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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. it is monday, february 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the moment of truth in iowa. caucus day is finally here. we are on the campaign trail. plus interviews with hillary clinton and donald trump. the zika virus may be declared a global emergency. dr. jon lapook reports from brazil, the epi center of the growing pandemic. and country star dierks bentley is here today to unveil the nominees for the country we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. you have a lousy record. 16 years and you haven't picked a winner. please, pick a winner this time. >> the candidates make their final pitch to iowa voters. >> if your doctor says you cannot leave your bed, you won't make it, it doesn't matter. get up and caucus! >> we can't be burned again.
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>> i hope you will go. i hoe you will stand up for me. i hoe you will fight for me! >> sounds like you want to make a political revolution. >> a major winter storm has got its eyes set on iowa. important to know how this will affect your caucuses. the bulk of that snow you start to see on midnight on tuesday. the world health organization is meeting in an emergency session today over ways to battle the growing zika virus outbreak. the group could decide to declare the virus a global health emergency. >> two virginia tech students are charged with the abduction girl. >> you just never get over something like this. >> amtrak is investigating objects that struck a train to new york. >> everybody looked at it and said is it a gunshot. >> the super bowl is on and the broncos and panthers are in california and so are cam newton's pants. >> all that. >> ow! >> ted cruz hoping to get a
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she wanted nothing to do with it! >> nearly struck by lightning. >> oh, my god! >> and all that matters. >> welcome to diverse tv. >> idris elba summed up the screen actors guild awards with that announcement. >> i'm not skinny enough, i'm i am here. >> your team won a million dollars. how are you planning on spreading it around? and they are going to take the rest. hey! announcer: this portion of "cbs toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." the first votot are about to be cast in one of the most heated presidential contests in modern history.
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caucuses tonight. voters will gather in libraries and school gyms and private homes and they will decide two very close races and turnout will be key. >> democratic rivals bernie sanders and hillary clinton are neck and neck and we will talk with the former secretary of state shortly. twelve candidates are in the republican race with donald trump and ted cruz fighting for first place. first time caucus go-ers could decide the outcome. our correspondents and political directors are on the campaign trail in iowa and we begin with major garrett in des moines with the gop showdown. >> reporter: good morning. welcome to camp cruz. this is one of two dormitories the campaign has rented here in des moines and i'm keeping my voice down because everyone is still asleep. more than 130 volunteers from 31 states have come to iowa to campaign and mobilize voters for ted cruz and they do at the time old on-fashioned way -- one voter at a time. >> ted has been consistently concerned.
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>> reporter: volunteers at ted cruz's iowa headquarters hit the phones sunday. >> we have a lot of leadership in washington. >> reporter: part of a voter mobilization effort considered second to none. on the stump in des moines, cruz implored his supporters to show up 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night, stand and caucus with us. if we stand together, we will win. >> reporter: the cruz campaign also sent this flyer, which looks like a government document highlighting voting violations to boost turnout among unlikely voters. the idea? shame them to caucus and bring iowa's secretary of state questioned the hardball turnout tactic, so did donald trump. >> it's like an official document being sent to people in iowa that they have to get a violation. i said, that is really terrible. it's a fraud as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: cruz officials
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the less typical one? >> let's called old donald duck and try to get him to do the debate. >> reporter: to coin duck dynasty phil robertson to attack the rivalry for skipping a debate. on "face the nation" trump downplayed an iowa victory. >> your campaign is based around the idea you're a winner. does that mean you have to win iowa? >> no, i don't have to win it. i now have a fairly substantial lead in iowa. i think we have a good chance of winning iowa. i'd like to. >> reporter: on into sioux city, trump's campaign attracted far less than cruz relied on personal persuasion. >> if your does says you cannot leave your bed, you cannot make it, it doesn't matter. get up and caucus. get up and caucus. >> reporter: trump has no
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has splanarah palin who is campaigning with him later today in cedar rapids. trump is almost no one's second choice and ted cruz is. that could give him a distinct advantage among the 45% of caucus go-ers who could still change their mind. >> major, thank you very much. weekend poll gives donald trump five-point lead over ted cruz. the des moines register poll has predicted eight of the last nine iowa caucus winners. a lot of focus is on who will finish third. marco rubio is in third place in the latest poll. dean reynolds it he is state capital in des moines with the mainstream republicans trying to overtake him. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, if the polls are right, the republican party establishment will be the big loser tonight and the question is whether that defeat will have a lasting impact on the race. >> i got terry branstad head at home and lie at it a while for inspiration. >> reporter: in the waning hours
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christie shared the stage with iowa's governor terry branstad. >> i can't wait to get into the white house and pick up the phone and call terry and say, terry, help me fix america the way you fixed iowa. we are going to do it together. >> reporter: in cedar rapids, senator marco rubio -- >> you must caucus in my opinion, respectfully. for someone gives us a chance to win. >> reporter: he is talking about the general election. certainly not iowa where polls say neither he, christie, jeb bush, nor john kasich have much of a shot. this time. you're going to have a winner. >> reporter: with iowa, republicans more inclined toward donald trump or ted cruz. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> reporter: rubio and the rest are pinning their hopes on the next contest in new hampshire. >> we will be leaving as soon as the caucus is over and we will be in new hampshire early tuesday morning ready to work. >> reporter: so for them, iowa is a scramble for third or fourth place.
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of picking presidents, though. >> reporter: governor branstad has not endorsed any candidate, but he has appeared with the ones he likes and not appeared with the ones he doesn't. >> we are more candidates than we have ever had. i think whenever records turn out, i will respect the outcome caucuses. >> reporter: now losing iowa isn't always politically fatal. among the many losers over the years was ronald reagan who lost here in the caucus in 1980 and went on to win the presidency later that year. norah? >> an important reminder. dean, thank you so much. when voter turnout means everything, snow can really disrupt the caucuses. a blizzard is moving across the plains toward iowa this morning and making some candidates nervous. show hillary clinton with a three-point lead over bernie sanders and nancy cordes is at a caucus site in des moines where democrats will make their choice tonight. nancy, good morning.
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it's hard each for iowans to believe the day is here. take a look at the front page of "the des moines register." caucus slam let your voice be heard. this is one of the places where the voices will be heard. tonight 600 to 800 democrats about gather tonight in this gymnasium. they will try to convince each other to switch sides making already a tight race even more unpredictable. >> we can't afford to make a mistake. >> reporter: looking for redemption in the state she lost eight years ago, clinton boiled her message down to its essence. >> stick with me! stick with the plan. stick with the experience. stick with the ideas! they will actually work for our country! >> reporter: just like 2008, onetime underdog is nipping at her heels. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution. >> reporter: promising major
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>> here is a radical idea. together, we are going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%. >> the first column, age and gender. >> i'm calling with the hillary clinton campaign. >> reporter: the campaigns have invested heavily in their get out the vote effort. >> we are going to walk it three times before monday. >> reporter: the sanders team told cbs news, 4,000 volunteers knocked on 112,000 doors this weekend. >> i will be caucusing. >> for bernie? >> bernie, yes. >> okay. >> reporter: and, yet, a poll out this weekend found 83% of clinton supporters say their mind is made up, compared to 69% for sanders. both of them pulled out all of the stops this weekend to charm voters, even serenading their supporters.
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for you and me >> thank you, bernie! go out and vote! >> reporter: former maryland governor martin o'malley is at 3% in the polls and in a primary, that would make him a nonfactor. but in a caucus, where neighbors can horse trade, they can switch allegianceds halfway through that 3% would cake the difference, especially since clinton and sanders are separated by about three points. >> thanks, nancy. cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is in sghoin.des moines. what should we be looking for tonight and looking at and what could be the consequences of iowa? >> on both republican and the democratic side, we are looking for turnout. if it's big on the republican side, that means these first-time voters that like donald trump have come out and turned out to caucus. it also means on the democratic side that bernie sanders has
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enthusiasm an actual organization that can turn out voters to the caucuses. those are the first two big things i'm looking for. what we will learn tonight on the democratic side, learn if hillary clinton's structure which she has been working on for months and months and months before bernie sanders was a threat, she was building an organization here to handle a threat that he has become. organization beats the enthusiasm he has been able to build. and on the republican side, we will find out if ted cruz has been able to have an organization that can actually do better than the polls are showing. that will tell us not only about how well he can do here but if he can launch that conservative revolution that he has been saying that he is going to launch. >> donald trump told you yesterday, john, he doesn't have to win iowa. a, does that surprise you? do you think he is trying to maybe lower expectations? >> two things you do on caucus day here in iowa. one, you try to turn out your voters. two, you try to manage expectation. in the sense he is doing that,
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politician. he doesn't necessarily have to win in iowa, but it is the center of his argument that he is a winner. and so that would ab big blow. but the one thing that would alternative. there is an alternative in iowa but not necessarily the case that all republicans think that ted cruz is the alternative to donald trump. >> there is also the point that he says if he wins in iowa, he might be able to run the table. >> yes. he might be able to run the table, although he -- you know, things change after you get out of iowa and we will see how marco rubio does and whether he becomes the alternative in new hampshire which is a much more favorable state for him. >> hillary clinton will with us from des moines and we will talk with her coming up on "cbs this morning." international health officials today could declare the zika virus a global emergency. the world health organization is meeting in geneva to discuss an
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there are at least 31 cases in the united states. all are related to recent travel outside this country. dr. jon lapook is in rio de janeiro in brazil at the center of the growing epidemic. >> reporter: good morning. brazil has been hardest hit by the zekeika virus and may have arrived here in the world cup soccer match. the fear is it could spread to another 4 million people across the americas in the next 12 months. it's become an all took common scene. health officials spraying insecticide to sill the zika virus. the virus has been suspected in causing an increase of cases in microcephaly and children born
7:15 am
often with brain damage. more than 421 cases have been reported so far in brazil and pregnant women fear other side effects from the virus. >> the public doesn't know everything about it. we don't know exactly the consequences. >> reporter: tourism will also likely suffer, despite officials downplaying risks to visitors. rio's fame cnil festival begins february 5th. health workers here took to the streets, armed with instruments and information. and brazil is set to host the summer olympics in august. events like this wrestling match are already underway and athletes are taking precautions indoors. >> kind of scary but there is nothing really you can do. like, if you get bit, you get >> reporter: if the world health organization declares the virus a public health emergency, it will be only the fourth time the organization has done so,
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the company of h1n1 flu and the resurgence of polio. jon continues his original reporting tonight on the "cbs evening news" and take us into one of the hospitals in brazil at the epi center of the zika pandemic. amtrak is investigate ago objects. the train was traveling york. passengers reported hearing objects smack against the train in philadelphia. one cracked a window. the train was on the same route as the deadly derailment in philadelphia last year. authorities will release evidence from that crash today. part of the federal investigation focused on whether or not objects struck the train minutes before the accident. parts of california are cleaning up this morning from a deadly winter storm. high winds ravaged the state and one driver in san diego was killed sunday when a tree toppled on to her car. ben tracy in los angeles shows us all of the damage. >> reporter: high winds uprooted
7:17 am
san diego and killing a woman driving this honda. three other cars were also damaged. trees fell all across southern california because the ground is soaked by recent storms and winds were howling up to 70 miles an hour. gusts topped 115 miles per hour in some areas and some trees stood no chance. slow motion. it was down. >> reporter: the winds also downed power lines and leading to widespread outages. late sunday, 41,000 people still had no power. >> i've been here 15 years and never seen the wind blow this >> reporter: this scaffolding was reduced to a pile of twisted metal. a worker trying to reduce the wind resistance when it collapsed and, thankfully, he hasn't hurt. >> he was just walking back like this and, all of a sudden, everything fell down around him. >> reporter: this car slid off an embankment and rolled over four times. but the driver walked away. >> i was pretty stable inside the vehicle as far as i had my
7:18 am
vehicle and i kind of just went with the car as it rolled over. >> reporter: despite the damage, california desperately needs the rain, after four years of punishing drought. el nino-fuelled storms are expected to last through spring. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. the teams of super bowl 50 are in the san francisco bay area to prepare for sunday's championship. cam newton and the carolina panthers look stylish as they stepped off the plane in san jose on sunday after a cross-country flight. the broncos landed a few hours earlier and buses carried peyton manning and their team to their hotel. neither squad will have much downtime between now and sunday's game. players and coaches meet today with fans and media as part of super bowl opening night. and cbs is your home for super bowl 50. coverage begins sunday with the super bowl today at 2:00 p.m. eastern, 1:00 central. gayle's interview with president obama and first lady michelle
7:19 am
white house just before the game. that is all sunday, only on cbs. how about those cam newton pants? >> i'm trying to get a pair for the president. i think they will be a good conversation starter. but i hear they are tough to get. we will take a closer another that. >> do you think the president and first lady are ready possess you? >> i don't know. i don't know. we are working on it, though. >> i know how hard these questions are going to be. >> we are working on it. eight years ago, hillary clinton's first loss to obama
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ahead we will ask the former nounces portion of "cbs jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. a 13-year-old girl is found murdered. two students at virginia tech face charges. >> ahead, how a girl is charged with helping the killer.
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snuffer it is 724. i have your top stories. a man harked in the death of a baby girl in chapel hill. he's one of three suspects accused many the death of one year-old. davis is charged with attempted murder while two other men are charged with murder. members of the state naacp will be in se lem to hear closing arguments to hear the voter id law. it will be up to the federal judge to decide whether the federal id law is legal. they will be required to produce a voter id. we're producing some warm weather. wait until you hear how warm it's gonna get. 71 today. very similar to yesterday.
7:26 am
and cloud cover and we are seeing that this morning. you can see on our durham sky cam. that nice hole in the clouds there behind the courthouse. nice mild morning of course. 48 in fayetteville and southern pines, 49 in rocky mount and 52 in roxborough. your forecast, 71 today but much cooler tomorrow. if you're putting shorts and t- shirts on the kids today, don't do it tomorrow. highs only in the mid 50s. cloudy skies for tuesday and good chance of showers and thunderstorms on wednesday. 68 but not a great day for spending time outside. brian. >> unless you're water; right? 728 right now. let's look at i40. we have an accident in the median leading to those big delays. add that up with the congestion we see heading through garner
7:27 am
taking about 17 minutes this morning. allow extra time there. the south side of raleigh not seeing big problems with fort fied delayed but we'll keep our eyes on it. do have a report on the eastbound side of an accident. durham clearing on earlier crash from rocks burro on i85. three suspects wanted in the connection of a murder in
7:28 am
the other charges f s sh i cyyndll ss icat amacfo
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two engineering students at virginia tech university are behind bars this morning charged in connection with the murder of a 13-year-old girl. nicole lovell's body was found saturday near the virginia/north carolina border more than 50 miles from her home and the virginia tech campus. christiansburg, virginia, where jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. i mean, this is an incredibly disturbing story that has people in this community asking not
7:42 am
now, the two suspects are expected to be arraigned here at the courthouse before a judge at some point today and police are continuing to sift through about 300 tips as they try to sort through what happened. police discovered 13-year-old nicole lovell's body on the side of a north carolina road. >> it was really, just a sickening feeling this could have very easily been one of my children. it really hits home. >> reporter: authorities believe virginia tech freshman david eisenhauer abducted and murdered the girl and another student natalie keeper has been charged with helping him get rid of lovell's bot. >> body. >> eisenhaw you're used to his advantage to abduct and kill her. >> reporter: permissing child poster noted she required daily medication following a liver transplant.
7:43 am
desperate plea for his daughter's return. >> if you're out there, you can come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried about you. >> reporter: lovell's facebook page shows she was a member of at least one teen dating group but it's unclear whether she met eisenhauer online. last march a local news agency recognized the track and field champion from maryland as a student athlete of the week. >> i will personal not stop until i reach my peak performance. >> reporter: sunday, virginia state police searched a pond of virginia tech's campus and it was unclear for what. online, lovell's father shared his devastation writing, i'm so in shock. i know nothing more to say. i'm broken. now the result of an autopsy, that is still pending. and authorities are working to reconstruct a time line of nicole's disappearance and death. >> jan, such a disturbing story.
7:44 am
i was devastated to read about this story. >> how we have to stay on top of what they are doing online, really do. >> absolutely. "60 minutes" investigates american lawyers asked to hide questionable money from abroad. we will talk to steve kroft about this undercover video. >> the zebra stripes that is cam newton's style points. we are all talking about them. boy, he has got the legs to show them. >> yeah, he does. >> he does. >> fashion swagger right there. >> gayle hat inside scoop, right? >> fashion swagger right there.
7:45 am
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good morning. it is monday, february 1st, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including the countdown to tonight's caucuses. presidential candidates make their final pushes in iowa in the first voting and campaign in 2016. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> 130 volunteers from 31 states have come to iowa to campaign and mobilize voters for ted cruz. if the polls are right, the republican party establishment will be the big loser tonight. >> hard for even iowans to believe the day is finally here. take a look at the front page of "the des moines register." two things you do in caucus day here in iowa. one, turn our your voters. two, manage your expectations. >> the weather forecast i say, the blizzard won't get here until after the caucuses so don't be deterred. we want everybody to come out
7:55 am
>> brazil is hardest hit by the zika virus and hit in 2014 and until then, it's exploded. >> how about those cam newton pants? >> toipt get a pair for the president. i think they will be a conversation starter. >> you have to call dontella to get those pants. >> i will make a call. >> we would pay money. >> $800? if i wore the pants tomorrow? >> i would pay $800. >> stand up. hello! >> $800! >> my goodness. cue charlie. hit it off. >> what have i gotten myself into? >> cue charlie! >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. we are hours away from the first votes in iowa caucuses tonight. when iowa democrats caucused in 2008 they sent barack obama on his way to the white house and he defeat hillary clinton with
7:56 am
>> eight years later, hillary challenge. bernie sanders, another candidate promising change, is just three points behind her in poll. nancy cordes is covering the democrats in des moines. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the caucus process is so unique. come tonight, you'll have hundreds of people here in this middle school gym in des moines and they will be horse trading and they will be trying to bring their neighbors over to their side. i was just talking to a social studies teacher at the middle. he said the most powerful people on any caucus night are the undecides. the die-hards come with their toughest message and clinton folks arguing she has got the experience and the more realistic plan and she is a proven leader and she has been tested in every way. the sanders folks will argue we need revolutionary change, the status quo isn't good enough when working families are falling behind.
7:57 am
in the first place. the sanders team told us that their volunteers knocked on 112,000 doors just this weekend. clinton told you a short time ago that her team knocked on 125,000 doors just yesterday. are these numbers accurate? there is no way for us to know. both teams are sport of thumping their chest. obviously, a big win for sanders would be a game-changer. for clinton, a win is crucial, because she is way behind in new hampshire, the next contest up. if they loses in both states, it's going to be hard to argue she is still the front-runner. >> nancy, thank you very much. cruz says he doesn't view any state as a must win but he and his campaign are in iowa campaigning. major garrett, has more.
7:58 am
we are coming to you from an apartment complex where 130 cruz volunteers are rotating through since early september. if cruz wins tonight, muscle is the reason why. the cruz campaign tells us he has identified on every potentially likely caucus attendee tonight. and not only contacted them personally once, twice, but many times. even built a mathematical that breaks down to in 2012, 122,000 150,000. jeff rowe, cruz's campaign manager, told me their model ensures victory if turnout reaches unprecedented level to 170,000 and beyond that donald trump takes over because he will have attracted so many new caucus go-ers.
7:59 am
has trump once again changed the rules and imagine of this caucus? >> donald trump said he didn't need to win tonight's iowa caucus but he told john dickerson is confident he can defend the state. trump talks about whether they indicate anything about his presidential style. >> in iowa, your campaign is based around the idea you're a winner. does not mean you have to win iowa? >> no, i don't have to win it. right now, you and i are sitting in new hampshire and you know i have a very substantial lead in new hampshire but i think it would be good to win iowa and i'm doing well with the vaelves evangelicals. i think we have a good chance to win iowa and i'd like to. >> i talked to people who attend your rallies and they like you are winning iowa. some lawmakers are overcoming their skepticism about you by thinking he's going to compromise, he is going to make deals in washington. which one is right? >> i think everyone is right. honestly, i think they are both right.
8:00 am
with and i'm a deal maker but we have to make deals. when i see ted cruz standing in the senate and nobody is standing with him and he is standing by himself and you have all of these other politicians, senators, and congressmen, generally, and he is -- he is by himself. you're not going to get anything done. you've got to be able to get things done. ted doesn't have an endorsement from one united states senator. >> but he would say that is great because as you have said, you've said terrible things about them in washington so why would you want them to endorse you? >> they are not bad people and some are good people and some won't get it done. but when ted doesn't have one senator, like a mike lee, conservative guy and good guy, endorsements? >> a lot of drama around your you're occasionally in twitter wars. is that presidential? the twitter back and forth? was a politician and now carrying it out. i went to grade school and all of that stuff and very good student and capable of slowing
8:01 am
>> you've talked how you like to be unpredictable. is that what causes people anxiety? >> yes, i think so. i think we have to be unpredictable. our enemies know what we are going to do, whether it's battle, whether it's war, whether it's finance. i mean, you have to be somewhat unpredictable. >> if you're president, people you. you got to fix that. people can't be all anxious about the president. >> i don't think they do. i really don't. i think once they know me -- in fact, i was listening to one of your cohorts last week last week, and they said they have never seen favorables go up as fast as i have and someone so well known. it was almost unheard of. my favorables are very good now seen anything like that so they have to get to know me. >> when with you were in iowa you went to a crcseic the sermon was on humility. what did you think of that? >> they didn't know i was coming okay? we just all of a sudden showed
8:02 am
>> but it was humility. your name is on everything. you often talked about, you sometimes brag about your pitch. >> there is more humility than you would think, believe me. we are all the same. i mean, we are aurll going to the same place, one of two places but we are all the same and i have a lot more humility than most people would think. >> there you go. very good. he sets up. of -- >> fun to watch. only on "cbs this morning," dierks bentley is here in studio 57 to announce top nominations for the academy of country music wards and steve kroft is there too. dierks bentley and steve kroft is always looking for a good story!
8:03 am
"60 minutes" correspondent steve kroft is here with his report on a major undercover investigation he had last night. we will show you what happens when american lawyers were used to move suspect funds into the united states. the undercover video is next on "cbs this morning." younning a business, legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million businesss get sta n yourines lega legp is here. thers ly o at gou btast and nut o maieti clas ree. orga gglaest.
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is ithjoy . i load! bre nojustage it dony mbrea i havead ey.
8:06 am
last night, "60 minutes" aired a report with hidden footage how some american lawyers my be willing to go to help bring questionable funds into the united states. the story showed what happened when an investigator went undercover 19 months ago. while posing as the representative of a phony african-american official, he met with more than dozen new york law firms to get advice on moving tens of millions of dollars into the united states without the minister's name being revealed. he secretly recorded the conversations. here is part of steve kroft's report. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> reporter: the undercover
8:07 am
ralph kayser says they used his official position to collect tens of millions of dollars in foreign payments to help companies to help them obtain valuable mirnal rights. he wanted to move the money to the united states to buy a house, a jet, and a yacht. >> you want to bring the money into the united states? >> uh-huh. >> starting with -- and [ inaudible ] he wants a yacht and buy more property. >> reporter: the story was intentionally deviced to raise red flags and lead the lawyers to believe that the minister's money was dirty. during the meetings, only one of the 16 lawyers, jeffrey herman, told him no. >> this ain't for me. my -- >> reporter: the rest expressed investigator degrees of interest with most of them offering advice on how it could be done. >> we do everything. so there is no limitation.
8:08 am
windows, or we don't deal with the financial money manager, whatever. we orchestrate and organize the entire thing. we are happy to take that responsibility. >> reporter: what is important to point out, and it cannot be overstated, is that none of the lawyers we have shown you broke any laws, in part, because the african minister didn't exist and no hundreds of millions of dollars and global witnesses said no money ever changed hands. so this is sort of a morality test? >> it wasn't. it was a test on the system. >> reporter: you know, people would make the argument, look. all these guys did really was just listen to this person tt came into their office. they didn't make a deal, they didn't sign up, they said we need to do some more research. >> and you know what? they would be absolutely right to say that but they need to say something else too, which is those lawyers laid out and offered considerable detail a myriad of different ways to bring money into america. >> reporter: none of the lawyers
8:09 am
minister as a client, nor were they asked to. it was a preliminary meeting that ended with most of the attorneys expressing interest and continuing the dialogue and some enthusiastic about landing the business. >> steve kroft joins us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> incredible piece to watch. none of these lawyers technical broke any laws. how is that possible? >> there was no crime and everything was fake. no money changed hands. there was no minister, there was no millions of dollars. so there was nothing to >> commissioner bratton has a saying in new york, i've heard him say it could look awful, but it's lawful. when i was looking at that last night, i was thinking of that. when you air the recordings privilege? how were we able to see that? >> it was strange. i didn't know this before we privilege is there to protect the client, not to protect the lawyers. and the client, which in this case was global witness, they
8:10 am
they said we want to release the contents of this conversation right. >> one of the lawyers was james silkennet and head of the bar association? >> he was head of the american bar association at the time this happened. i think because he was head of thba aoction and representing lawyers in the united states, i think that was the main reason. he was in a little bit different category because he was specifically selected and, also, he was much more suspicious of the african minister than some of the other people and he was much more cautious about moving forward. they said they do not participate in anything in which criminal activity is involved. >> one lawyer said this ain't for me, my standards are higher. was that surprising to you? >> very surprising. >> that there was only one? >> only one. all of the lawyers expressed
8:11 am
get in fruble, they knew there were legal issues involved. >> but then they came up with ideas after they expressed concern. >> then they went on and gave advice. >> do you think the end result is legislation will be proposed? there seems to be a gapeing loophole. >> i think the bar association will step in and tighten up some of their own regulations. they have a bit of a pr problem here, i think. the other thing, there is legislation. the reason it's so easy and it is 300 billion dollars laundered in the united states. >> why is that? >> you don't have to list who the beneficial owner is of the country. when you file the corporation, you don't have to say who owns it. you can put down the names of the secretarieses in. >> there is nothing illegal about setting up limited liabilities organization whether
8:12 am
you do it, you conceal a criminal act, then it's mey laundering. >> thank you, steve kroft. always good to have you here. >> always to goo to be here. >> how the public is rushing to help a retired officer to keep his faithful canine companion. you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. to run this business. buallye it. on te y eaway ld. drist t thtritat ising boost letetionnkhas 26 essential vitamins and mineracling m anming and ms ootgr t plslowwn y time
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>>g a, j nas u jd,th ihou yont ti ounoeo ope nmeer t dfe li fmo cede angsoffadng aami cut
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ibacygfrff a abstcei' bpuelno ab
8:28 am
, ter ou>>excefet ouo de ondre mio got sshedte.>>re owiermo s ten w wn dsuidntheevy time now, it's 855. i'm renee and bill. there is a silver alert for a missing carrie teen. she's 15 years old. she was last seen on west wucov lane wear ago pink and white north face jacket and blue jeans. call police if you can help. two virginia tech students are being held in the death of a 13 year-old girl. nicole disappeared from her home wednesday and was found dead in north carolina on saturday. if you love this warm weather, you'll get at least one more day of it. >> we're starting off warm with temperatures near 70-degrees this afternoon. that sunshine near downtown. a little slow down. brian's gonna be talking
8:29 am
wise. our temperatures are great. 52 in rocky mount. 55 in roxborough. 48 in fayetteville and 39 in clinton. your forecast, 71-degrees. not nearly as warm tomorrow. a front comes through and drops the mid 50s. thunderstorms. temperatures into the upper 60s. >> 856 delays on wade road this morning. accident around the i40 wade avenue interchange want the merge there over on the right shoulder. could be contributing to these backups so chemothat in mind leaving the belt line. i40 eastbound on wade avenue still out there on the right lanes. those delay wills starting to ease up. that camera showing those
8:30 am
because of an earlier, an accident or disabled vehicle blocking that left lane on southbound durham freeway just beyond brigs avenue. traffic getting by in that right lane. consider using mane street all the way through downtown and you can pick up the durham side. we were looking as though we're in pretty good shape. heads up csx is doing some rail work crossings. expect detours. the zika vivos is top of mind especially due to the olympics in brazil. they're meeting to stop the spread of the virus. what do you do when you get a life changing diagnosis? one woman fought lupis with a positive mine. see where the candidates stand in the polls.
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