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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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wo bebeiowi e c il dionuiesinerwimaruuasmhes d thtaar tthicedwioras iseain 'r viincoy:on y,b.i.-gte final four hold-outs surrendered. one refused to go quietly, though, ranting, "liberty or death." tonight we've learned that the isis terrorist group in syria and iraq has chemical weapons in its arsenal. in a rare interview for "60 minutes," we spoke to the director of the c.i.a., john brennan. >> we have a number of instances where isil has used chemical
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>> pelley: artillery shells? >> sure. >> pelley: isis has access to chemical artillery shells? >> uh-huh. there are reports that isis has access to chemical precursors and munitions that they can use. >> pelley: the c.i.a. believes that isis has the ability to manufacture small quantities of chlorine and mustard gas. and the capability of exporting those chemicals to the west? >> i think there's always the potential for that. this is why it's so important to cut off the various transportation routes and smuggling routes that they have used. >> pelley: are there american this down? >> u.s. intelligence is actively involved in being part of the effort to destroy isil and to get as much insight into what they have on the ground inside of syria and iraq. >> pelley: we'll have our full interview with c.i.a. director brennan, including the threat that he says keeps him up at night.
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minutes." millions have fled syria, but there are tens of thousands who can't get out. they're trapped between russian bombers and a closed turkish border. holly williams is following this. >> reporter: imagine the terror, never knowing where and when the warplanes will hit next. we can't independently verify these videos, but they appear to show the aftermath of air strikes on the town of tel rifaat this week. in the syrian regime's new offensive, which is backed by russian air power, civilians are once again paying with their blood. crossing the border into turkey, we met abdul karim bahloul, who runs a school in tel rifaat.
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are random," he told us. "homes are destroyed and children's bodies lie in shreds on the ground." he told us he came to ask the turkish authorities to give refuge to children from the town, but after absorbing more than two milliont more in.eges.fe0lians could be cut off as they were in the town of madaya during a siege by the regime. more than 40 starved to death. dalia al-awqati told us that her charity, mercy corp, feed and clothe 500,000 people in northern syria every month. >> it's not much, but it's essential to keep a family alive. >> reporter: now they're racing to get food parcels to families in aleppo city, fearing more starvation in a country
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senseless war. and as if syria's war wasn't complicated enough, today some american-backed rebels told us they were attacked by kurdish fighters who were also supported by the u.s. now, the kurdish fighters say it wasn't deliberate, but, scott, this shows just how difficult it is for the u.s. to unite different factions on the ground in syria. >> pelley: holly williams, thanks. so what can the u.s. do to stop the war? for that we turn to margaret margaret? >> reporter: well, today the u.s. is trying to broker an immediate ceasefire. today secretary kerry pushed both russia and iran to stop attacking syrian civilians in aleppo and allow in aid to besieged areas, but the russians haven't been quick to agreed agree to that. in fact, vladimir putin's military has cut off supply lines to the u.s.-backed rebels, and u.s. officials warn that
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assad and it leaves the u.s. with little leverage in a war president obama has resisted getting involved in for five years now. >> pelley: margaret brennan at the white houseful margaret, thank you. today cleveland mayor frank jackson apologized to the family of tamir rice after the city billed his estate $500 for ambulance services. the city also tore up the bill. in 2014 a cleveland cop shot rice, who was 12. he was holding a gun that turned out to be a toy. he died the next day at the hospitals. the officer was not charged. in a big development today, scientists have announced what may be among the greatest discoveries in the history of physics. they believe they found gravity waves, predicted by einstein but never observed, two huge antennas, one in washington state, the other in louisiana, detected a gravity wave last
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this confirms einstein was right when he described the universe as "like a fabric, woven from the three dimensions plus time." what physicists call space time. the gravity wave was set off by two black holes that collided, sending a ripple through the fabric. the effect is so tiny one scientist estimated the ripple compressed the entire milky way galaxy about the width of a thumb. observing fa the fabric of the universe stretches and compresses may open an entirely new understanding of nature. coming up next... how explosions like this are improving airport security. and a scoop by a newspaper sets
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whaas. >> pelley: a small catholic university in maryland is in turmoil after a report that its president wanted to weed out struggling students quickly to improve the school's standing. some professors have been sent packing. here's chip reid. >> reporter: ed eagan was a professor at mt. saint mary's university in maryland. what would you normally be doing on a day like this? >> i'd be on campus. today i'd be teaching my class on the first amendment. >> reporter: but on monday he was fired in a letter a school official said he's "persona non grata" and not welcome to visit the university's campus because he violated his duty of loyalty to the school. it all began last month when the student newspaper reported that school president simon newman wanted professors to identify struggling students in the first few weeks of school so they could be encouraged to drop out. some faculty members resisted
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that newman told them, "this is hard for you because you think of the students as cuddly bunnies, but you can't. you just have to drown the bunnies. put a glock to their heads." many students and faculty were outraged. >> it's not just the words, but it's the plan that the words described. >> reporter: what's wrong with the plan? >> weeding out students because we think they might not do well in order to make the numbers look better, that's not mount st. mary's. >> reporter: eagan was the faculty adviser to the school paper and says he's being punished for accurate but embarrassing reporting by the students. you did not tell them what to write? >> i did not, not in any way. anybody on campus that knows the students knows that nobody would manipulate these students. >> reporter: they can't be manipulated. >> they are independent, strong, bright people. >> reporter: a petition protesting the firing of eagan
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signed by about 7500 professors across the country, and, scott, the university declined our repeated requests for an interview. instead they issued a statement saying the two professors had violated the code of conduct. >> pelley: chip reid, thanks, chip. in a moment how a mother's words can turn a it'sa co ifould your cough, you'd see ju far an s
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