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tv   WRAL News Sunday  NBC  February 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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peace with syria and terrorism was one of the topics between president obama and russian president vladimir putin. both leaders to put a cease fight in syria and stop of the air campaign. the two agreed that the us and russia needs to get -- to fight terrorism in syria, they last spoke in november last year. > tiisotalng of the surge -- off the surgeon and -- -- the crews are not -- so far the crews are have pulled in 300 survivors. the quick last one is to could -- wounded -- inside the high tower the collapse of the ground. millions of copley gathered along the streets of mexico city to catch a glimpse of the pope. he met a mass in one of the poorest suburbs of the capitol city, it caps off the five date
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or she's purse in the devil -- devil there's no dialogue, they handed out 300,000 tickets to the mass and estimates 2 million people lined the route to and they tossed flower petals a seat past. coming up, a fashion statement at the top of -- at the pump louise. the conditions on king street in boone this evening,
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the tar heels latest will trip was in gray, two losses, -- for lori williams, unc back in home today against bit and eight look -- pitt and eight look like the force they were in late march.
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toss up -- tossup with with pit already in improvement. . it was boring the other night, the tar heels love into play and that's strong enough see her -- serum to hear any ailment, justin jackson and marcus paige both knocking down shots a combined 11 of 18 from the floor and -- as part of the big field goal percentage picture is unc sheets nearly 60% and afternoon, a good chance of scoring comes on the fast break and plenty of pointing to the passer behind a season-high, 26 texas. great ball movement. when we feel like that i feel like we can be beat. it's a good way of moving the ball. have a shot take it in confidence and 26 assists in 32 baskets is fantastic. offense of glass the only area of concern, panthers dominate -- dominated the boards by -- dominate the
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carolina still wins this one going away, 85-64. it's hard to automatically -- the complete game, this is the type of game we need to play all the time. in the defensive end. to play our best but we can do -- that we can do a lot better. no need to ask who is next on the sleet, the devils round one of the battle wednesday at 9:00. how will young chase elliott ever -- every -- william chase elliott ever fill the shoes of jeff gordon retired lester, it will be a while until we find out in the kid is off to a great start, chases in the -- bill elliott is on the pull for next sunday, the youngest driver to ever when the pull that 20-years-old and he's not old enough to have a celebration here. elliott is in the first full
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who will be determined by their stays dual races, the annual hoops for hope's game, as it raises cancer awareness, remember the late coach, cancer survivors packing the gym today at brockton high school for the game would syracuse, it is a good one, great movement for the pack in -- williams with the three nc state, dd (dot) rogers showing the move close to the basket she scoops it in for two, it's a close game the entire way but syracuse with a buzzer beater to win it, i was in there at the time. it does drop a heartbreaking 55- 52. with date for the office and the lady sitting tallahassee, six-point game at that -- miya filed a she's shooting the three, she completes a four-point play,
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post, she scored a high of 19
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