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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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typically as we get into march you'll see more warm days thrown our way. but none of that for the next several days. the radar picture is dry now. yesterday we had a few quick bursts here and there of sleet or snow showers. there was no accumulation. we can expect that again today. later this afternoon. our potential for anything to accumulate is almost not. 27 wake forest. 28 rocky mount. 20s across the board. it's very cold as you step outside. plenty of sunshine through the middle of the day and clouds thicken up this afternoon. high of 40 degrees it will feel like 30s all day a couple of systems that may affect us on friday and another on monday.
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those coming up. it was one year ago today that three students were murdered at their chapel hill apartment. >> the three were all shocked. the suspect crabcakes had a long-running dispute with the victims over parking. the victims families believed it was a hate crime. >> tara lynn is live at nc state with one of the locations where family members will honor the three students >> reporter: family members vowed after the three students death that they would turn this tragedy into a positive. that something they have done over this past year with numerous community service projects as well as establishing scholarships in their honor. he was a second year student at unc school of dentistry. his wife was set to start their this past fall. her sister was also an undergraduate student here at
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memorial service and a moment of silence this afternoon at 1:15. plan to be a memorial at 6 pm on our side of the nc state student union. the families of the victims will be at both events. the man accused of murdering the three is waiting trial in prison. the shooting may have stemmed from an ongoing dispute over parking because the husband and wife lived in the same apartment complex as the suspect. family as you mentioned believe that takes target the students because of their muslim faith. so far us attorney as well as justice department are reviewing whether or not this case is a hate crime that they have not yet made a ruling on that. if convicted he could face the death penalty. a jury heard a murder suspect version of the night melissa huggins-jones was murdered. they watched a lengthy video taped interview between travion
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at first the only bits to breaking into cars the night of the murder. that he goes deeper he told investigator his codefendant ronald anthony went into the victim's apartment through a sliding door while he waited outside. he then heard a bloodcurdling scream. >> police were called to the apartment complex that night to investigate break-ins and not learn about the murder until the next morning. smith told the officer he repeatedly asked anthony what happened inside the apartment and he would not tell him. you can watch the trial live when it resumes on at nine get 30 this morning. police are warning citizens about a scam suspects advertise
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price and then meet the buyers in a store parking lot detectives hand over money and they get what looks like a factory sealed box. but the box contains rocks or other worthless material >> unc men's basketball coach roy williams is recovering after december to vertigo spell during a game against boston college. it happened in the second half after coach williams was any discussion with officials. after having an emotional outburst he was taken to the locker room and not return for the remainder of the game. the coach was doing okay and coming up later hear from the coach himself about the incident. governor mccrory and emergency management director will meet with the national advisory council today. was established in 2006 two in short ongoing coordination of emergency management activities. they will highlight north
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preparedness and management. vice president biden is using the triangle today. >> he's her to talk about being administration final year in office. mikaya thurmond joins us to explain what the vice president is doing with cancer moonshot. >> reporter: the initiative is the president's billion-dollar proposed plan to find a cure for cancer. vice president joe biden calls it moonshot because he says if we can reach the moon we should be able to find a cure. last year his son died from brain cancer. he's taken on the project calling it his personal mission. he says his goal is to double the rate of progress taking a decade worth of advances in five years. on his website the vice president says he plans to do two things. increase resources and break down silos to bring all cancer fighters together. said he will host a roundtable conversation with researchers
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duke cancer institute. he will also tour labs and discuss imaging software research on dna repair and other treatments for numerous types of cancer. bill and renie, this tour and press conference is set to start at 2:30. president barack obama returns to illinois today to speak on building a better politics. he will address the general assembly in illinois. this marks a return to the state capital were he began his political career. he was elected to the illinois state senate in 1997. he served for nearly 8 years until his election to the u.s. senate. today is the ninth anniversary of him announcing his 2008 presidential bid with a speech in springfield governor mccrory's office is selling >> her decision blocking the president's plan to reverse climate change. it voted 5-4 to block the clean
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challenges are resolved. north carolina is one of the states that brought suit. the president's plan calls for reducing carbon dioxide emissions existing power plants by one third 1/3 x 20 30. the focus of the 2016 campaign now shifts to south carolina following last night's no hitter primary voters handed victory to donald trump with john kasich finishing second. on the democratic side bernie sanders defeated hillary clinton becoming the first jewish candidate to ever win a presidential primary. wreoing out to south carolina and we will win in south carolina. >> reporter: >> what voters here in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> hillary clinton's camp is banged -- counting on support for minorities to give her the
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stage tomorrow night. the race for third place is still too close to call new information and truck just -- dissolution inquiry. the reason the court martial of
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halted for now.
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sr .nash3, another arrest in the murder of a taxi driver in raleigh. what we're learning about the second suspect. elementary school students in shock after a beloved teacher was struck and killed on a school bus. the effort this money to help the children handle their grief. outsiders sweep the victory in new hampshire primary. good morning. it is 5:30. great to have you with us on
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i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. grabbed the thick coats and all the your winter gear. >> cold this morning into the mid-20s. feeling colder than that. colder tomorrow morning but without quite as much wind. it's not blustery yet. there's enough of a breeze out for a wind chill. it's not florian across the area now. the skies cleared overnight. it's nice and dry now. later this afternoon we might see a flurry or two like yesterday. 26 cary. 25 holly springs. 28 rocky mount. it feels like 18 in southern
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prepare for that. at 8 am it will be about 25 at 8 am it will be about 2585 at noon with a high of about 40. increasing clouds and wind in a chance of a few flurries. not expecting any accumulation. however we talk about friday and monday with the potential for some precipitation. those details coming up. nothing causing problems on the roads this morning. >> we're looking good. this is i-40 at lake wheeler wrote. we have no delays here is a live commute map. no problems in the area. one accident is closing creedmoor road on the upper side of wake county. it's south
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creedmoor road before you get to falls lake you can see the purple indicating the road closed. according to information we have they hope to have it reopened sometime in the next hour or so we will keep an eye on that and let you know if it changes. a second suspect is behind bars accused in the murder of the raleigh taxidriver. >> mikaya thurmond is in the newsroom with what we've learned about the case. >> reporter: the suspect is being held without bond at the wake county detention center. police arrested 27-year-old conrad patterson. he will appear in court later today to face a murder charge. it happened on the same day the first suspect arrested in the case appeared in court. patterson and 25-year-old major earl edwards junior are accused of shooting and killing jose dominguez at an apartment complex on hodges creek drive on monday.
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court at 2 pm. fayetteville police are looking for a person of interest as they investigate a man's death. 37-year-old ammon bird was found near shaw mill road. his death is under investigation. the dead is looking for 23-year- old damien boyd. he was lassie with the victim around 12:30 sunday morning. both were seen it in the area of hawthorne drive in a 2012 ford focus with north carolina license plate blr2895. 25-year-old brandon kincaid was in his wheelchair when he was hit by a school bus in the parking lot of meadow lane elementary school. officials that happened during drop-off yesterday morning. bus is owned by the small world daycare center. the driver had dropped off a bus load of kids at the school
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counselors will be available to offer support for the children and staff. >> our first priority is for the children and staff. her bound to that is our thoughts and prayers and condolences for mr. kincaid and his wife and family. >> he was also a youth pastor at neuse baptist church triangle college communities are united today in grief and remembrance. unc and nc state are holding events to honor the three students who were murdered one year ago in chapel hill apartment. the man his wife and her sister had ties to both universities. events are scheduled say this afternoon at unc and tonight at nc state. the focus of the 2016 campaign shifts to south carolina. following last night's new hampshire primary. voters handed victories donald trump with ohio governor john kasich finishing seconds. on democratic side bernie
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becoming the first jewish candidate ever to win a presidential primary. federal judges to state officials for a second time to redraw congressional district lines. a three-judge panel made the decision previously. yesterday denied an appeal from lawmakers and elections officials to delay it. they argue redrawing the lines would cause problems with upcoming primaries. the judge's role lines in the first and 12 congressional district rely on race. an appeal has been made to the supreme court expect to learn more today about how the impact of alcohol -- its effect on young people when researchers present the report north carolina leaders. governor mccrory requested a report on alcohol in the adolescent brain. researchers from unc raced their findings at the meeting the governor sentence abuse and underage drinking treatment
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state abc commission in raleigh. a warning about a scam in raleigh someone is calling victims returning to be a sheriff's deputy. the victim is said to be missing is facing charges for missing jury duty. they can but try to convince the victim to get a prepaid debit card and give them the account information. police say if you got a call i got to hang up. one of the survivors of the charleston church shooting spoke at duke university. jennifer pinckney was inside with a manual amy church in july man opened fire killing nine members. her late husband was a reverend. command to pick me was one of the victims. jennifer was joined by two friends for a discussion on race and religion. the black church must be the driving force behind the fight for racial justice. she wants to continue to work her husband was doing in the community at the time of his death. >> i want to smell down on us. i want to smell down on me.
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want to carry out the work that he was trying to do. >> dylann roof faces several federal hate crime charges. his trial will start in july. there are more signs of what popular retailer is trying desperately to stay afloat. >> the reason that has sears speeding up its efforts to get rid of dozens of stores. the proposal from flint michigan
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crisis. it's cold out this morning. skies are clear that this afternoon we see similar conditions to yesterday when we had some flurries or sprinkles. it is 25 in durham. 27 rocky mount. everyone is in the mid-to upper 20s right now but it feels like teens in many places. at lunchtime only 35 and breezy
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recalling more than 473,000 trucks and suvs in north carolina -- north america. because of a brake pedal problem. the recall covers 2015 and 2016 silverado hd, gmc sierra hd and tahoe police vehicle. the panel can come loose and possibly will not work. they've not take any reports of crashes or injuries related to the issue. dealers can make the repair. sears is closing more stores . struggling retailer has shut down hundreds of sears and kmart locations over the past five years. and now they are accelerating the closing of 50 more proper -- least profitable stores. for holiday sales have sears speeding up timetable for these closures. no north carolina stores are on the list at this time. janet yellen begins two days of congressional testimony today.
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about future pace of rate hikes and the fed's role in supporting the us economy. in december the feds raised its key interest rate from a record low. since then the economy has hit some turbulence. tuesday wall street et cetera. losing streak closing slightly lower. asian stocks are down today for the third consecutive day a forest of -- a push to fight the zika virus heads to capitol hill today. >> this as another country announces its first case. what a scene the since. an amazing force of nature on video. iss co o mas,
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kidsconnicalsee two ee s mowth f china is reporting its first case of the zika virus. it was discovered in the man who traveled to venezuela recently. this comes as federal health officials meet on capitol hill to brief lawmakers on growing concerns over the virus. president barack obama is asking congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the problem. so far over 30 cases of zika have been reported in more than a dozen states as well as district of columbia. infections in pregnant women have been suspected of causing a rare birth defect. a cruise ship that went through a storm of the north carolina coast should be returning to port in new jersey today. royal caribbean anthem of the sea sealed into dangerous weather over the weekend while on the way to florida. the ship carrying thousands of
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and 30 foot waves. four people were injured. senator ben nelson of florida is calling for federal investigators to look into why the cruise ship sailed into a storm that was forecast for days. a flight made an unscheduled detour because of a drunk passenger. the alaska airplane was traveling from boston to san diego when it diverted to denver. police walked onto the plane and took the passenger into custody. no charges were filed and the plane continued on to the final destination michigan's governor will not be a hearing on capitol hill discussing the flint water crisis because he will deliver a budget presentation to the state legislature. the mayor of flint announced a $55 million proposal to remove lead piping from the water system. the effort will try to fix the city's toxic water crisis as soon as possible. top priority would be the high risk houholds.
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government will request another $190 million to bring back safe drinking water to the people of flint and treat the affected residents. we have an amazing view from space to show you. british astronaut posted this video on twitter of held lightning strikes look from the iss. he captured the storms as they crossed through europe and africa. he's in the midst of a six- month mission on the iss. for the european stays agency. part of his job as he takes cool videos. >> that would make me want to go into space. where do i get a ticket? >> you can get one. but you might have had to when the powerball from a few weeks ago. i don't have a wealthy grandmother. good thing we
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what we are experiencing here is cold conditions. and the potential to add precipitation. look at our temperatures this morning. very cold. there mid-to upper 20s but with the wind chill it feels like teens. friday and monday is when we will have a few storms that we're watching closely. all the cold air in place, the wintry weather will be a concern . it will depend on the position of our coastal level. anytime we look at a winter storm around here it depends on where the coastal low will be. we have cold air in place and builds offshore and if it's present precipitation farther inland that's the big question for friday. we will watch it and there is
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it something we will watch closely. right now monday looks like it's going to come out from mexico and move across north carolina. if that happens a mix of wintry precipitation is a likelihood. but that's way down the road. skies are clear. we had some flurries move through yesterday and we could see that again today. 25 right now with winds at 6 lepehour. very dry with the dew point of 13. temperature mid-to upper 20s across the area but with the wind chill it feels like teens in most areas. we have the same pattern we've had yesterday. low-pressure rotating moisture and cold air into north
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lays in bright this morning. this week cloud up a little by lunchtime and with that we could see some flurries and that means tomorrow morning it will be colder because it clears out. temperatures in the teens to around 20 but at least we won't have as much of the winchell tomorrow. friday at 7 am notice the clouds. if you got to 5 pm rain in east. but do not bank on that. that is only one model solution to the weather. >> 40 degrees today and tomorrow. 20 tomorrow morning. friday it depends on the position of the low. we have different camps in the models.
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with temperatures cold. only 34 on saturday. a strong arctic blast that reinforces the cold air over the weekend. 13 degrees for sunday morning and 31 for the high. another system for monday with cold air in place precipitation could be an issue for us. >> anti-snow leaguers don't worry. everything is well in hand. >> you have your work cut out for you. friday and monday. >> i'm declaring a revolution we do have an accident on your side of wake county causing problems. creedmoor road at old creedmoor road. we have live pictures. the road is blocked and we're working to learn more about the accident. avoid using 50 now. not sure when they will be able to reopen it. there is a tow truck on the
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cleared shortly. -- so hopefully this will be cleared shortly. we're looking good elsewhere around the triangle. duke energy may take action following a fine after its infamous coal ash spill. >> how much the utility is being forced to pay and what is my not be their final punishment. proof that folks love the state parks in north carolina.
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record. duke energy is reviewing whether to challenge a multimillion dollar fine after the coal ash spill.
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a $6.6 million fine plus +2 at $7000 to for the agency enforcement arm. it covers violations duke energy and federal pollution crimes. the agency says duke could face more fines for other violations associated with this bill. cary once public input from economic incentives to kellogg. the snack giant operate the plant on the western parkway officials want to offer a cash grant to more than two at $60,000 if the company decides to expand its facility. a public hearing is set for 6:30 tomorrow night we had beautiful state parks and attend at the state parks set an all-time record last year. 70.3 million people visited the third and parks last year up from 50.6 lane the previous year. recreation area and chatham county reported the highest attendance at 1.6 million visits.
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the others were fort macon, balls like. >> we have wonderful parks. coming up in the next half-hour a day of remembrance for triangle college students. what led to unc coach roy williams collapsed during a game against boston college.
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three students who made a difference murdered one year ago today. the event set to happen at local college campuses to honor them. in his own words what a murder suspect told police about the night a woman was killed. the major health initiatives that brings vice president joe biden to the triangle. the other big news is bill is back. we hope you feel better. >> your thoughts and rufus and my wife. >> we are sorry we been spreading the winter credit around you won't get what we
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