the nice mild weather while it's here turning colder for the end of next week into thursday and friday and moderating into the weekend. temperatures low 50s mostly sunny skies breezy northwest winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour gusting up to 35 miles per hour. so it will be a windy day this afternoon. 52 the high temperature today, 54 saturday and 65 on sunday. beautiful weather for the winter food truck rodeo in durham. perfect weather for that. wish i could go. temperatures in the 60s. lots of blue skies. gorgeous day for that. here's a look at the roads this morning.
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there and traffic moving along fine at 540. back to you. >> thank you very much. something duke fans don't want to hear a disappointing prediction for the mens basketball team. plus super bowl the same for
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declaring his commitment . some don't like the two weeks between the conference games and super bowl but thomas davis loves it giving him more time to heal. he had a plate put into his arm on monday. davis' plans have not changed since we talked with him sunday night. >> feeling good. i'm excited about where i am right now. and it hasn't changed.
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playing on super bowl sunday. even bigger than me having this opportunity i want to go out there and play for my team because i know i with help this team. >> no doubt about that. duke basketball doesn't play again until tuesday at georgia tech highly likely to drop out of the top five for the first time in 167 weeks. they've lost four of five and it's the worst start since the 95 season. not the plan they envisioned. >> we are in a program that doesn't like losing playing for a coach that doesn't like losing but we are positive and that's good for us because we are going to continue to fight. we are not going to give up and say it's a down season. no we are going to fight and make it a good season for us. >> coming up today at 6 david cutcliff on former quarterbacks peyton manning. >> players and guests will
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when and where to enjoy the excitement coming up. plus donald trump skipped the g.o.p. debate in iowa. fox news reveals an offer he made prior to his absence and
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event. new overnight police investigate a stabbing that sent one person to the hospital. what they are saying about the relationship between the victim and the suspect. >> plus a court appearance today for a fort bragg soldier facing a new set of sex charges. >> the republican presidential candidates spar in their 7th debate but donald trump still managed to dominate the conversation. good friday morning.
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hope you are excited about the weekend. i know i am. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. we are so looking forward to the warm up but today we have to get through winds. are these going to be the kinds of winds like glamorous or crazy wind? >> if you position yourself in the right spot you could get a glamour shot. the wind in your hair renee. kicking up to 35 miles per hour so it will be a rather windy day later on today. fairly quiet this morning. winds are light. taking a look at the satellite and radar combined we do have fog being reported in our southern communities but things are looking a okay.
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welcome back. aimee wilmoth in for elizabeth this morning. we are in 309s in kerri. 31 in sanford, 36 in chapel hill, 39 in clayton and 37 in goldsboro. all of these locations reporting clear skies and clouds in irwin and fog down to the south so a little bit more moisture. cumberland, sampson county and hoke county a little bit of fog. shouldn't be a big issue. this weekend looks fabulous. tomorrow a cold start. 54 for the high and plenty of sunshine. sunny and 65 on sunday. very nice. we'll have more on this big warm up on the way coming up. bill? >> thank you aimee. new overnight the bank of japan introduced a negative interest rate policy for the first time
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recovery in the third largest economy. it charges lenders to keep money with the central bank in theory the negative rate will encourage banks to lend more and consumers to spend more. the surprise move rattled stock markets initially between gains and losses but at the close it was actually up almost 3%. the obama administration is expanding a program aimed at identifying companies that may be abusing equal pay laws. regardless of whether the company contracts with the government. it will be due next year. more than a dozen walmart stores in north carolina are closed for good including the supercenter on mlk parkway in durham and smaller walmart express locations were launched as a pilot program.
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11,000 stores amid increasing competition from online rivals like amazon. 16,000 employees nationwide are effected. it is 5:42. a loud noise heard from new jersey to connecticut. >> but now the mystery isdetails over what happened in the atlantic. >> and find out who is accused
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a teacher is the latest person to be arrested in connection with a jail break involving three inmates in california. the 43-year-old woman had a relationship with one of the men. she taught english and may have supplied maps to the men before they escaped. the men cut and climbed their way out of orange county central jail friday. ten other people are getting arrested in the case. we are getting information from a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. the f.b.i. released this video tuesday night appearing to show him reaching into his jacket before authorities shot him. he had a loaded gun in his pocket. hammond bundy and several others were arrested. four protestors remain there and will leave if officers assure they will not be arrested.
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after students and staff were sickened by a gas leak. paramedics were called after a student lost consciousness. children and adults went to the hospital to be treated. all were later released. school district officials say the initial investigation shows a leak in a gas boiler. residents? southern new jersey know what is behind the loud noises and ground shaking. >> like the house rattled. all of the windows rattled. the whole house shook. >> it was not an earthquake. it was a series of sonic booms caused by two f-35 jets doing testing on a flight strip over the atlantic ocean. the booms were heard in long island, new york and connecticut. a different mystery solved in san francisco. this box recently turned up at an intersection with a sign
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turns out the box is a sensor installed as part of the homeland security super bowl security preparations. it's supposed to be able to detect a by logical attack. it's part of the bio watch program which costs tax payers more than $1 billion. folks who parked on the streets during the winter storm will have to pay up. the capital emergency plan included a parking ban. you can't have cars out there so plows can get through the streets. drivers didn't listen and since the ban went into effect the city as issued 5,000 tickets at $250 a pop so generating $1 million in fines. >> parking is such a premium there too. where are they going to park? >> where do you put it? >> i feel bad for those people. >> they've been digging out for a while. >> i'm glad we don't have anything like that here. >> no we have a warm up ahead which is super nice. >> it's going to feel like
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>> yeah it's going to be fabulous this weekend. temperatures warming up into the 60s for sunday. weather headlines today it's going to be windy later this afternoon. winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour and sustained around 20 or 25 miles per hour. and then this weekend we are warming up to 60s by sunday and no precipitation, not wintery, not rain for quite a while so you might want to get the car washed because we have salt left on our cars after the ice storm last weekend so good time to get your car washed. we have a nice dry period shaping up over the next several days. temperatures town by town 34 degrees in henderson, 34 degrees in south hill and roanoke rapids, 35 in durham and 35 in the t.v. studios. in our southern communities it's 34 degrees in irwin and fayetteville clinton and laurenburg.
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fog this morning and slightly reduced visibilities down to 4 miles so it's not a big deal but it might get worse in the next couple of hours. here's a live look and the flag breeze. that will happen later on this afternoon as the wind starts to get gusty. 35 at the airport. clear skies winds at the west south west at 7 miles per hour so ally not that bad. dew point is 30 but heading to the south in the upper 30s with a little bit more moisture down to the south and slightly reduced visibilities but it's really not a big deal at the moment. here's a look at the satellite and radar combined. no rain yesterday but we did have rain in our southern communities with a system rolling through starting in the gulf of mexico and moving out of here. we do have a weak cold front that's going to move through today. it really won't impact our temperatures but as it moves through high pressure will
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we'll start to see or feel a little bit of a pressure gradient and when you have low pressure systems close to high pressure systems the pressure gradient gets tighter and our winds pick up and that's why it's going to be windy later on today. for the bus ride keep in mind a little bit of fog to the south so watch out for the kids as they are headed to the bus stop. 38 degrees this morning. mostly sunny skies except for the southern communities and low 50s but the winds will be gusty so hold onto your hats as you head home this afternoon it's going to be a gusty day later on today. temperatures are going to be in the low 50s but this is what it will feel like. it will feel like the 40s for most of the day once you factor in the winds so rather chilly throughout much of the day today and warming into the weekend with mid 60s sunday and monday and tuesday upper 60s in advance of our cold front. rain moving in overnight tuesday into wednesday. likely for wednesday mild with temperatures in the 60s so just
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and colder temperatures start to move back in. thursday's high 50 degrees under mostly sunny skies but really not that bad. really looking forward to this warm up over the next several days. still cool for today and tomorrow. tara lynn in for brian. check in with her for the roads this morning. >> not seeing any fog around the triangle to worry about. taking a look at the apex or kerri area u.s. 1 and kerri parkway traffic is definitely busy as people are heading out and as we move along here on u.s. 1 a look at traffic traveling on walnut street people are out and about but you won't have too long of a drive for this u.s. 1 northbound stretch just 6 minutes from nc 55 to i-40 and as we take a look at our live commute map we are delay and accident free. there was an accident on western boulevard that is now cleared. we will take a look at your
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county coming up in ten minutes. >> thank you tara. a local dish recipe that is so good we thought it deserved an encore.
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this dish is this is no exaggeration brian shraeder has been talking about this dish all the time, the best local dish dessert ever. he and lisa are in the kitchen this month testing out recipes on social media. >> he's not that much of a hyperbole. this is one from facebook.
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>> this is a snicker doodle apple cobbler. it's one of my favorites. >> we are using north carolina granny smiths we have peeled sliced and cored. cooked them with brown sugar and cinnamon and spread around a baking dish then sugar and cinnamon in another bowl. you'll see why in a minute. now we make cookie dough. >> this is a white cake mix with egg and butter. >> combine it well. lisa makes me stir the old fashioned way. >> it makes it worthwhile when you eat it. >> lisa decides it will go faster if she does it by hand. >> you know the saying everything tastes better when grandma stuck her finger in it. >> are you grandma. >> well not yet. >> we evenly distributed the
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when it's ready serve it with vanilla ice cream. >> it can't be beat. if i could eat this on days it snowed i wouldn't mind it at all. >> hear that elizabeth? make this on those days and he'll be a little more fun at work. >> a little more friendly. >> get a copy much the recipe on and in the search box look for a link to the printable version. next week brian and lisa continue testing but we warn you this is a dud but we'll have fun with it. coming up in the next half hour wral's morning news the final g.o.p. debate before the iowa caucuses often focused on a candidate that wasn't even there. the main issue candidates who were there managed to bring up. >> plus rail giant csx has a message for local communities enraged by the timing. and a bank manager managed to keep a would be robber with
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