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tv   WRAL News Sunday Morning  NBC  January 31, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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a mall in durham. we'll tell you who was hurt. good morning, it is sunday. glad you could join us. >we certainly had a nice day yesterday outside. let's go ahead and check on today, what it's going to be like outside. well, in terms of warming up and being nice to get outside, it's going to continue, the warming trend that we started yesterday. 56 yesterday at the raleigh durham airport. today a lot of us in the mid 60s to around 70 with gusty southwest winds. current temperatures, they are not nearly as chilly as they were this time yesterday, all though it's cool in spots. 32 degrees in roanoke rapids and tarboro 38 degrees durham. in the south 30 degrees at smithfield. 38 in fayetteville and 37 for clinton. and there is look at satellite and radar. high clouds around at times
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there and we will stat the day that way. 41 degrees by 8:00. looks like at lunchtime we will be 60 degrees with sunshine and a few thin high clouds. those high clouds may thicken up more later this afternoon. 67 for a high with southwesterly winds stiff at times. back to you. >> thank you. a woman is recovering after she was shot outside northgate mall in durham. police say activity in the mall spilled into the parking lot around 7:00 last night. the woman was shot in the arm. she was taken to the hospital for injuries that are non-s life-threatening. she is expected to recover. officers are not sure if they are looking for more than one suspect. they say a dark colored car may have been involved. the remains of a 13-year- old girl found in north carolina now are being sent back to virginia for an autopsy. they remember saying nicole
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wednesday morning. police found her remains yesterday morning in suri county, north carolina. prior to the news they were worried because her required prescription medication she need for her liver transplant, they were concerned about. police arrested virginia tech student david eisenhauer for murder this case. now, here is a look at the candlelight vigil held for lovell last night in blacksburg. friends and family had planned it to pray for her safe return during the vigil. instead, they received the heartbreaking news of her death. >> she was always the cutest little thing. to know that this could have been one of my children, it really hits home. >> i think a lot of parents have that same feeling. she was a middle school student and police have not given a
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died. a family is grieving the loss of a hearing impaired man who died when fire swept through his home in smithfield. the call came from a house on south 5th street. it's next door to the smithfield fire and police departments. 43-year-old michael davis who you see here was among eight people inside the home. his aunt told me he was sleeping upstairs and didn't hear the chaos. everyone inside the house except for him escaped without injury. sunny vents are canceled for colorado's motorcycle expo. this announcement follows a shooting and stabbing that left a person dead and seven others hurt. police say two rival motorcycle clubs were possibly involved in the violence yesterday. about 10,000 people were inside the national western complex when shots were fired. no arrests have been made, but people are being questioned.
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sign up for the health insurance under the affordable care act. by law, if you do not have health insurance you will have to pay a penalty. marketplace specialists spent time at martin street baptist church in raleigh this weekend helping people with questions and costs. there will be another event running from 12 to 6 p.m. at advanced community health on rock quarry road. to learn more about to and search affordable care act. unc president begins a new job at duke tomorrow. ross was named during's first distinguished fellow at the stanford school of public policy. he will work to launch a bipartisan effort to change the way political district lines are drawn in the u.s. he also remains a tenured faculty member at unc where he is scheduled to return to the school of government. well, a day before the iowa caucuses presidential candidates are pulling out all the stops to
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marlie hall shows us their strategies. >> how would you like to make the pundits look dumb on election night? >> reporter: senator bernie sanders urged a young crowd at the university of iowa it to caucus on monday, warning he will lose if there is a low turn out. hillary clinton attacked sanders on his plan for free college tuition. >> i do not believe giving free college to donald trump's youngest child is in the best interest of all the hard working americans who need help. >> reporter: among republicans the demurrage ster poll shows donald trump has a five-point lead over ted cruz and a 13 point lead over mark gottfried. >> the only thing that matters -- while cruz looks forward to january 2017. >> donald trump will be back on
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>> reporter: ethanol is a hot topic in iowa. the renewable fuel is made from corn. the state's number one crop. could be a deciding issue for some iowa voters. ray phillips says he only considers candidates who favor a government mandate to increase the amount of ethanol blended into fuel. >> it's my livelihood. >> reporter: iowa voters have several opportunities to find out where the candidates stand on all of the issues today as they make their final push ahead of monday's caucuses. marlie hall, cbs news, des moines, iowa. >> we get some voting started tomorrow. >> i don't know. the carolina panthers leave for the super bowl today. several players decided to spend yesterday with the fans. joe webb and roman harper signed autographs. some of the fans waited hours in line. the players say they were happy to return the love.
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bowl match between the carolina panthers and those denver broncos here on wral. it's next sunday, february 7. of course, you can count on wral for that special coverage, cluding live reports from our team there from levi stadium leading up to and on the big game day. >> yeah. we got a super team going. they have been doing a lot of training to get ready for this. people are stacking up donations for people in flint, michigan. >> in fact, this truck full of water. the number of bottles collected to help with the lead crisis ahead. plus. >> i live the panthers. i don't watch none other but panthers. >> more panthers pride. we'll check in with this 19-year-old internet star.
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after more than a week on the run, three inmates locked up again. we will tell you where the last two were found. as smoke, flames, and shouts filled his home, a man was trapped. a family member shares the desperate attempt to rescue a loved one who is deaf. and local teens detained by immigration officials. why these people believe they could be placed in the path of danger. with us. great day yesterday. i hope you got out and did your running, that whole running thing you do. >> not yesterday. but i plan to do so today. mike, is today a good day? >> it will be. exactly. looks like we will be dry out there. windy from the southwest from time to time midday and the afternoon. but temperatures will be quite comfortable today. right now the temperatures are a
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as they were this time yesterday. apex at 37. about 38 for hope mills. 34 rocky mount. freezing towards roxboro. about 37 degrees for garner. a little colder for wake forest. in general, the upper 30s to around 40 for the next hour or two. if you want to get out for a walk, a run, mainly clear skies out there with a light south-southwesterly breeze. that will be picking up later today. south-southwest winds 10 to 15 this afternoon. our temperatures will range from upper and mid 60s in the north to near 70 degrees in the south. so well above normal. back to you. >> thanks so much. security lapses need to be fixed in orange county, california. the sheriff says those failures allowed three inmates to escape. a tip led to the arrest yesterday of two of the inmates who escaped from a maximum security jail on january 22nd. authorities caught them in san
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perspective. that is 400 miles from the orange county jail. police found them in a stolen van in a supermarket parking lot. someone spotted the van and nagged down -- flagged down police. the men will be placed in a high-risk area. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the house fire that killed a hearing impaired man. flames tore through the home near downtown smithfield early saturday morning. i spoke with family members about their attempts to save his life. >> reporter: she can't help but apologize for the blanket. she is cold, exhausted and in need of comfort. if anyone could give her a warm feeling, it was michael. >> he loved to make sure that i had my coffee in the morning when i got up. >> reporter: she was up early saturday morning reading her bible. michael was upstairs asleep. her grandson came home. he told her he smelled something
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he walked towards the kitchen and then. >> i heard a boom. it wasn't nothing but smoke and stuff. it just engulfed the house. >> reporter: eight people were inside the house, all family members. michael davis, her 43-year-old nephew, had lived with her since he was 10. his mom died. >> he wasn't my child, but i raised him as mine and i loved him just as much as i loved my own child. >> reporter: he had special needs because he was deaf. now his home was on fire. now his aunt was shouting. >> and i am running upstairs trying to get upstairs and the smoke engulfed me. i couldn't see nothing. i knew he couldn't hear me. >> reporter: she tried. everyone tried. >> we just couldn't save him. we couldn't save him. >> reporter: the house is right behind the smithfield fire department and right next door to the police department. officers seeing the flames and smoke ran over to help get people out. everyone did get out safely,
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in the light of day, investigators walked the property. police let her son inside the yellow tape. he brings her the statue of jesus from the front porch. >> i looked in that room. it didn't burn none. >> reporter: yes, he says, her bibles were spared, too. that more than any blanket gives her great comfort. and miss stuart told me the house did not have working smoke detectors. the office of the state fire marshal provides special alarms for the hearing impaired. if they identify someone in their district who needs a special detector, they can fill out a request form and get one. >> i can't even imagine the desperation. moving on. a man is charged with murder and he will make his first court appearance tomorrow. police responded to the deadly shooting saturday afternoon along east ash street across the
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dead at the scene. the suspect, 32-year-old val teen morales was later arrested. authorities believe the victim and suspect got into a fight which led to the shooting. testimony is expected to begin tomorrow in the trial of a man accused of killing a woman in her apartment. >> jury selection of the treveon smith last add month. smith is charged with killing melissa huggins jones in may of 2013. police say the 30-year-old was beaten to death following a break-in. and to make matters worse she was found by her 8-year-old daughter. three people charged in connection with a murder in durham. 25-year-old jesus salgado bryzaina and two others were arrested in wake county on unrelated charges. earlier this week they were later served with murder charges from durham. their arrests are linked to a
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police found 25-year-old jose giovanni rodriguez on north boulevard. he died at the hospital. all three suspects are in the wake county jail without bond. family, friends, and supporters gathered for a vigil for teens being detained by immigration and customs enforcement. the event took place yesterday at this church in durham. the congregation sang and prayed for north carolina teens picked up by ice agents earlier this week. one is david. his mother and teachers are concerned about what could happen to him if he is returned to honduras. >> she wants for immigration, who has power, to let him go, to let him free because if he returns to honduras, he has nobody there. his life is in danger. >> a lot of students are so scared they are not even coming to school.
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families apart. these are children. i mean, we are sending children back to countries that aren't safe, where they have no future, and where they can face possible death. >> people who went to the vigil plan it to continue efforts to free acosta and others. they will also keep protesting recent ice raids targeting women and children who cross the border illegally after may 2014. his family says he appeared before a u.s. immigration judge when he arrived the summer of 2014 but never returned to immigration court for fear of deportation. saturday meant school for some students in wake county. here is a look at year-round students getting off the bus at durrant road middle school for a half day of classes. they were making up a snow day after the winter storm last week. they were out last friday and monday. teachers were prepared for the shorter work day. >> our teachers have lesson plans already formulated weeks in advance.
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for a little bit because our classes are shorter than they normally would be, but we're teaching and learning today. >> wake county year-round students will make up a second snow day on saturday, april 2. traditional calendar students make up their snow days in february and march. a man is accused of armed robbery, stealing a truck and causing a multi-vehicle crash out of durham county. this happened saturday afternoon on south miami boulevard. deputies responded to an armed robbery call at a hess gas station. they pulled an elderly woman from her truck. deputies say he ran into three cars before he tried running away on foot. he was soon caught and arrested. we are told a child was inside one of the cars that deputies say he hit. that child, however, was not hurt. an alzheimer's patient in north carolina hopes football will help him fight the disease
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keeping up with the stats about his beloved carolina panthers. >> reporter: spend just a few minutes with peter. >> this win after win. >> reporter: and you will quickly learn. >> loyal to the very beginning. >> reporter: where his allegiance lies. this is man who loves the carolina panthers. >> i read everything that charlotte observer writes. >> reporter: he cuts them out, taping the printed paper to the back of his bedroom door. >> here is cam in action. fantastic. >> reporter: set to read the articles over and over again because if he doesn't, he'll forget. >> about a year ago i was diagnosed with mild alzheimer's. of course, that was a blow. >> reporter: his alzheimer's is in its early stages.
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way. >> -- the average person who is diagnosed with alzheimer's will die in 11 years. and my determination is to slow that down. >> reporter: the former pastor has a list of things he does, hoping to slow the disease down. >> about an hour of brain games. >> reporter: his favorite though is pouring over panthers stats with his grandson. >> i am going to go down fighting and doing everything i can to prolong a good life. >> my hope is thatle he will always remember to call me on game day and talk about the panthers game. my hope is that he will always know who i am when i call him. i hope that he always knows who his grandson is. >> reporter: for many with alzheimer's, uncertainty is the only thing they can see ahead. he is looking forward to adding a new article to his door once the team brings home the trophy. >> i wouldn't miss it. >> great story.
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it's almost the start of the chinese new year. we will show you how the triangle celebrated and why it's called the year of the monkey. and a three--legged dog saves his two owners from one
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ca to now on. last chance to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. we will have details on an event that answer your questions. plus. >> it was really just a sickening feeling. >> a virginia teen found dead in north carolina. what her family says happened before she left home, and see the college student charged with her murder. plus, a shooting outside of a mall in durham. we will tell you who was hurt in that shooting. good morning. it is sunday. i am bryan mims. >> i am leyla santiago. hopefully you enjoyed the dayout doors yesterday. >> all that snow and ice and cold and i was miserable. but quite a change this weekend. >> let's see if it's going to stick around. checking in with mike moss. you are giving thumbs up? >> i think so.
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we will probably add 10 or 12 degrees this afternoon too what we saw yesterday around the area. if you like it a little bit warmer or a little warm break for this time of yearwe have got that coming today and tomorrow as well. let's look at our current temperatures out there. most of us are a little warmer than we were early on sunday. we have got 37 at roxboro, 34 roanoke rapids. 40 degrees at durham. to the south 36 for irwin and clinton. 35 fayetteville. jonesboro at 39 degrees right now. the warming will be rapid as we head through the morning and midday hours. here is a look at satellite and radar. can you see very little cloud cover over north carolina this morning. if you watch carefully towards the left side of the screen, a few high clouds over georgia and tennessee at the end of that and we will likely see some of those later. mostly sunny at noon. 60 degrees. up to 67 by three or four this afternoon with high clouds increasing some and we will have some of those high clouds around this evening back down to 57 at 8:00.
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a woman is recovering after she was shot outside northgate mall in durham. police say activity in the mall spilled out into the parking lot about 7:00 last night. the woman was shot in the arm. she was taken to the hospital and she is expected to be okay. officers are not sure if they are looking for more than one suspect. they say a dark colored car may have been involved here. a 13-year-old girl found ly hcafaemrs wbecapr anla
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