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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 12, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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tonight, kanye versus taylor, the new face-off over this song. me and taylor may have sex >> inside the grammy bad blood battleground. >> she mentions kanye west like he mentions her. >> said/she said feud. plus hear what the kardashian plan is saying about the controversy. >> our kris jenner exclusive, opening up about the oj miniseries.
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barry manilow's hospital scare. compons emergency rgery. ave atest his health nigh pl bradley cooper's supermodel 'm single. >> shirtless maxim and value. now for february the 12th 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody. thank you for joining us. hope you had a great week. let's get right to i kanye versus taylor. will there be bad blood at the mys? hougt peace could be kept between two great musical nations. taylor swift and kanye west. but we're heating up this fe again.
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which includes the lyric calling taylor swift the b-word. kanye claims taylor was cool with the song, tweeting i did not diss taylor swift a have never dissed her. i called taylor and had an hour-long conversation with her about the line and she gave her blessing. that is not how tayl it. her rep says that kanye d not call for approval, but to ask taylor to release her single her twitter account an cautioned him about releasing a song such a strong misogynistic message. meanwhile team taylor quickly fired back at kanye. taylor's brother dissed the video, tossing kanye's designer
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m was. liky srasosthhe a ire f nruio a wn ne a-yedhil r ie otryruomcr bwsannuen clyde remembers when manillo was nominated for "mandi." sunday's gala will be studded and during the big show on monday, expect a carrie underwood sam hunt duet. >> yes, i'm not sure wheth
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>> that was easy and we love the idea 2016's best new artist nomi collaborating with 2015's best new artist winner. untrng back rammand the schools live. he's good with kids, 6'3", 31 and single. >> what are you bringing as your date on sunday? >> my parents will be me, and my manager he'll be my date to the grshow. >> we love it when people bring their parents to the carpet. bradley cooper is bringing hiss mom. he's currently dating supermodel fl listen to. >> i will be sleeping.
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your sfica other? i d'tknoon who by >>illkiotin t th ark it's kindofrrat e woue my booty and my swimsuit off. >> they discovered me in 2007 and years later i'm still here and i'm not going anywhere. >> if you share one beauty tip withus, that is a must, what would it be? >> sleep, getting besleep. i'm trying to sleep from 8 to 12 hours every day. i am not a morning person. i hate mornings >> wouldn't we all love to get more sleep? by the way arena gave up a cute little secret about the chute.
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bikini so she could attract all those stingrays and ks.toani ri excl he at ade >nmini nisender fih robert kardashian. i'm excite odd tod to finally share our story. my wife robin is always the one who surprises me, but today, i'm semifinal i'm finally getting her. >> in case you missed it, dr. ph all out with a valentine's day perfo from their son jordan's band. dr. has been trying for ten years to get the band named
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it was the perfect gift. >> this love song that she just
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an "snl" reunion.................................................................................................................................................................................
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ou h a s atn aty, myeme falt is t i was little paranoid. does this mean they're saying good bye. >> an all-star tribute to lionel will be played at the grammys on monday on cbs. >> there's luke bryan and meghan trainor. >> i didn't know that you were giving me an inside. >> do you have any say in who gets to perform you? >> no ---well, in this case, i like the surprise. >> we have an exciting new way to check out all grammy stars, like "e.t" on facebook for an exclusive 360-degree videos from monday's red carpet. and here's that "zoolander 2" cast trying it out this week. up next, two shirtless dancing brothers, but is maxim putting his wedding plans on hold? > plus our kris jenner exclusive, talking about this lost family photo w oj and her son rob dating a former
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>> what is relationsh
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thatraiead. well, here's something for the lad with his special. maxim and val, you know the hot brothers from "dancing with the stars." they launching a video that's part bio. >> why can't these ever put a shirt on? >> why should the >>ha aoli take >> youll anceo say if you're dating anyone. >> yes, val is free, but matt is planning the palheme to pe a l outed a
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>>obv. >> be'sween witti the guygoy, w celon ety. theiran tveom. s cadr tw tha immigrated that brooklyn, new york, born dancers. >> i am long time friends with these two. but things got a little weird when the conversation somehow turned to kissing. descri you kiss? >> kissing is like hugging with your lips. it's not a physical action. okay, i'm ready. you know, it doesn't work like that, it has tohappen. and off you ear're a bad kisser,
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we are talking about "dancing," cameron mathison got to know about- rob kardashian. >> i her about rob's romance that keeps making news and we als talked about the mies, heinksthey got an she thinks they got wrong. >> he had nothing to do with that. >> i know there was a little fight between you and robert and he was angry. did that really happen? >> yeah, i mean there was definitely tension there. and, you know, she was one of my best friends and he was my husband and we were oniffe
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thhat ritold me a mies, but hnoojng. ig yh ingntf th tv wa the w tho w auicilettm oj >> r >> oh,.hesoad'sme werting. kardashian. >> kardashian. e were hanging out at my house and that didn't happen. >> another thing chris says they got wrong, selma blair's appearance. >> i was pregnant with kendall when we were going through the trial. there you go. >> i would like to show you a photo from back in the day. >> mex yeah. >> what is yourreaction to that? >> that was a great trip. nicole was in charge of getting us the house and then she was in charge ofmusic, and she was so good at her play list. >>t' amazing you remember all this. >> i still have the play list.
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a cassette and i still have it. and i remember we watched "pretty woman." we watched "pretty woman" probably ten tim on that trip. >> and you remember all that? that's incredible. >> that was our last va kaegs together. >> that vacation shot was taken just three months before nicole was murdered i1994. in it you can see kim on the en there's kourtney. >> i haven't seen the kids or talked to the kids this a re long time. >> i think i somewhere that kloe still sta touch with sidney. >> that would make sense, yeah. the kids are great. >> kris gave me tour of her new work space in trump tower where she spends time managing the reported $195 million
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mamager of her kids. and she told me what she knows about blac chyna. >> i think they're friends, rob has been in a very good place for a while and wrote me yesterday and said, i just finished my workout, what do you want? because i was texting something for business a love seeing him happy about what he's doing. and he loves the business and he's excited about that. >> kendall and just announced their new video game out today. and it just years old kiley herself is worth a reported 10 million bucks. >> wha best advice you have received from your mom abbusiness. >> be nice to everybody. and she kind of just taught us to be like good people. >> her latest business venture is a new li of nail polish
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>> as if she could get busier, kiley says we might b seeing a lot more of her pretty soon. are you thinking about doing a spinoff with any of your sisters? >> i have been talking about, we'll have to wait and see.
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