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tv   WRA Ls 1230 Report  NBC  February 2, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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dollars of more revenue. >> kerry says the u.s. senate allies should better train and prepare libyan security forces to defend the country. leaders from 23 nations agreed more must be done to stop isis from sending deadly attacks like those in paris. but, they also made it clear, military action against isis in libya is not on the agenda. teen across, cbs news. >> u.s. and its allies continue to launch airstrikes on isis targets in iraq and syria. a french police officials says five people arrested outside the city of lyon planned staged attacks and then leave for syria. the four men and one woman arrested early today had already thought bus tickets to join muslim extremists in syria, bulgaria and turkey. and were also trying to obtain weapons to attack the french. back here at home this
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dollar study for the six forks road corridor, the main artery from midtown, it connects the north hill shopping center along with churches, banks and schools. the city looking for ways to integrate the commercial, residential and recreational uses in the area. the study includes recommendations for streets and roads fixes to fix six forks from i-42 lane road based on public input. if the d.o.t. gets his way, the intersection of us-70 at milton ango
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r thdc alicahepl. sur bo the chain ive twist on it d ganots by ling $wortdiblhavi top. the chai e e game is being plain the go iseli edition mail. customers in select cities will have a chance to win one of the 50 golden pieces, along with a $100 pizza hut gold card. that would be kind of fun to win. let's take another look real quick of the stock market and the dow down 257 points. again, this is all about the price of oil phone. for complete market and business news, go to and click on business. have you ever wondered
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do they end up back on store shelves or some other location? we'll answer that burning question after the break.
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there is a holiday gift people get are
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been there, done that, right? in past weeks, billions returned items they received that those returns don't always go back to the place you bought them. adriana diaz shows us where some end up. >> reporter: the holidays are long gone but it's the most wonderful time of the year for michael wrinkles that. >> it's organized chaos. >> reporter: owner of sure liquidators outside chicago. that's because this is where many items go when they are returned to sellers like amazon, home depot and sears. >> is this almost like santa's workshop for christmas rejects? >> for sure. most of it is just customer returns or buyers remorse. >> reporter: his warehouse is overflowing with everything from go praise to xbox, and an entire wall of drills. once they are tested, shorewood will auction them off at about half the price. >> the consumers assume when they returned it is put back onto the shelf at the store, which isn't the case. >> reporter: his business had
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and online shopping is a big reason why. americans returned $260 billion worth of items in 2015. tobin moore, ceo of >> often times it is with according them for pennies on the dollar or in more cases from them away in a landfill because it's more cost- effective. >> reporter: items that survive end up at discount retailers or are also sold online. david beerman came to shorewood showroom and found a tour truck -- toy truck for his grandson at a deep discount. >> what is wrong for one is the right item for somebody else. >> reporter: a returned item repot at the right price. adriana diaz, cbs news, shorewood, illinois. hey, if you google most valuable companies, you will find google's parent company at the top of the list. alphabet took over the top spot from our poll yesterday, with
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googles online advertising business is a soaring, while apple's iphone sales are's slowly down a bit. it is the worst home in the best neighborhood. and for nearly a half million dollars, it is yours. just go out to california. the growing price for this 1300 square-foot home with three bedrooms, the home has roots in the shower, cobwebs in the kitchen, and it is caked in dust and dirt. the owner of the home says they are only entertaining cash offers, and believe it or not, there have actually been five. >> it has potential. [ laughter ] who knows? the greatest show on earth is back in town and this promises to be a very special show. >> after the break, we're joined by two very ia guest to talk about circus extreme and find local show
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pachyderms. if you have not checked out our wral facebook page, yet today, here's a good reason to get on it.
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>> it's hard to resist great taste. meet the ketchups. >> oh, how cute is that. look at those. heinz ketchup release their super bowl 50 commercial, it is sweeping social media by storm today. just head over to the wral facebook page to see the ad featuring dozens of docs and dogs and be sure to tell us what you think. aren't they cute, bill? >> they sure are. i love it. get ready for fun under the big top. ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus is back in the triangle with circus extreme. here to talk about the show is the ringmaster, david shipman and then make them.
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>> we are excited to be here. >> you guys are excited about the show? >> extremely excited. >> what is this extreme business? >> circus extreme is a 145th edition of ringling brothers and barnum and bailey the greatest show on earth. you're going to see an incredible cannonball, high wire act, my favorite armando you'll marvel. strongmen, that's hard to explain, they do incredible things. and, you can see the clouds. >> yeah. >> this guy. >> the best part is the price itself, right? >> yeah, if you, now early come to the all access preshow on the arena floor and meet the client and try on some costumes very similar to david here. >> that's pretty neat. >> we have over 1 million rhinestones in the show. fantastic. >> how many do you have? >> i can't even count, it would be impossible for me to try. >> this is the last of the elephants. tell us about that. >> what we are doing is we are refurbishing it. we are going to be sending them to our ringling brothers and barnum and bailey center for
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on the repopulation of the species and new cancer research which we just sent out about seven months ago. we partnered with doctor josh which shipman from the primary children's hospital in salt lake city because elephants really get cancer. we're sending my interest to see if we can bridge the gap between treatments for cancer. it's a new start for the greatest show on earth and we're segueing them into a fantastic future. >> you guys are from florida. you are from new hampshire. and you have already mailed in your absentee ballot. >> done. >> i love the whole life. 48 weeks out of the year on the road. >> oh, yeah, constantly. >> i do not know when i'll be near a post office. >> when did you know this is what you wanted to be? >> a clown? i believe it was always obvious to everybody around me, but i was a clown at a small music park in new hampshire before joining the greatest show on earth.
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>> how long has it been? >> over two years. >> how about you? >>hiis my fourth year. i saw my first circus at 2 1/2 years old in my hometown of pensacola, florida. fell in love. it is one of my first fragmented memories. i ran away with the circus as an adult. who gets to say they can do that nowadays? >> you got me think for children's hospital coming up. tell us about that. >> we were told not cancer research just now, we are going to go to the cancer children's hospital in raleigh to donate $10,000 to the pediatric oncology win. as part of this partnership with doctor shipman, we will be donating over $1 million to cancer research and help the lives of children across the nation. it's amazing to be able to get back. >> that's it work. david and ben, thank you so much. look forward to ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus extreme kicking off tomorrow through sunday at 3:00. so, you guys, do it up right. monica, back to you. >> thank you, bill. i think you need are ringmaster sued on bill, that be
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dutch police may have a low- tech solution to a chndneatly disposed el an indoor setting. check it out. the drone takes off, s the bird after it gets sent a signal. and they just capture th caa corner. no word on whether u.s. officials are considering that, but how cool is that? >> wow.. >> yes, don't miss. for sure. >> no-fly zone. very talented. pretty powerful. >> they are the enforcers. >> yes. >> nice day to get outside today, not as nice as yesterday, it was a little corporate lisa rein's thing
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for thunderstorm's in the forecast tomorrow, and then some cooler weather after that. will have to see if sir walter wally's prediction of an early spring is going to come to pass, it does not look like it's going to happen this weekend. durham sky cam, can see the clouds that prevented wally from seeing his shadow just about a half hour ago here on wral noon news. temperatures generally in the 50s across the local area, 57 in wake forest, 55 durham, same thing at the tv station and in holly springs, 54 him on tour. as we brought in the few, a little cooler back toward the west. we've got bigger cloud cover, 51 in greensboro, 54 roxborough. but we have seen some breaks in the quest to the east, 63, in clinton, 61 in new bern, 59. we will see a few more breaks as we head into this afternoon, especially along and east of i- 95. as we secure those clerics in the triangle as well, they will be short-lived, clouds return tonight ahead of the big storm
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problems for folks in nebraska, portions of kansas, blizzard warning in effect. kansas all the way up to the dakotas, back into iowa and into michigan, and even had a little thunder snow in madison, wisconsin about an hour ago with heavier bands of that storm system. south of that, we have a severe component to this. we could be looking at a tornado threat for portions of mississippi, alabama, and into tennessee later on this afternoon. we have a chance for some severe weather here tomorrow as the storm system pushes off over toward our direction. all of this being driven by a big temperature contrast in the upper levels of the atmosphere, much colder air aloft, back toward the west, we have some warm air, to the soh and east of us, in the clash zone here, if you will, helping to fuel those showers and thunderstorms. notice that the contest moves closer to us tomorrow, we will see that chance of thunderstorms midday into the afternoon. but then watch what happens after the storms move out.
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northwesterly wind, taking over a loft that will help reinforce some colder air, not only for thursday and friday, but on into the weekend. start to try to moderate a little bit as we head toward the early part of next week. notice the reinforcing shot of colder air comes as we head toward tuesday and wednesday of next week. so, looks like we will be try for the better part of the weekend, but it will be noticeably cooler. today, temperatures climbing not very much beyond where we are right now, running about 50 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. that is about where we will finish before wral -- if you see more sunshine, we probably see that to the eastern bay, breaking into the 60s for an hour or two this afternoon. otherwise, looks like it's going to stay fairly cloudy, especially in the triangle and point to the west. tomorrow, we will be warmer as that cold front flips northward, as a warm front opens the north, chance for thunderstorm, marginal risk
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you will in the severe weather risk. tomorrow, could have damaging wind gusts and strong storms as well. keep an eye on that. lingering rain thursday, clearing out friday and saturday, and of course, the big game on sunday. the weather looks pretty nice for our crew, and the panthers in santa clara california, kickoff with sunshine and 72. should be pretty nice, as we hope for victory on sunday evening. we are excited about that. >> yes, we hope that's the way
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