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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 4, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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tgaone ntrs . ldoflersarokllcihid r swift after cops surround her home. a man detained at the scene. what "e.t" has learned about the incident. >> an eyewitness tells "e.t" a man was aggressively yelling for her to come out. then celine dion fighting back tears at her late husband's las vegas tr her emotional speech and the story behind the gold cast made of her husband's hand. >> celine would hold his hand
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before she went out. coldplay's press conference. kevin asked the first question. >> apple and where will they be watching it from? >> what chris martin's kids with gwen net. is the biggest show in america. beyonce, brittany, diana ross in a he could? >> our behind the scenes
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caor hd ctioe g onmmaw nd nui teme, l of incehe hand, she laughed at stories, and then spoke herself,te anncwahiamatne ve >> so emotional. yet this is the image that stands out. celine, ray charles, and celine's brother holding the
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husband's hand. celine would hold his hand for a few minutes ever before she went out. when renee got too sick, celine had a gold cast mold of his hand placed on a gold pedestal. >> the hand is so symbolic because hand guarded her, his hand guided her and that hand will watch over her for years to come. even the fingerprints are exactly his. >> robin leach was one of the night's speakers. >> we sat on monday and blocked the whole evening out and then they took it to her yesterday and ran it by her and tweaked some introductions and she fulfilled his wish that the program that you have the two photographs, that was his choice. >> and that was this take away, pointing out that it's not about the beginning, the end of life, it's about the dash, the journey in the middle.
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own, the house, t cars, the cash, what matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash. >> he loved life so very much. and life loved him. renee, i love you. so much. good night. >> although celine questioned her own strength, she did assure us that she'll be perform on the 23rd. i want to show you something i brought back from the tribute, these are playing cards with renee's signature on them. it was given to friends and family as their ticket into the coliseum. you see on the back, it has a picture of rene and he loved playing cards so this was just another nice personal touch. >> we are just three days away from super bowl 50 and kevin
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action leading up to the big game and today he got the first question in at the big coldplay press conference and a lot of excitement? >> the excitement really building in san francisco, chris martin and his band have a lot of big things planned for their show, including beyonce, i was curious about two people in particular, chris's kids with gwyneth paltrow, are they excited about dad's halftime performance? and moses, where will th be watching it from? do they get how big this is? >> i hope they do. >> will they there with you? >> i hope so. i have to get tickets, though. my son designed my shoes. i asked him a few months ago, please could you make me some super bowl shows, he made two pairs, one is for this and the other one is for the super bowl. so t been lovely with the the whole thing. >> the band faced media from all over the world and they know that the exposure they're going to get during the pepsi super bowl 50 what halftime show could be a game changer for their career. >> everybody who does this show
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the biggest privilege and they put their a all into it. tm to play their new song that the beyonce appears in. >> we're not actually playing that song, because it only just came out. >> right. >> so i don't think it would be quite right. >> saturday on cbs, kevin co-hosts the nfl honors pre-game show with melissa stark. >> this is the embarcadero in san francisco. the show will be followed saturday by nfl honors on cbs which is known as the oscars of football. >> patriots star rob bronkoskie bronkoskie -- i had a chance to hang out with bronc lounging not
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>> what's the experience like for you being here not playing in the super bowl? >> it's always a better experience playing, do a couple of appearances, just a blast. >> the one guy you want to go out to the parties with is this man right here? >> and here's video evidence. look out channing, big man is gunning for you. >> okay, rob is also in san francisco where he helped spread the word about the multiple ways you can pay for all that super bowl 50 swag at places like the nfl shop. and they wanted us to tell youal all about it. just use the rdre quick, just use it right off my phone to get whatever i need to get. >> i know you wear a helmet a lot of the time so i figured i would get you a shirt so everyone would know when you roll up. >> oh, man, all right, i appreciate that. >> i want to show you what happened after they turned off the camera. there's a trampoline in the
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he's just a 265-pound kid. >> coming up, more super bowl hype as we flash back to the best halftime shows ever. >> then new photos of katie perry and orlando bloom out together. does this prove approximate they're a couple? >> and girls night with the how
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>> hollywood supercouple spoke this morning at president obama's final national prayer
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>> roma and i are so grateful to is this finally proof that kakae perry and orlando bloom really are a couple? we have the new shots of them together at a birthday party and we were told that they were holding hands and he was opening the the door for her and m sure she was okay at all times. that's a gentleman. there was a lot of dating talk last night. and carly steel found out that these girls really do just love to have fun.
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little bit too much. >> it's ladies night here in new york city. just the way we like it. >> leslie mann in feathers and lace getting a little chummy with rebel on is carpet and she was just playing cupid for >> i think you could get lucky, want. i'm a really good wing woman. >> leslie was more than candid with us the last time we saw her and wanted to se the record straight on advice she had given her daughter. >> it made me sound like the worst mother ever. >> she has like the cutest body and i, you know, tell her that she should -- it came out wrong, that's not what i meant. but i kind of di >> why don't we do a redo? >> the comedy movie which opens just in time for valentine's day also stars dakota johnson who
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>> your pant p are here. how nice is that? >> so happy they're here, it's so special. can we can see this film? it's nothing naughty? >> it won't be awkward. >> you have your best blue steele look? >> we have a message for ben stiller. we're in a competitive situation right now and want to come out on top. will it be the girls or it will be the 50-year-old male model? i don't know and i wis luck, ben. >> i think those are some fighting words. >> 50-year-old male model? i think she's twisting that knife just a little bit there. still ahead tonight, we're with those ehinscen zoo la. pl's nnemesis? >> then, james cordon's parents, their son is hosting the super bowl postgame show, but how much do they know about football?
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when i went into the locker rooms at the end. >> and the evolution of to the halftime show. before these big acts.
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