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tv   Face the Nation  NBC  February 7, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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eeseda feee" >> dickerson: we're back with cbs news special correspondent and host of super bowl today, james brown. j.b., you sat down with cam newton earlier this week, what's on his mind? >> james: it was a wide ranging interview i found a very exuberant young man, excited about the stage that he's on. but he's been on the big stage throughout his career, spent most. time answering the question that seemed to created firestorm when he described himself saying that most people haven't seen anything like him, that he's
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of course that description there just created firestorm of controversial about him. but he's wonderfully transparent and honest young man there's no stage too big for him even given the super bowl stage here. >> dickerson: what about on the other side the quarterback, peyton manning, this could be historic game for him. what's at stake for him? >> james: well, you know, i think his legacy pretty much cemented anyway. the ideal story book ending for the guy they call "the sheriff" to ride off into the sunset with his second super bowl championship. that would be the ideal. this guy has done everything the right way. notwithstanding him being linked to hgh if you will with that story that the source has recanted on that al-jazeera story. he's been excellent ambassador for the nfl. he's not the same player today that he was a few years ago. he's got a great team, a great supporting cast around him and there are legions of folks love
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now the big final question, j.b., who is going to win? >> james: you know what, john, i've always for years deferred to the guys who played and coached the game not trying to muddy the watters that way. from a broadcaster's perspective selfishly all i want is a competitive game that will be in sync with being an historic broadcast being the 50th super bowl. cbs has broadcast more super bowls than anyone r anyone, 19. we're thrilled to have this one. i just want a competitive game, john. >> dickerson: certainly. we're so glad you're there telling us about it we appreciate you being with us. we'll be watching and we'll be
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